Duramax Goober Calls Out Our Cummins Galaxie (The Galaxie's Second Grudge Race)

Cleetus McFarland
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Lining up with our boy Jeremy for some good old fashioned grudge racing!
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14 лип 2019

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Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall 2 дні тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-1AHSRl4pabQ.html Is this the same car you have now or is it a different one?
Prolific Invention
Prolific Invention 5 днів тому
Greg Williams
Greg Williams 5 днів тому
Doesn't he know that burning street tires makes for worse traction
big country
big country 6 днів тому
Take the bottle out? Tell that pussy, it's run what is brung.
ppvfd121 9 днів тому
Looks like somebody got an extra helping of gapplesauce 😂
over opinionated
over opinionated 11 днів тому
Cleetus 800,000 views Fasterprom 300,000 views Same Race Clip
Daniel Ward
Daniel Ward 12 днів тому
jalizko jalicienze
jalizko jalicienze 12 днів тому
That killedverado aint moving.. Nice galaxie
Nick Lebret
Nick Lebret 14 днів тому
Cummins is a ford engine so 👍👍👍 duramax is made by Isuzu😬😬😬
Chevy04 Build
Chevy04 Build 14 днів тому
Cummins power
BulletSpoung 14 днів тому
Cooper should have crossed his legs and used his foot to hit the button wile they held their hands up. What do you think about Gap-laxie as a name for the old girl? Maybe some place out in the GALAXIE there is a group of stars called the BIG GAPPER!
Oscar Alejandro Gonzalez
Oscar Alejandro Gonzalez 14 днів тому
La caga a palos a la chata 😃
Shannon Zittlow
Shannon Zittlow 14 днів тому
John Johnson
John Johnson 14 днів тому
Cleetus is so effing tall man. If the galaxie had a headliner his head would be touching it. That's a full size sedan and his head almost touches the roof lol
Abdikarin Hirsi
Abdikarin Hirsi 15 днів тому
Who’s Kenny please tell me
grngs1 15 днів тому
Sharon vanvalkenburg Vanvalkenburg
Fill nitro ped to the floor
Guwap Boi
Guwap Boi 15 днів тому
2 min into this video and I’m trying to figure out where the hell are there seat belts
Hicksdiesellife 15 днів тому
What shifter is in the galaxy
Conor timm
Conor timm 16 днів тому
At least the 12v won’t blow up if you give her sauce
fishingfiend305 16 днів тому
Hey, new to the page. Love the Cummins swap, where did you get it done?
Brown Ryan
Brown Ryan 16 днів тому
Is this Baron trump
Travis Miller
Travis Miller 17 днів тому
a 6 count let out about a half a psi :p
Travis Miller
Travis Miller 17 днів тому
yea...diesels are definitely built to idle for sure! this guy "canadian" :p i cant even remember his real name.. ..that i use to work with at l&m truckin a (now i know) shady ass tractor trailer mechanic/road call shop, talked about all the guys up there in the freezer section of the country havin to leave their trucks runnin for over a week at a time sometimes because it gets so dam cold if u shut the thing down without some way to keep it somewhat warm, n no a block heater doesnt even come close, youll never get the thing fired back up, they also have to run tank heaters, heated fuel filters, which i even had to do on a gm 6.5 here in md..u wouldnt think it would get that cold..gm actually built a 100 watt heaters into the fuel filter assembly i jus needed to fix the wires.. but after that no prob so that was nice, u also need insulated lines or line heaters i think id prefer heaters, along with running antifreeze additives and even with ur truck equipped with all that stuff, unless u have a 20 amp circuit dedicated to runnin all that heat to ur truck out in the middle of nowhere u kind of dont have a choice dam kinda got carried away there..
baraka flaka
baraka flaka 17 днів тому
When im riding by motorcycles, 99% of the vehicles trying to race/keep up are people in trucks. and about 99% of the people in the trucks drive duramax's... And they get cooked everytime. Retarded ass chevy owners thinking theyre slow ass truck could keep up with me... Even sporty cars that would smoke a truck dont try it. IF YOUR ONE OF THOSE GUYS JUST GET A CAR OR BIKE IF YOU WANNA GO FAST. YOU LOOK LIKE A LOSER TRYING TO DRIVE FAST IN YOUR BASIC BITCH TRUCK
Bobby Stroud
Bobby Stroud 17 днів тому
Diesels are for work not race.
Andrew Chambers
Andrew Chambers 17 днів тому
I’m now going to spray my 1.6 VW turbo diesel haha She want die Love it man!!!
Drake Hamm
Drake Hamm 17 днів тому
I want to race the galaxy when I get my 1952 dodge truck rat rod on bags with an n14 Cummins and 13 speed transmission out of semi
Fabien Eldridge
Fabien Eldridge 17 днів тому
I was going to watch your video but to much commercial before video !
Ivan Cantu
Ivan Cantu 17 днів тому
James is in full dad bod at 7:36
Motersickle Bum
Motersickle Bum 17 днів тому
I love that Galaxy
Micheal Woods
Micheal Woods 18 днів тому
Both can be beat by that galaxy with a factory engine
JASON VOORHEES 18 днів тому
David Parks
David Parks 18 днів тому
Well somebody’s fucked up the galaxy by putting the diesel in it.
sa22see 18 днів тому
Back in Peru I had a HDT in-line 6 Toyota diesel turbo 67 Ford Fairlane. Couldn’t find V8 parts as easy as diesel Toyota parts so it got swapped. Thanks for bringing back those great memories.
Wade Sexton
Wade Sexton 18 днів тому
I wonder how HIGH of a gear that motor would pull before it got slower🤔 maybe cletus should give her a little pick me up🤟🤟🤟
Michael King
Michael King 18 днів тому
Really never drove anything what real torque
Michael King
Michael King 18 днів тому
You took 1 name
Michael King
Michael King 18 днів тому
It is slowwwww
STEVE 18 днів тому
Jeff Goldblum behind that beard!
MrHillfolk 18 днів тому
Diesels like some heat to run. Do a run on a cold engine and its piggin it. Pretty much used to leave it running while in the staging lanes.
foosmonkey 18 днів тому
Duramax... What is that, a feminine hygiene product?
MrHillfolk 18 днів тому
Looked like it😅
The Part-Time Gamer
The Part-Time Gamer 18 днів тому
Sweet rear wing on the duramax! Totally makes all the difference.
Mark Prairie
Mark Prairie 18 днів тому
Prolonged no load idling makes for wet stack and blue balls.
Adam Engelberth
Adam Engelberth 19 днів тому
Hey at least you gotta give Jeremy props for actually thinking his Isuzu..... I mean Duramax could beat a Cummins, that's cute.
thedog556 19 днів тому
Durexs are shit motors. No idea why anyone would put money into one
Colten Dixon
Colten Dixon 19 днів тому
5:30 to skip bs
Deloss92 20 днів тому
Cooper is really starting to open up and I'm Likin It. You gonna do a burnout before you leave this time? Lmao Savage.
Dave Micolichek
Dave Micolichek 21 день тому
Letting air out of radials, blaming the loss on the burnout, calling mulligans, "lack of traction", etc... These are all signs of a desperate man, with a slower vehicle, re-doing the race over and over until his opponent slips up, and then he claims victory and won't ever let you live it down. 😉
John Z
John Z 21 день тому
Yep, yep and YEP,, tha 'ol Galaxy takes no prisoners. Way cool Cleetus, way cool!
Big Dad
Big Dad 21 день тому
Cooper doesn't have to fight him he took Cooper tea bagging him 3 times hanging out the window
Big Dad
Big Dad 21 день тому
He did work on it, ha ha ha, he didn't do enough if his first words is, No Spray! No Spray! No Spray!
Be H
Be H 21 день тому
that dozer in the background doe
robert s
robert s 21 день тому
Wait till he drops 20K on that truck LOL
FrigginJohnny Hammerstickskehd
FrigginJohnny Hammerstickskehd 21 день тому
Really nice of you and the guys to have a fun day and take Jeremy out to Gapplebees. Order a large gapperoni pizza and on sunday that boy needs to be Gap-tized.
rcandminilover 22 дні тому
That,Galaxie is cool.
Robert Brumley
Robert Brumley 22 дні тому
You guys aren't realizing the truck is way heavier than the Galaxy. That truck weighs at least 7,000 LBS and the Galaxy weighs about 3,500-4000 LBS.
g 19 днів тому
I'm pretty sure those guys talked about it quite about.. unless those guys means the people commenting.. in which case, what do you mean "those guys" ?
Richard Alvis
Richard Alvis 22 дні тому
Left at 2nd assinine advertisements
ven vnco
ven vnco 23 дні тому
Enjoyed the video more than rubber bumper cars and ls crap.
C De
C De 24 дні тому
....i love that name....is it short for claytoris??? cool..
Pedro Ibañez
Pedro Ibañez 24 дні тому
you guys should race the racing ram of power driven diesel
D Horne
D Horne 24 дні тому
Hahaha I see a future for the Galaxy
Mike Paniora
Mike Paniora 25 днів тому
nice fun...
Sgt.StickyTits 26 днів тому
Arm drop races are the best. Flashlights just don't do it for me.
mahatma171 26 днів тому
yo the Galaxy is running!!!
zDrums 27 днів тому
12:50 "you did good, buddy"
James Perkey
James Perkey 27 днів тому
I love the galaxie! But Jeremy with 4wd would be more competitive!
Trenton h
Trenton h 28 днів тому
Every time "oh my god he got gaped bad"😂
joe msm
joe msm 28 днів тому
i cant believe this nerd is calling someone a goober. hes a goober if i ever saw one. looks like someone put his head in a vice.
Kohlton Channell
Kohlton Channell 28 днів тому
When Duramax and power joke guys find out the truth of how Cummins is the best
josh h
josh h 28 днів тому
I love everything about a diesel , but I can’t stand to smell the diesel fuel. Still love to hear and see a big 12000 lb truck rip up and compete with a sports car it’s always an awesome sight
Tasik Los Nietos Rifa
Tasik Los Nietos Rifa 28 днів тому
Cooper is gaining weight
bill jones
bill jones 28 днів тому
Ok now that you have entered the world of diesel power. You need to pause and ask your self a question. If the motor runs away, how do I stop it? Maybe a quick turn valve some where you can get to very quickly. Like by the hood release maybe. Just a thought. Keep up the good content. Give Holley a high 5 for me
Liam Peterman
Liam Peterman 28 днів тому
bill jones diesel runaways are scary af
Ashley 29 днів тому
Wouldnt doing a burnout on street radials give you less traction?
Moze was hot in Ned's Declassified
Jap diesel
I Pooped A Hammer
I Pooped A Hammer 29 днів тому
Hey I used to be a member. What happened?
Dirtymax_Joe 29 днів тому
@cleetus I have a 2007 Duramax that’s pretty mildly built and I live 10 minutes from showtime. Let me know when your ready for that gap!
Jacob Sweat
Jacob Sweat 26 днів тому
I have a 24v cummins swapped diamond t 4wd. She'll run 8s on a good day. All about compound turbos
Zedthejoker 27 днів тому
Duramaxes dont gap they break
David Kelm
David Kelm 29 днів тому
galaxie needs an alien
Brian Ellis
Brian Ellis 29 днів тому
Best thing you can do to keep your truck reliable is what he did. Just don't run a hot tune pulling. More air is good. Instead of airing tires down 4x4 launch
Ridtheworldofgarbagehumans 29 днів тому
Only cleetus puts nov twenty thirdth, in his description.
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