Ezra Miller Educates Josh Horowitz on Harry Potter | After Hours | MTV

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Ezra Miller sits down with After Hours’ Josh Horowitz and educates him on the world of Harry Potter.
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16 лис 2016

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Lily Barocas
Lily Barocas 29 хвилин тому
his neck vein is me
ER Bram
ER Bram 2 години тому
*M E*
AssaultedPeanutt 7 годин тому
Me. Every time the Harry Potter series is brought up in conversation with my husband. This year I forced him to watch the movies. We're almost through Half Blood Prince and he's still clueless and bored 😭😭😭 I'm trying guys, I'm trying 😭😭😭
tiara pasi
tiara pasi 12 годин тому
Erica Camacho
Erica Camacho 14 годин тому
Why did UKvid only recommend this to me now?! It's been a year! God this makes me love Ezra Miller, so much more.
Morgan Grace
Morgan Grace 21 годину тому
This is actually me all the time with my friends who “don’t like” harry potter
Elsie Jane
Elsie Jane День тому
Felix felicis on the chalkboard
Robyn Fields
Robyn Fields День тому
Ezra Miller is my new best friend
Minea Tarkiainen
Minea Tarkiainen День тому
Ezra Miller is the best
Dani Vargas
Dani Vargas День тому
Кристина Волкова
I’ve watched it like five times but UKvid still constantly recommends me to watch it again
Lili Ann
Lili Ann День тому
Ezra makes me nut
bicooo1 День тому
HAHAHA how has this video not gone viral 'JOSHHHHHH!'
kurakuradizoonegara День тому
I stan ezra miller
Maayan Taub
Maayan Taub День тому
His "Always" made me cry
imcandyghost День тому
OMG if it wasn’t this video i might never know how much i forget about the details in the books
Kimberly Ler
Kimberly Ler День тому
omg so relatable when I try to talk to my Muggle friends 🤣🤣🤣
Asterismos День тому
Give them an Oscar dammit
Cookie2277 Yay
Cookie2277 Yay День тому
I relate o him on so many levels! I was so triggered when he said yeah that’s when we find out snapes the bad guy. And I was extremely triggered when he said Ezra was going to play Wally west. I was like NOooOoOoO it’s Barry Allen a forensic scientists who is a speedster because he was hit by a particle accelerator which was actually on purpose because Eobard thawne which is reverse flash needed to mentor Barry to get fast enough to get him home.
Tsarah August
Tsarah August День тому
Ezra, I see your fanboyish moments are out of control
Alessandra C Flores
Alessandra C Flores День тому
OMG!! 💖 Now I love Esza a lot more that I used to!! 💖 💖 I thought it was impossible 😍😍😍😍
The Sufi M.D
The Sufi M.D 2 дні тому
Yeah and Neville kills his girlfriend 😂🤣
The Sufi M.D
The Sufi M.D 2 дні тому
I only just realised he is also Quicksilver in X-men.
Julian Montgomery
Julian Montgomery 2 дні тому
Okay but same
Denise van Wijk
Denise van Wijk 2 дні тому
Noir FOS
Noir FOS 2 дні тому
Ezra Miller is amazing
Noir FOS
Noir FOS 2 дні тому
I play bArRY aLLeNNNNN
Heliix Cam
Heliix Cam 3 дні тому
what a nut
Narutokyuubihokage02 3 дні тому
There are two types of people: Harry Potter fans and those who haven't read/ watched them yet
Kaila oliveros
Kaila oliveros 3 дні тому
Goshhhh i love him
Ana Chirila
Ana Chirila 4 дні тому
Every once in a while I watch this to make me feel less like a super intense fan 😂😂😂
Dor Cat
Dor Cat 4 дні тому
0:26, Josh: " Twilight, now that's a series Ezra: ( face of rage)
Yoongi's TwinFlame
Yoongi's TwinFlame 4 дні тому
Damm. Ezra is so hot
Amelia Houellemont
Amelia Houellemont 4 дні тому
2:33 That moment was everything.........#fangirl!!!!!😍😍😍Dead 😱😱😱😱
Amir Zqry
Amir Zqry 5 днів тому
2:34 hahahahahahahhaah
Amir Zqry
Amir Zqry 5 днів тому
Rebecca B.
Rebecca B. 5 днів тому
I love him. ♥ I actually cried when he said "Always."
Thisbatcantfly *-*
Thisbatcantfly *-* 5 днів тому
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 5 днів тому
cream08caramel 6 днів тому
Neve gets old 💖✨✨✨
lu 7 днів тому
I always come back to this video, it's gold
Paniz Haghighi
Paniz Haghighi 9 днів тому
I love this guy😂😂👍👍
amani 9 днів тому
Nikira Dewa
Nikira Dewa 10 днів тому
I love ezra's jacket. It has the wizarding community vibes in it.
Tria Mellinia
Tria Mellinia 10 днів тому
'Always...' #starting at far away
luv_acid_pops 10 днів тому
Why is Ezra Miller literally me
Bianca Fernandez
Bianca Fernandez 11 днів тому
Mohana Mitra
Mohana Mitra 11 днів тому
Love this one 😍
Nicholas Bosco
Nicholas Bosco 11 днів тому
he's intense
정재현 11 днів тому
ezra miller is gorgeus.
ruby garcia
ruby garcia 11 днів тому
Bringing the the Harry Potter vs Twilight beef back again.... #Throwback
The Reading Ravenclaw
The Reading Ravenclaw 12 днів тому
I am literally Ezra Miller in this situation. And I also love him!!
Geena Maris Mangiliman
Geena Maris Mangiliman 12 днів тому
Skylar Plays
Skylar Plays 14 днів тому
MOM: U still love Harry Potter?.... ME: ALWAYS.. MOM: .......
nyxxken k
nyxxken k 15 днів тому
Omg me when Muggles don't know shit about HP
Anush Smbatyan
Anush Smbatyan 15 днів тому
Miller is ME 😂
Luna Lovegood 25
Luna Lovegood 25 16 днів тому
3:00 omg he gets so emotional
Marysol 17 днів тому
Yup! That's me as a Harry Potter fan! With all that enthusiasm too 🤣 But a lot less knowledgeable of course 😋😂
Perpetually Confused
Perpetually Confused 17 днів тому
When did they get this footage of me
e tawhiti
e tawhiti 17 днів тому
I loved this.. my favourite 😂😂😂😂
Aliana ARD
Aliana ARD 17 днів тому
Lmao if anyone ever said "I thought it was Harry and Hermione?" To me, I'd scream at them for as long as I can about how stupid they are. I'm not saying you can't ship Harmione, its just that please know that Harmione is NOT canon.
Leia Jeong
Leia Jeong 17 днів тому
Ezra miller is such a charming maniac
mei rika
mei rika 18 днів тому
That's literally me... Whenever Harry potter is mentioned!!!! 😆😆😆😆
Ariku McGarden
Ariku McGarden 19 днів тому
This. This is art
Lumos /*
Lumos /* 19 днів тому
I was with it until he defended Snape
R a B
R a B 20 днів тому
Ezra Miller is sooooo funny 😭😍💚
vidyaman gawade
vidyaman gawade 20 днів тому
That's how I react too
xtph 20 днів тому
Always 💓
Jabberwocky 20 днів тому
My reaction to seeing ezra is always : oh my gosh ezra STOP But i love him💕
No Pe
No Pe 20 днів тому
Ezra is all of us..lets be fucking real.
Courtney House
Courtney House 21 день тому
Omg, I love Ezra💙
Kirsten S.
Kirsten S. 21 день тому
I’m just happy that Ezra exists ☺️
Creative Nutella
Creative Nutella 21 день тому
Yesssssssss this is me
laceplusgeek 21 день тому
This is me and all of us OCD hp fans
Ana Monten
Ana Monten 21 день тому
"Always" Me and ezra just had a moment.
Hashim ThaDream
Hashim ThaDream 21 день тому
Was everybody saying “JOSH!” Along with Ezra whenever Josh said something stupid?
nachu austen
nachu austen 21 день тому
ojala estuviera subtitulado!
A. J
A. J 22 дні тому
My little brother straight up said to me 'the movies are better than the books' i was so close to slapping him
Abby Joy
Abby Joy 22 дні тому
Emelia Jane
Emelia Jane 22 дні тому
wow this is a mood
Mrigaanka Sharma
Mrigaanka Sharma 23 дні тому
Ezra in this video is me on a daily basis
Hamdi Ali hassan
Hamdi Ali hassan 24 дні тому
This is me though lol 😂😂
brave 92
brave 92 24 дні тому
Suzie 24 дні тому
I just found this video. I can't wait for my daughter to get home from school so I can make her watch it. ALWAYS.
ella orion black
ella orion black 26 днів тому
*this is too good, we do not deserve this*
Disgraced Ape
Disgraced Ape 26 днів тому
2:09-2:17 is me with every person who hasn't read/seen Harry Potter.
The Latest And The Greatest
The Latest And The Greatest 27 днів тому
I love how he starts off with yeah it’s cool I’m not like some sort of super fan or anything
Kayla-Jean Allaire
Kayla-Jean Allaire 27 днів тому
The ending where he’s singing Hedwigs theme is relatable af
c 27 днів тому
He could really play a badass young VoldemorT (there! i've said it!)
Slythern Son
Slythern Son 28 днів тому
Snape fallowed his orders and dumbledor order snape to kill him
Slythern Son
Slythern Son 28 днів тому
WOW WOW Herminoe NEVER had feelings for Harry it was always Ron To quote from snape “ always “
Slythern Son
Slythern Son 28 днів тому
His name is actually pronounced without the T
Sabrina Miño
Sabrina Miño 28 днів тому
Ezra Miller: definitely me
Tiago Marques
Tiago Marques 29 днів тому
Funny idea, lousy script. Hermione says “LevioSA”?!? You wouldn’t recognize “Harry Potter and the PHILOSOPHER’s Stone” as a HP book? You don’t know anything about HP, no names other than Voldemort (which means you didn’t read the books nor watched the movies) but suddenly you remember Snape’s name? Really?
Rachel Zachariah
Rachel Zachariah 29 днів тому
Kate Raneses
Kate Raneses Місяць тому
Lol! He got TEABAGGED! 3:32 😂
SailorBleachNaruto Місяць тому
I need more of this 😂
Gabriel Ignácio Lopes
Gabriel Ignácio Lopes Місяць тому
I fucking love this video
Ananya Bhandari
Ananya Bhandari Місяць тому
This video is mood, especially now that the new Fantastic Beats movie is coming out and people around just can't deal with my Harry Potter obsession.
Mehnaz Lamia
Mehnaz Lamia Місяць тому
Erza is basically me when it comes to Harry Potter