Does Life Need a Multiverse to Exist?

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Life exists in our universe. There we go - one hopefully uncontroversial statement. Therefore our universe is capable of producing and supporting life. How am I going? Two for two? Let’s try for three: therefore there are countless universes. Hmmm. Did I break my streak?
Hosted by Matt O'Dowd
Written by Matt O'Dowd
Graphics by Leonardo Scholzer & Adriano Leal
Directed by: Andrew Kornhaber
Executive Producers: Eric Brown & Andrew Kornhaber
Our universe seems to operate according to a set of fundamental rules that we try to understand and model with the equations of our laws of physics. Those equations always include one or more fundamental constants - simple numbers that set the scale for the equation. We can’t determine the values of these constants from pure theory - we have to measure them in the real universe. These are things like the speed of light, the Planck constant, the masses of the elementary particles, and the constants defining the relative strengths of the fundamental forces - the so-called coupling constants.
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11 лис 2019





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DJHise 2 години тому
I'd go one step further in the "not fined tuned" argument. Life is special because it values its own existence. Going beyond the alternative kinds of life that may exist in alternate universes with different constants, how many possible phenomenons did the universe miss out on because the constants were just slightly wrong?
Chris Oakes
Chris Oakes 13 годин тому
You experience this dimension because your tuned to it. But there's other planes of existence in the same room with you just as you see the TV station you turn on but all other stations are still in the room with you.
LM Production
LM Production День тому
Another possibility is that the constants aren’t constant, and instead change or are different in different parts of the universe. This would mean if just one section of time or one section of the universe has the conditions for life then life will exist
TheIceThorn 2 дні тому
life is just the change of universe in time... we're just lifeforms.
cosmos and physical laws
cosmos and physical laws 2 дні тому
Thirst Fast
Thirst Fast 2 дні тому
Jefe Cristo
Jefe Cristo 3 дні тому
Why do we assume the parameters of the universe could have been anything else? If the universe could only be what it is, there is no need for fine tuning. No need for probability.
Rob Grant
Rob Grant 3 дні тому
Science Theory Science Facts We should have a LAW making them Declare Theory vs Fact...
Hayden Travis
Hayden Travis 3 дні тому
You ever notice something for the first time, then notice it everywhere you didn't before? What if that's the universe? We are it noticing itself, and suddenly it's everywhere.
Techno Blast
Techno Blast 4 дні тому
Eduardo Martinez
Eduardo Martinez 4 дні тому
Does Occamrazor apply here? I mean, a wizard did it seems more simple than multiverse...
Mike Blyth
Mike Blyth 4 дні тому
Or 4, we just don't understand why the dials are set as they are.
Rob T.V.
Rob T.V. 5 днів тому
My magic 8ball says different
Raghavendran T B
Raghavendran T B 5 днів тому
One can create his own Universe with his mind power, if he attains that level with meditation.
Audiotap 2 дні тому
Markxxx 5 днів тому
The reason the universe has the "dials" is not a difficult question. And we are here simply because if the dials were not set as such, we wouldn't be around to question it and the question wouldn't need to be answered. It's a self answering question. It's the same thing as if my mother turned a corner and never met my father, you would not be around to ask that question.
jdub isbest
jdub isbest 5 днів тому
As a newly-born Feynman and Overly odd fellow, I Hypothesize the Multiverse is a Tree made of Cubes like Minecraft. An Octree to be exact. Also another valid example of Tesla's 3 6 9 enigma. It is multi-dimensional (3). There are (6) Faces at any point, at any scale. There are 9 points, each face has 1 point at it's center and Face Points Always point inwards(6). Where the Face Points converge is the Center of the Multiverse (7th). You need a Target or Destination, this is the 8th point. The (9th) Point is that you need to Understand and look at things from All perspectives. Perspective Changes and infers to each individual a different Center, and meaning to their own objectives. This also infers the Shape of the Universe, and Why it appears Flat. The Universe is a Cube, a Cube of infinite possibility, chance, and improbability that auto-adjusts in size to what is Observable. When we all get on the same Frequency, diversity suffers as everything becomes one and the same. It takes Less Energy or Computations than it seems, as the Universe is Very Efficient. You can still not comprehend, but, so long as you can Understand this, the Multiverse is Full of both Good and Bad Vibrations. Both Good and Bad Vibes are essential, for one cannot exist without the other and maintain equalibrium. I believe this Also explains the movie "The Fountain" with Hugh Jackman to a Masters degree level. Many times we can over-think the simple, and often forget our Razor, leaving scratchy scruffy whiskers of truth wrapped in misunderstanding. Here is where I leave you with the answer to Everything, Life, and The Universe ... It Cannot exist without Love, so be good Stewards and K.I.S.S. it every moment of every day, and we will all Evolve before you know it. (Keep, It, Simple, Seriously) If you need Tongue, find a Partner who is Willing. If you cannot find a Partner or Partners, Hope fades, Lights dim, and we resort to being Clever and re-complicating things all over again. With this I bid you "Au revoir", I'm going back in the water, it's Warm there, not Cold like most people. Though a Garden would also work, for you reap what you sow, and I think this Hem's quite a few thing together in a neat and simple way. Too bad there is no Prize..I'm pretty handsomly Hangry all the time, could have gone Shopping. Well at least I have my (tau + L)! by me, J.T.P. aka Elroi Jenkies and the Mystery Floor, waiting on an Elevator.
jdub isbest
jdub isbest 5 днів тому
Remember the Lockers in M.I.B. More or less an example, Also Video games use the Octree for positioning and Tracking.
zengalileo 5 днів тому
Even to say the phrase "fine tuning" is to put the cart before the horse. If a universe had no life we'd be amazed and impressed how fine tuning was just so, so that life doesn't exist. Maybe a universe without life would have something else that's even more impressive than life. Don't put down universes without life. They are universes too.
Calvin Sylveste
Calvin Sylveste 5 днів тому
This fined tuned stuff is starting to sound a lot like every creationist video out there.
Danilego 2 дні тому
The amount of creationists in these comments is mind blowing! Never expected that in a PBS space time comment section
Audiotap 5 днів тому
creationists just forget that we only know about this universe because we exist in it
James mason
James mason 6 днів тому
As with life n death, forrune and misfortune, we are all lucky to be here let alone question or wonder over it. One thing ive noticed is that as intelligent entities even in isolation from books or knowledge sources, even as a child i wondered all these things, without ever being exposed to the big scientific theories, so are we all Boltzman type brains thinking or working on these problems. Is my simulation the same as yours? Whatever this rambling remeber no religion ever teaches gratefulness for just being, it all seems aimed at whats next after this and i want more life. Be grateful for the immense probablities that had to be in place just for u 2 read my words!
Ocean Flyer
Ocean Flyer 6 днів тому
How can we prove the presence of multiverse? There will be infinite number of them. Just imagine if we change only 1 out 20 free but essential parameters of this universe, namely Planck's constant. Say we arrange a set of universe with Planck's constants spread from 10^100 to 10^-100, say each universe has the tiniest increment of this parameter. That variation set of Planck's constants is already infinite. We haven't talked about the other 19 parameters.
David Kelley
David Kelley 7 днів тому
Some religious people use fine tuning to justify their particular god(s). Another example of religions trying to use our current ignorance as justification for their unsubstantiated beliefs.
Chris Duston
Chris Duston 7 днів тому
So if I over-generalize, a goldilocks universe is one where energy dissipates at some ideal rate such that stable structures (matter) exist for long enough windows to develop sentient life. Makes you appreciate the vastness of it all :)
Marco Martinetto
Marco Martinetto 8 днів тому
Therefore there must be a Multi Multiverse: there must be lots of multiverses, and our universe is in a "luky multiverse" that has constants. Therefore there must be a Multi Multimultiverse for the same reasons, and so on up to a fractal (multi^infinite)verse. This idea is good on so many levels.
___ 8 днів тому
This will sound morbid but I can't help thinking this way. Even if we are the first intelligent life to exist, someday you and I will die and never know we existed. Further yet, someday all of time/space will cease to exist and none of anything we ever do or did will matter....Makes you wonder what is the purpose of anything? My advise...find something you enjoy doing while you are here.
Barry Deeks
Barry Deeks 8 днів тому
I don't agree with the parallel universes theory, it attempts to explain the existence of the universe without God. There is only one of me or you, more you than me though, i am very proud of my creation and the people in it. The time has come for me to act, I realise that you will take at least a year to adjust.
TheOneAndOnlySame 10 днів тому
"Life" is not actually a thing. There's no "life" and "unlife". No, really, there is not.
Csababo Balo
Csababo Balo 11 днів тому
It looks so perfect becose our knowledge is based on our serounding. Just like the 4e demension is hard to amagion but the 3e is well understood. Our logic is puurly based on logic
María Martínez
María Martínez 11 днів тому
Ever considered that it isn't the Universe (or universes) the one that is fine-tuned for life, but life the one that constantly fine-tunes itself to adapt to the Universe's conditions, laws, constants, etc? Which could happen samely in whichever universe it might exist, whatever its conditions, laws, constants, etc.? Life is essentially adaptative, and when any form of life can't adapt fast enough, another takes its place. We have seen it and are seeing it now. This hypothesis is like the old Spanish saying: "poner la carreta delante de los bueyes."
Annie 11 днів тому
Someone is running a simulation and we are inside of it. Anyone who has ever ran a computer simulation has played with the parameters until they were satisfied with the end results. Our simulated universe is no different...
Makubex Gospel
Makubex Gospel 11 днів тому
This might be a bit off topic: What if in another universe, time is faster than ours, and u decided to spend some vacation there. Would your body age following that universe's time or ours? Im simply looking for some theory based from facts, its impossible to prove anyway haha
Nemo_K 13 днів тому
Wait a minute. This totally fits in with simulation theory. Think about it: If human scientists want to find out how ant colonies grow under specific conditions, how would they do that? Let's say these scientists don't just want to study any colonies out in the wild - no - they want to observe as many possible different growing conditions as they can imagine. So, what is their solution? They literally create ant colonies in a controlled environment. The colonies will live in a glass box large enough to reasonably fit any ant colony well beyond its extinction (death of the universe). So, what properties would the scientists finetune in all these different colonies? Well, one colony would get rainfall every five days, and another colony every six days. One colony would have soil with 50% sand, and another colony 51%. One colony will experience a forest fire once every 621 days, and another colony every 622 days. It's preaty easy for us to think of many different conditions which could affect the growth and survival of the ant colony. Now, replace the glass box with a universe, replace the ant colonies with life in general, and replace the growth conditions with the cosmological constants. The human scientists are alien species, creating big bangs in many different (simulated) universes, each with slightly differently tuned constants, in order to observe which universes create life and which don't.
Guz Man
Guz Man 13 днів тому
Can we excite the core of geologically inactive planets and thus initiate a terraforming process?
Sebastian Suśniak
Sebastian Suśniak 15 днів тому
What is "container" for those multiverses? Can one universe interact with other one?
nikke10000 15 днів тому
I'm not sure how the fact that the universe is suited for life is in anyway an indicator that there is a multiverse. I mean isn't this thing that we call life just a symptom of the universe. We were created by this universe in which we live so of course it suits us. We are this universe. If there is another universe with other laws of physics it's whole concept of what we call life will be completely different and they'll be suited to laws of physics of that universe. I don't see how there is anything special about our universe just because we are in it.
Smerg the Dargon
Smerg the Dargon 15 днів тому
_Man looking displeased:_ Diproton _Man looking pleased:_ Helium-2
ppoint432 16 днів тому
Anyone know what song is played at 3:10?
Fan Jerry
Fan Jerry 16 днів тому
Could be a single universe, but the constants are slowly shifting.
maxesmart 16 днів тому
Life is like when I started smoking: by then, the cigarette was no harmful, neither life needed another place to be.
Eric White
Eric White 17 днів тому
@PBS Space Time, 4:40, It actually was inevitable for our universe to be capable of life enabling chemistry or else we wouldn't be here and it wouldn't be our universe.
Juicyblunts 17 днів тому
So you're telling me that everything works the way that it does *because* it works the way that it does. And that by changing the way that something works, it would work differently, or not at all? 🤔
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