Deadly passenger plane crash in Karachi, Pakistan

CBS News
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An Airbus A320 passenger jet with 98 people on board crashed Friday n a residential neighborhood of Karachi, Pakistan. CBS News foreign correspondent Imtiaz Tyab joins CBSN from London with the latest.



22 тра 2020





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Bassudev Sawock
Bassudev Sawock 5 годин тому
羅德夫 День тому
Why take an airplane for fun? If no urgent need do not take airplanes.
GOLI Roaster
GOLI Roaster День тому
Noor Khoso
Noor Khoso День тому
Year 2020 is is dangerous
Adil Khan
Adil Khan 2 дні тому
Res in peace from🇵🇰
ChristianCohn 2 дні тому
Its simple: Dont fly with muslim pilots during ramadan. Just listed to the ATC and Pilot radio comms. Terrible Pilot Errors i think.
Sneha Singh
Sneha Singh 2 дні тому
Sry for your loss Pakistan.. rest in peace.. luv from india
Анураг Пал
Анураг Пал 2 дні тому
Atleast they didn't crashed it in America this time. 🤣🤣
dark9hades 3 дні тому
2020 is the worst
In Vino Veritas
In Vino Veritas 4 дні тому
Goodness gracious ! Praise Budha that some survived the ordeal !!
yuvraj gaikwad
yuvraj gaikwad 4 дні тому
Now they will blame india
XRonyX Nunez
XRonyX Nunez 4 дні тому
Only one survivor it’s alive he jumps off the plane ✈️
Warriors fan 303569 Dub nation
So peaceful
Johnny Corvette
Johnny Corvette 4 дні тому
The main stream news are not telling the whole story on the crash of PIA Flight 8303. I watched another video on this crash by an US Airline pilot that through his research, found out that this plane had come in for a landing at the Airport but the Landing Gear Was Not Down! Both engines hit the runway and were damaged, then the pilot realized what happened and pulled up (like a normal aborted landing called a "Touch and Go") and proceeded to "Go Around" for another landing with the gear down. While the plane attempted to circle around to line up to try another landing, both engines failed and the plane fell out of the sky into the residential area. This looks to be caused by pilot error, as there wasn't any audio indicating the pilot new he couldn't get the gear down. Obviously the pilot and copilot did not follow their "Landing Checklist" as they would have been trained to do. Very sad that a short cut by the flight crew caused all these deaths.
Learning English with Flor
Learning English with Flor 4 дні тому
RIP to all those people we lost in this tragedy. I pray for their families as well as all those on ground who have been affected from this 😢
Surjit Singh
Surjit Singh 4 дні тому
I am so sad abaut this
kokalti 4 дні тому
That angle of attack was huge
Sub Ka Channel
Sub Ka Channel 4 дні тому
this is the so sad God bless him
Sabrina Jano
Sabrina Jano 4 дні тому
2020 hai hi mahoos corona kam tha kia jo plane crash bhi hogaya ab aga kia hoga
Minh Vu Nguyen Viet
Minh Vu Nguyen Viet 4 дні тому
Damn, looks like this time Airbus took the spotlight from those Boeing 737 Max. Hmm, I wonder when will this case be feaured on Air Crash Investigation. Plane crashes are such tragic events yet so fascinating. Rest in peace for those passed way and comfort to the 2 survivor.
MOHAMMED FAIZ 4 дні тому
I am sorry for that pak. airlines is worst in whole world compare to Eritrea and Somalia airlines bcs if u see history many plan crashed in pak. bcs of there stupidness
life_zero Wright
life_zero Wright 4 дні тому
ouhhhhhhhhhhhh mfg!!
Алекс михалыч
Алекс михалыч 5 днів тому
А самолёт то где 👎👎👎
Emper god
Emper god 5 днів тому
🇵🇰 = ☠💩
zshah 5 днів тому
this year just need to end many people lost their life's
Mohammed Fuzzu
Mohammed Fuzzu 5 днів тому
assalam iam frm india iam sooo embarrass😱😱😱 to seeee and harder thn iren heartbroken 😣😣😭😭😭😭 u also like that only kay. if u thn how many likes
Funny Kid
Funny Kid 5 днів тому
Man these things have been dropping out the sky alot lately
Ramarao Gulla
Ramarao Gulla 5 днів тому
Ipray for every one god bless their family peace of dead people Go to Allah. I pray the country safe
the agent
the agent 5 днів тому
Allah rahmet eylesin... Love Pakistan.... From turkey
Peace Lover
Peace Lover 5 днів тому
The Plane spotter
The Plane spotter 5 днів тому
Rip This is a sad day for the aviation community and many others :(
Zaynab. 5 днів тому
Gregg Roberts
Gregg Roberts 5 днів тому
When the RAT deploys you know there are rough times ahead.
Gina's Horizon
Gina's Horizon 5 днів тому
Heartfelt sympathies from Bangladesh :'(
Models World
Models World 5 днів тому
Pakistani govt responsible for such. Imran Khan is a stupid person
itsFate -
itsFate - 5 днів тому
May their soul rest in peace :'(
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman 5 днів тому
Feel very sad for all the passengers who were one minute away from seeing their loved ones on the holy festival of Eid
Luca Duca
Luca Duca 5 днів тому
I bet there were no survivors
Fubar :
Fubar : 5 днів тому
Important thing is ,is there an engineer flaw hidden somewhere in the A320 series plane,,, what caused both two engines to suddenly fail ... what caused it ,, it just don’t make any sense both the engines without any warning just stopped running in the middle of the air .... strange .....
avinash naik
avinash naik 5 днів тому
My heartfelt condolence to u and ur whole family😌 RIP Love from India❤
John Sayers
John Sayers 5 днів тому
God bless from England
young money
young money 5 днів тому
Corona virus strikes again
Rosea13 CatLady
Rosea13 CatLady 5 днів тому
Rest in peace for all the victims who had died 😭. My heart is bleeding now. May the families of the victims find healing and guidance. Ameeen
inna lilahi woinna ilehi rajiun
Big Dirt
Big Dirt 5 днів тому
Who did the fuel calculation and what was the headwind?
ScottieDogg 5 днів тому
They all died from CORONA VIRUS!!
Dr. Faith
Dr. Faith 5 днів тому
Around a hundred years of flying but stupid American's and European's haven't yet developed a fool proof landing gear that opens up every time ! Why ? Probably everything in a modern aircraft is over engineered, like Boeing 737 Max !!
Charles Toast
Charles Toast 5 днів тому
This plane attempted to land with the gear up, causing damage to both engines, which subsequently failed as it was attempting to go around. There are photos taken by plane spotters clearly showing the nacelle damage and the ram-air turbine deployed. In the cockpit audio, you can clearly hear the gear warning sound. Check out the blancolirio channel.
Zia ur Rehman Zia
Zia ur Rehman Zia 5 днів тому
Sad poem about Karachi Airplane Accident by Zia ur Rehman Zia m.ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-qYxa7fZTRHQ.html
Strong We
Strong We 5 днів тому
RUDY BALDWIN PREDICTED THIS AIRPLANE CRASH ..if u want to know more u can search it on her Facebook 2.3million followers is legit account .
Maryam Khan
Maryam Khan 5 днів тому
What is happening in the world, It's getting out of control. ppl were going to celebrate eid and just 1 min before landing this happened😥😢
kripa naib
kripa naib 5 днів тому
So close to the airport, it's not fair
fatima asif
fatima asif 5 днів тому
My dad was in the plane and he died
fatima asif
fatima asif 21 годину тому
Ameen بلال صلاح الدين
بلال صلاح الدين
بلال صلاح الدين 5 днів тому
May Allah give your father jannah
Ahsan Eshtiaq
Ahsan Eshtiaq 5 днів тому
Punjab bank CEO survived
MÜJDE MÜJDE 5 днів тому
My heart is with Pakistan :((( Love from Turkey
hamza hussein
hamza hussein 5 днів тому
2020 is a year of pain and suffering I swear
SUSHIL HANDU 5 днів тому
Absolute tragedy 😭😭😭😭😭may God rest the deceased in peace and strength to the families who lost their dear one's.
avinash rao
avinash rao 5 днів тому
ohh very sad news...rip..may their soul rest in peace
Klaudia II
Klaudia II 5 днів тому
So my phobia about flying is rational
Gujjar Name kafi Ha
Gujjar Name kafi Ha 5 днів тому
Last call of pilots #FunAlerts24
Maria Kelly sworn to be free
Maria Kelly sworn to be free 5 днів тому
2 survivors from the plane 1 jumped out onto a roof top😯
Laxman Gajurel
Laxman Gajurel 5 днів тому
This is very sad news.May their soul rest in peace.
LegendTHESO GAMING 5 днів тому
PIA is not able to travel stop this worst airline
Home Sweet
Home Sweet 5 днів тому
Rip 😢
CURE HOMOEO HALL 5 днів тому
Chutiye urdu m batao angrej ki aulad
Fawad Ali
Fawad Ali 5 днів тому
Yeh English channel ki video hai. Apne urdu mein sunna hai to koi Urdu channel dekhyie.
CINDERELLA Khan 5 днів тому
How many families eid finished for life time
inshallah boys played well 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Satish Kumar
Satish Kumar 5 днів тому
Shame on you bro for laughing at this news... god forbid this can happen to you or your family
AbsurdTurd523 5 днів тому
Have they recovered the black box yet?
Striker AB
Striker AB 5 днів тому
Pritam Bhardwaj
Pritam Bhardwaj 5 днів тому
may the soul rest in peace......
Caroline Kuo
Caroline Kuo 5 днів тому
both engines has black line below ... they landed on the engines took off again. But the photo if you look closely the landing gear is missing or damaged!!! and v black ... if hear the audio should hear a bing bing or ring ring sound over all of it to indicate loss of landing gear. some reporter said can see the plane’s landing gear is down... hmmmm. I don’t think so
am varghees
am varghees 5 днів тому
I heard of that, if pilot knows plane is going to crash then they do standard procedure as waste the fuel from tank to avoid the explosion... i see this plane is exploding... did the pilot forgot to do so or even done it still it got exploded?
Arko Islam
Arko Islam 5 днів тому
Deep condolences to the families who lost their loved ones May Allah grant them jannah who died in this tragic crash From Bangladesh
fam art
fam art 5 днів тому
It is such a bad news for every human. 2020 is worst year ever of history
Muhamad Azam
Muhamad Azam 5 днів тому
Rip pal just no safety plans which humans of today actually can do but no body wants to spend money on safety
Milan_ Gamer
Milan_ Gamer 5 днів тому
I thinked that the Airbus320 is safer now... Im scared from it a bit🙁
Dirk The Doncic
Dirk The Doncic 6 днів тому
Rest in peace to the victims.. from the Philippines 🇵🇭❤️🇵🇰
Arif Hussain
Arif Hussain 5 днів тому
Thanks it's very horrible for us
ちゃんにみた 6 днів тому
Also Pakistan is to blame for this incident.. Why would they allow houses to be built just 2kms from the airport? This is just sad... So many lives lost and it's their Eid tomorrow. 💔 one of the model who lost her life in this last quoted "Fly high, it's good" May they rest in peace.
VK Laugh
VK Laugh 6 днів тому
मुझे पाकिस्तान के एयर क्रैश का उतना ही दुख है जितना पाकिस्तान को PULWAMA ATTACK पे हुआ था।
neelu vicky
neelu vicky 6 днів тому
So sad
Arvind Gupta
Arvind Gupta 6 днів тому
Very sad
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