Death Investigations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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America’s system for conducting death investigations is a mess. John Oliver explains why we should all be a little more concerned about fixing it.
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19 тра 2019





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Dichtsau День тому
Forever was a good show, so sad it had only 1 season :/
Scaramouche День тому
Oh gee who ownes this large box? Oh it's Hugh Mungo's. I know it is, but who owns it?
jreze cordero
jreze cordero День тому
america is bad
Razar Campbell
Razar Campbell 2 дні тому
Oooooh. Foreshadowing..... (the bit at 1:45 about the medical examiner combating epidemics).
gamingfox98 3 дні тому
What the fuck is it with the US needing or wanting to outsource stuff to private contractors or trying to run public services as a business ... currently it shows it does not work
Wutzmyname Mike
Wutzmyname Mike 5 днів тому
14:48 is actually a Gatorade bottle repurposed as a disinfectant.
Wutzmyname Mike
Wutzmyname Mike 5 днів тому
I worked as a removal specialist for the Coroner's Office in the Bay Area for years. Our families are massively underrepresented. Thank you for this expose. This makes me sick but it's a stupid reality.
TheHighNoonSaloon 8 днів тому
There are some things that souldnt be decided democratically.
Death Prime
Death Prime 8 днів тому
Wowww WTH?
Pat Fitch
Pat Fitch 9 днів тому
Did somebody say... Infectious disease?
Misan Thrope
Misan Thrope 10 днів тому
Ah desecration of bodies, what a way to print your name in history.
Emily Speck
Emily Speck 11 днів тому
“Almost” requires them to have rolled in college take courses to become a doctor and fall just short
Ghostcamel 12 днів тому
Yea.... Wonder how this awesome system is affecting our COVID-19 response and tracking....
Disney Princess of Mars
Disney Princess of Mars 12 днів тому
A Degree from,"University" is actually more certificate of subhumanism, and less a statement of ignorance than you might think. Though they were dumb enough to at one time believe the false validity, they did realize it at some point to be a hoax...and graduated anyway... ... because of a lack of Humanism. If they fail to die/getthemselveskilled ,They eventually get over the Stupidity, but they're never able to get over the lack of thumbs... Which makes a degree all the more necessary/comforting as a blanket to guard against reality with. But that's old news.
ralph dozer
ralph dozer 13 днів тому
A John oliver documentary would be dope like how he went from almost neural surgeon to the best news show
The Captain0117
The Captain0117 14 днів тому
Oh... I’m dumb. I always thought Glenn Close was Scottish. Turns out I was thinking of Glenn Coe. Which is a mountain.
mrsulaiman19 15 днів тому
Forever was a good show
Steven Smith
Steven Smith 16 днів тому
The coroner can't even pronounce homicide at 8:15. No, it's not homocide, it's homicide.
The Best Of Cartoons
The Best Of Cartoons 16 днів тому
Veronika B
Veronika B 16 днів тому
When my dad died, I needed a lot of death certificates in order to get his life insurance money and also to put money in their joint accounts to my mom. That Process took so long that my mom couldn’t use any of it to pay for the funeral. Oh and a death certificate was needed to transfer his bonds to my mom.
Gaius 1968
Gaius 1968 17 днів тому
Murica hands over essential tasks such as security in countries they recently invaded, death investigations, or the guarding of criminals in prisons to private companies ... and then acts all surprised when chaos ensues. The whole system, from courts to taxation to health to schools to ... just fill in anything ... looks like something an eight-year-old with a severe case of ADS has designed. Pathetic.
jumbo juice
jumbo juice 17 днів тому
My grandpa is a forensic pathologist in grand rapids. I've been in there and its pretty dope
Kain Vanagandr
Kain Vanagandr 17 днів тому
I almost became a space neurosurgeon. I was so close to operating on astronauts in space.
Raining Lands
Raining Lands 18 днів тому
my dog and no one is a coroner in Arkansas
Phischer Kross
Phischer Kross 18 днів тому
So what are we funding if we are not even funding the fucking coroner’s offices. Really?!?
Ghostcamel 12 днів тому
Wars and Tax Breaks.
Yormp Birdhouse
Yormp Birdhouse 18 днів тому
Gotta love how people just keep saying “fuck forensics” when it’s not the way it looks on tv
stephen hooks
stephen hooks 18 днів тому
njjj j
Celi Whaaat?
Celi Whaaat? 19 днів тому
Is nobody going to talk about Hugh Mungo Grant? I mean that’s a humongous opportunity!
Caffinna's Creations
Caffinna's Creations 21 день тому
My husband's body was donated to science, death examine (not an autopsy!) was done by a medical examiner, remainder of body cremated, ashes returned and death certificates in about 38 days.
Steve-USMCVET 21 день тому
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself. .... Well somebody had to say it.....😁
Juliette Frediere
Juliette Frediere 22 дні тому
Of COURSE the sheriff is from the SJV. I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley and trust me, it’s exactly as bad of a place to live in as you think it is.
Diane O'Donovan
Diane O'Donovan 22 дні тому
this is a relic of the English system where the coroner was a legal person, or the most important person in town, and the doctor's medical information was part of what was submitted to the coroner - along with police evidence. There was also a jury. This was certainly the system still into the 1940s.
Jithin Jacob
Jithin Jacob 22 дні тому
Forever was a good show! I was gutted when i found out it was cancelled
Ay_ RAB 23 дні тому
He should investigate John Lang’s case it’s been like 7y since any one look in to it
Dan O'Neill
Dan O'Neill 24 дні тому
Anyone else watching this a year later amid corona? 17:29 "...Epidemics being missed..." Makes me wonder about US covid 19 mortality data if the system that determines cause of death is this flawed.
MiamiNotorious 24 дні тому
Damn that news reporter can get it !!
Dave 24 дні тому
Electing people for jobs outside of politics is just weird !!
Daniel Lawson
Daniel Lawson 26 днів тому
I almost became a pilot. But then I realized that I'm afraid to fly and I've never seen an airplane in person.
Topi Linkala
Topi Linkala 26 днів тому
One thing to remember about death is that it's not the opposite of life. The opposite of death is birth and life is the time between birth and death.
Nina Mimi
Nina Mimi 27 днів тому
How can you be a coroner without any degree or training? That's crazy. How does that even work? You just get an anatomy book and start cutting? That's so scary and weird.
Wasse Asmlash
Wasse Asmlash 27 днів тому
Wth doing an autopsy with kitchen knives
Addds Muhammmed
Addds Muhammmed 27 днів тому
I liked forever they cancelled it after 1 season
Jackson T83
Jackson T83 27 днів тому
Forever seems like a halfway decent show honestly
Kagome90 28 днів тому
We need to start asking question about every system in our country.
enterthehatch2 Місяць тому
Omg he referenced "Forever", now I know I'm not the only person who saw that show lol
Sarah Ngegwe
Sarah Ngegwe Місяць тому
Run for president!!!!
William Kelly
William Kelly Місяць тому
that blonde reporter THICC though.... Gotta say I am not surprised that a lowly funded aspect in the system has bottom of the barrel types inhabiting it. I mean if, by comparison, you were paid half what a specialist makes would you be "good" at it?
Was shawn running an autopsy buisness, or a roadside motel for intestines
Tau Alpha Beta
Tau Alpha Beta Місяць тому
This is so fucked up.
Claudio Salcido
Claudio Salcido Місяць тому
I would love to have this videos subtitled.
Karmabitchable Місяць тому
Oh my gods.
Viking Місяць тому
11:27 Looks like a grown *McLovin* aka *Christopher Mintz Plasse* 😂😂 ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-2HTHPtoNJLk.html
Steve the Pirate
Steve the Pirate Місяць тому
When I tell people I could have been a doctor, at least i was at one time in med school.
Danae Boyce
Danae Boyce Місяць тому
My 27 year old brother died in his sleep and didn’t even get an autopsy.
Black Water
Black Water Місяць тому
That's awful. I hope you had some sense of closure.
Kriste Isopahkala
Kriste Isopahkala Місяць тому
Well this has aged like fine wine.
Vlad the III
Vlad the III Місяць тому
America scares the shit out of me. thank god I wasn't born there. I always thought that America was this beacon on of civilisation, ahead of everyone else in many fields, particularity because of its wealth, but these days it really seems like a third world country to me,
holyhand 1123
holyhand 1123 Місяць тому
Hugh mungo's vs. Hugh mungus
Abel Syltz the Flask Dagger
Abel Syltz the Flask Dagger Місяць тому
It's the WALT P.I. dark persuasion media inciting loophole warfare in the public and turning them against the police! Provocation! Spying! Manipulation! It's ALL legal. Do you know what their excuse is? BIGGER conspiracies. Roman bathtubs and watches. They're born colonies under Egypt with old town clock economic stimulators.
SigmaGaming123 Місяць тому
The weird and wonderful thing about these clips, they’re educational, they’re funny as hell, and I always somehow forget this is a television production and not a UKvid show, then fucking glen close shows up and I’m like “WOAH HOW DID HE GET THAT ACTRESS” when she literally is cast in like two HBO shows
veryarmed verydangerous
veryarmed verydangerous Місяць тому
#fuckahs said 🤩🤩🤩🤩
jon oblivious
jon oblivious Місяць тому
Great show
jon oblivious
jon oblivious Місяць тому
This guy is always funny
Ian Ford
Ian Ford Місяць тому
HarlemPixie33 Місяць тому
This whole story gave off serious serial killer vibes.
Thomas Paiva
Thomas Paiva Місяць тому
That dude ate that guy for sure
Cheryl Lakin
Cheryl Lakin Місяць тому
OMG what the heck talk about unqualified for a job.
Steven Suther
Steven Suther Місяць тому
Excessive relevance, suddenly.
Legendary Relly
Legendary Relly Місяць тому
Anyone else watching this in 2020 after the medical examiner in Minnesota said that George Floyd WASN'T killed by asphyxiation?
jack Maher
jack Maher 4 дні тому
Tim Tucker yes, but cities dont need to burn over it, murals depicting him as a literal saint, theres now more people dead from blacks rioting than unarmed blacks killed by cops this year
Tim Tucker
Tim Tucker 4 дні тому
@jack Maher All of that may be true but it's irrelevant and only used by whites to find a reason to justify the cop for killing an arrestee. Nothing there is worthy of suspending the criminal law system of innocent until proven guilty. The cop cannot be judge, jury and executioner no matter what the suspect has done. Sure maybe he wasn't a nice guy but he was an American and deserved equal treatment under the Law. His death was a murder.
jack Maher
jack Maher 4 дні тому
the threeladdies oh no not the hecking crackhead
the threeladdies
the threeladdies 6 днів тому
@jack Maher even if that is true he stopped resisting arrest and yet they kept putting pressure on his neck. Watch the video. George Floyd was crying. #BlackLivesMatter
Kerry Pearson
Kerry Pearson 17 днів тому
Actually, for me it was Chavis Carter who somehow committed suicide by shooting himself in the temple while he was handcuffed in the backseat of a police car. WTAF?!
alexmayday007 Місяць тому
Forever had only one season and i‘m still mad about it being cancelled.
Feist77 Місяць тому
in arkansas most coroners run for the job so they can get kickbacks from funeral homes. The coroner decides where the body goes.
Feist77 22 дні тому
@Deb Schwer The family decides where to hold the funeral, but not usually where the body is first stored. That way they have to contact the funeral home where the body was sent to make arrangement and because of this they normally get the families business. More often than not.
Deb Schwer
Deb Schwer 26 днів тому
Doesn’t the family decide?
MrGert150 Місяць тому
George Floyd, needs justice and this system is shit
EnigmaDrath Місяць тому
Apparently in America everyone's electable for anything, even when they're not qualified.
Mukund Kalra
Mukund Kalra 18 днів тому
@Jayde Hall people just applauded him able to one-hand drink at the Tulsa rally recently. I mean the bar is embarassingly low for a president
Jayde Hall
Jayde Hall 27 днів тому
Well... Our president doesn't appear qualified to drink water out of a real glass and not a sippy cup.
Noel Gaurano
Noel Gaurano Місяць тому
Looks like Jeffrey Dahmmer’ s apartment
Cesar Alcantar
Cesar Alcantar Місяць тому
anyone here after the BS autopsy "results" for george floyd? nothing but lies.
Jayanna Kelley
Jayanna Kelley Місяць тому
I am also.. after watching John’s ‘Policing of Police’..
Ananthakrishnan MA
Ananthakrishnan MA Місяць тому
Dan Місяць тому
@MadelineMae *former officers
Dan Місяць тому
@MadelineMae even if it wasn't homicide by asphyxiation, having a pre medical condition, for example, like asthma could've caused him to have an asthma attack that was aggravated, neglected, and untreated by these officers
Cesar Alcantar
Cesar Alcantar Місяць тому
MadelineMae I saw! So glad they did a independent autopsy, imagine if they didn’t , they 100% would of tried to continue to cover it up, despite the OUTRAGEOUS amount of evidence
Alga Wyspe
Alga Wyspe Місяць тому
Is John happy with his current hair?
Sherman Culbertson
Sherman Culbertson Місяць тому
I don’t understand his seeming obsession with the work fuck/fucked.
Der Peter
Der Peter Місяць тому
Fuck u
Ataa Maria
Ataa Maria Місяць тому
These law makers and some people Forget they are going to die one day
shyaam mohan
shyaam mohan Місяць тому
Via humour he is actually raising an issue lead by developed countries. As a forensic student I'm damn happy to hear✌ anyway John you are fuckin awesome 😂
Samantha Seabolt
Samantha Seabolt Місяць тому
oh god. the more I watch these, the more I regret living in Tennessee.
The Sprawl
The Sprawl Місяць тому
I started a drinking game involving Oliver's use of the two phrases 'and look'/'but look' and I died of alcohol poisoning within five minutes
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