Elon Musk - the Future of Energy & Transport

Oxford Martin School
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Oxford Martin School,
University of Oxford



21 лис 2012





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leopold willner
leopold willner Рік тому
The clarity of Elon's mind, the economic validity of his approach along with the depth of his technical acumen have combined to make a man of the century. We should all be grateful.
Rishi Arora
Rishi Arora 9 років тому
Truly inspirational and intelligent guy - can't wait to follow his companies and buy his products over the next few decades atleast.
BIG_C 8 років тому
He's stated a number of times he's much more comfortable designing and crunching number than talking to the public, but his product doesn't sell itself unfortunately so he often takes on the role as spokesperson. I'm glad he does, he might not be the best public speaker but listening to his ideas inspires me.
TheDestruct0r 8 років тому
I love his seeming awkwardness, it makes him seem real. I'm sick of all the over rehearsed, marketing department written, corporate propaganda most company execs spew out. You can actually hear the genuine almost childlike excitement in his words when he talks about the things he is passionate about.
Sipho Mavolontiya
Great discussion and quite amazing how Elon can switch from one subject to another a moment of brilliance indeed.
Carlos Chau
Carlos Chau 2 роки тому
Thanks Martin School for putting up this important, quality and inspiring lecture
TTT Рік тому
Crazy how many things he talked about here he has accomplished.
Emerson Feltham
Emerson Feltham 2 роки тому
I have great respect for Elon. I have watched most of his you tube videos. The stories are the same, it amazes me that I still listen to them.
manohar gupta
Whatever he said at that time, he ended up achieving most of them. Huge respect for doge Father.
kid mecha
kid mecha 9 років тому
Thank you for uploading this, its always very insightful to hear from Elon. Really looking forward to Tesla becoming more profitable so he can start working on other problems such as the electric plane and "hyperloop".
Nolan Abell
Nolan Abell 2 роки тому
Elon Musk will be remembered for thousands of years
What a great event. It is hard to understand why so many people hate Elon Musk. The only explanation I can find is that they may be driven by selfish conflicting interests against change.
awake-dust Рік тому
the host was really welcoming and did a great job. Someone has to say it.
Michael Stafford
Michael Stafford 6 років тому
Elon Musk is one of the greatest minds of our time!
Rory Keegan
The consistency of vision from Musk is extraordinary ....
Ronald Garrison
Ronald Garrison Рік тому
This was a surprisingly good talk, especially considering how long ago it was. Q&A was the best part. Elon took on some topics more directly than I can recall seeing before. His concerns about fracking were especially notable. I wonder if he believes in a hot, deep biosphere.
Elton Gjoshi
We are so lucky to live and to see what he is doing! He is a genius
Hari Purwanto
Hari Purwanto Рік тому
I love listening to his speech. So full of information and science
Matthew Kearney
Matthew Kearney Рік тому
I think elon musk will be one of the most important historical figures in regard to human advancement.
Valerie Terkeurst
A tremendous amount of love for him from all over the world and much respected