'Fantastic Beasts' of the TSA w/ Eddie Redmayne

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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Eddie Redmayne finds himself in a stressful moment at the airport when an overzealous TSA agent wants to go through his suitcase hiding some very Fantastic Beasts.
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18 лис 2016

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Jelte Kooyinga
Jelte Kooyinga 10 годин тому
furries in a box
Margs U
Margs U 2 дні тому
I love Eddie, he is such a good actor.
Nameesha Singh
Nameesha Singh 5 днів тому
What's the name of the tune in the beginning and where can I find it?
布団かけ 5 днів тому
Jeanne Toulouse
Jeanne Toulouse 9 днів тому
I love Eddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Janette Mcgregor
Janette Mcgregor 10 днів тому
My jaws are sore laughing 😂😂😂
Karan Shukla
Karan Shukla 10 днів тому
Smithy is a TSA
King Sheva
King Sheva 11 днів тому
Is that Owen Wilson in the suitcase?
Rylee's Room
Rylee's Room 11 днів тому
131 Seconds That Will Change The Way You See BF
Motorsport Mad
Motorsport Mad 12 днів тому
Headcanon This happens when he goes back to England after the first movie Except 1920s style And its magical
Hannah Niekisch
Hannah Niekisch 12 днів тому
LOVE IT 😂😂😂😂😂
mrjoundma 12 днів тому
0:05 instantly reminded me of mr. bean
Jessica Keaton
Jessica Keaton 12 днів тому
Please do more with him!!!
karla elizabet garcia
karla elizabet garcia 13 днів тому
Lizzy 13 днів тому
anyone watching this after crimes of grindelwald ? just me ? okay...
Billie Eyelish
Billie Eyelish 13 днів тому
Why am I only just seeing this
Mister Jaroslav
Mister Jaroslav 13 днів тому
Lol. I love Eddie Redmayne's performance. Great actor! Like
I do voices
I do voices 13 днів тому
Wait why did he not put it on muggle worthy
Ana Sava
Ana Sava 15 днів тому
OMG! Eddie Redmayne is a treasure! ♥♥
Blue Icecream
Blue Icecream 15 днів тому
Did anyone else realise that he put his collar up like Sherlock
Kfosa Krezole
Kfosa Krezole 15 днів тому
Omg Eddy😍😍😍😍😍 and beast i love Harry Potter 😍😍😍😍😍😍
jiminnie chimmy chim chim badadada
I really love Eddie! My fav actor💜
Ayham Yusoff
Ayham Yusoff 16 днів тому
love it
P S 16 днів тому
Did anyone get the weasel pun?
Kevin Ray
Kevin Ray 17 днів тому
James is too damn funny
thatfictionlife 17 днів тому
Who's here after James failed his wizard test 😂
The Flash
The Flash 17 днів тому
2018? After crimes of Grindelwald?
Rebecca Bufton
Rebecca Bufton 15 днів тому
MartyALWAYS 17 днів тому
Anyone came from the new sketch??
JeppyAMV 17 днів тому
I did lol, both sketched were amazing. Love to see a sketch with Eddie and Daniel.
doina dragomir
doina dragomir 17 днів тому
love love love .......... 10000000000000000000000000000000000 times Eddie Redmayne
Aylla 17 днів тому
Watching this again after seeing their new skit for FB2 🙌💯
Muhammad Amir
Muhammad Amir 17 днів тому
is that mark ruffalow
beast style
beast style 17 днів тому
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Hide Them in Airport xD
Chrisa1984 18 днів тому
That must be Rolf Scamander, I take it he forget to switch the suitcase to Muggle worth. Either that or Muggle/No-maj technology has found way to unveil the traveling wizard's secrets.
Anna Zhang
Anna Zhang 18 днів тому
''you don't even use the mouth wash'' 😂😂😂
Alice Wonderland
Alice Wonderland 18 днів тому
Who else came here after watching the promotion for the second movie?
Kristin Trisha Deetlefs
Kristin Trisha Deetlefs 18 днів тому
Charlie Moxhay
Charlie Moxhay 19 днів тому
Lol ppl just took my sister’s brand new face wash bc she didn’t put it in a travel size rip
Chiba Sophie Cha
Chiba Sophie Cha 19 днів тому
The "beasts" look exactly like charachters from Doctor Who
Jennifer le
Jennifer le 20 днів тому
iDontKnowWhatMyNameShouldBe hi :D
I just finished watching the second movie!
Melody 20 днів тому
Newt Scamander or Harry Potter , I’m for Newt
Muti 99
Muti 99 20 днів тому
He's so adorably awkward
Reg Lest
Reg Lest 20 днів тому
he is so NEWT!
Laura Laura
Laura Laura 20 днів тому
"Nobody puts baby in a corner" Or he's going to wistle his way out of it. :p
Henry Mathews
Henry Mathews 20 днів тому
James Cordon tho.....😹😹😹😹
Rhiannon Edwards
Rhiannon Edwards 20 днів тому
This is great! 😂
Nadya Poisac-Nguyen
Nadya Poisac-Nguyen 21 день тому
lol when did they make this haha
Emma Clifford
Emma Clifford 21 день тому
This is why in he first one he has a button to mark it “muggle worthy”.
R.N V.H 22 дні тому
An employee, a guy, followed me and stopped my bag from the belt and on asking him why, he asks why I lifted the magnetic strips. There was nobody in line so I didn't feel the need to go in circles. Plus I put them back in their place. No line made or was there, I was the last person. What's the problem? I smiled and told him he can't do nothing and he should let go of my bag. He smiled. Cause I let him know on top of that I have a diploma in airport innuendos 🤣 and know I didn't do anything wrong. He just looking for 'clout'. Left my amazing self to Zanzibar. 😂 In Zanzibar, that's another story... 😂
just dan
just dan 22 дні тому
Eddie is so cute!
Gopi Chintala
Gopi Chintala 22 дні тому
Kaezula Wijaya3
Kaezula Wijaya3 23 дні тому
Terez P.
Terez P. 23 дні тому
I think I am obsessed with him ❤️
Nikitha De Alwis
Nikitha De Alwis 23 дні тому
2 years later... Still watching this 😂
Christian Ortiz
Christian Ortiz 23 дні тому
I guess newt used some sort of non aging spell. Because the last time I checked the year was 1926 XD.
Makuta Depresserix
Makuta Depresserix 23 дні тому
I was at the California airport earlier today
Kaydence Zehner
Kaydence Zehner 23 дні тому
Here ecactly 2 years later
Isabella Oday
Isabella Oday 24 дні тому
Who is the girl and boy beast?
Luyanda Khoj
Luyanda Khoj 24 дні тому
Isn’t there a Muggle Worthy Button?
Holly Coles
Holly Coles 24 дні тому
Jon Petrovich
Jon Petrovich 27 днів тому
Those two beasts werent even in the movie.
Ghost X12
Ghost X12 27 днів тому
A bag filled with furrys what a nightmare
keiichimorisato98 28 днів тому
Had they portrayed the TSA agent more seriously, i think it would have been funnier. This is a case where the comedy should have derived from the strange things in the bag, and their reactions to it.
Benson Fang
Benson Fang 28 днів тому
ngl if someone had newt's case they could easily defeat the muggles in a war
Emily Rhianna
Emily Rhianna Місяць тому
James was taking talking lessons from Catherine Tate
He is my life😂😂😂😂😍😍❤❤❤
Megan's Weirdness
Megan's Weirdness Місяць тому
I loved this so much
The Beast
The Beast Місяць тому
Bloody muggles. Oh sorry ... Nomags.
Prestone Місяць тому
I have yet to meet a Bristish TSA person..
Bryan Max
Bryan Max Місяць тому
the new harry styles
FGail Munoz
FGail Munoz Місяць тому
Not gonna lie. Eddie looks exceptionally hot in that thumbnail.
HT200 Місяць тому
Why, Eddie? Why are you so hot and beautiful?!
Pete wentz the Gerard way
Pete wentz the Gerard way Місяць тому
God I loveeeeeee Eddie
Dream Believer
Dream Believer Місяць тому
If you back me into a corner I will whistle my way out of it 😂😂
Sam Spirit
Sam Spirit Місяць тому
Ooh!!! He looking hot!
Sayani Biswas
Sayani Biswas Місяць тому
I love newt scamander
TechGoggles Місяць тому
He was lucky he was white
Daniel Watson
Daniel Watson Місяць тому
"everybody here is in a hurry, except .........MEEEEE!" twerky smile at the man he stopped.
Mike w
Mike w Місяць тому
Anyone know what jacket that is?
JH Місяць тому
we had this very expensive honey on hand carry pass through 3 different airports only to get confiscated on a singapore stop-over.... i actually understood why my dad spat on it before handing it over now
floww bucket
floww bucket Місяць тому
Class, haha 😂
Prisc Moi
Prisc Moi Місяць тому
*"If you back me into a corner, I will whistle my way out."*
Zhuge Liang
Zhuge Liang Місяць тому
LOL, nice reference on "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". One of the most watched in-flight movie
Coisas Simples
Coisas Simples Місяць тому
Eddie's a excellent actor !
Amy Park
Amy Park Місяць тому
Potterheads UNITE!!!!!!!!!
Genny McClements
Genny McClements Місяць тому
Haha I go to the same stage school that they both went to as children!!! I love both of them
InsularesHDxo Місяць тому
0:11 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sweden 1
Sweden 1 Місяць тому
Boring shit
Renz Justin
Renz Justin Місяць тому
James looks like Tobey McGuire on that cringe moment at spiderman 3 lol
Hi Hello
Hi Hello Місяць тому
Lol I dont get it. Doctor whom?
chipikowski Місяць тому
"If you back me into a corner I will whistle my way out of it" is now my new mantra 😂
IN A FLASH Місяць тому
I was just thinking about this!
Χριστινα Τρικκαλινου
dO yOu WaNt Me To BlOw ThIs WiStLe?
Vishnu Karthik
Vishnu Karthik Місяць тому
Eray Aggez
Eray Aggez Місяць тому
Nyankitty 2 місяці тому
this is pure comedy gold
santiago carreño
santiago carreño 2 місяці тому
-So, what is James Corden talent??? -Well, he is British -And? -Nothing more, that's pretty much it. Unless being unfunny as fuck can be consider a talent
Chelsie 2 місяці тому
Wizard Money Makes No Sense!
2 роки тому
Take a Break: Kosher Butcher
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Wells for Boys - SNL
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