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Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas

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From the album Kamikaze, out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze
Music video by Eminem performing Lucky You. © 2018 Aftermath Records




13 вер 2018






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Rozilla Rozil
Rozilla Rozil 3 години тому
That boy em is that cracker
Aly Fournia
Aly Fournia 3 години тому
Best rapper ever
Debby Trauty
Debby Trauty 3 години тому
BEAST Hasbeen reawoken! Get ready to be schooled mumblers & doubters! Welcome back EM!!
TCT 3 години тому
Kamikaze 🔥 Revival 🔥
Arif Hossain
Arif Hossain 3 години тому
Now I know how many mumble rappers pissed out there. *32K* (Till 24-SEP-18)
Michelle Bonardo
Michelle Bonardo 3 години тому
This song just murdered every rapper out there right now
Zizi Poilu
Zizi Poilu 3 години тому
Wow That’s all I got to say
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson 3 години тому
Revival is good, everyone had already made up their minds before the album's release and that it was gonna be terrible but it wasn't that bad. Regardless, because of all the hate Em got for it, he clapped back with the most fire set of tracks I've seen by him (Besides Recovery).
A jax
A jax 3 години тому
Showed this to Joe budden aka Joe krackhead...💊💉😨😨😩 Now he's sober again..😷😮
johnny D
johnny D 3 години тому
A jax
A jax 3 години тому
Em went extraterrestrial 👽👾whoever think they can withstand to battle the rap God is out of their cookoo mind 😂😂😷💀🔥💪💯
민랑초 3 години тому
Oh... killing part 4:45
A jax
A jax 3 години тому
Em went fuckin krazy ape, bananas, shit!!
Dennis Strenger
Dennis Strenger 3 години тому
Busta must be rollin
A jax
A jax 3 години тому
Showed this to the millennials...👶 Now they're grown to understand real rap..💯💯💪🔥🔥🔥
Shaze Miranda
Shaze Miranda 3 години тому
32k dislikes? lmao
voteZDLR 3 години тому
It's almost like this is Eminem passing the torch to Joyner Lucas
Heartcandy 41
Heartcandy 41 4 години тому
“I sound like a broken record every time I break a record
noah Antoine
noah Antoine 4 години тому
New best song ever made
Jon Thornberry
Jon Thornberry 4 години тому
This shits 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 name a better duo.. ill wait..
Charlie Sinne
Charlie Sinne 4 години тому
@1:07 Y'all gotta move, y'all gotta move, y'all gotta move Give me some room, give me some room, give me the juice Hop out the coupe, hop out the coupe, hop out and shoot Y'all gotta move, y'all gotta move, give me the juice
HR PLUS 4 години тому
Duh.Itz.Nazzy 4 години тому
My new fav songggg
janqnic adaelu
janqnic adaelu 4 години тому
Love the song, hater gonna hate
Xxx is a legend Fox
Xxx is a legend Fox 4 години тому
Thank you em for showing me joyner
todd Z
todd Z 4 години тому
killshot👉lucky you👉killshot👉lucky you👉killshot...
SNL Youngn
SNL Youngn 4 години тому
soundcloud.com/user-866067861/sequence-15 A chance.
Taun-Chi Gaming
Taun-Chi Gaming 4 години тому
How am I barely hearing this.. that shit was fire!
Tim Quiroz
Tim Quiroz 4 години тому
🔥🔥🔥🔥 can’t stop listening to this song!
Ricky Grela
Ricky Grela 4 години тому
Who liked Slim Shady better than Eminem? (yes, I know they were both Marshall)
NNM Nguyễn
NNM Nguyễn 4 години тому
Armor level 3. Backpack level 3 💯
poss pass
poss pass 4 години тому
The best rapper.....best one
ac napolio
ac napolio 4 години тому
Manuel Moreno
Manuel Moreno 4 години тому
Come on emeniem
Chris Alviz
Chris Alviz 4 години тому
What are the gray shoes Eminem is wearing
Chris Alviz
Chris Alviz 4 години тому
What shoes is Eminem wearing?
friend of Mine
friend of Mine 4 години тому
Sohaib Ahmed
Sohaib Ahmed 4 години тому
Although joyner was great but as usual em stole the show
Chris Alviz
Chris Alviz 4 години тому
What shoes is Eminem wearing
falso amor
falso amor 4 години тому
Dasliamer TV
Dasliamer TV 4 години тому
YOOO IS JOYNER A JAKE PAUL FAN IT SAYS OFC ON THE CAR or is it just Obama Fried Chicken?
KingOf AllKings
KingOf AllKings 4 години тому
Yall niggas are dumb that's the fans that are imitating them...tall mfs can decipher rhymes and shit but yall couldn't tell they dissing all yall niggas copying them( like yall do these gay ass mumble rappers)
Zachary Welch
Zachary Welch 4 години тому
A migos song ad on a Eminem song something is wrong here😂
Te Lamb
Te Lamb 4 години тому
Never thought I'd say a Joyner & Em video would be better then the actual song but I gotta say they'd make a good movie together
K9INE._.GAMING 4 години тому
Eminem+Joyner Lucus+Kendrick Lemar=?
Dhruba Boruah
Dhruba Boruah 4 години тому
Love u yo
Esi GH
Esi GH 4 години тому
Hey friends! Go and watch Arash ft. Pitbull goalie goalie music video! It’s for fifa world cup 2018! Don’t forget to subscribe Arash!
michael klein
michael klein 4 години тому
This is one of the best hip hop songs in history. Fucking yes! The whole album is fucking INCREDIBLE! Fucking YEAH SLIM! YeeEAAHHHHHHHH 🔥⚡️🌪
MrUseless247 4 години тому
Why is Em starting to sport a backpack? He had one on in Rap God.
iChrisOhGawd YT
iChrisOhGawd YT 4 години тому
The Crow
The Crow 4 години тому
This 1 Goes Hard All Day Every Day 💯
Oscar Marshall
Oscar Marshall 4 години тому
Got to admit that was pretty cool when everyone followed
Reece Plaisance
Reece Plaisance 4 години тому
Em came back hard
SgOpt1c 4 години тому
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Carlos 5 годин тому
ur legend wtf ru doin this time and hu tf is joyner Lucas
Pizza Faca
Pizza Faca 5 годин тому
Lil Pump Que Se Foda.
Carlos 5 годин тому
ohhhh cum on men ur old school
Pizza Faca
Pizza Faca 5 годин тому
Dahora pra Caralho. Foda-Se Mumble Rap Porra ! #555
Myth 5 годин тому
3:28 is why eminem is the best rapper
Theo Edwards
Theo Edwards 5 годин тому
I wonder how many words were said in this whole video? I challenge someone to count 🤨
Russkov Beats
Russkov Beats 5 годин тому
DZ ici ? abonnez-vous
Yayo Korleone
Yayo Korleone 5 годин тому
They silly asf
Nas siM
Nas siM 5 годин тому
Marshall ===> Slim Shady ====> Superman ====> Kamikaze = EMINƎM
saad alkhaldi
saad alkhaldi 5 годин тому
wow so coooooool in this video they literally saying even If we make a fool of ourselves they gonna copy us. fuc=k u mumble rappers.
Ya don't say? I love the chocolate kingdom, BITCH
And yet, MGRetard uses Autotune to think that it's actually better...
tommy d u b b s
tommy d u b b s 5 годин тому
mumblerap tryin to make fun of mumblerap.....lol
Neto moura
Neto moura 5 годин тому
The legend is back
Neto moura
Neto moura 5 годин тому
Kha Zeel
Kha Zeel 5 годин тому
off-topic, but does someone else feel like playing fallout when watching this video?
Imay Channel
Imay Channel 5 годин тому
saad alkhaldi
saad alkhaldi 5 годин тому
Fuc=k U MGK how dare u drop ur new album after this.
Devin Todd
Devin Todd 5 годин тому
How every dislikes this song is just another fucking hater
Kevin fan
Kevin fan 5 годин тому
This song would be so much better if Eminem sounded angrier
rasagonlee 5 годин тому
change speed to 0.75 and it sounds REALLY Fucking nice too xD.
Windex Kid
Windex Kid 5 годин тому
1:57 4:44 (Which Do Prefer?) (Still Both Fucking Slay)
kat Mathers
kat Mathers 5 годин тому
Vid sic
Young Jayy
Young Jayy 5 годин тому
Yall subscribe to my music channel
RealHipHop4TheFam 5 годин тому
Flapping around like a bapkin
boi if u dont
boi if u dont 5 годин тому
WolfKing 5 годин тому
Eminent and Joyner Lucas joined the game
Jackson Lambert
Jackson Lambert 5 годин тому
Fuck, even his fucking mumbling sounds better. Eminem could take a shit to a beat and make it sound better than fucking lil pump
Bagman Bigs
Bagman Bigs 5 годин тому
I've watched this at least 35 times. I still get chills as soon as that shot is fired. 🔥
SHAM HN 5 годин тому
i wonder what's in Eminem's bag
sugoii ixa
sugoii ixa 5 годин тому
This is real rap
juansegmejia [sxsxsx]
juansegmejia [sxsxsx] 5 годин тому
Dura menos de 6 minutos , pero senti que llevava 16 minutos patianto en el piso a machine
McShugg 5 годин тому
3:48 been awhile since I laughed out loud at an Eminem music video but this did it for me
MrNikeHD 5 годин тому
I swear I'm mot racist!
Aan Motor
Aan Motor 5 годин тому
AmokNotts 5 годин тому
Pubg song list
LPnWoW 6 годин тому
Tutut Wulandari
Tutut Wulandari 6 годин тому
Awesome 😍😍😍
Amber Hill
Amber Hill 6 годин тому
Bro he made fun of mgk lil dance at the end of the lil skit
Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez 6 годин тому
good song but why do people hate on mumble rap ? you like what you like
Kevin Guerrero
Kevin Guerrero 6 годин тому
Fucking awesome! Miss real hip hop
BL3SSAV3LLI 6 годин тому
@eminem I would love for u j.cole & kendrick to do something man smh that'll be epic
Marco Mejia
Marco Mejia 6 годин тому
Like si ya querías ver a eminem
my boy jimmyah
my boy jimmyah 6 годин тому
Alot of people don't get the sene when all the dudes with red eyes copy them, just think about it. Everyone copying each other nowadays
archinamin 6 годин тому
I'm about to like all the comments here
Madalin Danii
Madalin Danii 6 годин тому
This Nigga Eminem makes a perfect dab cuuuuz
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