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Matt LeBlanc takes the Dodge Demon for a spin, but the Demon was made to do one thing, tear up a drag strip. How will it perform in a drag race against a Lamborghini Aventador? Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: bit.ly/SubscribeToTopGear
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Taken from Top Gear: Series 25, Episode 4
Matt LeBlanc: bit.ly/TG-MattLeBlanc
Series 25: bit.ly/TG-S25
Chris Harris Drives: bit.ly/ChrisHarrisDrives
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5 лют 2019

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Changsoo Hahm
Changsoo Hahm 2 години тому
Joey got smarter
Vijay Singh
Vijay Singh 2 години тому
I own a Aventador myself and for sure Demon is faster but that guy in the lambo didnt activate the launch controll, while the demon driver did which is kindda unfair 😂
Bobby Johnzo
Bobby Johnzo 3 години тому
Mabutho Radebe
Mabutho Radebe 3 години тому
"Demon" v "Diablo"s little bro, Aventador...lol
LI BP 3 години тому
I love how they brought the entry Aventador lol not the S SV or SVJ
Harikarikillboy2174 6 годин тому
The first car I bought when I was in the military was a 1978 Pontiac trans am. It was 7 years old when I bought it for $2,600 with a 4 speed manual, t-tops and a cool factor of a gazillion for a 19 year old kid. It came stock with a 400ci engine that pumped out 220 stock horsepower and I thought that was the baddest car on the road. It was 1984 and I had my dream car. I know, they make some small cars with 4 bangers putting out 350+ hp. So what. Yeah, the new cars are quite beautiful and they are churning out ridiculous horse power, they will smoke a 78 T/A all day long without trying. Cool. Have at it. I’d rather have the Pontiac.
Nick Afton
Nick Afton 6 годин тому
Who’s this muppet
Sovereign Knight
Sovereign Knight 7 годин тому
I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with the Dodge Challenger. The Challenger is my dream car. There is no other for me!!
Guillermo R
Guillermo R 8 годин тому
put that brick up against a GTR with the same HP lol
Fernando Soria
Fernando Soria 8 годин тому
😈no wonder demonology taking peoples souls
Kimage 9 годин тому
Hey Joey, How could you beat a Lambo by an American Muscle, Lambo is an Italian and you too.
Marthur Aorgan
Marthur Aorgan 9 годин тому
5:04 You’re welcome
Khalid Barhum
Khalid Barhum 9 годин тому
Anyone see the unrotten banana peel
Sergio Buryy
Sergio Buryy 10 годин тому
Tesla is bout to beat it at the 1.9 0-60 launch
Kal- El
Kal- El 10 годин тому
Joey!!! Challenger all day every day Hemi Beast
kross kountry
kross kountry 10 годин тому
Is tis real
Sergio Buryy
Sergio Buryy 10 годин тому
I love Joey
vpsaline 11 годин тому
This is the first car reviewer that doesn't get on my nerves.
Monty Whitesell
Monty Whitesell 11 годин тому
Bang for your buck
Charles sanders
Charles sanders 12 годин тому
I wasn't expecting to see Matt Leblanc reviewing a demon but his reaction when he took off down the track the first time was funny as hell. Ya I doubt most movie stars would have a ''Dodge' in there driveway. Matt does make a great car reviewer though. He should of had Pheabe in the passenger seat. lol.
frank bevan
frank bevan 12 годин тому
So what your saying is to beat a 300k lambo,you will need a dodge demon and a drag strip Because the lambo destroys the demon on the street
King 13 годин тому
Who was driving the lambo, Chandler Bing??
Thomas Pedersen
Thomas Pedersen 14 годин тому
that was fun.
Jon Price
Jon Price 15 годин тому
0:45 o’doyle rules!
AJW 145
AJW 145 15 годин тому
Johnny Just Johnny
Johnny Just Johnny 16 годин тому
The Demon.
MiTe Duck
MiTe Duck 16 годин тому
its not limited in merica!!
Amedeo Ottolenghi
Amedeo Ottolenghi 16 годин тому
Lembööleen Paasauskeisari
Lembööleen Paasauskeisari 17 годин тому
Bring Back Clarkson, May and Hammond
Brigg Adier
Brigg Adier 19 годин тому
It's a muscle car. It's NEEDSSS TO be drifted
atadoff62 20 годин тому
Dodge has always been about the quarter mile. Trying to make it a canyon carver is off mission.
moose mooser
moose mooser 20 годин тому
0-60 in 2.3 sec 😱🤫 that's faster than bugatti chiron...but the lambo will get you more blow jobs any day huh
Alex El-Taher
Alex El-Taher 21 годину тому
Yeah sure its good, if the dif doesnt blow
John 21 годину тому
You know, this was meant to be this way. If the Lambo had slicks and could have burned the tires like the demon did, it would be much more of a race. Seriously, over the years drag racing has lost it's fascination for me. What does it show? Pure acceleration, which is only one aspect. It has much more power than an R8 but it would stand no chance at all against an R8 on a proper race track. And the race track is where you get to know all of the aspects of the car, how it handles, how it accelerates, how many g-forces it can handle etc. Due to that, and that might sound ridiculous to americans, I find drag racing is a dumb thing to do. On the other hand I can understand the speed junkies and the rush of speed and the pure adrenaline that comes with it. But a track will tell the truth. Not a dragstrip.
Genahsyde 23 години тому
Love the lambo
Bradley VanTassal
Bradley VanTassal 23 години тому
Again, as I keep saying. How far behind that Lambo would that Hellscat be after a lap at Nurburgring?
TheMammoth27 День тому
If they used my tune on Forza Horizon 4 they will be doing 0-60 mph in 1.327 seconds in the 2018 Mustang (Pack Special Edition)
P Rise
P Rise День тому
Matt LeBlanc - welcome to the irrelevance track ladies and gentleman.
silverss onyoutube
silverss onyoutube День тому
Muscle cars are not ment to take corners you imbeciles . It's about feeling that power and enjoying that noise and power .
K4M1K4Z3 17
K4M1K4Z3 17 День тому
So many false facts like it having the most powerful v8 when Koenigsegg has v8’s putting out over 1000hp, and how it has the fastest acceleration of any production when the ultima evolution has the same 0-60 and the Tesla p100d has a 2.28 second 0-60
jacob piquette
jacob piquette День тому
The demon is a track car
Jalen Davis
Jalen Davis День тому
Didn't look or sound like the Aventador engaged launch control.
Eric Clayton
Eric Clayton День тому
Demon or Lambo?
Cormorant101 День тому
Richard Hammond did a better review of this car on The Grand Tour.
Rez J
Rez J День тому
Check inside the rear bumper, there is a half eaten big-mac left in there accidentally by the last American that built the car.
Brayden Butts
Brayden Butts День тому
Ayyy its Joey from friends
SlyTheUberMan День тому
If only they had the old guys..
Vertex87 Productions
Vertex87 Productions День тому
Actually the most powerful V8 is the Koenigsegg Agera
Bishop Boyd
Bishop Boyd День тому
srt viper would POISON!!,! thedemon.
93remix День тому
Annnnnd this was paired against the SVJ LAMBO BECAUSE?
ash i
ash i День тому
Does Matt Labanc know the difference between a metric ton and a regular ton?
Josel Solina
Josel Solina День тому
Hey its joey!!!
peshinski День тому
who do think you are Joey??
mzimm460 День тому
I thought this was the real top gear. I’m outa here.
MUFC TV День тому
If you want a muscle car that can do mostly everything, get Mustang Gt350R
simran pandey
simran pandey День тому
booney 256
booney 256 День тому
Casper Zavala
Casper Zavala День тому
Nope you want a gtr r34 from japan
Sawtooth Dragoon
Sawtooth Dragoon День тому
Since he's the host of top gear I might actually start watching it
Turn in Track Out
Turn in Track Out День тому
Very fast car...yet to see that 9.65 from an owner tho
John 15 годин тому
+11secghia other big manufacturers are also making tons of money. That argument is a bit weak don't you think? I bet any big german manufacturer is making more money than dodge (just a guess), and the most racing series are eatablished for marketing reasons.
11secghia 15 годин тому
+John power is everything, thats why dodge built it and thats why they are making tons of money on it, money and marketing beats anything else
John 21 годину тому
@Turn in Track out prove it on a race track not on a dragstrip. The Demon can easily be beaten by an R8 RWD with only 540 hp. Power isn't everything. And acceleration isn't either.
aj m
aj m День тому
Never pic him as a car guy but he is not bad
Duane Deere
Duane Deere День тому
BeyondSkylines День тому
Big fat American ice cubes 😹😹
Air 8orne
Air 8orne День тому
"One Trick Pony" but oh my.... wooooosh! how it goes!
Tower Gaming
Tower Gaming День тому
Didn’t the grand tour find a tuned demon with a Hennessy turbo charger in it??!
John BlaZe
John BlaZe День тому
Please tell me Matt LeBlanc is some kind of car aficionado with a huge collection ...
Master Mind
Master Mind День тому
Morgue Original Music
Morgue Original Music День тому
"Top Gear".
suicide solution
suicide solution День тому
Big fat American balls! How you doin!
Jeffrey Wright
Jeffrey Wright День тому
i would take the lambo any day.over the demon.
Arty's Garage
Arty's Garage День тому
Love the demon, hands down best dodge to buy
Mustafa Nahhas
Mustafa Nahhas День тому
Like if Demon is a garbage can
2AverageNoobs День тому
Bus lengths
Jake M
Jake M День тому
Joey's finally got himself together
Flos FitnessTV
Flos FitnessTV День тому
1. There isn't a single time shown in this video... suuure the demon did what dodge say it would do xD 2. There isn't a SINGLES video out, showing what dodge say the demon would do xD 3. The Aventador had a huuuge mis start... looks to be made on purpose to me 👀
Drew McInnes
Drew McInnes День тому
haha i would be mad too if my 500k car got owned by a 100k car
David X5M
David X5M День тому
Mr. Skinz
Mr. Skinz День тому
I will give my soul to have a Dodge Challenger Demon 🤘😈 they are so awesome
TheDumpGuestT День тому
Try racing a GTR R35 😂
Raizing Media
Raizing Media 2 дні тому
Try the huracan preformante
faZe Bot
faZe Bot 2 дні тому
Always wonder why ppl complaint about plastic interior? They’re just gonna see the damn interior. Haha
aakashchoudhuri 2 дні тому
Is it faster on a drag strip than a Nissan GTR Godzilla?
dpapazach1 2 дні тому
So what was your 1/4 mile time? You tell us how fast Dodge says it is and then don’t tell us how fast your run was? Cmon leaving us hanging man. Also that lambo did not properly launch at all so it wasn’t a fair run.
Edward WANG
Edward WANG 2 дні тому
How you duing
Kevin Jack
Kevin Jack 2 дні тому
I like the challenger
Sajith thalasseriparambil
Sajith thalasseriparambil 2 дні тому
Exotic vs muscle in a drag!!!! Drag was made for muscle!!!! Muscle rules!!!!!
Chaitanya Kshemkalyani
Chaitanya Kshemkalyani 2 дні тому
My 5 year Dubai based Nephew did review of Toyota Camry : ukvid.net/video/відео-SA-rNg4sG5g.html
madbigborz 2 дні тому
I'd still buy the lambo
Marshmallow epic
Marshmallow epic 2 дні тому
But regera agera rs one to 1have more horsepower with a v8
giorgio maduro
giorgio maduro 2 дні тому
so this is what kodak black pull up in huh '' pull up in a demon on god'
Grant Barmettler
Grant Barmettler 2 дні тому
The demon has it’s heart set on drag racing not on the track. You are judging a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree. Plus the price does not even compare
Jeffery Hansen
Jeffery Hansen 2 дні тому
I didn't like the comparison. A drag car against a track car. Next time do the Demon against the Aventador on a track.
F.B.I 2 дні тому
Why do so many people talk about 720s could beat a demon, it can but other cars could too xD
F.B.I 2 дні тому
Easily the best drag car for its price. Demon - drag supercar slayer Corvette - super car slayer (For the price) Now a tuners car??? Nahhhh
Marq Mac
Marq Mac 2 дні тому
I thought koenigsegg made the most powerful v8 cars in history.
Harvey Maconachie
Harvey Maconachie 2 дні тому
I get the message of the video but no one that goes drag racing uses a super car
SQR 2 дні тому
the “Demon” is in a class of its own wth many imitators knocking at the door asking if they can come in to play.
Wahn Cologne
Wahn Cologne 2 дні тому
dinosaur races!!
Wahn Cologne
Wahn Cologne 2 дні тому
take off the drag radials???
Charles Guinchard
Charles Guinchard 2 дні тому
Almost forgot this isn't Top Gear...
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