Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets The Same Produce As The White House | Kitchen Nightmares

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That impression was...something.
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9 січ 2019

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StoneMasonJar 42 хвилини тому
*You’re gonna hand the owner the little petite carrots?!* Lmfao
Kevin Годину тому
if u don’t want to be handed raw carrots why even have it to begin with?
Juan Mendez
Juan Mendez 3 години тому
Gordon Ramsey could make a perfect burger but I could make a frozen pizza
MyBdewitt 4 години тому
Who would care if a f***ing garnish micro garnish was on as a micro carrot garnish
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt 5 годин тому
Gordon handing the owner the tiny carrots with the waiter right there with a platter is the ultimate disrespect, lmao
Pet Person
Pet Person 5 годин тому
Omg gordan is so f&%$ing cute when he jokes around
The sapphire leo
The sapphire leo 6 годин тому
"YOu DoN'T hAnd mE RaW FoOd (back) In mY DiNing ROoM!" Well maybe you should have cooked it first!
Jason Miller
Jason Miller 7 годин тому
A garnish ia supposed to make the dish look more appealing but all of these garnishes were just an insult to the cooking world look dude you might think a garnish is pretentious but that doesn't mean you have to put them on every dish how do you mess up fucking oysters? You fucking donkey
Ultimo 7 годин тому
guy: they come from a local farm Same guy: these go to the the White House they go global
Chloe X
Chloe X 8 годин тому
Can you see my rim???
Thomas Hansen #61
Thomas Hansen #61 8 годин тому
Joe looks EXACTLY like a substitute in my school
Luke Montgomery
Luke Montgomery 9 годин тому
“Our food is the freshest hands down” puts food in microwave.
TyPhenirW0LF 9 годин тому
Garnish that.... Isn't edible!? "Oh, don't eat that, it's raw Mercury. It's just there to add color, it's garnish"
Kane Rogers
Kane Rogers 9 годин тому
What a terrible, terrible message to inspire little girls with...
The Casual Artist
The Casual Artist 10 годин тому
At least the waiters are fun
Let me catch MY son
Let me catch MY son 10 годин тому
It's actually adorable when he's joking around with the cake😂
Jerald Fitzjerald
Jerald Fitzjerald 11 годин тому
I don't understand how these restaurant owners get it in their heads that despite their abysmally failing restaurants with terrible food they are some of the best chefs in the nation and how dare Gordon Ramsey have anything bad to say about their horrible excuses for food
K4inan 11 годин тому
That owner 5:31 has the same eyes and in general looks a bit like Jordan Peterson.
Dj Roberts
Dj Roberts 11 годин тому
I'm on a binge & I like the videos before I watch them.
anna mess
anna mess 12 годин тому
I love it when mr. Ramsay jokes around with the waiters, it's adorable.
Walter Williams
Walter Williams 12 годин тому
ahaha. me and a guy at the airport got entire staff at a restaurant to give us their name badges like that... except we had to make up some bullshit story about a contest.
ekul Z
ekul Z 13 годин тому
1:25 Did that guy eat his jawline?
Esmeraldito Prishka
Esmeraldito Prishka 14 годин тому
O rrrram pidy isws sthn kouzina mou na mhn llllamvaneis meros.’ 👄👄👄👄👄👄🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️🤘
Samuel Nerad
Samuel Nerad 14 годин тому
That chef has the same voice as Jordan Peterson
Aidan Wilkins
Aidan Wilkins 15 годин тому
He was having way too much fun with the cake 😂
Enes Kumus
Enes Kumus 16 годин тому
I hate him!!!! Some peopke cant find food!!!!
Sierra Roberts
Sierra Roberts 16 годин тому
“Our food is the freshest, hands down” *puts it in the microwave* 😂😂😭
Arthur Rodriguez
Arthur Rodriguez 17 годин тому
The 5 seasons??? Lol
AndThat'sTheTea. 17 годин тому
"You're gonna hand the owner-" Omg he needed to shut the fuck up! Last time I checked he was also apparently a chef too!
Melody P
Melody P 17 годин тому
The freshest food as its put in the microwave
Blood Beryl
Blood Beryl 19 годин тому
Joe has a tiny carrot
Blood Beryl
Blood Beryl 19 годин тому
3:28 bitch in the background needs to mind her own damn business and stop staring
Vino sitas
Vino sitas 20 годин тому
when a man needs to say "im not intimidated by (insert name)...", he is most definitely more intimidated by that person than anyone around him xd
cookiesandsoda 20 годин тому
“What does he know” The fuck? What kind of stupid question is that?
Tora Dora
Tora Dora 21 годину тому
"He's in the wrong place." Ugh, maybe you didnt know but GR is the owner of multiple 5 star high end restraunts across the globe. He's not successful because he serves shit food.
Karm a
Karm a 22 години тому
Has a big sign saying *QUIET* *bUh wHy dO yOu gOt bLoOdY cArRotS oN eR pUfF pAsTrY*
Varnae De Molay
Varnae De Molay 22 години тому
The "chef" doesn't deserve to work on a Taco Bell line...
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 22 години тому
What was your name again? *Ask Ramsay*
N o o d l e
N o o d l e 23 години тому
Honestly, I'd be pissed if someone put a Micro carrot on my plate. If I can't fucking eat it, I don't want it.
Bra24hnt 23 години тому
Ah the famous hotel Five Seasons, who doesnt know it...
C. A. Riley
C. A. Riley День тому
He said the “5 seasons” 🤣🤣🤣
Azure Ablepsia
Azure Ablepsia День тому
R.I.P. cake. It was a good cake.
FitnessNationX День тому
America are dumb fucks their food looks like shit 😂
Leanna Cruz
Leanna Cruz День тому
This owner is slow
Psn jjisabot
Psn jjisabot День тому
You need to shut the fuck up about food food is food take or dont fucking go their in the first place
Doll Francine
Doll Francine День тому
Gordon is extra.
blaze pointer
blaze pointer День тому
Maybe the whole micro thing just hit a little too close to home.
Smol demon angel child
Smol demon angel child День тому
He always loves having a laugh with the staff. I love it so much.
I Shoot Stuff
I Shoot Stuff День тому
Nobody hands me my own petite carrots back
arkyswan День тому
The arrogance at the end. "I have staff here that will take care of that." If it's your business you take care of it. You should be willing to do any of the jobs of your employees
Wish I was creative
Wish I was creative День тому
I guess your right about the White House food You know because trump served the football players burgerking
Chi Lee
Chi Lee День тому
gordon to waitresses and the other staff: oh my dear sweet princess gordon to the owner: you fucking donkey
JC 3
JC 3 День тому
I’ve already seen this episode but I come back to see the owners stupidity
xXVanilla CreamXx
xXVanilla CreamXx День тому
*When you know it's bad when the thumbnail itself looks like a chaotic shitpost.*
SpySpaceTR День тому
I'm realizing a trend here: Every bad restaurant has a gullible owner.
BARÇA FAN День тому
1:11 Me to my snacks when i go back home😂
DJ Pfarner
DJ Pfarner День тому
3:30 the girl in the pink is THRIVING off the drama
Jhobie Y. Ohorat
Jhobie Y. Ohorat День тому
Thumbnail Gordon is me during my exams
E Gor
E Gor День тому
“Fuck does he know”
starzandearth День тому
Weren't even good accents
Found Secrets
Found Secrets День тому
i already seen this before. its a re-upload
meme День тому
“You don’t hand me raw food in my dinning room” *puts said raw food on customers plates in the first place*
Cody Schlenker
Cody Schlenker День тому
The amount of ego in the restaurants is uncanny.
The Mcfweefwee
The Mcfweefwee День тому
I think the baby carrots were ok, most women would probably think the carrots are cute and talk about them to others and spread business...
Dumble Doff
Dumble Doff День тому
Imagine being served by Elon Musk
Borderlands808 День тому
5 seasons hotel? Hmmm... 🤔🤔
LudwigVanAdam День тому
Waiter looks like a cross between Elon Musk and Matt Damon
Jonathan Gurley
Jonathan Gurley День тому
You shouldn’t tell somebody to do something you wouldn’t yourself
Tony Tunnell
Tony Tunnell 2 дні тому
At the end the owner says what does he know fucking Gordon Ramsey come on that gus an idiot
havoc176 2 дні тому
What does he know lmao
-* WEIRD POTATOES RULE -* 2 дні тому
I love how he is so nice to the servers XD
piotr grosek
piotr grosek 2 дні тому
He's delusional. Take him to the infirmary.
DdiVine1 2 дні тому
That onion soup looked like a blocked toilet
Pj Mask
Pj Mask 2 дні тому
The cake funeral was priceless😂 🍰
Yzzami 2 дні тому
Everything is so awkward
Don Ramon
Don Ramon 2 дні тому
RIP Nino Jokes
Joshua Van Deren
Joshua Van Deren 2 дні тому
5:30 It's not raw food, it's a garnish
jason lul
jason lul 2 дні тому
I know plenty of chefs ive cooked been allround. -some retard noones ever heard of.
Sammy Vermillion
Sammy Vermillion 2 дні тому
2:34 just casually chokes on terrible oysters "Fuck me"
Niahluvsmakeup 2 дні тому
Owner doing a scottish accent instead of english💀
Yoshi Dinono
Yoshi Dinono 2 дні тому
It's strange. Does he know that he is being film in the kitchen? Wouldn't you want to be careful of what you say on another person's tv show, where they can edit sound clips and what not?
Joe Benz
Joe Benz 2 дні тому
The waiters on this show are the smartest XD
Omega 2 дні тому
nothing more wholesome than Ramsay interacting with wait staff uwu
Omega 2 дні тому
@Lemon Toad k
Lemon Toad
Lemon Toad 2 дні тому
KZ Imperial
KZ Imperial 2 дні тому
If I were a chef and Gordon comes to the restaurant, I'd change my role to a waitress immediately
mart 2 дні тому
im surprised no one has poisoned the food they serve to gordon yet
prismatism 2 дні тому
like, why do restaurant owners invite Gordon there if they aren't willing to listen to criticism? do they sign up to Kitchen Nightmares expecting rave reviews?
Felton Wang
Felton Wang 2 дні тому
how is too much grease a bad thing?
james meyers
james meyers 2 дні тому
I love how there is always one waiter/waitress that takes pleasure in brutally calling out the bosses as soon as Gordon Ramsay asks them
Malou Reyes
Malou Reyes 2 дні тому
"... the freshest hands down." **beep**
Mtube 16
Mtube 16 2 дні тому
The five seasons... lol
Mana Montana
Mana Montana 2 дні тому
tbh i dont see what is wrong with the small carrots. people use all sorts of things for just visual appeal not sure what is wrong with that. pretty sure even gordons restaurants have dishes that has stuff that is just a garnish
Camrin Custer
Camrin Custer 2 дні тому
Australian actscent
ShadyThePen 2 дні тому
how do i dislike the guys life
Rakvalen Sypher
Rakvalen Sypher 2 дні тому
never have a damn microwave in your restaurant
Lilith G
Lilith G 2 дні тому
0:06 this dude looks like a fucking dinosaur
Lokman Hakim
Lokman Hakim 2 дні тому
The food is freshh hand down..and then the chef push a microwave button😂
Just Natalie
Just Natalie 2 дні тому
Why did i think he was getting a massage in the thumbnail?😂
Taylor Craig Newbold
Taylor Craig Newbold 2 дні тому
Blarf memes.
Kyle H
Kyle H 2 дні тому
“The food here at the Bistro is THE FRESHEST. Hands down.” *Puts food in the microwave*
Secorin 2 дні тому
joe: let me go talk to this guy me: he's fucking gordan ramsay, mate joe: when it comes to chef ramsay, i'm not intimidated. I know a lot of chefs. me: gordon ramsay is an ESTP (mbti) and quite possibly one of the most famous chefs in the world. Fuck off ya wanker.
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