Elon Musk Answers Your Questions! | SXSW 2018

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From space travel to deep earth boring, Elon Musk shares his opinions on AI, Mars, and business. He explores his early years as an entrepreneur that led to creating some of the most cutting-edge companies on the planet, in the planet and beyond. Oh, and there is a great little ditty at the end.

Watch Jonathan Nolan's, the creator of HBO’s Westworld, video capturing the historic launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket.

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TenTonKoala 3 роки тому
In 60+ years time, people are going to be saying “I wish I was alive when this man was”
Zanar Aesthetics
Zanar Aesthetics Рік тому
There's no 1 like Elon Musk, this is the kind of richest man people look up to, the only richest man in the world, that is so humble, nice, genius, and loved by everyone
Peter Pandemonium
Peter Pandemonium 2 роки тому
I love the way he's so socially awkward. And yet kinda cool with it. I would swear he's an android, an alien or an angel if he wasn't so strangely, compellingly human. If any one living human deserves the title of genius, it is without doubt this beautiful weirdo. Here's to him
Krisztian Toth
Krisztian Toth Рік тому
He is like a big child with genius level intelligence. He has the good intentions of the best of humanity and potentially innocent children, he has fun with the things he creates, but at the same time he takes the most responsibility and reasonable steps to keep all of humanity alive. And it is not something he considers work, it's something he personally wants. He considers humanity his team. And he would never blame anyone for not doing their part. He just looks around: oh, well nobody is doing this, but it is vital for my team to survive and for the future prosperity, so I will do it. He is my, and everyone's hero, even if we don't know it yet.
Together Agency
Together Agency 3 роки тому
This is the first time I've seen / heard him speak you can sense how unbelievably smart he is. It just feels like he is just fighting to open the worlds eyes.
Zachary Edwards
Zachary Edwards Рік тому
You can tell by the way Elon talks that his mind is moving a million miles faster than the rest of ours, true genius! Much respect for this guy
Buy Retweets Online
Buy Retweets Online 3 роки тому
I love when Musk is just allowed to have a stream of consciousness without some host constantly throwing him off with questions. The guy is a true living genius its great to hear his thoughts without someone leading him in some tangent.
Peter Garcia
Peter Garcia 3 роки тому
This is the man the world needs, a leader with a sense of direction.A GOAL, not some plot to just to be in front of the media
tommmygunnn 3 роки тому
I could listen to Elon Musk talk for hours. There's something very real and humble about him. He doesn't rush his answers and actually takes a moment to think about them.
JP diddly D
JP diddly D 2 роки тому
Such a humble legend. Definitely put here to help mankind. Special guy.
jeff ludlam
jeff ludlam Рік тому
I could listen to him all day. I wish he had more time. He fascinates me.
I love watching Elon talk, you can see the gears working, how he puts a lot of brain power into his answers. So much knowledge..
Sir Buljo
Sir Buljo 3 роки тому
Basicly what Elon Musk stands for which i noticed right away. He wants to start a reaction, because he feels the world is too still. He looks to not be complacant, he stands for change. And he will do what ever it takes to start that reaction. To inspire others to reach higher in their ideals. Personally i love it.
Modern Gentleman
Modern Gentleman 3 роки тому
I wish everyone had discussions like this. Notice each question is truly thought of and soaks in, and his answers well thought out and well presented. We need more people like him. People shaping our future with only our best interest and progress in mind, with no political agenda. He will be remembered in history as one of the few people who truly changed our world, or worlds*
Ghost227 3 роки тому
“I’m sorry but could I trouble you for a water?”
René Henriksen
René Henriksen Рік тому
I like his audience-friendliness. Not an arrogant fastspeaker who doesn´t care about anything but himself being in the center of the world´s attention. So refreshing for a business-leader that he tries to speak to a broad audience.
Nana Hennrich
Nana Hennrich 3 роки тому
This is the best interview i saw in my long lasting live, questions not everyone would ask, inspiring thoughts and an amazing finale!!
Flyinthebug35 2 роки тому
I was 8 1/2 years old when I watched the last Apollo mission. I hope I live to see you set a ship on Mars. I am a retired Commercial pilot with several thousand hours defying gravity for a living. To see a ship even get back to the moon in my lifetime would be amazing. Please know you have tons of support Sir. PS I hear you on AI and it needs to be regulated before its gets out of control.
AJ Cerenzie
AJ Cerenzie 3 роки тому
Elon Musk the most awkwardly cool guy on earth
Dan B
Dan B 3 роки тому
What I would give to have just a single day to talk with Elon. Absolutely incredible to hear his ideas and mindset