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If videogames have taught me anything, it's that an assassin can solve a lot of problems. But sometimes plans fall apart, and sometimes it's for the absolute DUMBEST reasons.
SOURCES & Further Reading: "A History of Venice" by Norwich, "Rebellion" by Ackroyd, "The Poison King" by Mayor
This video was edited by Sophia Ricciardi AKA "Indigo". www.sophiakricci.com/
Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up.
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22 тра 2020





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Ray Cotter
Ray Cotter 7 годин тому
How much of the assassins creed ost,s do you put in your videos
Alexis Welsh
Alexis Welsh 20 годин тому
500 years of no rent raise? Awesome!
Jacob Landers
Jacob Landers День тому
4:33 John Johnson Jo-hn Jo-hnson Jo Jo JoJo JOJO JOOOOOOOJOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
freakymoejoe2 День тому
"Haha funny poison man"
Robert Jones
Robert Jones День тому
2:15 ... Aaaaaand practically invented vaccines.
Paulo César Santos Pontes
Paulo César Santos Pontes 2 дні тому
Pyrrhus must be so happy that he wasn't the only guy to be killed by a granny trowing rocks from a window
Gay Dinosaur
Gay Dinosaur 4 дні тому
Ok no but seriously why do Americans call it Venice? When the Italian word is Venezia?
[GWE] Big dum
[GWE] Big dum 5 днів тому
The intro part is just my evil campain party
Gustavo Peters
Gustavo Peters 7 днів тому
Hitler: survives to dozens of assassination attempts Also Hitler: fine, I'll do it myself
That There The
That There The 8 днів тому
I think the main problem with the gunpowder plot was that they decided to do it on fireworks day.
Rainbow 8 днів тому
Your best laid plans only being as strong as you dumbest nicknames is absolutely something I will be taking into my DND campaigns
the wolf studio
the wolf studio 8 днів тому
Old Lady used smite... and It's a Nat 20.
the wolf studio
the wolf studio 8 днів тому
yo, that dude with the poison is straight up a mad man and I love it. lol
AJ Farrell
AJ Farrell 8 днів тому
Also: all the assassination attempts the emperor Nero made against his own mother are pretty ridiculous, including Rube Goldberg level traps, self-sinking boats and good old fashioned creative assassination burnout.
Hotdog Man
Hotdog Man 9 днів тому
“Ouch oof ow, My bones” -King Mithridates
Brandon Porter
Brandon Porter 9 днів тому
Some idiot member of the gunpowder plot: “Hey some of you guys are alright, don’t go to parliament tomorrow”
Jonna Wunderlich
Jonna Wunderlich 10 днів тому
There is also an interesting story of a failed assassination in Germany. Though, to be fair, it's rather sad than interesting. There was a plot to kill Hitler with explosives in a briefcase that was placed under a table at an important meeting on july 20th 1944. The only reason why Hitler survived this was because someone shoved the briefcase on the other side of the table leg and so Hitler was shielded from the explosion by the tabletop.
John Johnson
John Johnson 11 днів тому
"Zero negative consequences" isn't that a depiction of the murder of archduke Frans Ferdinand, AKA what started world war I, the reparations of which started world war II?
Nikolas Grace
Nikolas Grace 11 днів тому
That lady is the embodiment of the angry Italian window woman
Cpt_Kodai 11 днів тому
Wait...she kept the same rent rate for 500 years? I can't keep the same rent for 12 months!
Gutierrez Elias
Gutierrez Elias 12 днів тому
Pesky little speed bumps lol
Braden Reily
Braden Reily 12 днів тому
The Cat in the Hat With a Bat Killing a Bitch Boy is Beautiful.
Gato Villano
Gato Villano 12 днів тому
LOL the poison guy kinda reminds me of the movie, the princess bride, where the protagonist survives being poisoned because he built an immunity to it over years of consuming it.
boo angel
boo angel 13 днів тому
As a relative to Thomas percy I can say that wow the British government do not hold their punches also I thought my grandmother made up Thomas percy wow okay I am impressed.
Zbionix / Caleb H.
Zbionix / Caleb H. 15 днів тому
Anyone can down snake venom. That's why its venom and not poison. BOI.
Red 7134
Red 7134 15 днів тому
When the party of nothing but 12 sorcerers encounter any problem whatsoever: 4:11
TheNecessaryEvil 16 днів тому
A BBC show a couple years ago built a mockup of the then parliament building and blew it up with 'just' the amount of black powder that hadn't gotten wet, the building was totally obliterated. The stand in manikin king and parliament were reduced to parts. They made the wonderful observation 'Of course the real thing would have been much worse, the parliament building of the time was surrounded by more buildings, that would have shattered and stone, wood, and metal shrapnel would have rained down over a mile radius, everything within 200 yards would have been shredded. If all of the powder had blown the crater would be a new lake filled by the Thames.'
Cabbage 16 днів тому
"haha funny poison man"
indigo blue
indigo blue 18 днів тому
Blue be like alexa play my heart is burried in venice by ricky montgomery
Isabel Jane
Isabel Jane 19 днів тому
I don't know how many non-Brits know this but England still has a holiday called 'bonfire night' or 'Guy Fawkes night' where, to this day, we burn a fake guy Fawkes on a bonfire and set off fireworks on the 5th of November to commemorate the stopping of the gunpowder plot.
Holden Jackson
Holden Jackson 20 днів тому
I want to un-exist
Daniel DuVernay
Daniel DuVernay 20 днів тому
How bad would it be if I said Garfield?
Kat Fox
Kat Fox 21 день тому
Wait...do we know if they kept the rent down on that Nonna's house for the next 5 centuries?
Melody Ancastor
Melody Ancastor 21 день тому
‘On the other hand, funny haha poison man, so... my hands are tied 🤷‍♀️😂
Laura Bertossi
Laura Bertossi 21 день тому
I must among english speaking people I've heard talking you are one of the ones with the best pronounciations of Italian only your g could be less "french sweet and the r could be more palatal but like...good job seriously, you even got the double s right (oh and to be honest the g i signora isn't wrong, the gn sound is ok, I'm mostly thinking about the college hell video and Bolge which is a word that has a sweet g but Italian sweet g is still not as sweet as as english or french sweet g...man that is convoluted to say the list)
respectthefish 22 дні тому
hack Red does the good work bc xd I feel attracted to drawn Blue pffffffffffffff
Kit Fox
Kit Fox 23 дні тому
"We're gonna ignore the rest of the world and cozy up in Venice." For those of you playing the Blue drinking game, take a sip.
Danae Twitchell
Danae Twitchell 24 дні тому
King Mithridates aka prince Westly.
Kangas Khan
Kangas Khan 24 дні тому
Ah yes, John Johnson my favorite doer of job at place
Dragan Andelkovic
Dragan Andelkovic 25 днів тому
Really sad you didn‘t include the assassination attempt on King Edward VIII . A guy threw a gun a him.
Bloop deBoop
Bloop deBoop 25 днів тому
I'm imagining Mithridates sampling poison like a fine wine "Hmm...what is this I am detecting? Undertones of earthiness, with just a splash of bitterness and hatred. Boils in your stomach nicely...delightful"
Bloop deBoop
Bloop deBoop 25 днів тому
"Mithridates, a friend of yours died from poisoning and so many fellow emperors are being offed by it too" *Mithrades, while downing 8 shots of cobra venom* "Tragic"
KiraTheUsagii's Workshop
KiraTheUsagii's Workshop 25 днів тому
I would love to see the faces of those assassins trying to kill the first king with poison and their growing confusion as it dosen't work. XD
Little Miss Imperfect
Little Miss Imperfect 26 днів тому
"Ah yes, John Johnson, who does [Job] at [Place]."
Drive A Sandwich
Drive A Sandwich 26 днів тому
Mirthridates: "I've spent the last few years developing an immunity to poison."
CaiusCassiusLonginus 26 днів тому
Someone in medieval Venice decided the corno ducale was Fashionable and all Doges went "I NEED that".
Mrkabrat 27 днів тому
Never underestimate the ballistic capabilities of a pissed off italian grandmother
Eskurian 27 днів тому
I love the very random "what have we learned today" list at the end. Keep doing that. (-:
Alexandra Vega
Alexandra Vega 28 днів тому
blue i will Personally send you money to cover the Pazzi Conspiracy of Florence
Николай Совков
Николай Совков 29 днів тому
Guy Fox one is my favorite. Will remember them every time I think I failed...
William Simmons
William Simmons 29 днів тому
7:27 accurate*
CC Gacha Art
CC Gacha Art 29 днів тому
3:49 sees Henry begins singing ex wives form six
Anadaere 29 днів тому
Mithridates: *got isekai'd* The World Admins: Oh no... Mithridates: OH YES *proceeds to lightly burn his skin, casually stabs himself, drinks poisons and just straight up invents the Trial of Grass 2.0 Mithri Style*
Dickless Mic
Dickless Mic 29 днів тому
Strega Nona takes no prisoners.
GearandaltheFirst 29 днів тому
Ok but did the old lady's rent ever increase?
Random Person
Random Person 29 днів тому
im gonna go take a sip of weed killers and try this out for myself
Midorikonokami Місяць тому
Signiora Rossi is my new hero
Bean Machine
Bean Machine Місяць тому
As so as he said high explosives I knew he was talking about Guy Fawkes.
Yo1tsVixen :p
Yo1tsVixen :p Місяць тому
Europe: **exists in peace** Galviro Princip: I’m boutta end this man’s whole career Edit: I now realise our boy Princip may get disqualified cause he did succeed, but he didn’t actually kill the Archduke until the second attempt so uh..yay? But I mean he also gets bonus points for starting one of, if not the deadliest event of human history
It'sLucyAgain Місяць тому
You say John Johnson is a bad fake name but my grandad is literally called David Davies so don’t underestimate the British
Alexander Small
Alexander Small Місяць тому
America: makes the Nordon bombsight. Italy: Makes the Rossi bombsight
Cephery Місяць тому
Remember remember the 5th of November With gunpowder treason and plot For I see no reason Why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot. This is a British nursery rhyme kind of thing that just about everyone who grew up here will know, which goes hand in hand with November 5th to this day being bonfire night, where events will be held to build massive communal bonfires, burn down effigies of Guy Fawkes and set off all the fireworks you can get your hands on, basically to show the idiot how to actually blow something up. It’s hardly the most terrible act committed against the country but apparently it’s the one that we really need to hammer into his grave.
Molly McDade
Molly McDade Місяць тому
...and every year since on November 5th we celebrate their utter failure by burning scarecrows on top of bonfires. Bonfire Night is messed up and I kind of love it Sorry folks, V For Vendetta lied to you! It wasn’t a case of freedom fighters failing against an oppressive monarchical government, it was a wannabe monarchical government trying and failing to explode the current monarchical government.
Gavrilo Princip
Gavrilo Princip Місяць тому
0:10 Wow! I made it in the video!
AstralKandere Місяць тому
If Blue and Red were my History Teachers, I’d actually look forward to History
Rachel the Seeker
Rachel the Seeker 29 днів тому
I've learned more about history from Blue, and myths and writing from Red, then I ever did in school
D' Bert
D' Bert Місяць тому
I hear the postal 2 music
Wood Knight9 LR
Wood Knight9 LR Місяць тому
Mithridates playing with Skyrim rules
Cron Sola
Cron Sola Місяць тому
I had a teacher named John Johnson!
Colin Burrows
Colin Burrows Місяць тому
conspirqacy theory: the bowl that was dropped was the same bowl that had snake venom soup in it
Bthsr71 Місяць тому
Nah, they didn't have high explosives yet, just explosives. And the advent of high explosives involves/elevates Alfred Nobel, who is something of a history meme himself.
Fun and Cool
Fun and Cool Місяць тому
Hey I do job in place too. What a coincidence.
Primordial Chaos
Primordial Chaos Місяць тому
Murder is how i solve all MY problems!
sappie Місяць тому
But on the other hand... haha funny poison man
Rodolfo Suarez
Rodolfo Suarez Місяць тому
Surprised that president Andrew Jackson wasn't mentioned. Unless it might of been really well known
Casey Lee
Casey Lee Місяць тому
i hâte that i vape sometimes because when blue showed the pic of the cat in the hat i'd just taken a hit and started hacking with laughter bc i wasn't expecting it
Hannah Motley
Hannah Motley Місяць тому
I died when he said boomafing
Danielle Hann
Danielle Hann Місяць тому
Hah! Plaque, mood. 👌🏼
raisa Місяць тому
So basically, let's kill everyone
NoBoy Lunatic
NoBoy Lunatic Місяць тому
How did you NOT mention Tito? Mr "If Moscow sends another assassin after me I'll send one to Moscow and trust me, I won't need to send another."
Jaimon Lovins
Jaimon Lovins Місяць тому
Historical murder is fun 😀
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