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America’s system for conducting death investigations is a mess. John Oliver explains why we should all be a little more concerned about fixing it.
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20 тра 2019





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Nicole Bush
Nicole Bush 4 години тому
My dad died 7 months ago and I never realized how much we needed his death certificate. Anything that pertained to my dad, we had to whip out his death certificate. Utilities, mortgage, car insurance, cellphone, life insurance, pension, social security... the faster you get it, the sooner everything runs smoother for an easier grieving process. I couldnt imagine waiting 6 months for a death certificate. :(
InformationIsTheEdge 17 годин тому
I was almost a Samurai, almost a Pirate and almost a Ninja all at the same time! I could have settled a LOT of bets.
InformationIsTheEdge 17 годин тому
Glenn Close AND Tracy Morgan in the same episode! John Oliver is coming up in the world!
Danny Big D
Danny Big D 19 годин тому
Listening to some that are SO far left and about to fall over. Its not different then those that ONLY listen to Fox. You watched for over 2 years about pres Trump and RUSSIA.. then oops ALL of that was lie. John here we can play past clips and find he out right LIED..and its OK! Now.. we have impeach... ok great.. if Trump did something GET HIM! But what crime?.. you know what trump is covering up.... ok covering up what? You know.. hes covering up pffft We listen to a DEM for two years had PROOF TRUMP AND RUSSIA. DEM's.. out right lied and.. its OK! Wait till Trump wins 2020.. IMPEACH PART 2. Am I the only one that LISTENED to what the DEMS were going to do if they won the house? They've done nothing and its OK! We hear a leading DEM say "he should be in prison".. great.. for what? Here you are making sure that COP JUDGE looks at YOU as innocent 1st. Yet Pres Trump.. we dont. We find Obama year ago said "Americas dream is to be like Trump"..strange how that never got talked about much haha
Callthemonster 19 годин тому
This makes me sick. I am from Kansas City, MO and I even almost went to the same college as that moron. I have had relatives and friends that have died there. I cannot believe they allow these conditions.
Anssi_Ilari 22 години тому
What 3rd world nation was this from?
Brotherhood of Steel
Brotherhood of Steel День тому
14:27 That lady has an ass for days.
Cathryn Petryk
Cathryn Petryk День тому
2020 technology shall regress to the technology if 2010, except for the ability to send interviews back in time to Last Week Tonight
D 2 дні тому
Ducky!!! Wassup man.
Vincent Ciccone
Vincent Ciccone 2 дні тому
Most county funds, (75%) go to government workers, worthless lazy government workers.
Caroline Morris
Caroline Morris 3 дні тому
I am in the wrong line of work. I can make more in something completely unrelated to my job and get a good job doing something I am totally unqualified for. It's like a bankrupt casino owner thinking he can be president.
casey clark
casey clark 3 дні тому
I need a judge to say who's to say if they did it or not🙄
Anita Leary
Anita Leary 3 дні тому
OMG, this is scary.
EveryThingGirl238 4 дні тому
"Look to your left, and look to your right, those people can be, and ARE, coroners in Arkansas." So a lamp and a bookbag, the world is a strange one.
A Serr
A Serr 4 дні тому
My grandmother died 5 weeks ago and we are still waiting on the death certificate. America
Lisa Hart
Lisa Hart 4 дні тому
Every time I watch this show, it makes me Crack up while simultaneously pissing me off at the stupidity of the human race... LOL
Natnael Demil
Natnael Demil 5 днів тому
A Conservatives, by definition, loves their country. They want to preserve the political, economic and cultural systems that make it what it is. Leftists, by definition, hate their country. They hate the governmental, economic and cultural systems that make it what it is. Leftists are like someone saying they love a person whose appearance, habits and personality they dislike. It makes literally no sense. Oliver looks at a few abuses and excoriates an entire system- one which works well far more than the isolated exceptions he chose to appeal, well, to idiots like you incapable of research or logic. It's the one thing he knows how to do to ve funny. What Oliver knows, being of British birth, is that coroners go back a very long way. What he also knows, being an intelligent if profoundly dishonest man, is that entrenched systems usually are workable if only because they've been in place serving a necesary function a very long time. People simply wouldn't put up with incompetence here past viability
Jason Reed
Jason Reed 5 днів тому
Today I learned that my cat on my left, and my cat on my right, are in fact coroners
FireOccator 5 днів тому
Is there something in America that isn't fucked?
Tanja Van Abel
Tanja Van Abel 5 днів тому
This is the real face of american CSI. No fancy ME labs and evidence labs. The various CSI series probably have more money to through around, than the real ME and evidence labs in the USA.
Victoria Victoria
Victoria Victoria 5 днів тому
8:25 more examples of terrorist police slop polluting the world ....
Tenshi NoAkuma
Tenshi NoAkuma 5 днів тому
Man I liked forever. Too bad it got canned but atleast it had an ending
Ying D
Ying D 5 днів тому
John, can you do an episode about new california free health care for the illegals? How do you spin this far left action?
Matthew Trevett
Matthew Trevett 5 днів тому
The funding mentioned at the end of the video works out to roughly $375-$400 per *dead* person per year. Seems like a pretty reasonable amount of funding?
Ted Dernekxis
Ted Dernekxis 5 днів тому
Anyone else hear hairdresser and think Sweeney
Ted Dernekxis
Ted Dernekxis 5 днів тому
Anyone else hear hairdresser and think Sweeney
Jan Sitkowski
Jan Sitkowski 6 днів тому
Well, O.J. Simpson investigation was botched, exactly because of this problem to be honest...
Jan Sitkowski
Jan Sitkowski 6 днів тому
To be honest, I don't care, because I'm cynical, and I say if my body won't rise from the dead and kill the man, it means I don't care. Also I don't care because I don't live in USA. So good luck, USA'ians...
Zabeer Farid
Zabeer Farid 6 днів тому
I did not expect Tracy Morgan to appear
AFox739 6 днів тому
Cliff Steele Robotman voice: THE FUCK?! *It's all in your head...all in your head...*
Z T 6 днів тому
Oh hi.
vanessa perez
vanessa perez 6 днів тому
S HH 7 днів тому
On my left is a bush and my right is a dog
Youtube University
Youtube University 3 дні тому
Arkansas Coroners
George Costarica
George Costarica 7 днів тому
You're nobody till some body kills you.
Austin Anderson
Austin Anderson 7 днів тому
to be fair, 3.75 doesn't sound like a lot individually but 1 billion can give lawmakers sticker shock
Finn Joey
Finn Joey 7 днів тому
How is the US still a thing?
Dolph Youngin
Dolph Youngin 7 днів тому
The US is as fucked up as all those countries we think we're better than.
Sunny Ling
Sunny Ling 7 днів тому
Petitio Principii
Petitio Principii 7 днів тому
I wonder how it compares with other developed countries.
TrueMetis 7 днів тому
America, why does your solution to "how to we find specialists" always seem to be "elect them"? Between judges, sheriffs, and coroners I'm really quite worried about you.
Patrick Baker-Evens
Patrick Baker-Evens 7 днів тому
The USA, the 1st world developing country.
rejvaik 7 днів тому
This is why professional criminals prefer to not leave bodies behind for death investigators and forensic autopsies
iNvRG 7 днів тому
Coroners are needed when the state needs to cover up a death or two or a few. I mean some high ranking politicians have come from Arkansas who have shady death trails behind them.
Random Lesbian On the Internet Yeet
2 spoopy!!
JCD 8 днів тому
sorry man, you should have used Michael C. Hall for that last bit... just sayin'
Heather Wade
Heather Wade 8 днів тому
Just wait until someone you love dies and you want answers. The process will crush your soul.
Viktor Engelmann
Viktor Engelmann 8 днів тому
Is there any - ANY job that the US government doesn't delegate to the private sector without quality-requirements?
happyswedme 9 днів тому
Here is a fun thing that happend This past may i was accepting votes in the eu elections when someone showed up with both their and their parents voting card stating that their parent had died and this should not have received a voting card for this election Turned out this was a standing problem since they died in the us during early 2000 and there was still no official death certificates the electoral authority still cannot count the as dead and strike them from the voter roll Since the voting age is 18 people born in May of 2001 had the right to vote in this election people who died before some voters were even born still can be used to commit voter fraud in Europe because the us administration is so massively inefficient
Bryce Adams
Bryce Adams 9 днів тому
" please write down whatever is killing you on a Post-It note." That's a law in lovecraftian literature.
JamesCPotter13 9 днів тому
Thank you for depressing me, John. I had buried my feelings about FOREVER long ago.
ArachCobra 9 днів тому
I just knew the moment you said they were outsourcing to private contractors that this was gonna get a whole lot worse. This shit is definitely not helping your ratio of solved to unsolved cases.
Chris Honard
Chris Honard 9 днів тому
Dear Mr. Grant, two words...Mungo Jerry.
Stephen Hodge
Stephen Hodge 9 днів тому
Once again how is that possible, coroners not medically qualified, goes with house inspectors in SC not certified? Why is the United States not united!!!!!!
zerolosi 9 днів тому
Anyone ever added up the amount of money it would take to solve all the problems John brings up? Very curious to see the actual figure
Wilmer Henao
Wilmer Henao 10 днів тому
Hey John Oliver. Why don't you talk about the homelessness in california. Oh! I forgot!. It's a democrat state.
Srirra Cha
Srirra Cha 9 днів тому
The format of the show is such that they tackle one topic at a time. Maybe he will talk about your subject who’s to say? I mean “yes, he didnt talk about all the possible subjects in the world yet?”
Mel The Mom
Mel The Mom 10 днів тому
I love the Marlon Bindi reference...I'm mentally clinging to it, while trying not to cry about all the other things he talked about, like the poor man burned in the car, and the medical examiner just like 🤷‍♂️
Scott Jewett
Scott Jewett 10 днів тому
Forever was a good show, damn it!!!
DesertDaisy Marie
DesertDaisy Marie 10 днів тому
America is not a civilised country 😡
fishballchikuwa 10 днів тому
tree fiddy and 25 cents
ACoolDragon 10 днів тому
I thought I had a strong stomach for this stuff but even with all the jokes it took me 3 WEEKS to finish this episode. Jon Oliver some topics are too heavy for the argument that this is a comedy show to be valid lol
Kayleigh 10 днів тому
I miss the show Forever :’(
Bryant Moore
Bryant Moore 10 днів тому
Squirt is the best!
Bald Arrow
Bald Arrow 11 днів тому
Seeing so many U.S. citizens in the comments angrily responding to non US citizens when the latter point out how problematic things in US seem to be,is the very reason why this,and every other country in this world,is going to CONTINUE to be run by assholes,incompetents and greedy people,and progress will come slowly and at great cost. Instead of throwing the good,ol' ''well,your country sucks too,so...'' bullshit rant,maybe try and focus on becoming a BETTER country? Crazy idea,right? But I guess you'd be content on living in hell on earth,as long as everyone else lived the same way,too. Exactly how far removed are you from middle ages simpletons and peasants? Think about it.
Vangundy 11 днів тому
“New Orleans coroner his name is frank minyard fuck with me wrong you’ll be waking up in his yard”- Run this town remix Lil Wayne.
Richard Bastuck
Richard Bastuck 11 днів тому
So he's just one dangling light bulb... OVER HIS DEAD BODY
Mike Fincher
Mike Fincher 11 днів тому
Robot examiners on the way! 🤖
Karthik Rajendran
Karthik Rajendran 11 днів тому
Does the 'gift horse in the mouth' expression really apply in this case? 🤔 ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-hnoMsftQPY8.html
Simone Scuderi
Simone Scuderi 11 днів тому
Forever was a great show, too bad it was a badly copied plot.
The private, profit-oriented US prison industry is apparently leaving large profit margins on the sidelines. I need to set up a shell company in Delaware quickly and skim off big profits. See you, MAGAs ;)
Acrii Nightstalker
Acrii Nightstalker 12 днів тому
heywannaexo 12 днів тому
This really makes me think about Sandra Bland.
Amin Negm-Awad
Amin Negm-Awad 12 днів тому
Saying no word in an interview: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-iv07IUcOEB0.html
TinyMessyKitchen 12 днів тому
Happy to say my coroner is a primary care physician, so she is legit. Whew!
TreueApostel 12 днів тому
I love him really - greetings from Germany :-)
Savanna Violets
Savanna Violets 12 днів тому
wow, this is actually SUCH a big deal, this is not okay. It’s disguisting and we need to take it very seriously. The fact that there was an uncovered and unrefrigerated body in the corner that there was no big deal about. These are people’s bodies for fuck sake! We have to have proper doctors, facilities, and autopsies.
Varga Olivér - Iparbűvész
Varga Olivér - Iparbűvész 12 днів тому
Only tree fiddy!
hefeelslikeivan 12 днів тому
I thought medical examiners were doctors ???
Robert Richardson
Robert Richardson 9 днів тому
They are by definition, coroner's are elected and require no medical training
Hans K
Hans K 12 днів тому
What the fuck America?!? So ugly Johny English is telling us that in the USA the murderer can be also the coroner of the deceased OR you can end up in Jeffrey Dahmer Jr.s hobby shed???
t brown
t brown 12 днів тому
Dog ate his homework too
t brown
t brown 12 днів тому
We are the prophets of prime time Our oracles are tv guides We need the right time and channel Cause we are dying to see who survives New trends in substance abuse? Who would have guessed that drug abusers are innovators seeking to exand an activity i had myself considered sufficiently effective How about the violations of the rules which describe which bodies may be resold A home buisness which buys bodies and sells the valuable parts to medical schools was fined for using bodies of people who died of some disease
Laurence 12 днів тому
That was most times I’ve ever heard John’s audience - or any audience - groan.
Andy Luo
Andy Luo 12 днів тому
Forever was such a good show; I would do anything to get a Season 2
VeritasVirtus Libertas
VeritasVirtus Libertas 8 днів тому
You can watch Harrow tv series..same actor,same job
Tenshiko374 9 днів тому
yes me too 😫
Matt Clark
Matt Clark 12 днів тому
Awww Squirt is one of my favorite sodas! Though I wouldn't ever drink 40 ounces of it at once >
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic 12 днів тому
When the guy was asked about his dog eating organs he almost smiles. Dudes a psycho.
Dusty Trails
Dusty Trails 12 днів тому
shawn parcells is a piece of shi*
The4blu 12 днів тому
Fun fact: the Los Angeles county coroner has a gift shop.
DesertDaisy Marie
DesertDaisy Marie 10 днів тому
That’s repugnant 😖
KhamulYT 12 днів тому
WTF is wrong with these horrible systems??? First World country MY ASS!
ytviewerLem 998
ytviewerLem 998 12 днів тому
Disappointed John Oliver didn't mention the corrupt coroners in Florida falsely reporting Kratom as a cause of death despite the pharmacology not supporting this conclusion being possible from kratom alone.
bcool 13 днів тому
why cant i watch that in austria?
Jennifer Taylor
Jennifer Taylor 13 днів тому
Hugh mungo mistake
titlewave 13 днів тому
okay....this guy is definitely fucking dead bodies...
sir capitano
sir capitano 13 днів тому
Who's awards where those at Tracy's is my question.
Spookay T'is Me
Spookay T'is Me 13 днів тому
$3.75 ??? To expensive for the average American who likes to pay little to no tax, regardless of the community benifits. Think of something else, vid that expensive ass idea ain't gonna fly
Michael O'Connell
Michael O'Connell 13 днів тому
Only in America.
Hat Man
Hat Man 13 днів тому
I was eating mashed potatoes when they played the part about taking a brain home for kids to play with :/
oluwole saadu
oluwole saadu 13 днів тому
John Oliver shading the shit Game of Thrones season 8
Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad 13 днів тому
I actually did see Albert Nobbs. I might have been the only one, but I absolutely watched it. I loved Janet McTeer's performance too. lol
Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad 13 днів тому
Did anyone else immediately google Hugh Grant? Just me?
Sordatos 13 днів тому
What's wrong with Squirt?
Erik Mellinger
Erik Mellinger 13 днів тому
Up next: Dr. Harlan is interviewed by Tucker Carlson in the ultimate smug face challenge
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