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13 жов 2016





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PregnantGirls 123
PregnantGirls 123 13 годин тому
Isnt it weird how this is the most popular vid on her channel? Lol
Rajan Roy
Rajan Roy День тому
Nice beautiful
Gatcha_Fox_ Potato
Gatcha_Fox_ Potato 2 дні тому
Y’all look like a perfect couple
Son Nguyen
Son Nguyen 2 дні тому
And if you think I am a boy you are wrong
Thatgirl 123
Thatgirl 123 3 дні тому
I know this is probably gonna be hard for you to bring back, but i like your pregnancy vids. Like i said it would probably be SUPER hard to bring these back but just saying
sheryl hong
sheryl hong 3 дні тому
You should take out your bra
Son Nguyen
Son Nguyen 4 дні тому
When you are pregnant you’re
Son Nguyen
Son Nguyen 4 дні тому
Belly is so so fat
Son Nguyen
Son Nguyen 4 дні тому
I am falling in love with you Mimi ikonn ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
queen_panda girl
queen_panda girl 4 дні тому
Ur baby is sooooo cute!!!!
Jonathan Asuncion
Jonathan Asuncion 5 днів тому
Boy or Girl??
Alone 0412
Alone 0412 5 днів тому
Ur belly is quite big but mine is larger.Now Im 40 weeks with twins but Im only 15.I can't abort it cauz by the time my parents find out im pregnant itz already 20 weeks.My belly size at 20 weeks is like your in 31weeks,and ur belly size in 41 weeks is mine in 34 weeks! I have to give vaginal birth tmr cauz my water broke now,and the baby movement makes my belly pain.The pain was like period pain.Doctor have said that it will be a risky birth due to my small vagina.
deontae price
deontae price 6 днів тому
is you having twins
joy sambajon
joy sambajon 6 днів тому
Daniel Rose
Daniel Rose 6 днів тому
Hello babe
U dhii
U dhii 7 днів тому
ImFatNOTPregnant Jeez
ImFatNOTPregnant Jeez 8 днів тому
This has got to be my favourite pregnancy video
Jonathan Asuncion
Jonathan Asuncion 8 днів тому
I like babies now so cute
Bille Bouchahda
Bille Bouchahda 8 днів тому
من اروع ما رايت سبحان الله
Maxine Williams
Maxine Williams 10 днів тому
Awesome that so cute
Gopi Gopii
Gopi Gopii 10 днів тому
V nisse
French Kaylee
French Kaylee 10 днів тому
I m pragnate
X재키방탄소년단 11 днів тому
Every woman wants to be pregnant, have a baby.....but never give birth....which looks scary 😣
Oyun Dünyası
Oyun Dünyası 11 днів тому
Allah bağışlasın
Konrad F.
Konrad F. 12 днів тому
Sexy vore
علي حسن علي
علي حسن علي 12 днів тому
ماكو تعليق عراقي
منتظر الدراجي
منتظر الدراجي 10 днів тому
شعندك داخل هنا
Stuart Matheson
Stuart Matheson 13 днів тому
Week 20 is basically my belly (im not pregnant) ive been on a diet for a while and its not working....
The Herbzter
The Herbzter 3 дні тому
Stuart Matheson tbh theres no point, thats barely big
Nour Basha
Nour Basha 14 днів тому
You are a legend you wear this clothes 9 month in arrow
Nour Basha
Nour Basha 14 днів тому
You have a big and beautiful belly
Nour Basha
Nour Basha 14 днів тому
Maybe the big belly is wonderful
Nour Basha
Nour Basha 14 днів тому
This is wonderful I love this
Weston Joyner
Weston Joyner 15 днів тому
Weston Joyner
Weston Joyner 15 днів тому
Jennifer Crown jj
Jennifer Crown jj 15 днів тому
She looks terrific!!!
Hyrule Citzen
Hyrule Citzen 16 днів тому
Your baby is precious
Daniel Seaveys Apple Juice
Daniel Seaveys Apple Juice 16 днів тому
Put a shirt on at least
Min K
Min K 17 днів тому
Pregnancy lifesaver best for pelvic and back pain!! I started feeling severe pelvic pressure and pain around 35 weeks of my pregnancy. It was hard for me to walk or go from a sitting to standing position. I ended up going to the hospital one day because of the intense discomfort I was in. They recommended I get an abdominal brace. I put it on as soon as I got it and I haven’t taken it off since.. This belt is a godsend. I cannot function without it. It really helps lifts the belly and takes the pressure off. divabeautytools.com/collections/smart-lifestyle/products/pain-relief-belly-support-belt
Barun son
Barun son 17 днів тому
진짜 신기하네 ㅋㅋ 동시에 무섭기도 하다
The Artist Girl :D
The Artist Girl :D 17 днів тому
This lady seems to be very very excited about her child, I believe she will be a good mother🙂
عنونه عنونه
عنونه عنونه 19 днів тому
Darrendevon Dea
Darrendevon Dea 20 днів тому
Hoàng Anh Nguyễn
Hoàng Anh Nguyễn 21 день тому
You're look so beautiful
Sterling 22 дні тому
OMFG your baby daddy is fucking ugly girl!! BAHAHAHAHA!!
PyroWolf Blue
PyroWolf Blue 22 дні тому
Her being 24 weeks pregnant it's still skinnier than I'll ever be
Rondinele Silva
Rondinele Silva 22 дні тому
pregnant Very beautiful
FREYA BARWICK 23 дні тому
Your baby is so cute
Hajer Mohamad
Hajer Mohamad 23 дні тому
Omg seeing this and thinking about it , it’s sooooo strange that a woman is going through this. Ohhh lord you are the greatest
Sergio Cruz
Sergio Cruz 23 дні тому
2:45 you can eat me
Alivah Mar'atus
Alivah Mar'atus 23 дні тому
Good mornig
abdullah faik akgün
abdullah faik akgün 24 дні тому
Mac Clark
Mac Clark 24 дні тому
I’d be proud to be the daddy on that one.
نانسي عبدالفتاح
ما شاء الله عليكي تهبلين
Liberty Nolan
Liberty Nolan 24 дні тому
You're baby is gorgeous
عباس الدوسري مالك عراقي مركز اول
فهمت كيف تنكر
he xiaowei
he xiaowei 26 днів тому
You rotregnant
Anchor Bait
Anchor Bait 28 днів тому
Am I the only one who was shocked her beasteses didn't get larger then they did? I mean they are wonderful, just thought they would have gotten alot larger.
Kalyani Manisundar
Kalyani Manisundar 28 днів тому
Hi wats your height?
Anusreeta Das
Anusreeta Das 28 днів тому
I Live in Kolkata,now I'm pregnant but suffering heavy constipation problem, doctor prescribed me duphalac but it's not working good,please please gives me some suggestions, please please help me
brazil Ball gamer
brazil Ball gamer 28 днів тому
Christophe Dos Santos
Christophe Dos Santos Місяць тому
Elle est trop mignonne😋😋😘😘
Nisa Najwa
Nisa Najwa Місяць тому
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