Fairlight & Prosonix & Offence - We Are All Connected - C64 Demo

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Stunning demo by Fairlight & Prosonix & Offence. This is "We Are All Connected"
Released at Datastorm 2014 - Ranked:1st
Code .... Bjørn Røstøen, Kribust, Pantaloon, Perplex, Stein, Pedersen.
Music.... Groms Kribust, OMP / Ole Marius Pettersen, Scarzix, Stein Pedersen, Wiklund.
Graphics and Design .... Pal
Text .... Lemming
Linking .... Pantaloon
Loader.... Krill
Datastorm 2014 Playlist: ukvid.net/group/PLUs3FEEE2J3mjhd1G45swBVuYfwlZDRGl




16 лют 2014

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Scinix 14 днів тому
*@**6:52** That music is quite infectious !!*
Trydowave Zod
Trydowave Zod 28 днів тому
great digitalisation
moshly64 2 місяці тому
The intro music is 'I talk to the wind' by King Crimson
Kye Huelin
Kye Huelin 3 місяці тому
Mesmerising. Stunning, beautiful. Form function and frequency in perfect Union.
Jim Mars
Jim Mars 4 місяці тому
wow! was that real time physics of the squares falling on the pyramids and the balls bouncing on the star? the whole thing was amazing!
pulp 25
pulp 25 5 місяців тому
Oo Robert Wyatt on 8 bit. Thanks
Dario Russo
Dario Russo 6 місяців тому
Brilliant :)
RetroDemoScene 6 місяців тому
That it is and thank you for your comment , it flagged me to watch it again. The audio is just impeccable
Clemens Ratte-Polle
Clemens Ratte-Polle 6 місяців тому
stunning every time :) @3:05 The falling cuboids: is this done by random? Are they falling different each time one runs this demo? Are they interactive so?
The Peller
The Peller 7 місяців тому
10.40 is whats is all about!
X1L3 8 місяців тому
Flashback to the 80s - when youthful imagination blossomed, ran riot, coloured between the lines and filled in the blanks - supercharged. The 10.46 scroller - that music - it would have got a LOT of play time back then between adventures in the local quarries (which were to me the planet Fractalus) :) :) :) One of the finest demos i've seen on the 64 to date. Love it
DarkWolf80s 9 місяців тому
Hold up. Is this from an ACTUAL C64 console?! How was this made?
DarkWolf80s 9 місяців тому
RetroDemoScene WHAAAAAAAT?!!!! How?! Omg! That is fucking beautiful! I mean it! Like..WOW! I would love to see your setup and how you compose your music in a video. This is crazy! Do you by any chance have a SoundCloud account for your stuff? I would also love to DM you in private and talk to you about this.
RetroDemoScene 9 місяців тому
Works on an actual C64 released 1982, and made with a lot of love ;)
Kipper Klank
Kipper Klank 9 місяців тому
Theres no way this is real
Murrlin27 9 місяців тому
Awww right in the age feels ^^
RetroDemoScene 9 місяців тому
Quite something isn't it ? ;)
Henrik Mikkelsen
Henrik Mikkelsen 11 місяців тому
Out of this world c64 magic
SammYLightfooD Рік тому
Great! And unbelievable for the C64. Proud to leave like 500.
Ian M
Ian M Рік тому
I'm stunned at what these programmers can get out of a 1 MHz machine. I wish I could program that well. I'm jealous ;-)
Media Mike
Media Mike Рік тому
...............I had one in 1983=84 and it gave ME hours of fun.............Was a GOOD computer..............
Secant64 Рік тому
Fantastic work!!
Amiga Junglism
Amiga Junglism Рік тому
I never knew a demo could be so beautifully crafted.
Юрий Матросов
очень круто, отличная работа! :)
Tomasz Winnicki
Tomasz Winnicki Рік тому
The music in this demo is very beautiful. Is it really C64 or Amiga?
Tomasz Winnicki
Tomasz Winnicki Рік тому
Can you get the music in Amiga protracker format? I'd love to add it to my MOD hits collection to join Enigma, Cream Of The Earth...
RetroDemoScene Рік тому
It's all C64 \o/
Denis Evans
Denis Evans Рік тому
LOVE this demo - play it regularly since it came out! - so many great parts, but I love the music track (cranked up!) on the scrolling scene images part at ukvid.net/video/відео-jGAsiHY1VCs.html?t=10m46s onwards - fantastic stuff, and a great tribute to the Scene!.... :D
Dal Buffo Buio
Dal Buffo Buio 2 роки тому
Is this running on original c64 hardware?
Alexander Topic
Alexander Topic 2 роки тому
Just like old cars, this old 8=bitters can sure do amazing fxs..... Love that good old 6502....... But with Great Power comes Great responsibility! -Stan Lee..... Watch 5 parts of Planet of the Apes... You Animals... or perhaps EvAngelical Animals....... =Seraphic Lady/Lord Alextron of Centaurus Star Oneness!!! Basically the Christ collective consciousness!
MODO77 2 роки тому
Trevor William Davis
Trevor William Davis 2 роки тому
so beautiful!
Zero Tonic
Zero Tonic 3 роки тому
The music from 2:07 until 5:44 is so beautiful. Thank You for this jewel of a C64 Demo. :)
shoopdawhoop 3 роки тому
The Golden Moments part, gave me a nostalgic teardrops... Why do? I am only 19, and I even didn't knew the C64 at my childhood...
Trevor William Davis
Trevor William Davis 2 роки тому
+Frederic Shuttleman its because this is a very beautiful demo!
way2muchNFO 3 роки тому
this is another word , 33 years flash forward same hardware .. magic beeps countless incarnations SIE
NAWLE TORRE 3 роки тому
Dr. Z
Dr. Z 3 роки тому
The graphics in this demo are amazing.
Gustaf Stechmann
Gustaf Stechmann 3 роки тому
beautiful demo. touching
Chiclone- Tests
Chiclone- Tests 4 роки тому
The Music in the middle of the demo is too unbelieveble. Would pay for it as mp3
Chiclone- Tests
Chiclone- Tests 3 роки тому
+Frederic Shuttleman Thanks, then i will have to try it again with my windows-computer.
shoopdawhoop 3 роки тому
+Chiclone- Tests Good, but youtube is compressing the sound, so player-ripping variant gives a better qty. By the way, I just learned that VLC Player also supports playback of SID-files, and it can directly convert it to sound, like any other input file or stream.
Chiclone- Tests
Chiclone- Tests 3 роки тому
+Frederic Shuttleman Thank you! I know the song now, but no tool for linux can convert this song correctly. Then i ripped it from the youtube-stream. I love it!
shoopdawhoop 3 роки тому
+Chiclone- Tests You can explore about this demo at csdb.dk/release/?id=129091 . You can download there SIDs from the demo and play it with special player like ACID64Player, and record it using Virtual Audio Cable (high quality) or your soundcard's Stereo Mix (perhaps a tiny bit lower quality). SID-files also can be played on Android devices with Droidsound player. I hope this was helpful!
Chiclone- Tests
Chiclone- Tests 3 роки тому
+Max Greyfeather Thanks, i know this possibility, but like to have it with Name, in good quality...
filuferru 4 роки тому
Does anyone else spotted the great number of quotes from Yes songs contained in the beautiful scrolling text of the raster part?? Lyrics from "The remembering", "Long distance runaround" and others are cited in that part
alien5ive 4 роки тому
13:41 :D
konakonaa 4 роки тому
This demo is a true masterpiece. A huge combination of clever graphic compression, vector quantization and very optimized algorithms. I was blown away by the huge scrollers (Dude, that's about 16 screens for one of them, which yields 136KB alone uncompressed), and even more by the huge Floyd-Steinberg dithered scroller, not only because it looked great, but also because Floyd-Steinberg dithered graphics are hard to compress. That part with letters formed by graphs was also amazing, and I'm curious to find out if the faces in the credits are vector graphics.
Christian Jacobi
Christian Jacobi 4 роки тому
Geile Nummer
HarhaMedia 4 роки тому
That collision-detection physics part gave me goosebumps.
Kenneth Jaeger
Kenneth Jaeger 4 роки тому
This is wonderful - I have to find some more of these.
ricardo gil lozano
ricardo gil lozano 4 роки тому
Alucinante simplemente
Oliver Tacke
Oliver Tacke 4 роки тому
Really nice!
Morbidence 4 роки тому
Are some of these colours even possible on a C64, i mean that background colour at around the 9.30 mark with wireframe graphics in the foreground....i dont recall that colour being the colour palette of an original C64....or is my memory fading already........
Saveen Sadanand
Saveen Sadanand 4 роки тому
TRX303 4 роки тому
?OUT OF MEMORY ERROR ;) Jokes aside, this is a real demo for the unexpanded C64. got it for mine too. a must-have!
Radek 4 роки тому
omg 1:38 Druid 2 Enlightenment Theme
Trevor William Davis
Trevor William Davis 2 роки тому
+Radek yes, that's Fairlight's theme song :D
mspenrice 4 роки тому
Haha, nice ending... Also I guess that Amiga must have been at least 68020 based then - A1200 or other?
TRX303 4 роки тому
A1200 was launched in the early nineties within a new line of 32-bit Amigas. The basic configuration came with a 68020 built in. Though users had the option to equip it with more powerful CPUs. This 8-bit demo is from 2014 and it does at least rival if not win against many demos that came out for the 16-bit Amiga 500.
Harry Morris
Harry Morris 4 роки тому
Great demo, one of the best I've seen. Plus I love the fact that that this demo probably fit easily on one side of a 5.25" disc at less than a couple of hundred kilobytes, whereas the video+sound is (according to the stats) 140707kb.
mspenrice 4 роки тому
Well, it DOES say to flip the disc halfway through... so that's probably closer to 340kb without custom formatting. Even so, it still must have taken a lot of crunching to fit it all in...
Toby Newman
Toby Newman 4 роки тому
That huge raster
AudieHolland 4 роки тому
f3k 4 роки тому
coolest thang i ve seen a long time on c64, everything fits
AlcatrazLives 4 роки тому
Absolutely speechless AMAZING SID music at 6:53! I cannot believe it ... this machine keeps rocking! Thank God I still got my 128D!
Ladeluff 2 роки тому
AlcatrazLives totally awesome 8bit magic by Ole, groms and the rest
fcycles 3 роки тому
+AlcatrazLives yup.. could not agree more. I was configuring audio on my nealy raspberry pi while suddenly audio started to stream on TV, right at 6:53! :)
RetroDemoScene 4 роки тому
Love the music in this also. Been a great year for SID love... and it's only March ;)
Denis Evans
Denis Evans 5 років тому
What a freakin' awesome C64 demo! - Some great effects, and absolutely loving the track starting at 10:45, with the scrolling artwork being the icing on the cake!
Lasse Pihlainen
Lasse Pihlainen 5 років тому
one of the top3 coolest C64 demos i've seen
Christina 5 років тому
Awesome :)
Trevor William Davis
Trevor William Davis 2 роки тому
+Shane Mussell trying to impress the ladies!! hehe
Shane Mussell
Shane Mussell 5 років тому
This is why the 64 still rocks today
Darren Gurney
Darren Gurney 5 років тому
Very impressive.
devjock 5 років тому
I don't know what to say. It's beautiful!
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