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Created by Sal Khan.

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Entrepreneurship on Khan Academy: Personal lessons and insights from accomplished entrepreneurs are the basis of this interview series produced by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and Khan Academy.

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21 кві 2013





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Salim Huerta
Salim Huerta 8 років тому
Some people just want to see the world learn.
Elon Musk Zone
Free education is what this world needs.
xeflatio93 Рік тому
It is amazing I really consider Sal in the same level as Elon, these two men while pursuing their dreams have done so much for the rest of us. I can say that thanks to Elon I got encourage to pursue a career in science and thanks to Sal I made it possible, thank you guys
Sayz Said
Sayz Said Рік тому
Khan academy is good platform for technology and free
San Joaquin Valley Transparency
San Joaquin Valley Transparency 21 день тому
Outstanding interview! I’d of been super nervous that I’d sound dumb lol
Kevin Wise
Kevin Wise 21 день тому
The irony is that Elon is the most down to earth billionaire on the planet. I may not be his biggest fan, but it would be wrong of me to not show the man respect. Hats off to you Elon!
Rishabh Malik
Rishabh Malik 5 років тому
This is the most relaxed Elon I have ever seen on any interview. I love how Sal has made the entire interview talk environment so relaxing. Well done Khan academy. Incredible!
Louzy Nerd
Louzy Nerd Рік тому
I respect Elon for donation 5 million to Khan Academy, honestly their videos and tutorials have helped me very much when it cam to studying college really respect them
Victoria A
Two chill, nerdy dudes having a nice conversation about life. Albeit with larger consequential impacts on lots of people. So peaceful.
KyrohJc Рік тому
Elon Musk seems like the type of person to donate 5 million dollars to Khan Academy
Rohan Santhosh
Rohan Santhosh Рік тому
"Find yourself someone who looks at you the way Sal looks at Elon" XD
konos ioannidis
konos ioannidis Рік тому
This is the most relaxed Elon I have ever seen on any interview. I love how Sal has made the entire interview talk environment so relaxing. Well done Khan academy. Incredible!
Magnus Georg Jensen
Magnus Georg Jensen 6 років тому
What has become so under-appreciated in this talk of rockets and supersonic transport, is UKvid. I mean i'm sitting in the Middle East, roaming the internet on a break from studying to exams. And in 48 minutes I can indulge knowledge far beyond measure of what anyone 20 years ago could dream of despite my economical situation. I can listen and learn from two amazing and inspiring young entrepreneurs, revolutionizing this world as we know it. And i could do that by the click of a button….
Gwendolyn Thomas
Gwendolyn Thomas Рік тому
This made me realize how small I've been dreaming. Elon makes everything sound so simple, and it really makes you think "Why hasn't the world done this yet?" and "Why is this not a main focus of the world?"
This was an awesome interview, the presenter is calm and allowing Elon Musk to speak on his own terms. Free flowing.
tarun khanna
tarun khanna Рік тому
Who is here after knowing Elon donate 5 million to Khan academy? Wow they are old frnds now I get😁.
Dreamy Squad
It was indeed one of the most inspiring conversations I've heard
John Froerer
John Froerer Рік тому
Absolutely inspiring! Many thanks to Mr. Kkan and Elon Musk. Thank you both for inspiring many millions of people to do good in the world. :)
BeActive Behappy
BeActive Behappy Рік тому
" I couldn't find the date NASA was going to launch a man to Mars or moon on their website, so basically, I founded a rocket company."
Lafayette 29
Lafayette 29 Рік тому
This channel should have 100 million plus subscribers. They deserve it. I literally got into Columbia through just Khan Academy. They are truly amazing
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