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Matt LeBlanc takes the Dodge Demon for a spin, but the Demon was made to do one thing, tear up a drag strip. How will it perform in a drag race against a Lamborghini Aventador? Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: bit.ly/SubscribeToTopGear
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Taken from Top Gear: Series 25, Episode 4
Matt LeBlanc: bit.ly/TG-MattLeBlanc
Series 25: bit.ly/TG-S25
Chris Harris Drives: bit.ly/ChrisHarrisDrives
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5 лют 2019

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Vampirion The Vampire Flower
Vampirion The Vampire Flower 3 години тому
Speed Demon!
elitzer 4 години тому
The aventador isn’t made really to be a dragster
Depresho 8 годин тому
Is that the guy from friends
Eugene Livingston
Eugene Livingston 8 годин тому
The "HELL EXPRESS". If you die in this car; when you get to hell the devil won't make you wait in line.
Jacob Sanchez
Jacob Sanchez 10 годин тому
Its not a demon its a challenger
DwennyWanSabbage 10 годин тому
When he said "0-60 in 2.3 seconds" i was like damn thats fast, but then i realised he meant in Mph not km 😅 . Thats just stupid fast
Christian Grey
Christian Grey 16 годин тому
That supercharger sound is brutal
Christian Grey
Christian Grey 16 годин тому
How you doing?
n0way07 16 годин тому
After watching how Hammond switched to drag car mode....I'll save the $1
Trostle Films
Trostle Films 17 годин тому
Ok but what about the Tesla roadster at 1.9 seconds 0-60
TK 18 годин тому
just wait until the the Tesla roadster 2.0....
Hector Rolon
Hector Rolon 19 годин тому
Lmao his expression as he’s holding on saying Jesus Christ
DesiredNoodles 19 годин тому
isnt this the guy from friends joey
Kaleb LC
Kaleb LC 20 годин тому
Is that Joey tribiani
Lourens Coetzer
Lourens Coetzer 22 години тому
Lost me at J@s#s Chr*st! Because there is only one name above all names.. And there is power in the name..
D K 17 годин тому
O bloody Christ in hell...stfu
Johnnywhamo 22 години тому
Don't care, I'd still take the Lambo any day of the week over a Demon.
Jordan Stewart
Jordan Stewart День тому
Lol no thrust mode was used in this video smh I hate videos like this too much Hollywood
valerio benito cena
valerio benito cena День тому
Ok, next time modify the lambo too so it'll be fair
Research and Build
Research and Build День тому
Lambo V12 built for RPM/speed not takeoff...
Jake C.
Jake C. День тому
Yeah it’s pretty fast on the drag strip but if you want to go that fast around a turn without flipping your car a super car or hyper will do the trick
NickHomie День тому
Lamborghini: Quick, elegant and agile. Dodge: hmmm big engine go fast
T. Emanuel Patel
T. Emanuel Patel День тому
START AT 4:40 ..and the driver looks like Joey from F R I E N D S lol
Wolfen Her
Wolfen Her День тому
Dodge Demon vs. Tesla Roadster?
Wolfen Her
Wolfen Her День тому
Dodge Demon vs. Tesla Roadster?
Franciskian Inting
Franciskian Inting День тому
how about buggati?
MrTanGaming День тому
Piss poor lambo driver can’t even launch
Dom T
Dom T День тому
UPDATE: The new fastest accelerating road car in history is the Tesla Model S P100D
Christian Grey
Christian Grey 16 годин тому
To 60
Shishir Singh
Shishir Singh День тому
Can’t still digest.......any....body.....else .....then..D...tru ....trio....all knw ...what i am saynn
thunderlips350 День тому
Can't get a Dodge Demon in Australia :( We can get a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk though. I believe it has the same motor.
Dutch vanderlinde
Dutch vanderlinde День тому
0-60 in 2.3 seconds Forza horizon 4: lol try 20
Rajsekhar Vavilla
Rajsekhar Vavilla День тому
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ from India
Mo G
Mo G День тому
-xKniGht GaMingx-
-xKniGht GaMingx- День тому
This Demon burned out my favorite car😮
Matt 6 годин тому
The Lambo isn't built for drag races, put them on a long ass road and you'll see the complete opposite of what happened here 😏
nuno valle
nuno valle 2 дні тому
Greiguci Wootchie
Greiguci Wootchie 2 дні тому
Straight line bs
Akash Awasthi
Akash Awasthi 2 дні тому
SpaceRider 2 дні тому
Where is the Honda lovers at ? Oya waiting for v-tech to kick in... Haha
Erik Clarkson
Erik Clarkson 2 дні тому
Pickled peppers
Pickled peppers 2 дні тому
Demon is like Ben Hur's chariot powered by a Saturn V rocket.
Jet Black Wing
Jet Black Wing 2 дні тому
Joey is that you?
Joshua Greenbaum
Joshua Greenbaum 2 дні тому
Tesla Model s P100D 0-60 mph in 2.3 and Porsche 918 0-60 mph in 2.2. technically it is the second fastest road going car.
Joshua Greenbaum
Joshua Greenbaum 14 годин тому
@Abdullatief Al Enizi, the Porsche 918 does have a V-8
Abdullatief Al Enizi
Abdullatief Al Enizi 14 годин тому
Joshua Greenbaum i heard him clearly said “ fastest production (V8) car in history” ... non of cars you mentioned is V8 cars ✌🏻
Christian Grey
Christian Grey 16 годин тому
Drag isn't restricted to 60mph
Tino Boccarsi
Tino Boccarsi 2 дні тому
yeah, now go on a track...
nicholaslokos 2 дні тому
Literally any other country: okay we need aerodynamics, electric traction control, it needs to be light, very very fast, it needs to be red, (muffled speech). America: uhhhhhh... MO POWA BABY
My age is unnamed
My age is unnamed 12 годин тому
America: FORCED DOWNFORCE! ROCKS AND DEBRIS! (Mario Andretti: exists and ends the existence of the Chaparral 2J) Never mind, we need 700hp
Aarush Thakur
Aarush Thakur 16 годин тому
Björn 2 дні тому
Audi R8 1050HP vs Dodge Demon: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-RokqPI7Une0.html
Shadow Reaper
Shadow Reaper 2 дні тому
mpr_havin 2 дні тому
Yea ard do a 2 mile race on regular settings for the demon the lamb fast not necessarily quick
video master Ali
video master Ali 2 дні тому
The lambo is not made for a drag strip so you cant possibly compare it with a demon
Dakota John
Dakota John 3 дні тому
Huracan vs demob
K Vo
K Vo 3 дні тому
America top gear cast should be Jay Leno , Tim Allen, and Jerry sienfield if they can afford it. This new cast suck
RoshiSatoshi 3 дні тому
This car puts up numbers like a super car doesn’t mean you compare it directly to a super car. No shit the interior is inferior to a Ferrari
Superand 403
Superand 403 3 дні тому
Lambo more like lambslow
TheRogueTriumph 3 дні тому
Demon is still a POS. So let's race a car that's meant for anything but drag racing against one that's designed for nothing but drag racing then when it wins, worship it. 🤷
Kim Mathis
Kim Mathis 3 дні тому
To be fair this was the regular Aventador series. Things would have looked quite different if the limited »Veneno« or »Centenario« models had been on that drag strip. And none would be able to compete with the »Sesto Elemento« V10, which is a track car. All these Lamborghinis were build in such small numbers they probably couldn't find one as a loan…
polo king
polo king 3 дні тому
man i have a big love for imports but i love american muscle too and i gotta that the dodge demon is one of my favorites tbh
Frank Bob
Frank Bob 3 дні тому
Nothing better than big American balls and a V8 sound.
wololo10 3 дні тому
Yo you should review a UR Huracan stage 3
Gabriel Angelo Savet
Gabriel Angelo Savet 4 дні тому
Bosos dogieeee eto dapat panuoring mo
DAN LAROCA 4 дні тому
Straight to 5:00. You’re welcome.
damnitman 7
damnitman 7 2 дні тому
I was looking for your comment. Thanks!
gittyupalice96 4 дні тому
Stop telling me what I want lol. Because what I want is my Dodge Demon parked next to a Koenigsegg, blocking in a Pagani across from a Hudson Hornet under a Honda dirt bike dangling from the ceiling.
Mid South Hot Shots
Mid South Hot Shots 4 дні тому
It’s a muscle car dumb ass on street slicks it’s nit meant for useless cornering
Mid South Hot Shots
Mid South Hot Shots 4 дні тому
Bs test though mine with just exhaust and upper pulley ran 9.46 this weekend besides the fact you voided the factory warranty. Ya can’t install the crate your self it’s free after you pay $1.00 but they have to dyno your car to set the new CPU up.
Aku 4 дні тому
American Baby, American Muscle lives on even in the modern-day.
"Most powerful V8 production car in history." Koenigsegg Agera: *_Am I a joke to you?_* Just sayin...
Mister D
Mister D 2 дні тому
A handbuilt exotic is not a mass produced car from a major manufacturer. I guess you missed the whole "production" part of the statement.
Branden Wright
Branden Wright 4 дні тому
Definitely would get this. The scat pack is more affordable but if I could...oh yeah
Branden Wright
Branden Wright 4 дні тому
Lamborghini is awd tho so its definitely gonna be quicker cause it won't spin as much. If u put the proper tires on that challenger or a charger it's a beast.
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones 4 дні тому
You can even get a demon with over 1000hp.
Cameron White
Cameron White 4 дні тому
but it still is a dodge so its STILL a boat (at least in my opinion)
77Mochawave 4 дні тому
Bruce Jennder
Bruce Jennder 4 дні тому
Breakdown of all the thousands of homos who dislike this video: 70% elitist homos who can’t believe there’s a Dodge that can outrun an exotic. 30% fanboy homos who just can’t clap for a Dodge.
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers 4 дні тому
The Lambo seemed to have bogged down a bit off the line. Demon would have still won either way.
Amine Oubouaziz
Amine Oubouaziz 4 дні тому
Big engine, big auto transmission, big tires, big car..... Yo where u goin' ?
ahmed bmw
ahmed bmw 4 дні тому
5:30 demon
EL GRINGO LOCO ! 4 дні тому
Budda that's fast! Hmmm, Krishna that's fast! Sounds pretty stupid just like Jesus Christ that's fast. Why is Jesus' name used as a cuss word and not the others, because satan is the god of this world and he hates his Judge and the eternal torment that he will soon face.
for tory
for tory 4 дні тому
Mind you language
Rosegold Beats
Rosegold Beats 4 дні тому
now supercharge the lambo and do it again
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez 5 днів тому
Whick is better dodge challenger or dodge demon?
Turbo 18
Turbo 18 5 днів тому
How is this possible?? How can a v8 engine beat a v12?
ReZolute 4 дні тому
Everything about this car was designed specifically for drag racing. In any other race, the Lambo would win
bruh 4 дні тому
It's a supercharged V8.
Sachen Rampiar
Sachen Rampiar 5 днів тому
I would prefer the lambo Aventerdor
ATV legend 518
ATV legend 518 5 днів тому
Did We realize that’s joe from friends!!!!
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