Film Theory: How to SURVIVE the Hunger Games pt. 1

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It's time. Your name has been drawn. YOU are the next tribute for the Hunger Games. That leaves you with one question: Will YOU SURVIVE? Well, if you watch this Film Theory, the odds actually will be in your favor because you'll be making smart choices that statistically improve your chances of success. So watch on, fellow Theorists, and make sure you're lounging in Victor's Village instead of ending up dead meat in the arena...
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17 лис 2015





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Angus M
Angus M 10 годин тому
now the best idea is go to the cornucopia because u just showed 12 millions people how not to
Satvik Dommeti
Satvik Dommeti День тому
How to survive the hunger games: Trick everyone to eat the poisonous berries or just run
2:00 "You're much older than her, you have had longer to be alive and crush on a Hemsworth brother."😂😂😂😂
awkward potatoes
awkward potatoes День тому
i’ve has the biggest crush on peeta mellark ever since i was like ten lmao
Paisley Needham
Paisley Needham День тому
“what r u gonna do wit a trident? roast three marshmallows at the same time?” finnick: 👁👄👁
Chrono-Glitch WaterLily
Chrono-Glitch WaterLily 2 дні тому
I only see the symbol of Hunger Games as Johnny Bravo
-Wendy's- 2 дні тому
How to survive the hunger games: 1. Spend the first 7 years of your life learning about capitol fashion 2. Spend the next 7 years of your life learning how to make things like the capitol 3. Become a stylist 4. Don’t do anything stupid like change a wedding dress into a bird
Its_Marshyy 2 дні тому
what if every tribute had watched this video lol
Gigi Bakle
Gigi Bakle 2 дні тому
How did the old lady win isn’t it 12-18 not 12-80
Jack Meli
Jack Meli 2 дні тому
but the reason there are about the same amount of winners that we know about from each district is the fact that most of the tributes we know about are from the second book where there are 2 from each district. Most of the tributes we don't know about are careers because they have an advantage.
Penny Dinunzio
Penny Dinunzio 2 дні тому
u could call it survival of the FATTEST! heh heh
Gustavo Lugo
Gustavo Lugo 2 дні тому
With all that technology can’t they heal the people that died
Megan Daley
Megan Daley 3 дні тому
Also, MatPat would be an awesome mentor. #careervictor
Megan Daley
Megan Daley 3 дні тому
“What are you gonna do with a trident? Roast 3 marshmallows?” Finnick has left the chat
Matthew Su
Matthew Su 3 дні тому
How to survive the games: be the main character.
Cypress Mckendrick
Cypress Mckendrick 4 дні тому
Back when these videos were actually good
Archie Girling
Archie Girling 4 дні тому
“Odds have nothing to do with luck, they have something to do with MATH” Oh boy
ф xxxDemonized ф
ф xxxDemonized ф 4 дні тому
That brown hair afro child in the cornucopia was a career and was killed by a career. Oof.
Cabbage Productions
Cabbage Productions 4 дні тому
Run naruto run
Alexa Wilson
Alexa Wilson 5 днів тому
Angry Cactus
Angry Cactus 5 днів тому
Alright I know this is a really good way to win the hunger games, but the best way to win, is to have the power of the protagonist.
Ianes Grécia
Ianes Grécia 5 днів тому
Lennon Rose
Lennon Rose 5 днів тому
I like how im actually taking notes
Dark Paladin
Dark Paladin 6 днів тому
FOXFACE is Smart, so maybe her plan is to suicide but in a non suspicious way.
Sophie Myers
Sophie Myers 6 днів тому
He says carbo load but I do that every day and I’m still a skinny legend
Fiona Kramer
Fiona Kramer 6 днів тому
How can you say that age does not matter? When Finnic was the youngest winner with 14. So your chances are definitely lower when you are younger...
Leonora Cacao
Leonora Cacao 6 днів тому
The part with the ages isn't true - it is said that finnick is the youngest to ever win the hunger games at age 14, meaning 12 and 13 have worse odds
Adam Dolling
Adam Dolling 6 днів тому
how 2 survive hungry games be born in the capitol
Hello people of the world
Hello people of the world 6 днів тому
How to survive: Put your enemy’s name in every year
Redeagle 7 днів тому
thats a lie, all experts know is to get a diamond sword
Waco Taco
Waco Taco 7 днів тому
Just get sick You won’t have to go
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams 7 днів тому
There are 3 different ways to win the hunger games: Be the main character, Live in the same district as the main character, Live in a career district and don’t be athletic, I SAVED ALL OF YOUR LIVES except if the person reading this is the main character or is athletic in the career districts
lan tran
lan tran 7 днів тому
for some stupid reaso i keep on thinking how awesome Trafalgar Law (One Piece) would be at the Hunger Games
Logan 8 днів тому
I've watched these videos around 10 times in the past several years and I'm just thinking about this. Hunger Games is about children fighting, so how are all ages winning previous games
General Knosalit
General Knosalit 8 днів тому
Wish this was the video ur math teacher forces us to watch in online classes
Joseph Broguiere
Joseph Broguiere 8 днів тому
Says gender does not matter: Also matpat: it depends on your gender
Posy Toes
Posy Toes 8 днів тому
Glad 12mil people know about this, that helps my odds
Gigabyte 9 днів тому
12:29 :12
Hazbin_freak22 9 днів тому
I’m just rewatching all of these theories in quarantine... i love these so much omg
Rowan Murray
Rowan Murray 10 днів тому
It took me the entire intro to realize the photo was MatPat and not a messed-up picture of real Effie.
Kate Burress
Kate Burress 10 днів тому
This is funny saying that I want to live
Chelsea B Willick
Chelsea B Willick 10 днів тому
If you were my math teacher I would never fail a test
Animal Lover
Animal Lover 10 днів тому
How I would survive: Use empty sponsor packages and fill them with poisoned food. Then I would climb a tree and send them down near tributes. Oh, you thought you were getting a nice meal? THINK AGAIN ITS POISON!
prometheus 27
prometheus 27 11 днів тому
Rogan Sullivan
Rogan Sullivan 12 днів тому
"Roast three marshmallows at the same time" Matpat that actually works I tried it
Emmie Da Egg
Emmie Da Egg 12 днів тому
Now we need to slit up our country and have the government be really bored
Emma R.
Emma R. 12 днів тому
I feel as though this has become suddenly more relevant *looks at murder hornets*
PotatoSushi 14 днів тому
How to survive the hunger games: Be a cameraman
Michael CHAN [07M2]
Michael CHAN [07M2] 14 днів тому
I can't stress enough on how fn the intro is
Rose Games
Rose Games 14 днів тому
Honestly one of the best things to do if you already trained in the center and made a good impression with the crowd is to drink alot of water and eat a large breakfast the morning before the Games. That way it'll be a bit before you need to consume food or water (if you make it past the bloodbath.)
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 14 днів тому
Matpat, you're wrong about the Hunger Games giving an equal chance for all participants to win. Race and gender might not matter but age and district certainly do. No one younger than 14 has ever won and most of the victors come from Districts 1,2, and 4. You have a better chance of winning if you are older and come from a rich district.
Ely clown !
Ely clown ! 12 днів тому
2 people 1 in the book 13 year old In mocking bird it says a 14 year old survived
Katelynn Li
Katelynn Li 14 днів тому
Key to surviving the hunger games: Never be in it
Anton 15 днів тому
how to win: just be the cameraman :D
Caitikat !
Caitikat ! 16 днів тому
Where is Finnick? Odair he is!
Caitikat !
Caitikat ! 16 днів тому
And yes this is a stolen comment from a different video... if I find the original I will credit!
Robert Su
Robert Su 16 днів тому
Mark Langley
Mark Langley 16 днів тому
I'm hungry
Cormac Green
Cormac Green 16 днів тому
People in the districts watch The hg so everyone should no cornucopia is a no-go
Aaron Derr
Aaron Derr 17 днів тому
He just called Pennsylvania the poorer district. Jeez you didn't have to rub it in.
Cameron Bacon
Cameron Bacon 17 днів тому
How to win war zone: Camp with RPG
pandalover222 18 днів тому
The hunger games is why I keep eating, so im PREPARED!
I don’t really Have a name for this channel
melina bee
melina bee 19 днів тому
Very clever! Good tips but let’s hope it never comes to that
Darth Mauldin
Darth Mauldin 19 днів тому
I keep coming back to this goddamned video... It's really good and well made.
Mandi N
Mandi N 19 днів тому
Oh and blue hair! Its so cute! LOL
Kaiden 19 днів тому
It is funny that you built this theory on this sentence about odds, first I didn't know what you are talking about, bc in my language it got translated to something like "May hope never abandon you! " (Also it is much more fitting imo 😅)
Adele Aslan
Adele Aslan 21 день тому
I’m watching just in case
Madison G
Madison G 21 день тому
"Dont use weapons like bows." "Carb load" Me, who does 2 types of archery and is a butterflier: am I a joke to you?
BOTTLE Cap 21 день тому
Soooooo...... Passive gameplay???
Ryan Yee
Ryan Yee 22 дні тому
Popular kids:oh god I hope I don't die.please be in my favor odds. Super nerds who watches matpat's videos and spent his whole life doing and analyzing maths:noods
Al Guida
Al Guida 22 дні тому
How to survive? Be the main character.
super unboxing
super unboxing 22 дні тому
1:59 what is this? I want to get that book
Rienn 22 дні тому
Mat: it doesnt matter on gender Also Mat: 4:55
Billy Joseph
Billy Joseph 22 дні тому
Do you know what this sounds like: Child Endangerment. The Hunger Games have begun.
Jackson Bishop
Jackson Bishop 22 дні тому
Legit just bush camp
RJ Ray
RJ Ray 24 дні тому
FoxFace eat the berries on purpose [suicide]
Sigma 07
Sigma 07 24 дні тому
Wait is finnick Paxton from never have I ever
Emmanuel Ojinnaka
Emmanuel Ojinnaka 25 днів тому
Half of the time when you're talkin I have no idea
MeMow L
MeMow L 25 днів тому
when i over eat i can just say i’m training for the HUNGER game
Otto Ettema
Otto Ettema 25 днів тому
We know the first hungergames was one day O and we saw three (from a throwaway line i do not know if it appeared in the movie) hungergames
Valid Potatoes
Valid Potatoes 25 днів тому
Matpat: shows Rue’s death. Me: WHYYYYYY
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