Do All Teen Moms Think the Same?

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Sparkly Gabby
Sparkly Gabby 14 днів тому
I love this series! Keep all humans informed and open-minded !
hey! Your awesome !
hey! Your awesome ! 16 днів тому
Video idea: do all vegans think the same 🌱
Raxsan Miller
Raxsan Miller 21 день тому
I Agree 100%
Amel B
Amel B 22 дні тому
*please put the french subtitles in this video , i want understand what they say😂👍*
Paul Aguilar
Paul Aguilar 23 дні тому
Do all Hispanics think the same ( have different age variety ex: 14 - 50 ) so we can here different opinions and we can see how different the opinion are between them .
Alfred Averwright
Alfred Averwright 2 години тому
Well, atleast their dad's stayed for now
hans yolo
hans yolo 4 години тому
Kind Person
Kind Person 4 години тому
i think im the only one freaked out watching this video. because im having a little incident going on with my teen life
BOOMCRACKA 789 9 годин тому
Please do teen fathers
Wilfred Peake
Wilfred Peake 9 годин тому
that girl is 15 what the hell
A B 10 годин тому
Wait, so that one girl, the 19 year old Has a husband And planned her pregnancy¿
Jazmin Lopez
Jazmin Lopez 12 годин тому
I’m glad there’s other ppl that haven’t had their first kiss yet because I’m 16 and I haven’t done anything with a guy lmao
Jayna B
Jayna B 13 годин тому
Do all police officers think the same?
EmperorPrince 13 годин тому
Thats not a 15 year old, thats a case.
Ashton Johnson
Ashton Johnson 13 годин тому
its really disturbing to think that these girls partners probably arent in the same age range as them.
Ethan Chun
Ethan Chun 14 годин тому
Honestly, idk why the guys never stay. If I were to become a father, I’d do everything I can to be involved in my child’s life. I don’t want him/her neglected and to have the mom live a rough life by herself. That’s just cruel
kids oakes
kids oakes 18 годин тому
feel so bad for maddie in the baby father still around question
pur3kamikaz3 18 годин тому
Come to the netherlands we im in middle school and i get test about precnacie protection
Nellie S
Nellie S 20 годин тому
i love maddie so much!!!
Michael West
Michael West 21 годину тому
Chelsea acts way to grown
Ijustloveanimals 4evs
Ijustloveanimals 4evs 21 годину тому
Then there’s me who doesn’t even look at boys half the time lol I respect these people tho coz they’ve been through a lot
Hollyxx День тому
I’m 15 and I’m really shocked about girls Knowledge on contraception and sex, it isn’t even their fault schools and their parents should be educating them from a certain age how to prevent pregnancies! I’m from England and sex education is taken more seriously than the United States which is really sad because it is important not just for women but men as well because it shouldn’t just be talked about to stop teen pregnancies but STDs or STIs and of course more. Sex education normally starts in year six (5th grade) which is 10-11 years and I think that is a good age to talk about a important topic
Spicy Ramen Cats
Spicy Ramen Cats День тому
Sabrina Tatalias
Sabrina Tatalias День тому
Dont you think that one of the big reasons people have sex younger is because the social aspect of it in the media? I understand better sex ed, but i feel like the younger and younger we teach it and keep talking about it the more curious people begun. Why is it a social thing to have sex before college? I guess that's my point.
Scott Dally
Scott Dally День тому
meanwhile, I'm 19, never even had my first kiss and will probably be waiting till I move out of the shithole I live in (it's one of those towns where if you're not popular when you're 8, you'll never be popular)
Harshal Thachapully
Harshal Thachapully День тому
We should encourage support of teen mom's, but we also have to increase awareness so young women take responsibility for their actions, instead of considering abortion, consider your actions before hand. Precaution is always better than cure.
yungFozter День тому
Blanket term “women mature faster than men” funny 😂
Iceican День тому
All of the information is availble they just didn't look to far. honestly in grade school and up they are already teaching sex ed classes.
joel kh
joel kh День тому
why are you all so beautiful???
Davion Newman
Davion Newman День тому
Allie can get it
Arthur Nuyttens
Arthur Nuyttens День тому
Unknown is unloved. When the conversation of teen moms came up, I as a teenager always found it difficult to form an opinion on it because I didn't know anybody who was teenmom/dad. I was a teenager, so I could relate on that part and imagine what the mom/dad part would be like, but never for sure. To see these women convey their story just fills me with joy, I don't have to agree on their story to respect and love them as human beings. Mad respect for all of them and the best of luck!!!
Captain Sar
Captain Sar День тому
Lol I'm 16 and I've never even hugged a girl.. except my mom,
Kayleigh Nicole
Kayleigh Nicole День тому
Wait doesn’t the blonde have a UKvid channel and isn’t her name Maddie💀 ohhh nvm I found it Maddie lambert🤦🏽‍♀️
Ehtisham Amin
Ehtisham Amin День тому
Thank God women like that exist....After watching Feminist videos i had lost all hope in having a family with the modern women....only normal people will understand
Sara Maturo
Sara Maturo 2 дні тому
how can that one girl say the baby was planned when they hadn't even planned on getting married for another month??? I'm so confused lmao
Chiara Beauty
Chiara Beauty 2 дні тому
I'm Christian and I don't wanna have sex before I'm married but I'm so afraid that I can't do this
samantha stitten
samantha stitten 17 годин тому
Chiara Beauty I feel you, but it’s all your choice. If you feel like you can’t wait you don’t have to but educate your self first. It’s all about being comfortable. In my opinion I wanna wait until I find someone that I’m completely comfortable with.
Giyu It
Giyu It 2 дні тому
Allie Brooke!!!
ashaan facey
ashaan facey 2 дні тому
Are the babies in the background?
ashaan facey
ashaan facey 2 дні тому
Damn so ppl having sex at 12 now , children shouldn’t be thinking about those stuff at that age , they should just be learning and enjoying their life getting to know their self
Me You
Me You 2 дні тому
It is mandatory in middle school in Canada
Reya Mathur
Reya Mathur 2 дні тому
In the end when their kids came I was like AWWWWWWWWW
maya 2 дні тому
this is off topic but they’re all so pretty
Purvi Rana
Purvi Rana 2 дні тому
24 and single never even had a kiss🙈🙈🙈
Feroza Malik
Feroza Malik 2 дні тому
How about someone that's deaf like me! But has hearing aids so that they understand you guys
Kirsten Martin
Kirsten Martin 2 дні тому
It’s crazy cause in my health class we learn about all the birth controls
kermit 2 дні тому
sophie 2 дні тому
They were all so gorgeous !!
sophie 2 дні тому
Maddie is 15 ??? She’s so pretty! And wise and mature!! I really feel for her, it was sad listening to her story. She’s so strong and empowering, wishing her the best
Oriana F
Oriana F 2 дні тому
7:40 I hope someone gave that girl a hug because she looked hella sad.
Raquel Almeida
Raquel Almeida 2 дні тому
when someone talks about being educated on birth control i instantly think about school sjnvks not parents. i didnt learn about sexuality and birth control at home, its all in the school system. in 7th grade i already knew what should and shouldnt be done regarding these things. american educational system is broken and those are my 2 cents.
Yu Jin
Yu Jin 2 дні тому
Do all Thots think the same?
Sarina Ocean
Sarina Ocean 2 дні тому
Do plant based vs omnivores!!
jana 3 дні тому
I feel so bad for them, esp maddie i mean she's a baby herself
lolzeez 3 дні тому
Am I the only one who found the last part so cute! it just made me realize the power of a woman, to be able to bring a life into this world :)
rachel l
rachel l 3 дні тому
This is sad.
No One
No One 3 дні тому
6:46 *"He came a little early.."* Pun intended?
Ayden Shank
Ayden Shank 3 дні тому
"we've always been the same age"
Michael Shimp
Michael Shimp 3 дні тому
I’m 15 and act like a 10 year old this makes me feel skidish
Lucía Aquino
Lucía Aquino 3 дні тому
1:52 "cause' the baby has a heartbeat on his 4 weeks" ... damn even if you're a mom, you need to read.
Ana Forever31
Ana Forever31 3 дні тому
I’m 30 and I still feel like I’m not ready! It’s sad the ignorance of some kids! 🙁
Conrad Gifford
Conrad Gifford 3 дні тому
I’m 33, have had sex countless times (I’ve lost count) and have NEVER gotten any of the girls I’ve been with pregnant. Why? Condoms and birth control. They work and it’s what responsible people do when they’re not ready for children.
Martin Septim
Martin Septim 3 дні тому
if my girlfriend had a kid i would help
goddessxemily 3 дні тому
Jesus, all of these women are so damn mature.
Nicholas Nevares
Nicholas Nevares 3 дні тому
Some of y'all gunna have. Couple of more baby daddies lmao
Kierstin Hilton
Kierstin Hilton 3 дні тому
Being a Teen Mom has its ups and downs but my son was the greatest thing to ever happen to me and I don’t regret it at all.
Ali Alahmad
Ali Alahmad 3 дні тому
tbh u ued condoms he has the right to ask for test specially u are not married
Cherry Bandit
Cherry Bandit 3 дні тому
American schools *seriously* need to step up sex education. I live in Texas too and before switching to an international school, the health class that we got was decent in terms of drug abuse, hygiene, etc. but we didn't learn *anything* about sex and kids were already having sex in middle school. In Europe the sex education is so much better, so parents don't worry much if their kid is having sex because they know they'll stay safe. I wish America would do the same.
Thunder heart
Thunder heart 3 дні тому
20WideAwake17 3 дні тому
If you're a teen mom, you've royally fucked up. Keep your legs shut at that age for God's sake.
Siyah Beyaz
Siyah Beyaz 3 дні тому
Teen mom concept is really disturbing for me. A mean in 3rd world countries young girls are forced to married and have children in such young age and that is a problem. But you're in America, no one is forcing you to do that too, why would you do this in such a young age?
Ashley Simpson
Ashley Simpson 3 дні тому
i'm subscribed to allie on youtube and Cartia (her daughter) is honestly a ray of sunshine
Captain Barbossa
Captain Barbossa 3 дні тому
If these girls represent the new generation, then boy am I happy!
BaEkHyUn's WAiFu
BaEkHyUn's WAiFu 4 дні тому
Isaac Frausto left the chat...
Cherelle :D
Cherelle :D 4 дні тому
This was lovely ♥️
kitty qeen
kitty qeen 4 дні тому
This is so so so s sad say it with me guys don't have sex Young
Sara xox
Sara xox 4 дні тому
kitty qeen
kitty qeen 4 дні тому
Sometimes you get pregnant it is not a 1-10 that how you know she is still a kid
kitty qeen
kitty qeen 4 дні тому
Of course they didn't listen to what the teachers say
Salma Sky
Salma Sky 4 дні тому
Then do do all teen dad think the same! And for their same boyfriens ana husbands
Isabella De Jesus
Isabella De Jesus 4 дні тому
Do all Hispanics/Latinx individuals think the same would be interesting👍🏽
Carter Nichols
Carter Nichols 4 дні тому
We're twins, we've always been the same age. ReAllY wOw.
Kennis Smith
Kennis Smith 4 дні тому
Do all mixed ethnicities think the same?
Lil Durk
Lil Durk 4 дні тому
Tia’s baby omg 😫😫😫😫
Just For Fun
Just For Fun 4 дні тому
If I were her parents and she “planned her own pregnancy “ I would be very concerned 😦
hershayla 4 дні тому
OMG, when they brought the babies out I started tearing up 😭
Ginnybellebeauty 5 днів тому
What the girl said at 4:25 honestly made me tear up :’)
Jada Isaacs
Jada Isaacs 5 днів тому
This taught me not to judge. This entire series had taught to me to be more open minded, less judgemental, curious and see the world in a different place. Especially when seeing this before this, it was a norm to see them as shameful and stuff now...this is really a game changer for me
mark rydell Garcia
mark rydell Garcia 5 днів тому
Thank God they did not choose to abort their babies. Huge respect.
srishti unicorn DIY
srishti unicorn DIY 5 днів тому
Maddie and Allie my two favourite teen mom UKvidrs
frantio palenggara
frantio palenggara 5 днів тому
Hey Maddie, do you interesting to have kids again ??
Booty Eater
Booty Eater 5 днів тому
If Maddie could send her info over in 3 years that would be great
Kelsi MonroeFanBoy
Kelsi MonroeFanBoy 5 днів тому
hol up why they all fine as hell
Comfort Ajibola
Comfort Ajibola 5 днів тому
I wonder if you guys could have access to prisoners and show us a "Do all prisoners think the same?" and maybe divide them into groups or Rapists/ murderers/ robbers/ etc...
Niels van der Meer
Niels van der Meer 5 днів тому
Make a video of teen dad's because that is important too
sapphirexwind 5 днів тому
And here I am at 36 and never had a kid.. ...but my younger sis was their age when she had her boy.
Herp Derp
Herp Derp 5 днів тому
i mean there internet..for all those ppl who say they weren't educated about birth control options
DaOne 1
DaOne 1 5 днів тому
15 year old is mature af
Sara xox
Sara xox 4 дні тому
Are you high?
Morgan J
Morgan J 5 днів тому
do all vegans think the same
xD Kaddi Avakin
xD Kaddi Avakin 5 днів тому
the read-headed girl is gorgeous
Sanghopriya Chakroborty
Sanghopriya Chakroborty 5 днів тому
10:55 My heart
Discord Entropy
Discord Entropy 5 днів тому
2:45 SHE IS 15 I clicked on this because I thought it was moms of teens instead of teens that are moms...
N Y 5 днів тому
at 12 years old I was only make my sims got pregnant :)
Honeymoon Avenue
Honeymoon Avenue 6 днів тому
I blame the parents
Ruby Xox
Ruby Xox 6 днів тому
everleigh’s little ‘nub’ is so cute i-
Billy Bob Junior
Billy Bob Junior 6 днів тому
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