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Matt LeBlanc takes the Dodge Demon for a spin, but the Demon was made to do one thing, tear up a drag strip. How will it perform in a drag race against a Lamborghini Aventador? Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: bit.ly/SubscribeToTopGear
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Taken from Top Gear: Series 25, Episode 4
Matt LeBlanc: bit.ly/TG-MattLeBlanc
Series 25: bit.ly/TG-S25
Chris Harris Drives: bit.ly/ChrisHarrisDrives
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5 лют 2019





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Jay Daigneault
Jay Daigneault 12 годин тому
Can’t touch this ! tou! Tou! Touloulouloulou..
5SC Basher
5SC Basher 16 годин тому
seen that demon get smoked by that Supra?
TheThinkingHuman Годину тому
Cant get smoked by a stock supra
EL_PANCHGERRO 19 годин тому
Yoooo it’s Joey
Dylan Curwen
Dylan Curwen 20 годин тому
I prefer chargers to challengers but just having a Dodge we update be great
Dillon Meredith
Dillon Meredith 20 годин тому
what's the top speed when you disable the limiter?
JerseyMikeP 18 годин тому
With the Demon crate PCM and Viper or Z rated tires it'll run just over 211 mph. www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/a27031798/dodge-challenger-srt-demon-top-speed-211-mph/
Dillon Meredith
Dillon Meredith 19 годин тому
+Matt Pawlowski and even with the limiter enabled, 168 miles an hour is still pretty rapid
Matt Pawlowski
Matt Pawlowski 19 годин тому
Yeah, that's pretty damn fast for a production car out of the factory with no mods.
Dillon Meredith
Dillon Meredith 20 годин тому
+Matt Pawlowski holy crap
Matt Pawlowski
Matt Pawlowski 20 годин тому
203 MPH
Elena X
Elena X 22 години тому
канал он
канал он День тому
Пускай булыч эту тачку купит
Tom Reid
Tom Reid День тому
Got the wrong lambo driver
JerseyMikeP 18 годин тому
Aventador is just slow. It only runs 11 Flat< low 11's.
Glock День тому
Is that the guy from friends
Dillon Meredith
Dillon Meredith 20 годин тому
Gerald Nordahl
Gerald Nordahl День тому
The Lamborghini is geared for a higher top end speed.
Gerald Nordahl
Gerald Nordahl 17 годин тому
+JerseyMikeP.I think the Lamborghini would do better with some mid 3 to 4 rear gears than what it has. Those power glide transmissions can handle some power when built. I was thinking about building a 450 hp vw engine and power glide transmissions for a sand rail. I do not know but I heard some drag strip people use a 3 speed transmission but lock out 1st gear and run it like a 2 speed.
JerseyMikeP 17 годин тому
+Gerald Nordahl Lambo has the 3.91 1st and 2.86 rear. I was trying to find the closest comparison of a ( car that was considered a Drag racing Model). True Powerglides had Like No gearing multiplication. I think you could have had a 1.82 or a 1.76 1st with 1:1 top gear. It's Crazy that they still use them... a Buddy builds them for drag racing.
Gerald Nordahl
Gerald Nordahl 17 годин тому
+JerseyMikeP.My 65 impala 327 had a 2 speed pg trans and 2:53 gears.How many cars do you know that can go close to 100 mph in 1st gear?
Gerald Nordahl
Gerald Nordahl 17 годин тому
+JerseyMikePwhat does the Lamborghini have for gears?
JerseyMikeP 18 годин тому
It has 3.91 1st and a 2.86 rear. That's MORE Lowend gearing than a old LS6 chevelle with 4.10s/Th400.
ashley hemsworth
ashley hemsworth День тому
A demon is so much sexier than any super car idc
Clownsization День тому
How you doin?
Tekk Savvy
Tekk Savvy День тому
Sabhijeet Sarpal
Sabhijeet Sarpal День тому
When he said Jesus Christ at the Drag Strip I legit said "Trust me even god things twice to come near that thing." lol
Love it
Love it День тому
matthew williams
matthew williams День тому
hahaha big fat American balls baby
Ramnaresh Persaud
Ramnaresh Persaud День тому
Demon is with the devil 👹
Krishan Goundar
Krishan Goundar 2 дні тому
Dodge wow
Athena Maxx
Athena Maxx 2 дні тому
I want a demon so bad 😭. Challengers are so damn sexy 😍
Daksh Brar
Daksh Brar 2 дні тому
Completely roasts dodge LMFAOOOOO 0:50
JELLO 2 дні тому
You guys gotta understand the lambo is a track car the demon is a muscle car made for drag
JerseyMikeP 18 годин тому
Aventador sucks on a track. Only the Huracan Performante runs quick laps. It's the same with Ferraris...they are made for top speed on the open highway. You want to run on a track with a NON-american sportscar...There's really ONLY PORSCHE. Nissan GTR is the Biggest joke...0-60 Queen.
Rudolph Reindeer
Rudolph Reindeer 2 дні тому
Here only for the cars, the new Cast Sucks! And so did that other TV show Friends.
Brodie 2 дні тому
This ain’t nothing but a fat advertisement
Troy Morelli
Troy Morelli 2 дні тому
Well, Lamborghini is older car, dodge is newer car, Lamborghini is stock, dodge has some modified things made for drag racing, Lamborghini is made for the track, dodge is made for drag racing!!!!! ALSO the dodge is not the fastest accelerating road legal car, the Audi R8 v10 plus is!!!!!!
JerseyMikeP 18 годин тому
Current Challenger platform came out 6 years before the Aventador.
William Lawless
William Lawless День тому
Both production cars in the video our stock. They came out of the factory like that which means it's stock. Also the demon goes 0 to 60 in 2.3 sec where a audi r8 goes o to 60 in 3.2. But both fantastic cars.
Big John
Big John 2 дні тому
My Uncle has a 57 Chevy with a 454 Big block up in Fresno California that'll take the Dodge on with a small wager. His 57 is street legal. Any betters or offers?????
The Truth About Facts
The Truth About Facts 2 дні тому
Can it run 9.7s
Dave 3 дні тому
That was the best car commercial I ever saw! Awesome! I want one!
Krzysztof Poznan
Krzysztof Poznan 3 дні тому
Great car, great rating! Hope I would be able buy one soon.
HHEK- _ 3 дні тому
It that joy from friends😂
Nikita Kannan
Nikita Kannan 3 дні тому
Lambo’s launch was quite bad..Dodge is a real demon 👌
Pedro Olmos
Pedro Olmos 2 дні тому
Nikita Kannan then Tesla modle X comes
ProEliteMatthew 3 дні тому
wait why am i watching this? *clicks on Grand Tour*
Hinaio 3 дні тому
5:38 Tesla Model S P100DL 0-60 in 2.28
Hinaio 2 дні тому
+Derek Hebert includes a rollout though...not sure however about the tesla
Derek Hebert
Derek Hebert 2 дні тому
+Hinaio manufacturer lists 2.5 but it hit 2.2 in an independent test back in 2014
Hinaio 2 дні тому
+Derek Hebert you mean 2.5
Derek Hebert
Derek Hebert 2 дні тому
porsche 918 0-60 in 2.2 flat
Luca Cirene
Luca Cirene 3 дні тому
Jeep trackhawk: hold my beer
nathan Carrasco
nathan Carrasco 3 дні тому
You want a affordable supercar get s GTR
Pkthtguy День тому
+N oe 20089 ehh ? whew
N oe
N oe День тому
+Tristan Sundquist it's like 50k for a 20089 Nissan gtr
Tristan Sundquist
Tristan Sundquist День тому
Yeahhhhh no, that’s a no go. Good choice, but the GTR is just to expensive. That and it so bulky and heavy. It may go fast but it’s not the best choice.
Will 4 дні тому
Lets take a car purpose built for drag racing, and try to whip it around corners and complain as to why it cant corner
JerseyMikeP 18 годин тому
Lets try to fit 5 people in the Lambo, That's as Legit of an argument.
White Ranger Tiger Power
White Ranger Tiger Power 4 дні тому
And no old people ain’t welcome here for creepin around
REAPERFELL SaNS 4 дні тому
This is exactly why a Dodge Challenger is my dream car
Henry Meyer
Henry Meyer 4 дні тому
You know what I love about high end Dodge cars? Their info screen with all of the parameters on it
Nocando H
Nocando H 4 дні тому
The demon all day
Ktown HD
Ktown HD 4 дні тому
if you really know lamborghini they dont go for drag strip times the go for track times the Aventador is a track car and they made it for track the dodge demon is a drag car you cant put these to cars up together then look surprised when you see what happens
Taylor Burton
Taylor Burton 4 дні тому
Wasn’t he on friends???
the Voun
the Voun 4 дні тому
It’ like watching your crush in your favorite color standing in front you....
smokey the human
smokey the human 4 дні тому
1:04 the dodge demon isn't a supercar it's a muscle car but it's also a street legal drag car
Yotam 4 дні тому
Freaking Joey Tribbiani
BB'S Jazzy Jewels
BB'S Jazzy Jewels 4 дні тому
Diandra Crichlow
Diandra Crichlow 4 дні тому
I want one so bad 😢
Adrian Rojas
Adrian Rojas 4 дні тому
Danggg!!! this Demon car is amazing.
Almighty F8
Almighty F8 4 дні тому
If the demon beat the lambo... this means old schools would SMOKE the lambo. OLD school > NEW school
erik santiago
erik santiago 4 дні тому
Why a lambo tho... we all know that’s not a drag racing car it’s not even a comparison 😂the demon is gonna smoke everything on the drag strip
Karla Heath
Karla Heath 4 дні тому
I'm in love 💘
Wesley Young
Wesley Young 4 дні тому
2,3 sec to 60 ??? really????
Juan Manuel Perez
Juan Manuel Perez 5 днів тому
Dodge is always ahead in design matters .. Dodge has always been the pure essense of the american muscle car ..
FierceGunz 5 днів тому
AfterAllWeAreHuman 5 днів тому
Don't let Ross catch you behind the wheel. Lol
brandon lopez
brandon lopez 5 днів тому
Can beat lambo in a straight shot? Sure, around a curvy track? Get outtttta here!! Not knocking the demon, both great cars!
Oyun Management
Oyun Management 5 днів тому
big american balls lol
Paul Miller
Paul Miller 5 днів тому
Where is this located at ?
Adam Brown
Adam Brown 5 днів тому
The performance of the cars were impressive but the the choice of words was abhorable
Minghao Fei
Minghao Fei 5 днів тому
oh, you heard of tesla roadster?
k 5 днів тому
Great.. the purpose built 1/4 mile car beat the exotic track car on the drag strip... no surprise there. Now let's turn the tables and put them both on a road course and see how things stack up?
Denis Ilin
Denis Ilin 5 днів тому
Damn who watch it ? We have the grand tour and legendary trio , what else we need and why steel watching top gear ?
octavio lopez
octavio lopez 5 днів тому
DREAMLAND XXBO 5 днів тому
Okk but.. Where is the time?
SWITCH GAMER 5 днів тому
Word on the street a new electric cars coming and it goes faster than the demon.
Uncle Moe Lester
Uncle Moe Lester 6 днів тому
Ford needs to stop worrying so much about the track and make another thunderbolt
Nicoraba 6 днів тому
Drag racing isn't driving. Drag racing is a form of autism of driving.
The Truth About Facts
The Truth About Facts 2 дні тому
My guess is you have never drag raced.
Chase 6 днів тому
Oh you still can go around the corner, but you would keep going around the corner.
FunnyCompilations 6 днів тому
Big fat american ice cubes xD
XxYouTubeDanXx 6 днів тому
Is that guy from friends
James Roberson
James Roberson 6 днів тому
Then a Tesla takes them both LOL.
The Truth About Facts
The Truth About Facts 2 дні тому
Please do some research before you comment.
Gamer Wheeler 23
Gamer Wheeler 23 6 днів тому
Dodge demon is the best car but wait there is more wait a little more time and get the Dodge hellephant with 1000hp
Noofy 6 днів тому
How you doin 😂😂😂😂 I love a pizza😂😭😭😭
Jerome Pillay
Jerome Pillay 6 днів тому
Okay I'm going to buy one... Damn I'm in love
Michael 6 днів тому
A stock demon would never win lol Buy those sticky drag racing tires do all the difference The stock demon couldn't hold its own against a stock BMW F90 M5 Let alone a lambo
thejimyyy 6 днів тому
Michael stock demon still win
stxy fxded
stxy fxded 6 днів тому
BBC at the top left lol
Izzat Hj
Izzat Hj 6 днів тому
The Demon would get smoked by 720s
JerseyMikeP 16 годин тому
720s Is amazing...well rounded but still a HIGH 9 sec car.
The Truth About Facts
The Truth About Facts 2 дні тому
Not quite.
LoseThePhobia 6 днів тому
“Ah hell im doing that again!” He definitely found a new drug
Кара Жанатаев
Кара Жанатаев 6 днів тому
Че вы несете америкосы?
Jamel S. Mangco
Jamel S. Mangco 6 днів тому
**Mahina808** 6 днів тому
Could do it over and over till the diff explodes.
Edy Alena
Edy Alena 7 днів тому
American power papi... 💪...!
Black Jack
Black Jack 7 днів тому
How you doin? 😂 Vin diesel : you say quarter mile at a time? Hold my corona! 🍺
Tony Benko
Tony Benko 7 днів тому
Fake race
Mohammed A shimmery
Mohammed A shimmery 7 днів тому
Half of us are Yala shut up☝🏻
G Hall
G Hall 7 днів тому
Everyone of these Demons I've watched drag race , badly bogs down before going into second gear. They look all their revs , where RPM counts the most!
G Hall
G Hall 4 дні тому
+Stang5.0 killsya I agree completely. I think all car companies are guilty of this.
Stang5.0 killsya
Stang5.0 killsya 4 дні тому
Amateur's basically NEVER hit the #'s that Dodge claims for the Hellcat and Demon...
pol buruwa
pol buruwa 7 днів тому
What is joey doing in top gear? Haven't watch top gear after Jeremy left
Syed Jawad Shah
Syed Jawad Shah 7 днів тому
BryanSWAGGBEAST 7 днів тому
0-60 in 2.3 seconds! FASTEST ACCELERATING CAR IN THE WORLD? Well you better enjoy it before Tesla Roadster breaks record!
off colored
off colored 6 днів тому
Dodge will just have to break it again. Either way its good to see 2 American companies going at it for once and all of the European exotics are lagging behind
VicariousReality7 7 днів тому
Meanwhile, in sweden, we build 1500 hp V8 cars in a jet hangar
Chad Speeds
Chad Speeds 6 днів тому
What brand engine ya building? Is it American lol
Caleb Herrera
Caleb Herrera 7 днів тому
Where the times at
Paypal Bank
Paypal Bank 7 днів тому
my car is a 09 avenger se got it for 5k👌
Toutou Toutou
Toutou Toutou 7 днів тому
Why demon?
Scott G
Scott G 7 днів тому
Ha ha ha.....BIG American BALLS!!! Love it. Wish I could afford one.
mac Stanford
mac Stanford 8 днів тому
races be way to short lambo would of smoked it if it was longer race
SpringCactus 8 днів тому
Keyword is “production car”, anyone can mod a car do do a quarter mile in sub 5 seconds, literally more than twice as fast as the Demon
polo mikey
polo mikey 8 днів тому
Lmao errbody butt hurt about the demon winning
Anthony Sousa
Anthony Sousa 8 днів тому
Can you explain why here the lambo win? ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-4JjI7mN15Kk.html
The Truth About Facts
The Truth About Facts 2 дні тому
Yes i can. The Demon is very hard to run at its full potential. The driver didn't get the times he could have with the car. Reasons? track prep, seat time and just having the gift to drag race, some people just don't. Here is a 100% stock demon running 9.7 goes to show what the can do. ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-5CsNii2-GFs.html
Satinder Singh
Satinder Singh 8 днів тому
it does not do 0 - 60 in 2.3 sec it does it in 2.1 sec GET IT RIGHT UR MAKING THE CAR SEEM SLOW
Dion 7 днів тому
Probs that 2.3 second is claimed by factory itself.
MAHER Alali 8 днів тому
When you think the limbo fast but challenger com and say sack not today
Sweetie Belle
Sweetie Belle 8 днів тому
The Dodge Challengers from 1970-1973 growl. But the Dodge Challenger SRT8 Demon ROARS LIKE A BEAST!!!
artin a.i
artin a.i 8 днів тому
Its KING of cars
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