Doja Cat - Say So (Official Video)

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Director: Hannah Lux Davis @hannahluxdavis
Executive Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio @bbonfiglio
Commissioner: Sam Houston @samhoustonishere
Choreographer: Cortland Brown @fulloutcortland
Production Company: London Alley @londonalley
Cameos: @donte.colley and @yodelinghaley
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27 лют 2020





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pennyvdarkmore Годину тому
I stan doja cat, people need to be informed she isnt racist 💖 watch this video -> ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-jXL2Qboetuc.html she explains everything.
hunter royal
hunter royal Годину тому
An té kokey an kouniamanman’y😪😔✊🏽💦
tonii kim
tonii kim Годину тому
The most important part of this scene is the word "see through " lololol
Deva Álvarez Cueva
Deva Álvarez Cueva Годину тому
Recomiendo esta canción da gusto escucharla.😜💜
Michael VR
Michael VR Годину тому
Doja did nothing wrong
Hannah Singh
Hannah Singh Годину тому
Weird chick but great song and video.
OhMyValky Годину тому
Doja said hold my kkk gown
Natália Xavier
Natália Xavier Годину тому
só eu q vim pelo tik teco? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Elijah Bernal
Elijah Bernal Годину тому
I’m glad she got canceled. She thought she was better and smarter
pennyvdarkmore Годину тому
Shes not cancelled,
Victor França
Victor França Годину тому
Quem veio pelo gustavo parodias da like
noobnoob Годину тому
Wish I could slap that tigers ass
Febriany Siahaan
Febriany Siahaan Годину тому
noobnoob Doesn’t everybody shush they could?
ツたはMatthew Quintana
ツたはMatthew Quintana Годину тому
this song overexploited in T I K T O K
Tayshauna Alectus
Tayshauna Alectus Годину тому
She is just like so many artists. She profits off of black culture and doesnt give a fuck about black people.
Orion Turney
Orion Turney Годину тому
cristobal garza
cristobal garza Годину тому
Who is still listening to this in 2020? I love this ditty, it reminds me of more innocent and freer times when I was young and happy!!
Jacob Collins Dodd Vlogs
Jacob Collins Dodd Vlogs Годину тому
Um this literally came out in 2020
Miraculous Lady
Miraculous Lady Годину тому
Really cute video. One of the best music videos I've ever seen from Doja Cat but I am very very EXTREMELY disappointed in her. Her apology did not even seem genuine. She hates herself, moreso her black half because BOTH of her parents(her WHITE mom & her BLACK father) did not teach her about her rich Black African heritage. And her parents did not teach her about the RADIANT BEAUTY that she inherited from black people, such as her beautiful kinky curly 4C natural hair and her gorgeous skin complexion. It is a damn shame because I really do genuinely like a lot of her music and I started becoming a true fan of hers so finding out the real person she is outside of her singing abilities is a real LETDOWN and very very hurtful. I don't know if I could ever see her or her music the same way again. I am just hoping that she gets the help that she needs to see the error in her ways & her mindset. She needs A LOT of therapy & counseling to get her back on track to where she needs to be because I honestly feel sorry for her. Both her White mom and her black African father ought to be ASHAMED of themselves. VALIDATE your daughter! TELL HER who she is! SHOW HER who she is! TEACH HER her how to embrace her Black African heritage! TELL HER that her natural kinky curly hair and complexion is absolutely GORGEOUS! TO DOJA CAT'S PARENTS, VALIDATE YOUR CHILD!!!!!!!
only the people that saw this video 100 times can like
Nia G
Nia G Годину тому
Who come here just to see her face? 🙋‍♀️ never heard of this girl before
Natalia 18
Natalia 18 Годину тому
Canceladaaa 😂
Miss Coco
Miss Coco Годину тому
Doja: 1st of all " I'm a black woman!" Me: uhh 🙄 no you're not! You're a biracial woman! #theapologywedidntneed
pennyvdarkmore Годину тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-jXL2Qboetuc.html Watch this, she explains everything.
_Oof_ UWU_
_Oof_ UWU_ Годину тому
Can someone tell me what happen cuz u guys said she had to apologise but why? So could someone tell me...
le sponge
le sponge Годину тому
If no one is gonna say it. I will. YOU CAN SEE HER NIPPLES THROUGH HER BLUE DRESS
Michal Kukunzn
Michal Kukunzn Годину тому
Vickson Krah
Vickson Krah Годину тому
•cøøkįę Bįšçüįt•
•cøøkįę Bįšçüįt• Годину тому
Why did 173k people dislike it like bruh it’s a good song not even good it’s the best song I‘ve like this year
Maya Leedy
Maya Leedy Годину тому
3:29 did no one notice yodeling Haley? The girl who created the say so dance
Doll Nikki
Doll Nikki Годину тому
She ain't "cancelled" in my eyes
pennyvdarkmore Годину тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-jXL2Qboetuc.html People are going overboard...
Jonhel Santos
Jonhel Santos Годину тому
She really ain't cancelled. People are just toxic for making the cancelled culture. Also people always make false accusations.
SavageTruth Годину тому
Doja kkkat
Kevin Barrera
Kevin Barrera Годину тому
Didnt even notice That i was being recorded I got to be more focused Please say it aint so
COOLCATLADY321 Годину тому
*Gang sunk that dunker* ~ _Doja Cat_ (i honestly think the fan base should adopt this powerful phrase)
Ianis 90
Ianis 90 Годину тому
To be honest,your song should get a strike and close your youtube channel
pennyvdarkmore Годину тому
Josh I
Josh I Годину тому
COOLCATLADY321 Годину тому
Viewer one
Viewer one Годину тому
Came for the controversy, stayed for the see through dress
Becky P
Becky P Годину тому
Why is there like a lot of comments from recently- this got posted in February-
Sam'z Songz
Sam'z Songz Годину тому
She's so damn gorgeous
COOLCATLADY321 Годину тому
Puky Curie
Puky Curie Годину тому
🥰😍😍😍😍 queen
azfar hamid
azfar hamid Годину тому
Say so
Ali Haji
Ali Haji Годину тому
She's ugly
Puky Curie
Puky Curie Годину тому
Asia Lewis
Asia Lewis Годину тому
People are quick to come to conclusions nowadays, especially if it’s a trend. She had no room to explain herself before she was “cancelled”. I, for one, thought she was genuine and honest in her apology last night on IG live... Moving on!
Uri Roland
Uri Roland Годину тому
COOLCATLADY321 Годину тому
i agree
TPM_Messiah Годину тому
Sorry boys we got played by Doja cat herself. Moment of silence please.
Bianca Ferreira
Bianca Ferreira Годину тому
quem veio pelo tik tok??who came by tik tok?? quien vino por tik tok??
Dizzo Day
Dizzo Day 2 години тому
Sounds like you got guitar cords from the “Good Times by Chic
niyah 2 години тому
i hate how u got white fans
Patricia Alvarez
Patricia Alvarez 2 години тому
Treyu yuo vtei
suqar coated
suqar coated 2 години тому
i hate you
Don Ayoub
Don Ayoub 2 години тому
Why wasn't I born in the 70's?
Adam Wenzel
Adam Wenzel 2 години тому
Aakash Sahani
Aakash Sahani 2 години тому
Ok City Pop from DojaCat, there has to be a Japanese cover somewhere.
Aakash Sahani
Aakash Sahani Годину тому
@Kay joji lang papatong FRICCCCCC, Rainchy totally owned this song, mother of god!
Kay joji lang papatong
Kay joji lang papatong 2 години тому
SooBlaack 2 години тому
DEFKONSIXTYSIX 2 години тому
Bimbo music for the armies of THOTS out there 😆
niyah 2 години тому
if u was white u would be so flat😂
niyah 2 години тому
like fully
dhuckling 2 години тому
I just think... perhaps listen to her? Before you decide to hate her? Go watch her Insta Live video if you haven't already? I am just kinda tired of HATING people without knowing what is actually going on, and if somebody knows they messed up and apologizes for it, I'm not gonna cancel them. I guess I understand if you do but... in this situation it seems kind of... unwarranted? Maybe listen to her side before you decide she's the worst, not just an article you found? (Who knows, maybe - being the person that was actually there - she can give you some insight into what actually happened??)
niyah 2 години тому
doja how do u have that type of body if u got no work done? wtf i never seen somebody with that body type
Kay joji lang papatong
Kay joji lang papatong Годину тому
Sexy asf
MadMac 2 години тому
I can now compare Doja Cat to Christina Aguilera: Both makes good songs, but has shitty personality.
pennyvdarkmore Годину тому
She has an amazing and unique personality,
Equinox Flowers of Century's End
Equinox Flowers of Century's End 2 години тому
I know everyone hates her rn and yeah that's fair but this song still slaps. Separate the art from the artist 💅
pennyvdarkmore Годину тому
She got uncancelled ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-jXL2Qboetuc.html
niyah 2 години тому
clone clone clone doja doesnt look reallllll
Brianna Hudson
Brianna Hudson 2 години тому
My hearts breaking for her I'm a true doja cat fan and I hate to see people beat her down. I don't believe she's racist and I genuinely believe she's sorry what more do people want from her. I hate to hear people speak on her like as if they personally know her. How do you know she's being genuine or not ? it's wrong to insinuate that she's not sorry when none of us know her personally. I find a really disgusting in 2020 how easy it is for people to believe the worst in others. I like that doja weird I'm weird too as well I don't want her to shut down or stop being who she is. People want compassion but they don't know how to give compassion give doja cat the benefit of the doubt. I swear if people were to apply the same energy they use on social media into change the world just might be a better place. I would like to put out there be very careful using the word racist because that word carries alot of weight to with it. The evidence gathered against doja cat isn't substantial enough label her as a racist it's based on other people's opinions in he say /she say rumors. I know there's no possibility that doja cat will see this but know that your loved I look forward to to watching from afar grow. I am essential worker and I stand for doja cat💗. ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-jXL2Qboetuc.html
Jonhel Santos
Jonhel Santos Годину тому
@Smish 0 all the accusations to her was debunk rn. Watch her Instagram live and you will know. And if yo don't believe, look at Twitter and find @dojabat aka chicken nuggets. Read her pinned tweet and read all the thread. That explains everything and proving Doja isn't racist. If you still don't believe, then that makes you look biased. Just look at the things I said to you and come back here.
Smish 0
Smish 0 2 години тому
I believe that not even the cancel culture understands what's going on. We should give a fuck about her being horny in those chats but if she was being racist and hating black people in those chats, then, there's no argument to defend her.
Saba Babaruli
Saba Babaruli 2 години тому
•tália• 2 години тому
Canceladah, mas amo essa música
Gabriana White
Gabriana White 2 години тому
me coming back after dojo made racist comments and talk about her black culture.
niyah 2 години тому
doja is nicki minaj clone ,,, nicki has a cloneeeeeee wowwwww
musicnerd 72
musicnerd 72 2 години тому
Nicki Minaj has two clones. This doja person and that cardi b idiot.
ReEazY 2 години тому
Hi !
Lolitsme Ortiz
Lolitsme Ortiz 2 години тому
Igbo Queen
Igbo Queen 2 години тому
Lolitsme Ortiz no
Obada Ahmed
Obada Ahmed 2 години тому
Coronavirus canceled everything even Doja’s career 💀💀
Jonhel Santos
Jonhel Santos Годину тому
No she's not.
COOLCATLADY321 Годину тому
she ain't cancelled
niniko191 2 години тому
Wolf Trax
Wolf Trax 2 години тому
Wow. Makeup really makes a difference....
Lolitsme Ortiz
Lolitsme Ortiz 2 години тому
Extremツ 2 години тому
who only to read hates
Horse Team SK
Horse Team SK 2 години тому
Say So baby
Bts love yourself and army!!
Bts love yourself and army!! 2 години тому
I can't believe people are supporting racist people ffs. Its 2020 grow up
Horse Team SK
Horse Team SK 2 години тому
Say so
Dealers Dreams
Dealers Dreams 2 години тому
after all, she is brown as she can be racist?
Chad Hetaraka
Chad Hetaraka 2 години тому
Check out my tiktok pls @yeahh_mbah idk y I keep flopping 🙏🏼
Vinayak Shukla
Vinayak Shukla 2 години тому
play it in 2x and it sounds like an anime intro lol
dank boi
dank boi 2 години тому
didnt even notice *your dog has scoliosis* *about osteoporosis*
Lanre Akerele
Lanre Akerele 2 години тому
I used to like Dojo Cat now I want her career to end immediately as a racist
Sex money feelings
Sex money feelings 2 години тому
So like um this is weird
Destiny-Flavia Lundamo
Destiny-Flavia Lundamo 2 години тому
*cough* *cough* I get she is cancelled but I mean.. I’m still listening to her music.
Wendinirwan 1927
Wendinirwan 1927 3 години тому
Ko gua nyasar di mari 😁😁
Lord Jesus
Lord Jesus 3 години тому
She is pretty hot.😍
Kalina Kaschieva
Kalina Kaschieva 3 години тому
love you
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