Everything Wrong With Coraline In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Coraline is creepy, endearing, original, and fun. BUT it still has sins! So we counted them.
Thursday: Spooky live-action '90s sins.
Remember, no movie is without sins. which movie's sins should we count next?
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27 жов 2020





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Itz _ Kawaii _ Calico
Itz _ Kawaii _ Calico 3 години тому
If you thought this was a nightmare factory then you should read the book
『Fizzy pop』 VEVO
『Fizzy pop』 VEVO 13 годин тому
It’s a fucking sin that this movie has more sins than Lorax, that shit movie was leagues below this masterpiece (seriously, Lorax has 102 and Coraline has 116)
Kareem Jalanbo
Kareem Jalanbo 16 годин тому
The "Detroit Lions" line had me cracking up for way longer than it should have
Mr.Jerry951 YT
Mr.Jerry951 YT 19 годин тому
5:56 WhAtS ShAkInG BaBy!!! Top 5 disturbing scenes
Colton Thayer
Colton Thayer 22 години тому
19-20 I counted
The Bitter Sweet Phsycos
The Bitter Sweet Phsycos День тому
Wow he is really bored in quarantine. Cause he be trying to hate on a perfect movie.
שר הביטחון של אורי ורד
10:06 Childhood is fearing the antagonist from horror movies. Adulthood is looking up at porn of them or worse... Search it.
Eric Suen
Eric Suen День тому
damn this is more recent than i thought
Apollo,Adrian jay Alexander
Apollo,Adrian jay Alexander День тому
The only thing I want to see this video is his voice
Paliden Gamer
Paliden Gamer День тому
holy hell this vid almost has 1.0 M M veiws
שר הביטחון של אורי ורד
Since that in the book the story is taken place near London then the writers had the choice to put the story wherever in the world but instead of coralina they choose Oregon. And that's a war crime.
MrDannyDetail День тому
This just came up in my recommendations, and I misread it as 'Everything wrong with Cocaine'. I guess I should be worried about my own sanity now....
orange blossom.
orange blossom. День тому
Zain64 День тому
how tf did this amazing movie get 10 more sins than trolls 2
Renai Circular Motion
Renai Circular Motion День тому
Just make everything great about coraline XD
Tam Mat
Tam Mat День тому
Hey, THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS MOVIE. Sorry it's just this movie is spectacular
Jo G
Jo G День тому
Coraline is supposed to be in 3rd or 4th grade, which makes this movie even more creepy
Skyla Brockwell
Skyla Brockwell День тому
When i was little i was actually traumatized by this movie
MintZ День тому
But the vid is 17 minutes
The Dark One784
The Dark One784 День тому
I’m left handed and I’m a offended you sinned her being left handed. lol
Kanyon Graham
Kanyon Graham День тому
I mean wiat isn't wrong about utah
Bubble Dumb
Bubble Dumb День тому
that moment your the little kid he talks about in the first reason to sin the movie
Mikaela Childress
Mikaela Childress День тому
Mr bobinsky (or however you spell it) was in a toxic waist cleanup crew (look at the metal he where’s) that’s why he’s blue
Boris Network
Boris Network День тому
I saw this movie once and thought Tim Burton made this
Inkie Blinkie
Inkie Blinkie День тому
My parents made me watch this at 6 years old. I was terrified. Lol it´s why I hate dolls and the movie itself, but I have to be honest, it´s a good movie and the other father is one of the best characters.
Looking Deeper Into The Movies
The most relatable part of this movie is other characters getting Coraline's name wrong. With my first name being Camden, I've been mistakenly called Cameron sooooo many times.
Dillon Brincefield
Dillon Brincefield 2 дні тому
Look at his shirt he is blue cuz nukes
Christian 2 дні тому
6:11 you can almost hear a distant you can’t appirate in or out of hogwarts
Mak Kat
Mak Kat 2 дні тому
as someone who sleeps next to a tiny door in the corner of my room,I can safely say that this movie is TERRIFYING.
Keefer Lamarche
Keefer Lamarche 2 дні тому
The serial killer or apple store employee is so fucking accurate. The aspie or the sociopath -the Aspie
Everett [BetaTrivus]
Everett [BetaTrivus] 2 дні тому
TMBG rocks
Winter Lovegood
Winter Lovegood 2 дні тому
1:36 tHe cAt hAs No BuTtHoLe Me: Why are you looking at the cats butt- CinemaSins: Shhhh its normal
YBnana 001
YBnana 001 2 дні тому
dedicated a song to this movie go check it out y'allllll 😎🔥 ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-g0C6tUl8FsA.html
Bubbles The unicorn
Bubbles The unicorn 2 дні тому
Actually, a mango milkshake sounds especially delightful. You uncultured swine!
Muffin 2 дні тому
I grew up thinking coraline and wybie were like 13 or 14 years old only to look it up and find out they’re both 11
Logan H
Logan H 2 дні тому
i have a doll with button eyes and she is a monkey she is broken but i still love her
John Hatchell
John Hatchell 2 дні тому
Even though this is a kids movie its one of my favorite flicks the balance of wonder, magic and terror is completely balanced and amazing.
Allie B.C.
Allie B.C. 3 дні тому
So, in the book, one of the three ghost children is actually a fairy, not a human. That's always made me wonder where she came from, it has to be the real world because we're led to believe the beldam's world is made entirely from her own mind.
Alvaro Ruiz
Alvaro Ruiz 3 дні тому
I don't recomend skillshare. They make you think that you have a free trial of one month but in two weeks they end the trial and charge you with ONE YEAR subscription automatically. I have tried to talk with them but they dont cooperate. Moreover, you can find content of better cuality for free in UKvid, like the channel of "Filmento"
Lelouch Lamperouge
Lelouch Lamperouge 3 дні тому
Yep, they did the same to me... this is almost an scam
Bonnie Jane
Bonnie Jane 3 дні тому
If the world wasn’t scary, it would be too easy for coralline to win
Wolf_Boy Gaming2056
Wolf_Boy Gaming2056 3 дні тому
#Sin-left-hand-users i find this funny bc i am left handed XD
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 3 дні тому
1:33 "Who does this cat have no butthole?" CinemaSins you're to much sometimes lmfao
Colin Daly
Colin Daly 3 дні тому
Being left handed is not a sin! I'm offended!!
Samantha Santana-Cook
Samantha Santana-Cook 3 дні тому
As an Oregonian, it bugs me how that guy says Oregon.
xSoporific 3 дні тому
ruthlesace 3 дні тому
somehow this got more sins than trolls world tour?
calm man
calm man 3 дні тому
Rewatched DBS and the cat sounds like Beerus. Any second I feel like he’s gonna hakai other mother
Elise Fox
Elise Fox 3 дні тому
Something tells me that Cinema Sins and Let's Game it Out would get along great
Sarah Rundell
Sarah Rundell 3 дні тому
So I've been thinking about why everything slowly gets more and more nightmarish every time Coraline goes back, and I think it's a combination of things. 1. The longer Coraline is there the more she subconsciously or possibly even consciously notices something wrong or unnerving. Which leads to 2. The Other Mother's magic feeds off of Coraline's desires and wishes, so the more Coraline notices the more the magic weakens creating a feedback loop. 3. By the time the Other Mother makes offers to let Coraline stay there permanently she knows she has Coraline in her grasp and doesn't bother keeping up the illusion of 'the perfect' place.
Oli S.C.A
Oli S.C.A 3 дні тому
i love this channel ive been subbed for over 3 years but this guy makes a one liner and treats it as a movie sin
bruh moment
bruh moment 3 дні тому
cinema sins: finally, a worthy opponent!
Steff Nite
Steff Nite 3 дні тому
The fact that Henry and Tim have worked together in the past makes everything....
anime girl
anime girl 3 дні тому
I've been wanting this for so long cus this is my favorite movie! And the fact yall struggled to insult it is awesome!
Adrian Padilla
Adrian Padilla 3 дні тому
Go Spartans!!!
Tia Smith
Tia Smith 4 дні тому
There's nothing wrong with Coraline.
LuckyAsMarcus 4 дні тому
This movie literally scared the fuck outta me when l was a child.
Blair Waldorf
Blair Waldorf 4 дні тому
Your channel really hates children huh 😭
better TOGETHER 4 дні тому
Every time I watch this movie my mom sings button in your eyes over and over
Emma Haller
Emma Haller 4 дні тому
That Michigan comment was scarily accurate lol
Oliver wooster Wooster
Oliver wooster Wooster 4 дні тому
Even though this entire movie is based of a cliche “ aloof parent” it is a very good beautiful movie visibly and you can’t change my mind.
Lewis Irwin
Lewis Irwin 4 дні тому
5:35 Bitch have you even _tried_ a Mango Lassi? Those things'll change your life!
GR1M R3AP3R 6IX 4 дні тому
If thought coraline was a fucked up kids movie you should see monster house. (Yes I referenced a previous video.
Gacha Gal
Gacha Gal 4 дні тому
*Me, a left hander*
Du Ballet
Du Ballet 4 дні тому
"this Housewife", reference appreciated :p
Kirk Krassman
Kirk Krassman 4 дні тому
15 minutes or less he said it would be shorter he he said (17 mins)
Sean Bates
Sean Bates 4 дні тому
FoxWolfLover 5 днів тому
People think Coraline is scary..? What the-
Deniselle Swan
Deniselle Swan 5 днів тому
Please stop doing cartoons, they're not meant to have real world logic. At least change the criteria somehow. Are you really going to sin a cat for not having a butthole?
Rehan 5 днів тому
Jelly Drop ! !
Jelly Drop ! ! 5 днів тому
Julie Campbell
Julie Campbell 5 днів тому
This movie shouldn’t even be criticized
Rainbow Critter
Rainbow Critter 5 днів тому
People got so upset by this video, its almost like they've never seen a cinemasins video before and don't realize like all these "sins" are jokes and that this is a comedy/satire channel, not a legitimate movie review channel lol
Andy Warner
Andy Warner 5 днів тому
Mango milkshake is AMAZING!
L3murL0rd 5 днів тому
This Movie gave me Nightmares as a Child!
Shannon Grummisch
Shannon Grummisch 5 днів тому
3:33 we found the meme
L 5 днів тому
i don’t see any sins
Michael Ochoa
Michael Ochoa 5 днів тому
Yeah right, like he actually has a wife.
stem Ngcobo
stem Ngcobo 5 днів тому
ive watched many horror movies oin my life, where most of them have rumours about the aftermath of watching yet none will top the core this movie struck when i was a child
Morty Smith
Morty Smith 5 днів тому
One comment for one particular sin: You CAN'T Apparate INTO or OUT of Hogwarts! Jeremy is not a Potterhead.
Its OK i wouldn't remember me either
Have seen this movie about 6 times... I love this movie
TurboTrey 5 днів тому
10:01 dont mind this trend, actually I’m glad it’s showing up in more movies and I don’t think the animators mind either
Lampshade 5 днів тому
I feel uncomfortable watching this
MegaThunder70 5 днів тому
Cinemasins sin suppose to be in under 15 minutes it ran 17 gotta doc 20 points for that.
Jenifer Wicklund
Jenifer Wicklund 5 днів тому
I'm so happy you called them out on the hand map thing, as someone from around Pontiac I can say that she is a disappointment for not doing this and also is the wrong demographic from being from that area. And anyone moving out of that area would probably say they're from Metro Detroit instead, as that's what people will recognize.
Ethan Liles
Ethan Liles 5 днів тому
3:54 the fuck you got against lefties. I take offense to that personally
Garciafever 5 днів тому
14:53 Jeremy missed a good opportunity for an outtake to include the one from Ghost. "Molly, you're in danger, girl"
MonkishRaptor 40
MonkishRaptor 40 5 днів тому
Dani Boy
Dani Boy 5 днів тому
0:40 this was my favorite movie as a kid.... and I’m an apple employee 😂 I’m getting @‘ed in this video not even a minute in 🤣
Your FamilyFriendlyAnonymous
Your FamilyFriendlyAnonymous 5 днів тому
Cinema wins has to do this now-
Kayla Foy
Kayla Foy 5 днів тому
I've been waiting forever for him to do Coraline. The wait was worth it❤️
PyroChickenPollo 5 днів тому
"proportions" ima start using that now.
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 5 днів тому
Tulips..? They're snap dragons!
Charkit 6 днів тому
Speaking of spooky childrens movies and Tim Burton, you should _TOTALLY_ sin "9". It's an amazing movie and I really wanna see you criticize small details that don't matter.
Tayron Chenault
Tayron Chenault 6 днів тому
lol 406 views and 5,777 comments
Daisy the Goth
Daisy the Goth 6 днів тому
How dare you criticize the best movie ever made
MeowMeowChocoChow 5 днів тому
Yes, how dare he critique perfection. I have nightmares
Sarah Luke
Sarah Luke 6 днів тому
The LOST BOYS!!! need to be done! I'll keep commenting that hahaha
Syrell Thorpe
Syrell Thorpe 6 днів тому
Do where the wild things are please!
MemelordAlaka'i 6 днів тому
Love how like none were actual bad things
Tyson Rosemeyer
Tyson Rosemeyer 6 днів тому
no its called youtube not skill share and its free
The Almighty Meme Machine
The Almighty Meme Machine 6 днів тому
me when i first saw the title: how dare you, coraline is perfect except for all the parts where she tells people VERY CLEARLY that her name is "coraline" and they still pronounce it "caroline"
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