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[DEBATE] Will Eric's Rams win 1st playoff game since 2004 over Skip's Cowboys? - Undisputed

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11 січ 2019





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Frederick Jefferson
Frederick Jefferson 7 днів тому
That was a layup Hollywood did not a "dunk"
Ray 8 днів тому
Rams win!!!
Christian E
Christian E 8 днів тому
Why the fuck do I want the bobble head doll
DirtyBirdSpecial 8 днів тому
Rams win this one, they are to dynamic for cowboys defense in the end but its close no matter the out come. Rams 31-27
Tariq Ketwaru
Tariq Ketwaru 8 днів тому
Cowboys 20 - Rams 34
jesse james
jesse james 8 днів тому
Skip it's wet paper bag since you want to copy
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 8 днів тому
I’ve yet to see skips name on the ownership of Dallas cowboys, they are not YOURS IDIOT
Tufan Kilinc
Tufan Kilinc 8 днів тому
Something wicked comes to LA. Be afraid ram fans...
Bill Belzek
Bill Belzek 9 днів тому
Cowgirls suck dick !! Birds all day !!
Rich Cook
Rich Cook 9 днів тому
Ah so he won a Superbowl high on drugs. How do the "just say no" drug police respond to that?
Steve Eisenhower Eisenhower
Steve Eisenhower Eisenhower 9 днів тому
Ide rather play against Todd Gurley than Eric Dickerson at the same point in thier careers. Dickerson was a bad dude. Cowboys 37 rams 17
robert holden
robert holden 9 днів тому
Ram front four? What Ram front four? After Aaron, there's nothing.
Dstro 9 днів тому
robert holden rams have 4 first round picks on that line. Donald, Suh, Brockers and Fowler
ZACHARY COTTEN 9 днів тому
robert holden there’s suh who is inconsistent and there’s Dante Fowler who I don’t really know about.
I hope you have that same energy Monday, Shannon.
Jason R.
Jason R. 8 днів тому
ASTORGA CREATIONS he surely will
Dino 9 днів тому
I hate the cowgirls
Clayton bigsby
Clayton bigsby 9 днів тому
Tank and the Boys NEED to Bring it !! Same thing all year nothing is different!! #DC4L #DC4L
D B 9 днів тому
Been waiting for this day. Eric is a hater. And how are they going to score 20 and thwy wont have the ball? And when they do have the ball it will be mostly 3 and out. D-Law and tha Hot Boys will dominate.
D B 9 днів тому
Didn't Tricky Dick pick Seahawks?
LibertyAndJustice91 9 днів тому
Will the Rams get their first playoff win since 2004 or will the Cowboys get their first playoff win since....last week???
BIA Executive
BIA Executive 9 днів тому
The Rams will win this one; more talent, far less injuries and better coaching. Easy... GO RAMS!!!
elgen0314 9 днів тому
Rams are circling the drain. goodby L.A.
Joe Jenkins
Joe Jenkins 9 днів тому
That pick Dak threw was a horrible pass the guy was open with a better pass the defender caught up cuz of the bad pass
Joe Jenkins
Joe Jenkins 8 днів тому
+Chris Sees forsho he got time n he could be better he's just under a huge microscope so we talk about everything he's does I hop nothing but the best for the kid
Chris Sees
Chris Sees 9 днів тому
+Joe Jenkins i honestly dont know i would have to say it makes it a bad pass but there is some positive that comes out of it. Like practice makes perfect type thing. As long as he gets better at it lol
Joe Jenkins
Joe Jenkins 9 днів тому
+Chris Sees I'll give you that but give n this since he's not there yet would that make the pass a bad pass do to location and n result..... I'm talk pure pass not the TE catching or the DB pi just the pass itself
ThrowSomeShade 9 днів тому
Joe Jenkins the ball was thrown right at browns neck and chest where the ball should be. kJ Wright put his arm across brown helmet and neck. Ball was where it was supposed to be wright got away with one and made a play after committing the foul. He got away with one but brown is a biggg wr in the future he needs to made a better play on that ball because it was and easy play to make
D B 9 днів тому
He tried to body catch it. That was his mistake.
Robert Bates
Robert Bates 9 днів тому
Go Cowboys!