Do All Teen Moms Think the Same?

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21 кві 2019

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Jubilee 3 місяці тому
Hey all - thanks for watching! Hope you loved it! To participate in future audience polls, follow us on Instagram! instagram.com/jubileemedia/ ALSO, watch more Spectrum episodes here: bit.ly/WatchSpectrumJubilee
victoria sanchez
victoria sanchez 8 днів тому
Hey Jubilee I was wondering if you guys can do all emos think the same?
Tru Dawn
Tru Dawn 11 днів тому
Teen Moms: I kNoW eVeRyThInG. gEt oN My lEvEl
Lucy Cardoso
Lucy Cardoso 19 днів тому
Do all teen dads think the same?
Ajaach Madio
Ajaach Madio Місяць тому
Jubilee ah
barbie4549 Місяць тому
Do all virgins think the same?
Addie King
Addie King 53 хвилини тому
It makes me feel better about how mature they are at such a you g age
Ramona Duru
Ramona Duru Годину тому
Bruhhhhh Maddie is 15?!?! Just like me...and she looks totally older than me... she looks like shes 17..while i look like a 13 year old😂😂
squirrelhan 3 години тому
I like the blonde girl, she spread so much positive vibe, i know her because of another video and she is so nice, i didn't know she is 15 if she didn't say it because how mature she is
Hannah Freedman
Hannah Freedman 3 години тому
I can’t believe I knew Maddie before she was pregnant. She’s changed a lot guys. Bless her heart ❤️
Margaret A.
Margaret A. 6 годин тому
Seriously 6 graders doing that thing,i can't even go outside my bedroom 🙄
Astrid Filbert
Astrid Filbert 6 годин тому
my school has literally told us about sex and birth control from when we were like, 7. They ain't hiding ANYTHING.
bb dollaz
bb dollaz 7 годин тому
5:04 "we've always been the same age" i mean y'all are twins 💀
Marcus O'Brien
Marcus O'Brien 10 годин тому
how is that girl 15. looks 18
eminemel E
eminemel E 14 годин тому
Will Sanders
Will Sanders 15 годин тому
Bunch of HOES, keep your legs close in the first place!!!
spookysanj 17 годин тому
i hate people who are like “you can make whatever choices you want but i’m gonna try to make you feel as guilty as possible “
JaneYthera Nganga
JaneYthera Nganga 17 годин тому
All those Life Judges of the 15yr old Why are you taking Panadol for her headache😭 loving the show from +254🇰🇪Kenya 🇰🇪
Zukii •
Zukii • 18 годин тому
Boy how they doin this? I’m 14 and still tryna figure out if the fridge light turns off when I close it-
jose hernandez
jose hernandez 18 годин тому
Wooooow ...... this is crazy
bradnandez _
bradnandez _ 19 годин тому
You should have named the video something different I thought y'all would ask different kind of questions not like questions like is the dad still involved like that's got nothing to do with if they think the same...
Mypeepeeisstuckhelpbysubscribing Help
Mypeepeeisstuckhelpbysubscribing Help 22 години тому
Do all disappointments think the same
Owen Krahl
Owen Krahl 23 години тому
Remember kids, even if you're at the peak of the moment, wear a condom, or take a birth control pill. Unless there are other circumstances, it's your fault. One night can lead to years of misery.
Josalyn День тому
Damn Maddie’s only 15
Unicorn Nerd
Unicorn Nerd День тому
My friends sister had sex during school and we were in middle school
Sam_Is_A_Blood_Drunkie День тому
Why did this video make me want to get pregnant what
Asdfghjkl День тому
there’s something interesting about the point that Sex Ed needs to move with the times. 12 y/o are having sex and do need to be educated so things don’t go wrong, on the flip side in my opinion they should not be having sex this young, and teaching it could open a gateway of it being normalised.
Banafsha Nikrawesh
Banafsha Nikrawesh День тому
ttv ErlendBekken
ttv ErlendBekken День тому
Middle ground idea: teen parents vs Christian parentes
Mechanic Surfer
Mechanic Surfer День тому
15 and already had a kid
Lauren MacWhinney
Lauren MacWhinney День тому
a 4 week old fetus 1) does not have a heart beat 2) cannot survive outside the womb. that girls argument was like, not right omg
RB_SPLICE День тому
Oh its her again the one with blonde hair Saw her in the kids meet a teen mom vid
bigsissy lilbro
bigsissy lilbro День тому
all these girls are so gorgeous
Mary Toure
Mary Toure 2 дні тому
I hope they all become good friends. They get along well.
Marry Potter
Marry Potter 2 дні тому
Having a baby at 19 and having a baby at 14 is such a huge difference
Ninjarro 2 дні тому
First Generation Americans to Americans
HYEYOUNG KIM 2 дні тому
The girl who was talking in 0:07 was on kid meet a teen mom
J's Adventures
J's Adventures 2 дні тому
how can I participate?
Uniquely Everything
Uniquely Everything 2 дні тому
Omg the blonde girl can’t even drive by herself and she has to go through all this stuff man she got pregnant a 14
이렌나 2 дні тому
Okay but they’ré really really young, they grow up with internet and we can find everything on internet these days so not knowing about birth controls huuuum....
OldSoul MacKinnon
OldSoul MacKinnon 2 дні тому
This was my favourite episode! 🥰
Ximen de León
Ximen de León 2 дні тому
15 years Old!! Omg!! SAY WHAAAAAT!!! I FEEL BAD VERY BAD FOR HER, she is to Young is was sad she is to strong!
Jungook Bb
Jungook Bb День тому
Ximen de León no need to feel sorry for her she was foolish to have sex at that age
Zachary Paige
Zachary Paige 3 дні тому
I feel a bit hurt when they said boys mature slower than girls but I get that the general consensus is yeah
Zachary Paige
Zachary Paige День тому
@aurora michelle You're not wrong, but there's always the odd ball out there
aurora michelle
aurora michelle День тому
lol it’s a fact
Lh 3 дні тому
incredible turns out poeple dont all think the same thank you for this series on youtub bgooodbye
Derek Morgan
Derek Morgan 3 дні тому
Who is going to plan having a baby at 19 and stop their lives forever with such responsibility? Get real! If you’re going to participate in these kinds of meetings you have to be willing to be completely honest so these exercises make sense and help other teenagers to be more responsible about sex. What kind of parent can one be if you are ashamed of what happened? It happened! Just face it like the rest of the girls.
Dua Zainab
Dua Zainab 3 дні тому
Off topic but the redhead reminds me of cheryl from Riverdale
loves loona
loves loona 3 дні тому
This is what happens when a kid has a kid: - ur life is ruined
Zahra Narnia
Zahra Narnia 3 дні тому
I feel like it would have been better to have like a 40-60 yr old woman who was a teen mum just for a different perspective.
DDXP Ty 3 дні тому
Quick question: how many teen moms are there in the world?
lady grace
lady grace 3 дні тому
If you do it you *will* get pregnant and *die*
Ángela Godoy Perez
Ángela Godoy Perez 3 дні тому
Delete My Account
Delete My Account 3 дні тому
I have so much respect for these beautiful women. They’re so strong ❤️
I have the power of GOD AND ANIME
Some people say they should have been smart enough to have used protection which is true. But sometimes don't forget condoms: don't exactly stop you from getting pregnant, they can break, but I personally think you should be very smart and monitoring about your sex life cause pregancy while in school doesn't always end well and it takes your whole life down another path and all you have worked for just goes down the drains.
Addison Seward
Addison Seward 4 дні тому
The one girl was 15. Her baby is only 15yrs younger than her. So when her mom turns 25 her daughter will already be 10
Owen Hentschel
Owen Hentschel 4 дні тому
What about do all teen dads think the same?
paperdoiley 4 дні тому
i really liked that girl who said she was against abortion/said abortions were killing off the heartbeat. she acknowledged that everyone has their choice while calmly explaining her position. as a pro choice woman i love this.
clare prv
clare prv 4 дні тому
I am 23 and to me getting pregnant would be a nightmare...so I don t get when they talk about boy' nightmares about girl' pregnancies.
demet 4 дні тому
These are strong girls and thats what I live for
Ace H
Ace H 4 дні тому
These people are surprisingly kind and mature, any negative stereotype about them that I had has gone straight out of the window. I wish them all the best.
Biopticleader9 4 дні тому
NGL but who wouldn’t smash Chloe (Sorry)
Junaid Shaa
Junaid Shaa 4 дні тому
Christians and Muslims I heard they agree on some thing and some not
Filip Karwowski
Filip Karwowski 4 дні тому
Say whatever the hell you want, but I respect women too much to have sex with one before marriage
theyluvryry boo
theyluvryry boo 4 дні тому
Maddie needs her ass whooped
Nisreen A
Nisreen A 4 дні тому
I've watched so many of these videos and they almost always leave me itching to step in. This is the first video that has left me wishing I was present to hug and commend each one of these beautiful mommies. By far my favourite discussion...it was real. God bless you all and your little angels
Briuverse a
Briuverse a 4 дні тому
I'm in Texas and in high school you have to take health and they talk about safe sex practices
Zaria Newton
Zaria Newton 4 дні тому
this was by far one of the best videos from Jubilee
Emma Riley
Emma Riley 5 днів тому
Bro these girls really are so grown for their age
Hello Comment
Hello Comment 5 днів тому
If you get pregnant as a teen tip: Just blame it on your school! And boys pressuring you because it’s *obviously just* their fault. Yep you weren’t involved *at all!* (Sarcasm)
Alyson Dykes
Alyson Dykes 5 днів тому
this seriously made me cry,, it’s 5 in the morning🥺
Drew Dawson
Drew Dawson 5 днів тому
All the hate in the comments really sucks. My mom had me when she was 12, and both her and my dad left me. My now adoptive mother said that she found me and my sisters (we're triplets) on her front step and she got legal custody of us when we were 3 (she was 16 when she found us, 19 when she adopted). That just goes to show that "dead beats" can go both ways of no ways.
Jannat Khalid
Jannat Khalid 5 днів тому
the last minute of the video was such pure joy seeing all the cute babies :D
Lilo Whitney
Lilo Whitney 5 днів тому
Didn’t the blonde girl show up on Hiho kids? (kids meet teen mom)
We Stan Legends
We Stan Legends 5 днів тому
I agree with maddie about how they dont teach in Texas im from texas myself and at my school they dont even have a sex ed or health class and so many girls are ending up pregnant like there has been no senior class without more than 2 girls ending up pregnant
Amanda Thor
Amanda Thor 5 днів тому
This was one of the most heartwarming videos ever and I just want to say that your videos really do make a difference on how I would answer and how I think.
Sophie 5 днів тому
Why were there no black teen moms?
I'm DemOn
I'm DemOn 6 днів тому
My girlfriend is also pregnant but she lives in another nation ............... MY IMAGINATION
Kixers Vlogs
Kixers Vlogs 6 днів тому
Do all cops think the same
Rose Savasa
Rose Savasa 6 днів тому
all of then are 19-17 and then maddie is 15 and i feel like she is the most mature
HelloItsMe 6 днів тому
니빈 6 днів тому
Damn, just when I thought the education system in my country fucked up
That one kid In the comments
That one kid In the comments 6 днів тому
6:12 I feel so bad for maddie the way she smiles when the other girl says her husband is too involved
Ashley Cabrera
Ashley Cabrera 6 днів тому
i saw maddie and clicked
Sophia hawkins
Sophia hawkins 6 днів тому
What about do all parents of all teen parents think the same?
Stoned Every day
Stoned Every day 6 днів тому
No dads to be seen lmaooooo, niggas changed names and left states If I got a girl pregnant I would immediately take 4 xanaxs laced with fentanyl or bite cyanide.
Riley German shepherd
Riley German shepherd 6 днів тому
Wait one is 15???
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