Every TV Needs OLED

Jon Rettinger
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Thanks to LG for sponsoring this video, for more information about OLED: en.oledspace.com
You hear the word OLED tossed around a lot lately, but do you know what it means and how that technology compares to LCD? If not, we have the perfect video for you! Check out why you shouldn't buy a new TV without OLED technology.
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21 чер 2019





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Mat O'Flynn
Mat O'Flynn 3 місяці тому
Most informative and entertaining video I’ve seen about TV tech. Thanks!
Peter Arnold
Peter Arnold 4 місяці тому
We live in exciting times.
jh jo
jh jo 4 місяці тому
Oled >>>>>> 8k lcd
Josh Critenden
Josh Critenden 4 місяці тому
Great video for the comparison. You can see the difference for yourself right in the video
613 vin
613 vin 4 місяці тому
Cool to see this discussion about the 2 technologies
Jinius Keisel
Jinius Keisel 4 місяці тому
Aspect ratio is where OLED really makes a difference. Just a better picture
Sammy Vaught
Sammy Vaught 4 місяці тому
Seems clear that OLED is the better choice based on his criteria. Would like to see more of the CSO too
Misch Cruz
Misch Cruz 4 місяці тому
Great 1 to 1 comparison of OLED and QLED. Pretty straight forward results
Erick G
Erick G 4 місяці тому
Anonymous Troll
Anonymous Troll 4 місяці тому
Now buy both the TVs and calibrate the heck out of them then compare them side by side in your own room. You won't like the OLED that much. Btw I'm a OLED fan just waiting for MicroLED.
Swapnil Meshram
Swapnil Meshram 4 місяці тому
I am watching on 120$ phone with super amold display
Bulmaro Sanchez
Bulmaro Sanchez 4 місяці тому
Dela Newman
Dela Newman 4 місяці тому
I did check lg Oled comparing it even to Qled . The Oled is far better. Am really impress
Bojan Glamocak
Bojan Glamocak 4 місяці тому
QLED = LCD (basically)
Nara Ash
Nara Ash 5 місяців тому
The contrast ratio of OLED really makes a difference
Richard Leiva
Richard Leiva 5 місяців тому
Hey Jon thank you for coming into the store in Montclair can we get a shout-out for Richard and Alfred when you do the review on your AC my name is Richard on the gentleman that ran to your car and said I recognized you from techno Buffalo
I MuZe I
I MuZe I 5 місяців тому
The Long Night episode was dark due to compression issues, not due to OLED, vs standard panels though that did play a minor role. I have a Plasma and an OLED screen. The episode was equally dark on both.
Angus menegon
Angus menegon 5 місяців тому
Samsung made the oled panel in the thumbnail
Pea Sweet
Pea Sweet 5 місяців тому
With serious burn in issues being a thing of the past, OLED is the way to go at this point
Melvin Freeman
Melvin Freeman 5 місяців тому
As the average consumer continues to be enticed on bigger 📺, the difference between OLED and QLED matters little. But great educational video Jon👍🏾🇺🇸!!
Varad Mahatme
Varad Mahatme 5 місяців тому
Oled burn in is the worst!!!
UUB Repus
UUB Repus 5 місяців тому
Jon '' LG's new marketing guy'' Rettinger
Seule Delenor
Seule Delenor 5 місяців тому
Cool that LG invited you up for this. You can see the picture is clearer on the OLED. The deeper black is meant to make the picture better in bright places too
Habbi Brown
Habbi Brown 5 місяців тому
image retention or 'burn in' is not really an issue anymore for OLED. Look at the latest literature on CNET or RTINGS
Miranda Slain
Miranda Slain 5 місяців тому
Pretty straight forward. The OLED looks better and clearer and the CSO looks so cool.
oliver spies
oliver spies 5 місяців тому
Side by side comparison and you can really see the difference even in the video. deeper black, more vivid colors and all the rest
Hirako Shinji
Hirako Shinji 5 місяців тому
LG makes the best what ????? this is clearly an advert
Wael Elewi
Wael Elewi 5 місяців тому
Needs what?
Latrell Jennings
Latrell Jennings 5 місяців тому
I know he couldn't say that LG makes one of the best displays on the planet without thinking about Samsung.
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson 5 місяців тому
That's interesting, I didn't know they could localize and create stereo separation with sound on display tech. Very cool. :)
Sintel Paige
Sintel Paige 5 місяців тому
Great video John. I love my Sony A8F OLED.
ChickenMcNugget 5 місяців тому
Totally fine with squarespace, nord vpn, dollar shave club etc. types of sponsorships. But this goes too far for me. The main reason i'm subscibed to channels like this is to get unbiased opinions on interesteing tech products. I don't know who this video is aimed for, certainly not for your viewer base? - Been a subscriber of yours for the past 5 or so years
Mark's Tech
Mark's Tech 5 місяців тому
hey... weird opinion here... but ... maybe next time put a TV on the thumbnail instead of an iphone... since, you know - youre not talking about iphone. yeah....
Deon H
Deon H 5 місяців тому
Just call the video an add for LG and save a lot of people the trouble of watching this!
john wilkins
john wilkins 4 місяці тому
He should have said something like 'Thanks to LG for sponsoring this video' at the beginning of the video or in the video description
srsgonu 5 місяців тому
thumbnail is a bait. you don't have to do that JR.
Southernboyj 5 місяців тому
The ad ends at 8:25
Jatt Posti
Jatt Posti 5 місяців тому
You know your suppose to disclose the entire video is a ad right?
Alex Mamedy
Alex Mamedy 5 місяців тому
Qled has rich colors oled has deeper black level
Charles B
Charles B 5 місяців тому
I thought this video was like 2 years old because everyone know what Oled is. If you don’t then you probably don’t care that much about it
dmazeau 5 місяців тому
You have enough personality, intelligence, and likeability to run a UKvid channel that will bring in enough revenue to support one family. But you might need to do the small stuff yourself. I am not sure that you can afford a staff of 2 or 3. If you didn’t have a staff, you wouldn’t have to do videos like this. Please forgive me for this frank opinion. Maybe I am wrong.
keithjinternet 5 місяців тому
You blink so much
janmejay raj
janmejay raj 5 місяців тому
Thanks for spoiling got
Akuto Sai
Akuto Sai 5 місяців тому
That’s some pretty cool tech
Kyle Ruggles
Kyle Ruggles 5 місяців тому
A really cool and long advertisement, gotta do what you gotta do to make the bucks! I fast forwarded through most of this within 2 minutes. It's neat.
vepelza26 5 місяців тому
This the low cost version for a LG tv ad.
Christopher O'Grady
Christopher O'Grady 5 місяців тому
Had you never seen a good plasma before an OLED? Like the pioneer kuro or Panasonics? They have just as good black levels as OLED and have been around a lot longer. OLED just gives you the deep blacks and the good power efficiency, Becuase my plasma eats all the electricity in the country
JR Richards
JR Richards 5 місяців тому
0:54 What was that? Holding back a burp or maybe he just threw up in his mouth a little.
JR Richards
JR Richards 5 місяців тому
The ad just stopped after 8:25.
Regis Bodnar
Regis Bodnar 5 місяців тому
Yo! HTC got really good at LCDs before they switched to OLEDs! But the colors were never quite as good as a mediocre OLED!
Resort 5 місяців тому
I just came to this video just to hear him talk. Love his voice puts me to sleep. I mean that in the nicest way possible goodnight Jon
Kapingiri Nakatoke
Kapingiri Nakatoke 5 місяців тому
I have a flagship but it’s an Liquid Retna, true fans know what I’m talking about, comment to mine to what it is and like if you compare
Adnan Khan33
Adnan Khan33 5 місяців тому
Watching this on Lg 😛
Miguel Jacinto
Miguel Jacinto 5 місяців тому
Love the comparison to the game of thrones episode! They should've advertised an OLED TV during that episode hahaha
Сергей Пядушкин
Сергей Пядушкин 5 місяців тому
It might be that LG just isn't very good with it's LCD displays, those panels from LG in phones like xiaomi and Nokia have some issues with red sides, screen retention and so on, while ones from other manufacturers (sometimes even in the same model of smartphone) don't
2muchjpop 5 місяців тому
Honestly, while it feels like an ad, I know it's not. I felt that way after my first OLED TV. But the problems of OLED outweigh the pros on a TV. The burn in and heat produced not worth it. Lack of higher variable refresh rates, for upcoming consoles and PCs, and paying so much money for a TV and just not being able to get that as feature is also just a disappointment. Now if you talked about the upcoming micro LED as well, then it'd feel less like an ad. It's pretty much superior in every way.
VSD 5 місяців тому
VSD 5 місяців тому
It's 1.5x for me. So slooowwwww
steven gittelman
steven gittelman 5 місяців тому
I miss the uncomfortable videos with his employees who obviously hated him. Now those were fun...
Bhanu Parihar
Bhanu Parihar 5 місяців тому
QLED has higher refresh rate less burn in so... QLED everyday !!
Debojit Chowdhury
Debojit Chowdhury 5 місяців тому
Also OLED is more energy efficient.
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