Exclusive Behind The Scenes - The Hunger Games - Stories from the Tributes

The Hunger Games
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Exclusive Behind The Scenes from The Hunger Games
Sorry for my long absence guys! Hope youre gonna like this ;)

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1 кві 2017





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Avengers Assemble
Avengers Assemble День тому
Anyone else just rlly wish they were apart of the filming, it just looked so fun :/
Artaholic24 hf
Artaholic24 hf День тому
I wanna go here this stuff sounds so fun. Its surprising how fun this is when the movie is supposed to be dark and serious
just a coolkid
just a coolkid День тому
amandla is amazing
Koli Barr
Koli Barr 2 дні тому
Who read the new hunger games book ?
Trystan Westfall
Trystan Westfall 2 дні тому
I want to be Katniss
Tori boyett
Tori boyett 3 дні тому
it’s so weird seeing them all get along when i saw them kill each other in the movie
Nibbleitis YT
Nibbleitis YT 3 дні тому
Tori boyett I find that kinda cute.
Elizabeth Adler
Elizabeth Adler 4 дні тому
Michael Jaeb
Michael Jaeb 5 днів тому
If I were ever in a movie I would never go in with a boyfriend......... hahaha
Nathaniel Wilch
Nathaniel Wilch 5 днів тому
I love marvel's actor he's so ruthless in the movie but so kind in real life!
Hailey Xo
Hailey Xo 6 днів тому
Glimmer is so annoying in the movies and books but her actress has such big sister energy I love it 😂
ф xxxDemonized ф
ф xxxDemonized ф 6 днів тому
I find it slightly discriminatory I’m already ten minutes in and none of the “District # Female/Male” people haven’t gotten an interview yet :(
grastovex 4 дні тому
Ikr :
Moon The Umbreon
Moon The Umbreon 6 днів тому
Food running out scene:Exist Turkeys:Well yes, but actually no. Also if they’re looking for a 10 year old actor for the next one, ring me up.
tea zei
tea zei 6 днів тому
Isabelle and Jack are awesome!
Sophia Anderson
Sophia Anderson 6 днів тому
This looks like the most fun thing ever, I would do anything to be one of them 😔😂
Zabel Kasabian
Zabel Kasabian 6 днів тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-qgMnWDK0mrQ.html watch this. I made it on imove and its pictures of katniss to girl on fire. plz rate it or give a comment, it would mean a lot.
D. B.
D. B. 6 днів тому
I love Isabelle
Pizza Sauce
Pizza Sauce 7 днів тому
7:21 😂
Scarlet Moon
Scarlet Moon 7 днів тому
This makes me want to relive memories I don't even have
Leandra Wyss
Leandra Wyss 8 днів тому
Well... Marvel for sure got his revenge on Amandla for the Stalker-prank...
Leandra Wyss
Leandra Wyss 8 днів тому
Cool now I don’t know who to ship anymore. Clove and Cato or Clove and Marvel? Rue and Marvel doesn’t seem too bad either...
Leandra Wyss
Leandra Wyss 8 днів тому
2:14 Rey Skywalker who? Clove invented that hairstyle and looks so much better with it !!
Eden Carrasco
Eden Carrasco 8 днів тому
This is awesome 👏
Amber Leone
Amber Leone 8 днів тому
Is Caesar not the best actorever
daniel fallon
daniel fallon 8 днів тому
i wonder if they still watch the hungergames
elegant paper operator maker
elegant paper operator maker 10 днів тому
They keep saying they made life long friends and I’m wondering if they still talk to each other about 8 years later
Timilitimbas Timilitimbas
Timilitimbas Timilitimbas 10 днів тому
I want to be actress it looks so fun
Shreeyanka Bardhan
Shreeyanka Bardhan 10 днів тому
What wouldn’t I give to be one of these people
Glazed Donut
Glazed Donut 11 днів тому
Isabelle just made me love Clove even more. The knives, the hair...SHE EVEN HAS THE SAME NAME AS ME
AD 11 днів тому
The hunger games was my 2nd fandom that I became obsessed with after narnia. We read the 1st and2nd book in 4th grade. Then I watched the movies whenever they came out like a billion times. I read all the books on my own in 7th grade. I’m still obsessed with the hunger games and I’m now a senior in high school
AD 11 днів тому
10:10 imagine if that guy didn’t put that mat there when fresh slams clove
rꫀꪶꫀꪀtꪶꫀss ꪮρtiꪑisꪑ
Alex: Amandla, if you're out there, just wait. I'mma get ya. *it's been 8 years*
Flamingo Raiy
Flamingo Raiy 11 днів тому
Cant wait for the second
Stephanie Dong
Stephanie Dong 11 днів тому
I LOVE Peeta!!!
Lydia Hope
Lydia Hope 12 днів тому
Is it just me but WHERE IS PEETA!!!!
Le Dang
Le Dang 12 днів тому
Wow this was 2011😲
Harlie Weir
Harlie Weir 12 днів тому
can we have another hunger gamessss please i beg🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 my life consists of the moviess
Nibbleitis YT
Nibbleitis YT 3 дні тому
Harlie Weir well lucky for you the ballad of songbirds and snakes are being made into a movie.
Daisy Davis
Daisy Davis 13 днів тому
Honestly I think the actors of clove and Katniss should have switched roles
Lorien Colucci
Lorien Colucci 13 днів тому
It’s funny how they are all saying “I’ve made a close friend group” and it shows almost everyone but Jennifer and Josh 😂 they got to meet them once and that’s it . Don’t expect to meet them again 😂
LittleLeaf Clover
LittleLeaf Clover 13 днів тому
So they couldn't kill Rue because she was way too wholesome? Cool
What Ever
What Ever 13 днів тому
Rue 😭😭😭 Amandla was so cute
Khoiril Sutaman
Khoiril Sutaman 13 днів тому
Jack quaid? From the boys? Omg
Glimmer Darling
Glimmer Darling 14 днів тому
Glimmer is my fave ❤️❤️
Tony Roblox and Vlogs
Tony Roblox and Vlogs 14 днів тому
I think. The nightlock berries are blueberries
anna van lier
anna van lier 14 днів тому
me sitting in north carolina not knowing my fan movie was filmed in my home state: 👁👄👁
Victoria Rodriguez
Victoria Rodriguez 15 днів тому
I swear these tributes are this whole gang who talks about their favorite sushi and have sleepovers and here's josh jennifer and liam in their own little world going into their trailers, talking about farts 😂😂😂
TeddyPoof 15 днів тому
when your teacher asks why you never do your home work: you: Lol Teacher: excuse me?! you: don't you know I spent my entire weekend murdering people?!!! Teacher: do I need to call child services? You: I'm part of the Hunger games cast!!!! Teacher: ohh, I love those books! when are the movies supposed to come out? Teacher: By the way you pass no matter what.
TeddyPoof 15 днів тому
was Jenifer (Katniss) just hugging jack (marvel) the kid she kills after he kills rue? Is it just me or dose it seem weird to hang out with people who are suppose to be dead???? or who you killed in the past???
Jenni Hernandez
Jenni Hernandez 15 днів тому
someone convince me that Leven Rambin and Sara Paxton are not the same person tho...
Persephone Diggen - Other Things
here's my video about the prequel of the hunger games, if you want to see it ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-Dxxyk_-1rt0.html
VARIANT 1 16 днів тому
10:03 FINISH HIM! Also how does cloves knife push the kid that far out of the way in the movie. I MEAN JESUS CLOVE how hard do you need tho throw the damn knife.
Turtle Master 24
Turtle Master 24 16 днів тому
Say what you will about Panem, but they've got a SLAMMING national anthem.
Rylee Fraser
Rylee Fraser 17 днів тому
Why was peta not in any of those shots
Milly !
Milly ! 14 днів тому
Made Widnyana
Made Widnyana 17 днів тому
Rue❤️ i love Rue so much 😍❤️
Ravenclaw_ Prefect
Ravenclaw_ Prefect 17 днів тому
When you realize that one of the places they filmed was a place you visited on your vacation (I did research) OMG WHAT
Cherry Blxssoms
Cherry Blxssoms 16 днів тому
Ravenclaw_ Prefect I went to North Carolina when they were filming I didn’t even know
Alfred Rask Holm
Alfred Rask Holm 18 днів тому
Anybody Else That love the district 4 male
Tea 18 днів тому
I honestly wish that the actors of the other tributes got some attention as well. There were quite a few amazing stunts preformed by them. qwq
Dada 379
Dada 379 19 днів тому
I'm watching this in 2020 and I was like...why Rue's face is so familiar? So I looked her up...and found out she's the one in Everything Everything movie. Gosh how much she has grown...I didn't recognize her in that movie. I only noticed that she's the same person when I saw her different make up in these interviews. 😱
k a y l a a a a a
k a y l a a a a a 19 днів тому
i feel so left out now…
Nあけみ 19 днів тому
I miss this cast!
Zachariah Kim
Zachariah Kim 19 днів тому
Ofc Jennifer lawerence isn’t in this
Keagyn J
Keagyn J 19 днів тому
Love how they are so close ♥️🥺
Titus Goshert
Titus Goshert 20 днів тому
Jack Quaid: It was like a summer camp. Marvel: *takes an arrow to the heart*
Miles Chaney
Miles Chaney 20 днів тому
Did Foxface kill her self
Abby Fleiss
Abby Fleiss 20 днів тому
This whole thing is just friendship goals. lol
Abby Fleiss
Abby Fleiss 20 днів тому
Anybody else just wishing they were in this because it seems more fun than like normal life. that was phrased really weird lol
Korin Ramos
Korin Ramos 20 днів тому
D6 Female And D7 Female ARE Best Friends 16:22
Korin Ramos
Korin Ramos 20 днів тому
Poor D4 Female 9:31 Poor D6 Female 9:53
Dasha Vorontsov
Dasha Vorontsov 20 днів тому
It's so awkward seeing them be friends in real life and be nice when in the movie they're so violent
Dasha Vorontsov
Dasha Vorontsov 20 днів тому
I love the anthem of the Capitol it's so catchy
wolf theories
wolf theories 20 днів тому
I feel like I'm the only one who has seen each hunger games movie over 120 times
Sebastian Sebastian
Sebastian Sebastian 20 днів тому
lol they were playing Ninja at 1:26 ! ♥️♥️
Terrance Huber
Terrance Huber 20 днів тому
Where is Josh Hutcherson at
Jazlyn Olsen
Jazlyn Olsen 20 днів тому
awwwww :3 I love this video :D
Alec x Wolves
Alec x Wolves 22 дні тому
Noah : trying to talk about what he did in the cornucopia ( wich was interesting cause I didn’t see him ) Clove : interrupting him with ‘ cOrNuCoPiA ‘
Katryn Lathrum
Katryn Lathrum 22 дні тому
OMG!! This is the greatest this just like made me want to be in movies even more. They are all so cute and I love it when he goes,'hey remind me to tell you this really funny fart joke after this is over. OH MY GODD!'
Norv Delapena
Norv Delapena 22 дні тому
so i basically a watch a cast enjoying to kill each other and bonding over it for minutes
ChocolateChipz 23 дні тому
Seeing rue joke around and makes friends makes me really happy, even if its not really rue.
Jennifer Gutierrez
Jennifer Gutierrez 23 дні тому
Where is Jennifer Lawrence?
MJ P 24 дні тому
It was like a giant playground for big kids
skylar blue
skylar blue 24 дні тому
my heart i love seeing how my favorites movies make all the cast into a family
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