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He's just not a people person. Watch the trailer for #DolittleMovie, in theaters January 17.
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Robert Downey Jr. electrifies one of literature’s most enduring characters in a vivid reimagining of the classic tale of the man who could talk to animals: Dolittle.

After losing his wife seven years earlier, the eccentric Dr. John Dolittle (Downey), famed doctor and veterinarian of Queen Victoria’s England, hermits himself away behind the high walls of Dolittle Manor with only his menagerie of exotic animals for company.

But when the young queen (Jessie Buckley, Wild Rose) falls gravely ill, a reluctant Dolittle is forced to set sail on an epic adventure to a mythical island in search of a cure, regaining his wit and courage as he crosses old adversaries and discovers wondrous creatures.

The doctor is joined on his quest by a young, self-appointed apprentice (Dunkirk’s Harry Collett) and a raucous coterie of animal friends, including an anxious gorilla (Oscar® winner Rami Malek), an enthusiastic but bird-brained duck (Oscar® winner Octavia Spencer), a bickering duo of a cynical ostrich (The Big Sick*’s Kumail Nanjiani) and an upbeat polar bear (John Cena, *Bumblebee) and a headstrong parrot (Oscar® winner Emma Thompson), who serves as Dolittle’s most trusted advisor and confidante.

The film also stars Antonio Banderas, Michael Sheen (The Queen) and Oscar® winner Jim Broadbent and features additional voice performances from Oscar® winner Marion Cotillard, Frances de la Tour, Carmen Ejogo, Ralph Fiennes, Selena Gomez, Tom Holland, and Craig Robinson.

Directed by Academy Award® winner Stephen Gaghan (Syriana, Traffic), Dolittle is produced by Joe Roth and Jeff Kirschenbaum under their Roth/Kirschenbaum Films (Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent) and Susan Downey (Sherlock Holmes franchise, The Judge) for Team Downey. The film is executive produced by Robert Downey Jr., Sarah Bradshaw (The Mummy, Maleficent) and Zachary Roth (Maleficent: Mistress of Evil).




13 жов 2019





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KUNG KING 9 годин тому
I​ will​ wait​ for​ movie.
Nico Animations
Nico Animations 9 годин тому
Peter Parker: Mr Stark is in a better place now... Tony Stark:
ebenezer bartholomew
ebenezer bartholomew 9 годин тому
The new avengers
DarkJew 9 годин тому
If he doesn't ride inside a giant snail I'll be upset
Nuevo Lector
Nuevo Lector 9 годин тому
It's like watching a trailer of Pirates of the Caribbean, the cat with boots, tarzan and Jungle Book at the same time. I love
Saheb Mohammad
Saheb Mohammad 9 годин тому
It’s already a hit
fabiha jahangir
fabiha jahangir 9 годин тому
its look wonderful and I am excited to see who iron man act to his new role ...
Brandon X
Brandon X 9 годин тому
Iron man in his afterlife
Samir Ribera
Samir Ribera 9 годин тому
You May place your “I love you 3000” here
Erick Harvey
Erick Harvey 9 годин тому
So y'all gone remake Dr Dolittle with a white man.! 🤔We all know Eddie Murphy was first!
Radith 9 годин тому
Honestly if RDJ want compete for oscar against Joaquin they better use this movie rather than endgame.
Toriun 9 годин тому
Are you Iron man?
HomeTv 113
HomeTv 113 9 годин тому
It's like Ironman and Spiderman BUT in parallel universe
Joshua Garner
Joshua Garner 9 годин тому
I would love to see this, no matter what they say about the original one.
vinil Chinnappa
vinil Chinnappa 9 годин тому
1967: doctor Dolittle 2020: DOLITTLE 😍😍😍
Sladerulez 9 годин тому
This looked better than what I originally expected. You’ve gained my interest
MrFlipperInvader792 9 годин тому
No iron man jokes ya cunts
Alex Dkbrst
Alex Dkbrst 9 годин тому
So you're telling me he snapped his fingers for THIS?
Pradeep Singh
Pradeep Singh 9 годин тому
any one from india
Shubhendu Pathak
Shubhendu Pathak 9 годин тому
Where's Edwin Jarvis!!!
Donald 9 годин тому
I can only see iron man in him tbh
The Insomniac
The Insomniac 9 годин тому
Talk about aging well.. this guy is killing it..
Tejas vlv
Tejas vlv 9 годин тому
Thanos :- Stark ! Tony :- you know me ? Thanos :- I do, your not only cursed with knowledge of animal language Tony :- my only curse is you !!! 😂😂
Rj Shekhar
Rj Shekhar 9 годин тому
Who miss the iron man...
CreeperDude YT
CreeperDude YT 9 годин тому
I thought this guy was dead
antivirus1cv 9 годин тому
You’ll better shot a Sherlock with Downey!!!!
yeezyhendrix 9 годин тому
it's almost 2020 and we are still using garbage covers for remakes ?
FlashDelirium913 9 годин тому
he will always be Ironman no matter what.
Christian Gaines
Christian Gaines 9 годин тому
God he's a perfect successor to Rex Harrison, I have no doubt this will be spectacular
Either SIOFI
Either SIOFI 9 годин тому
So fortnite's dead 😂
Anya Delo Santos
Anya Delo Santos 9 годин тому
the accent
kamaltalyan 9 годин тому
He is a legend and will always be love u downey jr. Love from india bigeest fan of urs love u so much u r an inspiration for me
Greg Drake
Greg Drake 9 годин тому
Why the fuck is Downey doing an impression of Littlefinger from Game of Thrones?
A. Ericsson Mantilla
A. Ericsson Mantilla 9 годин тому
If i can walk with the animals, talk with the animals, run and squeak and squak with the animals, King Felonius Gru and Universal Picture would bless the animals. Blessing Me since 1998: Universal Pictures.
imprfctly prfct
imprfctly prfct 9 годин тому
Dekho ye zinda hain......#loveyoudowney
Marco Aboytes
Marco Aboytes 9 годин тому
Now it's official, his career is finished
Max Jainta
Max Jainta 9 годин тому
This will flop so hard
jon berisha
jon berisha 9 годин тому
He sounds like PENYWISE
Manyeki Brian
Manyeki Brian 9 годин тому
Universal: jungle book? Downey: Nah Universal: pirates of carribean? Downey: Do you even know me! Universal: Okay, lets do something little bit different Downey: THAT'S IT "Dolittle"
NJ Coolness
NJ Coolness 9 годин тому
Why is he talking like that?
Pavan Sampath
Pavan Sampath 9 годин тому
Robert Downy Tom Holland Selena Gomez John Cena Enough 😍that's the best cast, very much excited!!
Ej Inamarga
Ej Inamarga 9 годин тому
What part of MCU timeline is this?
Manish Choudhary
Manish Choudhary 9 годин тому
I want more Harry potter movies part 😶
Anitesh Sharma
Anitesh Sharma 9 годин тому
I am going to see this
Brett WB
Brett WB 9 годин тому
Ohh a movie with RDJ in it that isnt in the MCU releasing in January. Ya, that's gonna tank. Calling it right now.
Dhinesh 9 годин тому
ShawnCampbellVeVo 9 годин тому
*Hello* *Padie* *Hello* *Lunch* 😂😂😂
Dragon 0Fly
Dragon 0Fly 9 годин тому
3/5 stars***
Nathaniel Foga
Nathaniel Foga 9 годин тому
I wonder how this will compare with the Eddie Murphy version.
sakibian here
sakibian here 9 годин тому
Ehats this song name?
Imraan Adam
Imraan Adam 9 годин тому
I wouldn't have bothered with this film as its yet another Hollywood remake... but they had to go and put fucking RDJ in it.. Now I have to see it🙈
shhh 9 годин тому
Who else is here only for Selena Gomez & Tom Holland?😍
Hashirama Sayan
Hashirama Sayan 9 годин тому
Steve Rogers: Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you? Tony Stark : Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, Veterinarian that can talk to animals
Piyush Singh
Piyush Singh 9 годин тому
"Are you Dr. Doolittle?" "No,I am......Iron Man"
Navaneeth Krishnan
Navaneeth Krishnan 9 годин тому
Are you Dr Dolittle? No it's Howard.... Howard Potts 😂😂😂
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious 9 годин тому
lmao that's terrible
Priscilla Beline
Priscilla Beline 9 годин тому
Robert must be Jhonny Depp's brother... 🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔 almost sure he is lol
PixelatedNinjoe 9 годин тому
Jhon Cena?
Unsub 9 годин тому
No that’s iron man
Tisi _
Tisi _ 9 годин тому
Hi, Jesus has die on the cross for our sins and rose back from the death on the 3rd day to justify us. Believe in Jesus like your LORD and SAVIOR and you are saved.
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