Donald Trump Brings Up Bill Clinton Sex Scandal at Debate

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When criticized by Hillary Clinton for his lewd remarks with Billy Bush from 2005, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump went on the offensive Sunday night, attacking Hillary Clinton’s husband, former president Bill Clinton, for being “abusive” towards women.




9 жов 2016





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Georgina Davies
Georgina Davies 29 хвилин тому
Evil Monster She Is! She doesn't respond to what he says because he speaks the truth! Donald trump is saving children nd young kids from these monsters.
big c pimp daddy
big c pimp daddy 46 хвилин тому
Hillary clinton is a fucking satanic whore, and is a puppet of the elite. Fuck all of them. They will rawt in hell
Cyrus Showkaran
Cyrus Showkaran 5 годин тому
Ross to Chandler: whatever Dude, you kissed a guy! Hillary is a dark point on the face of country
Arctic4Ferdinand 6 годин тому
Both are disgraceful human beings): if one can still call them so
daniel blazing borruel
daniel blazing borruel 7 годин тому
Edits do alot of justice
sharper110 8 годин тому
DO YOU KNOW WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT ? THIS MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE YOU WILL EVER READ ) Most people live separated from God / Jesus, by their sins. Because we were created to have a relationship and fellowship with our Heavenly Father, when this is broken by our sins and the bible teaches that all of us have sinned. Rom 3:23 , Who could say that they never told a lie, never took anything that did not belong to them, was never guilty of sexual immorality, etc., then we can experience a void or emptiness in our life. Satan uses things of this world relating to lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, I John 2:15 -17, to fill that void. Dear friends, seek Jesus who is that bread of life and living water so you do not thirst anymore. Jesus died for you and for me so as that through obedience to Jesus and His teachings we can have an opportunity for eternal life. Satan and his followers were hurled from heaven to earth. II Cor 4:4 labels Satan as the god of this world. Because of sin most people are under his power and control either knowingly or unknowingly. The only escape anyone has from the power of Satan and sin is to surrender our lives to Jesus Christ. A humble penitent heart is a requirement here. If we surrender to Jesus He will take our life and give us the gift of the Holy Spirit to help us live the Christian life. Jesus said that unless we are born again, born of the water and the Spirit we will not enter into the kingdom of God. John 3:3 -5. Dear friends this is truth which only bu God's grace and mercy did he permit me to know. To him who has ears let him hear what the Spirit says. Jesus is hidden from most people, II Cor 4:3 -5. only because they do not seek. The bible says that God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. James 4:6 , I peter 5:5 . 3,000 became Christians in one day when they did what Peter preached in Acts 2:38 . He told those who believed his message to repent and be baptized for the forgiveness of sins, and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Show less
colliric 8 годин тому
This is the exact moment Trump won the campaign. She totally deflects his extremely serious allegations live on television. This is what South Park is making fun of with the "My opponent is a liar" joke. Hillary clearly prepared her answer in advance and stuck to the script even when it was obvious she needed to personally address the serious issues about Bill, that were raised in Trump's response. By dodging the question, she basically accused him of lying, when everyone knows it's out and out truth.
Dick the Prick
Dick the Prick 8 годин тому
Jesus is coming back Jesus is lord
Kalvin Sampson
Kalvin Sampson 10 годин тому
Did anyone see that fly on her forehead
Matt 12 годин тому
Lil Don wild'n out here
Farhaan 15 годин тому
Hillary dealt with this pretty well, don't know why people are getting so defensive.
Christopher Trevisan
Christopher Trevisan 16 годин тому
Trump was geeked
geen 16 годин тому
2:41 even the fly is thinking she lies.
злой 17 годин тому
2:40 You know that fly can choose to sit preferably on shit.
JEVRO 19 годин тому
Thank you god she didnt win
Matt Palmero
Matt Palmero 20 годин тому
When they go low you go high *immediately goes into bashing him
L H 20 годин тому
You know someone's a robot when a fly lands in their face and they don't even react.
David V
David V День тому
Bill Clinton has a big penis
David V
David V День тому
Why does a porn star being up ur mushroom
Carsten Dyrnesli
Carsten Dyrnesli День тому
did Trump just dumped there in front of her and audience, her direct connection to a certain pizza place, and is she really trying not to explode, while denying denying and talk agenda ?- who has her e-mails.?
Father Gabriel Stokes
Father Gabriel Stokes День тому
Trump 2020!! 🇺🇸
Frédéric Locci
Frédéric Locci 15 годин тому
Mike Brumby
Mike Brumby День тому
She said when they go low we go high but then starts talking shit about Trump. Trump 2020. Killary no more.
Samuel Asekhamen
Samuel Asekhamen День тому
Lol watching this as an unbiased person, Hillary won. The only shady thing was the judge quieting the people applauding for him but not for her. But the moderator quieted people because she wanted the debate to move on quickly and cause Hillary had 2 min left. Don’t see how Trump won here because all that stuff she said he never apologized for was true
Greg Levine
Greg Levine День тому
Slick Willie was on Epstein's airplane 27 times
DJatomica День тому
Hillary: "You talked about grabbing women by the pussy" Trump: "Some woman grabbed your husband by the dick with her mouth in the white house" This election cycle was magical, never had so much entertainment from politics before 2016.
CJ7 girl
CJ7 girl День тому
Hillary...remember Benghazi disaster? Uranium one deal FISA abuse report? Etc..
CJ7 girl
CJ7 girl День тому
Hillary and frazzledrip... Sick and evil!
CJ7 girl
CJ7 girl День тому
Trump is Boss
Corbin I.N.C
Corbin I.N.C День тому
A fly lands on her right eyebrow at 2:40 Lmaoo
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes День тому
So he owes him self an apology you said president lol
ON SIGHT День тому
She a clown
Skip carlson
Skip carlson День тому
Hillary Clinton's friend Michelle Obama what a big liar😂😂😂😷😷😷✌✌🇺🇸
Gentleman Of All Tradez
Gentleman Of All Tradez 2 дні тому
Horse is Crazy
Horse is Crazy 2 дні тому
I heard Bill once say, " She eats pus$y better than me." I wish I could find that clip.
Jonquil Cat
Jonquil Cat 2 дні тому
First: she never answers to anything anyone poses to her because she knows her face will lie. Second: Any woman who stamds by her husband after such crimes should be stoned, so why did the american people let her become a candidate for presidancy? Of the party that is supposedly pro women's rights? (Not american btw)
Ismail EL ANSARI 2 дні тому
02:40 A fly on her eye
Icy-Dex 2 дні тому
Notice how she played it like he came after her husband first. When she brought up things he said multiple times
get rich
get rich 2 дні тому
Shit crazy when you watch a bitch lie how people was so sleep till now FBI CIA NSA you failed us... an we don't know if this bih might be a double...we won't a public execution this is sad...Hillary is a monster and should be executed with all the other pedophiles.. psychopaths run are country for real we need to back trump cause these monsters need to be arrested fuck sports an music an entertainment kids are dying an people are sleep we need to wake up 2020 looking back at this an wow..
Jennifer A
Jennifer A 2 дні тому
Oh man look at her deflect the real issue. He didn't go low. He stated facts. She respects no one. Her statement is one huge deflection. Thank the universe she didn't win.
colliric 8 годин тому
This is the moment in the debate that South Park was making fun of with the "My opponent is a liar" joke. She clearly goes into her prepared response instead of address the serious issue that Trump has raised.
Martin Barnes
Martin Barnes 2 дні тому
Crazy bitch
Max Agrad
Max Agrad 2 дні тому
I am not a Trump supporter but she was so so embarrassed that she could not address that shit! She is a disgrace.
Nick Vetter
Nick Vetter 2 дні тому
Holy fuck we are doomed if this bitch gets her way wake up people I don't care who u like just please don't believe this trash bag!
Lucky One
Lucky One 2 дні тому
Remember, Hillary-not-the-president, no one is above the law. They are coming for you. "You mean, like wipe it with a cloth or something?" YOU are an irrelevant idiot.
Sun 2 дні тому
Clinton and Obama - let´s see, what we will see in this theater as it isn´t finished so far
Jane Beresford
Jane Beresford 3 дні тому
Bill Clintons face was priceless
Vavazelus 3 дні тому
Luv Trumpy!!!!!! Killing the Hag!
Elle 3 дні тому
In the Podesta Wikileaks e-mails, Hillary was throwing “pizza parties” 🍕 which included little boys and girls for rape by Hillary’s friends politicians. We know who they are. Evil woman needs to be jail long time ago
Rita Pintus
Rita Pintus 3 дні тому
QUESTA sbobba di illari Clinton fa SCHIFO solo a guardarla figuriamoci a sentirla
Dimitar Drenko
Dimitar Drenko 3 дні тому
I cant believe he brought the women Bill Clinton wronged, like "see there, those are the women your husband harassed and wronged". This is priceless comedy, and the "Please dont clap for him" media getting owned is also priceless. Only thing that would top this is if we can have a camera on the moderators, to see their reaction. LOL
colliric 8 годин тому
If he got Monica and Gennifer to come it would have been a complete set, lol. That would have really been a sight to see. Too bad Monica wasn't ready to give her side of the story just yet.
David Lee
David Lee 3 дні тому
Boy she shouldn't have ever brought up sex with Trump after what her husband done.
s m
s m 3 дні тому
When protecting your husband ruins your future she was low hanging fruit.
Gwen Engillsdóttir
Gwen Engillsdóttir 3 дні тому
Ahahaha Hilary blaming Trump not to apologize and she agrees with killing babies... Hypocrite!!Disgusting!
mcfrederich Nana
mcfrederich Nana 3 дні тому
Total deflection . Mr Trump is true
crazyhorse 3 дні тому
Clinton's, the only thing that didn't come out of their mouth is diarrhea , but everything close to it did !!!
Apostolic Jason R. Young
Apostolic Jason R. Young 3 дні тому
I still think clinton should've won!
Discovery Sarles
Discovery Sarles 3 дні тому
That's a big slaps Hillary haha
stay happy
stay happy 4 дні тому
I'm from the UK and I'm proud of you guys in the US for voting for him. He has put up with so much and he is still going strong.
Name260812 4 дні тому
If she is so concerned about apology, why didn’t she apologise for Bill’s action. Donald actually did Apologise right 1 minute into the speech.
Victor FEILER 4 дні тому
Rosaleen Rogan
Rosaleen Rogan 4 дні тому
I like trump
Goindamah Valydon
Goindamah Valydon 4 дні тому
Hillary so desperate looks ugly
Madina A
Madina A 4 дні тому
Trump is really racist with a lot of evidence to prove it. No wonder millions of protested against him!
Madina A
Madina A 4 дні тому
I support Hilary Clinton trump over exaggerates and changes the topic
Julio Jackson
Julio Jackson 4 дні тому
If Hillary and the DNC didn't rig the primary, Bernie Sanders would be President today. She is the reason why we have President Flip Flop in the WH.
Timmy Tubbs
Timmy Tubbs 4 дні тому
Hillary Clinton is the spawn of Satan in the pit of Hell
Timmy Tubbs
Timmy Tubbs 4 дні тому
Hillary Clinton, you never apologize for anything you have more blood on your hands than anybody in politics in the United States at this time you called the soldiers that died and nearly died in Benghazi parents crazy you were disrespectful to every one of them you lied to every one of them you should be strapped up against the wall and shot for the things you've done you are a very evil woman and you don't care who you step on your party kills little babies and sells baby parts your party is calling for the genocide of minority babies with all the planned parenthood's that you guys set up in the lower-income communities . And there's no doubt in my mind that you are one of the most evil Eugenics racist white woman. You are an evil woman and Satan is Waitin on you bitch
Timmy Tubbs
Timmy Tubbs 4 дні тому
Donald Trump lays out the facts about Hillary Clinton protecting Bill and getting that guy off the rape charge of a 12 year old girl. That is what makes Trump and all of his basket of deplorable racist supporters what they are to the people on the left they're the most evil disgusting party to ever exist they are worse than the National Socialist of Nazi Germany and more dangerous the Democrat Party is the most dangerous and evil political party to ever exist in the history of mankind. And when you call them out on their blatant racism sexism and bulshit that they call Republicans out on they are the ones that are committing all of these atrocities from the governor of Virginia to what Joe Biden has done now they give all everyone in their party a pass if you are not a member of their party you get burned at the stake by these evil doing Sodom and Gomorrah living in dwelling type people. It's time we either apply the law of man and of the Constitution of the United States or we apply the law of the Bible as an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth something's got to give or these people will destroy our children grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be complete slaves to the government system Donald Trump is and always will be the best hope for True freedom but it takes more than Donald Trump to make this shit happen
Kathy Matheson
Kathy Matheson 4 дні тому
2:39 a fly lands right on Hillary's forehead! That should explain a lot about her.
J LT 4 дні тому
Yo, Donald a goof
Heather Ward
Heather Ward 4 дні тому
you ain't going high... you're still ignoring the bullshit in your own damn house. tidy up hillary, the shit is leaking out walls. you never apologized for all the women you personally allowed to be victimized, by you and your husband
Morder1990 4 дні тому
Hilary....i hope you will go to hell... Pizzagate
Drake Pryce
Drake Pryce 4 дні тому
In the 1980s...Hilary wouldn't care who Michelle Obama.
dekiii 1982
dekiii 1982 4 дні тому
Satanic bitch
jovaughn thompson
jovaughn thompson 4 дні тому
Was I the only one that saw the fly that pitched in her face? 😭
Matt Willem
Matt Willem 4 дні тому
He said sorry about what he said on the tape, she changed the subject WOW no wonder why she lost
Steffen Meier
Steffen Meier 4 дні тому
Eyes are the Lights of the Body. Luc. 11 Verses 34-36. In other Words: Dark Satan-Servants Bodies can`t have friendly Eyes.
Lets Get It
Lets Get It 4 дні тому
Clinton’s kill and rape children for adrenachrome so I don’t want to hear a peep
Debora rodriguez
Debora rodriguez 5 днів тому
Thanks God that she lost cause if she knew all the things that her husband did and she still married and helped him hide his little secret and defended a rapist and laughed about it. The oval office would have a brothel and she would enjoy the show
sweetk1342 sk
sweetk1342 sk 5 днів тому
2020 now what you think about Trump he is crazy as hell he's a liar he up to no good
Arctican 5 днів тому
2:41 the fly landed on the shit
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