Fantastic Beasts star Ezra Miller: 'Eddie Redmayne stole my thunder!'

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Fantastic Beasts star Ezra Miller tells us how mate Emma Watson found out he got the role, at the European premiere in London. Report by Andrea Lilly. Test




15 лис 2016

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ice cream
ice cream 20 днів тому
why is he so ridiculously cute and hotttt at the same time like what????
B T S Місяць тому
How can someone be so freaking handsome
Tina Fleming
Tina Fleming Місяць тому
Anybody know what his shirt says?
QueenFans India
QueenFans India Місяць тому
I wish people would stop saying that he is on drugs all the time.. Do u have to be on drugs to be estatic and happy?
QueenFans India
QueenFans India Місяць тому
The sherwani is really nice.. Are u interested in India Ezra??
Voldemort Місяць тому
Love this guy ❤️ it’s like he doesn’t even see the camera he’s just talking her 😭
Pilar Elizabeth Suasnabar Torres
Pilar Elizabeth Suasnabar Torres 2 місяці тому
Merdain Skumit
Merdain Skumit 3 місяці тому
He isn't Thor
Esther Segura
Esther Segura 3 місяці тому
0:22 I need some Ezra Miller telling me “Baby, wow!” with that sexy jawline right below of those very well defined eyebrows, dark eyes, perfect nose and red lips under any weather.
QueenFans India
QueenFans India Місяць тому
Esther Segura aww..thank you.. It goes.. Pree-aa.. The same name as Raj's sister in Big Bang Theory..
Esther Segura
Esther Segura Місяць тому
+QueenFans India You have a beautiful name, Priya; although I don't know how to pronounce it xD
QueenFans India
QueenFans India Місяць тому
Esther Segura I just made a profile for the sake of using UKvid.. Name is also some random alphabets.. My name is Priya and I m from India. Nd I adore Ezra too.. ☺☺☺
Esther Segura
Esther Segura Місяць тому
+QueenFans India What? Really? Why don't you have a profile pic? XD
QueenFans India
QueenFans India Місяць тому
Esther Segura Hi it may seem weird but I was taken aback by ur picture.. We really look alike.. Wow
dammitredmayne _
dammitredmayne _ 7 місяців тому
I still love Eddie 🤣
Ashley Cole
Ashley Cole 8 місяців тому
What does his shirt say???
cesar grealish
cesar grealish 9 місяців тому
Abraham Almaraz
Abraham Almaraz 9 місяців тому
Is he gay? I'm not offending anyone, just a question (from a big fan of him)
victoria sanchez
victoria sanchez 8 місяців тому
Abraham Almaraz I think bi sexual
xxx yang
xxx yang Рік тому
Love Ezra Miller so much♥
jenna Рік тому
he looked so good here he is the actual cutest person on earth
caitlyn who r u
caitlyn who r u Рік тому
He's so fucking attractive I'm in physical pain
edgy juice
edgy juice Рік тому
he's too adorable it physically hur t s
Maxine x
Maxine x Рік тому
he's just so beautiful. im watching the vid and smiling like crazy.
Nothing is Wrong Today
Nothing is Wrong Today Рік тому
AAAGhh Ezra is such a sweetheart
alx xox
alx xox Рік тому
he seems like such a sweet person
Dasha Deam
Dasha Deam Рік тому
omgggg i can see Rowling
utubenotebanco Рік тому
he moves like if he is totally on drugs. haha.
Jasmine Рік тому
Interviewer: "and then making love by the fire" 0:20 His reaction though 😂
Vanessa x
Vanessa x 10 місяців тому
Jasmine Santiago I was so focused on him and his movements that I didn't notice that!!
Nerdinghamn Рік тому
I wanna give him a hug sooooo badly
mac zer
mac zer 2 роки тому
I have seen Ezra wearing Indian Kurta twice now.
Tracy Osimowicz
Tracy Osimowicz 2 роки тому
Ezra is my spirit animal
Canned Hamburger
Canned Hamburger 2 роки тому
I once met ezra miller in toronto for real
Elle Cate
Elle Cate 2 роки тому
hes too cute omfg
say y
say y 2 роки тому
elisa 2 роки тому
he's so adorable omg
angelo morales
angelo morales 2 роки тому
Tiago Fonseca
Tiago Fonseca 2 роки тому
Argh such a bright light ♥
PinkDiamond7777777 2 роки тому
Gosh, this guy is Fantastic... BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM! Oh, oh, oh! You're welcome. I'm here all day! :)
Amina Med
Amina Med 2 роки тому
cute ♥♥♥
Maggie E.
Maggie E. 2 роки тому
Wait I just remembered when POBAWF came out and thinking "wow Emma Watson and Logan Lerman?? Hermione Granger and Percy Jackson?? It would be so cool if the other guy played a character in a book like that as well." And NOW LOOK AT HIM
Tina Martin
Tina Martin 2 роки тому
That shot of him on the first 3 seconds
Cristina Villagracia
Cristina Villagracia 2 роки тому
Love his humour 😂
bts laundry
bts laundry 2 роки тому
A "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" ad came before this ^^
Kathleen Hanna Wannabe
Kathleen Hanna Wannabe 2 роки тому
what does his shirt say
Essie Duke
Essie Duke 2 роки тому
Rox the Fox forget your perfect offering. There is a crack, a crack in everything.
Laiba Farhan
Laiba Farhan 2 роки тому
emmainkeri Рік тому
Laiba Farhan *Joanne 😄
Blue River
Blue River 2 роки тому
hes so great at talking oh my goodness i love him
Blue River
Blue River 2 роки тому
+Photoshop yES he so does! and so fluently too! :o
Photoshop 2 роки тому
RIGHT? That's _exactly_ what I was thinking, he really is. He just finds the right words for any situation.
jennyB07 2 роки тому
I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!
onlykismet 2 роки тому
He looks so fine, I can´t focus on what he's saying lol
EllaChina 2 роки тому
Indeed he is a very handsome man.
Studio 17B
Studio 17B 2 роки тому
Love J.K. rowling in the background and Ezra looks at her while saying "Hey, I'm not even the biggest fan here"
johny gee
johny gee 2 роки тому
he looks like lorde
jojo 2 роки тому
he looks so good fuck me
Daniel Bottom
Daniel Bottom 2 роки тому
protect him at all costs
J Grant
J Grant 2 роки тому
Whitney2022 2 роки тому
My little precious Ezra 💜
Osiane Joyce
Osiane Joyce 2 роки тому
i just see tom holland in there amazing
1awlsusie 2 роки тому
he's so freaking handsome, JAWLINE.
Does this also name your email ?
Does this also name your email ? 7 місяців тому
Its like he has his own jawline and then took someone else's as well
Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort Рік тому
christianefbowiefan 2 роки тому
PEPSIMAX2019 2 роки тому
he is so 80's i cant even .. but great person indeed
Yummy Sounds
Yummy Sounds 2 роки тому
Is that a bad thing....?
Hmm... 2 роки тому
HAHA they guy holding the umbrella looks miserable xD
ggcd 2 роки тому
so sweet
Amaani Lexi
Amaani Lexi 2 роки тому
'A lot of tea'😂
Flávia 2 роки тому
Amaani Lexi mushroom type, for sure 😂
Mr Parodix
Mr Parodix 2 роки тому
Well this is a better haircut than the one in the movie x)
RavenclawBoi Рік тому
that wouldn't be hard lol.
Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort Рік тому
Lol but I would still love this smol bean if he were completely bald💖
seira Luove
seira Luove 2 роки тому
Mr Parodix ikr lol to me he would look cute with any haircut
Alexandra S
Alexandra S 2 роки тому
how can you not love him
Mandyunni 2 роки тому
he's soooooooo cute
O RG 2 роки тому
I'm in pain right now bc I just realized I have a huge crush on him. I hate when this happens, bc I know I'm never gonna meet him so... WHY
Ayşenur Özen
Ayşenur Özen 9 місяців тому
Mckenzie Ross x Huang ZiTao it's been two months what's up?
Princess 11 місяців тому
O RG i thought this and now I know he lives in my area and I’m gonna meet him in 2 months miracles do happen
barret jo
barret jo Рік тому
But u can meet me for sure lol
Coco Liu
Coco Liu Рік тому
same 🙃
Samira Siraj
Samira Siraj Рік тому
omg so me.
mae64khlo 2 роки тому
Amazing as per usual.
Mandyunni 2 роки тому
mae64khlo ikr y does he has 2 be so cute I'm dead
Eddie Redmayne - funny moments
3 місяці тому