Film Theory: Who WON'T Survive Avengers Endgame! (Spoiler Free Predictions)

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The biggest superhero movie in history is almost here - Marvel's Avengers: Endgame! We've been building to this for YEARS! The biggest question that is plaguing us all is - who will NOT survive to the end? Honestly, the fear is real fellow Theorists. All of our favorite Avengers are on the chopping block. From Iron Man and Captain America to Thor and Black Widow - no one is safe! Today, I am predicting who will live and who will be making friends with the Grim Reaper.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, BanditRants, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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20 кві 2019





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Himiko Годину тому
Stop making me cry
campbell nichols
campbell nichols Годину тому
So I guess no one is going to mention that we already know Tony dies because of Spider-Man Far From Home?
Meta Breakers
Meta Breakers Годину тому
Tony's arc is basically 21st Century Rocky (or Creed).
pabloxc83 Годину тому
Ahh, I love Iron Man so much. I still almost cry when I think about Peter’s death
Margee Годину тому
It's definitely going to be Captain America because remember in thefirst captain america movie when he threw himself on the grenade? I think his arc needs to end with him jumping on the metaphorical grenade. And tbh there's no way they would kill their only female hero in the og 6 (plus having a prequel about a character who just died would be kinda weird).
-BBB- Годину тому
I bet 1.8 Million dollars that a character will die in endgame.
Caercutta30 Годину тому
4:50 Man, it's really sad to think of this young Thor living long enough to become Rune King Thor.
Anon Годину тому
I don't think Marvel will be fridging Natasha and the Hulk
Extreme Machine32
Extreme Machine32 Годину тому
Alexander Bomboy
Alexander Bomboy Годину тому
Here's my prediction When Tony goes to stop Thanos and everything is back to normal time will pass, he and pepper will finally have that kid could possibly be a girl, and with that image in mind knowing that he has to protect the one thing he loves, that being his daughter and pepper, he will then leave the life have Iron Man, live on the life of a father and a husband. It only makes sense especially given the fact that there's been quite a bit all promotion for Ironman, especially with a new game coming for psvr that should pave the way to a new ark or story for the Iron Man character. This could also be a great beat up to Spider-Man and his progression throughout the MCU, not to mention it could also help give his assistant, happy, a new job, that could pretty much hope keep Spider-Man in a New Direction, same thing can go for Nick Fury I could possibly lead to a new form of the Avengers or possibly even the new Agents of Shield or something like that. Captain America I think we'll probably go it only makes sense because of his tweets has been progressing throughout the entire MCU, and it could probably pave the way for new light for some other characters including Bucky, black Widow, and who knows perhaps maybe even falcon. With all these characters gone I feel like it's going to be kind of hard to try to make the Avengers the same knowing that some of the most powerful characters are going to be going away, as you can see, I am a super swell Marvel DC comic book fan as it is, so as long as everything goes well, I'll surely be happy Also Brie Larson is quite the snobby poopyhead.
•Careless Dreamer• Project Lyrii
I feel like Cap will die just because he did in the comics.
Roberto Blake
Roberto Blake Годину тому
I agree with this theory
Big black Sexy Potato
Big black Sexy Potato Годину тому
I just feel like endgame is gonna be another bare bones, boring, and predictable mcu movie. So much more exited for birds of prey and wonder woman 84
Toxxic Chainsaw
Toxxic Chainsaw Годину тому
_Josh_ Годину тому
I hope captain marvel dies in the beginning because shes too cocky
Cecil Micko
Cecil Micko Годину тому
Your mom
minecrafter Годину тому
soup time
minecrafter Годину тому
i hate that meme
ButterflyColors Годину тому
Who heres also seen the endgame leaks?
RantingOff Годину тому
LEMMiNO huh Mat? Nice.
Lil Minty
Lil Minty Годину тому
I’m just making this comment so I can edit it later
thekingofapex Годину тому
i think thor is gonna bite it
A-Aron Годину тому
You forgot about the best hero on the team.. Hawkeye
-Cat- *Ash*
-Cat- *Ash* Годину тому
Well then let’s see if you got it right see ya in 3 days (I live in Philippines so I think we get the movie early)
Rosie Walsh
Rosie Walsh Годину тому
This will die. He is my favorite of the six so this is hard. He will die. Ragnorok only ends when every Azeir, the correct multiple for Asguardian, is dead
Maximum Pride
Maximum Pride Годину тому
Blakwiddo will die
Quantum Fuzion Animations
Quantum Fuzion Animations Годину тому
Waddup bois. Endgame spoiler! Rip goose the cat
The Smash Flash
The Smash Flash Годину тому
No, hentai cat must live
Angel Delgado
Angel Delgado Годину тому
Wow 4 on trending
Matymus The Awesomous
Matymus The Awesomous Годину тому
I bet that every hero on the main avenger's team will die, and here's how. they'll die as a means to bring the currently dead back. equivalent exchange. You must offer something up equal to what you want as a result.
Nexus Tidal
Nexus Tidal Годину тому
So thanos wont die?
Oliver Lee
Oliver Lee Годину тому
Banner and Hulk becomes one and turns into Professor Hulk. Iron Man makes another version of the Infinity Gauntlet for Prof Hulk to wear. Ironman dies, Capt dies, Black Widow dies, Thor, eeeeeh maybe also Antman is a maybe (Quantum Realming Thanos). Not gonna predict smaller characters
Oliver Lee
Oliver Lee Годину тому
Oh and when Black Widow dies Prof Hulk becomes World Breaker Hulk..... just hoping on this one cuz it’s gonna be awesome.
Mental Popcorn
Mental Popcorn Годину тому
Thor is my favorite I really hope he gets another movie
CloudKit !
CloudKit ! Годину тому
Ant-man going up the butt meme ended while MARVEL started banning spoilers.....
Abhishek Prathap
Abhishek Prathap Годину тому
You wanna know who's gonna die, Thanos that's who
Angus Dong
Angus Dong Годину тому
Hawkeye: How bout me? MatPat: Nah, I ain’t giving a fuck
Probably no one important
Probably no one important Годину тому
I really hope Tony doesnt die, him and Hawkeye. Hawkeye has a family and I just dont want to see a family be torn apart. Tony has basically started his family, and he deserves to have it. I dont want any of them to die, but those with families just gets me more.
U w U
U w U Годину тому
What it stark dies in getting everyone back and Spider-Man far from home is really just peter dealing with the fact that stark died?
Auron1Roxas2 Годину тому
First, who the fuck cares. Second, lets's hope everyone dies along with this shitty franchise.
MasterA1 gaming
MasterA1 gaming Годину тому
Didn't even mention Loki or Gamora dying...
Lo Jurg
Lo Jurg Годину тому
Why must you make so many jokes about poor Peter's death 😭
Enzo Cinc
Enzo Cinc Годину тому
I got actual footage, 3 minutes of it, and so much bull shit. Cap wielding Mjolnir, Hulk carrying a small island, everyone comes back from a soul stone portal. And thor in dreadlocks, yes, dreadlocks.
Op man
Op man Годину тому
Captain America
Joshua Baker
Joshua Baker Годину тому
It's obviously Tony
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore Годину тому
I absolutely refuse to pay for D+ ; In fact I am so repulsed by the mass of Disney as a corporation that I want to refuse them business entirely.
Blanco Superior
Blanco Superior Годину тому
Hopfully the captain marval actress, she should win an award for the most unlikable person of the year.
Aphmaufan 161977
Aphmaufan 161977 Годину тому
I think all the old avengers will die because in age of ultron all the old avengers die in Tony’s dream so everyone dies except tony as he survives
Redleader 4044
Redleader 4044 Годину тому
Michael McCarroll
Michael McCarroll Годину тому
It would be cool to see Thor use the time stone to travel back into his past and look over his whole life from an outside perspective, and finally come to terms with his life for the final act Just a thought
Keith Zheng
Keith Zheng Годину тому
make resouces not death, thanos, am i the only one who figures this out or hesrs it?
L. Noir
L. Noir Годину тому
I think Thor is going to die within the first act of the film, likely in the first fight of the movie. He's not seen in scenes that we've seen in the trailers that could be placed later in the film, and although it's possible that he will be revived later in the film or in a later movie, I have my doubts that he will survive the first act.
Miles:hey I'm not a robot
Miles:hey I'm not a robot Годину тому
Film theory just started a deadpool for endgame didn't he
Brian TheGod519
Brian TheGod519 Годину тому
Lol when mat said 2007 instead 2008, my marvel fanboy heart was raging
leggyhead Годину тому
Nick Fury will earn 9 Movie screenings when Far from Home comes out
Basement Guy
Basement Guy Годину тому
Hawk eye and iron man are gonna die. Maybe black widdow,but not likely
Joshua Neil
Joshua Neil Годину тому
I’m betting a million dollars that thanos is going to die
Turnbullman Годину тому
Film Theory: Yeah so pretty much everyone could die but not this one. Disney: Kills one hero Film Theory: see i was right i said they would die!
Mary Ellen Reagin
Mary Ellen Reagin Годину тому
Mat pat I am so sad to say that a squishy girl is in front of you on trending.
CptClutch Годину тому
Hey MatPat. Low key spoiler by lego. Search lego endgame on amazon for potential battles in movie. Same lego sets are accurate to even infinty war @matpat @thefilmtheorist
Benjamin Akers
Benjamin Akers Годину тому
I bet Thanos will die. Has anyone else made that joke yet?
passion Годину тому
Should I watch this? I don't fucking know
Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon Годину тому
seen this 2 months ago. you really want to know who dies? It is IRONMAN (Tony Stark)
az zahar
az zahar Годину тому
100 bucks for every heroes that Mat Pat got it wrong
XTerra KnightX
XTerra KnightX Годину тому
THE HYPE IS REAL or fake but meh
Angie Kelley
Angie Kelley Годину тому
I say Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thanos, and Captain America die. Gamora, Heimdall, Ebony Maw, and Bucky stay dead. All the Guardians of Galaxy, the Scarlet Witch, Vision, the Cast of Black Panther, Nick Fury, Spider Man, Loki, and Doctor Strange come back from the dead.
Roomy Kat
Roomy Kat Годину тому
It’s sad that they can bring back heroes but not the one true hero we all adore... Stan Lee 😢
LT.GR33N Годину тому
What if, the one above all suddenly appears, says hi to tony and nebula, then teleports them to avenger hq or maybe even living tribiunal might do the same
Klodude Годину тому
Everybody dies
Philip Pendleton
Philip Pendleton Годину тому
What if everyone dies and all future movies are prickles no iron costume in Spider Man far from home.
Joey Годину тому
what if tony stark becomes the successor of cameos like stan lee
Jared Thompson
Jared Thompson Годину тому
Really? Just gonna throw Hawkeye under the bus? The movies already do that, give him a break!
Born of Pixels
Born of Pixels Годину тому
There is spoilers; We now know whats NOT going to happen
Simba Junior
Simba Junior Годину тому
I got 5 dollars that he get it wrong
public loiterer boi
public loiterer boi Годину тому
lightning Годину тому
except professor hulk burns his arm trying to use the stark gauntlet
Yuca Ambalo
Yuca Ambalo Годину тому
I bet Cap will be the only one to die
Lori Schaneville
Lori Schaneville Годину тому
Thanos is going to die conformed guys
Mark John Fordan
Mark John Fordan Годину тому
Tony survives actually and at the end theres a wedding
Adrienne Kaio
Adrienne Kaio Годину тому
If your wrong, just delete the video, make a new one (with “minor” changes) and say the old one got claimed by Disney/Marvel because of the music.
Mr Fishy Face
Mr Fishy Face Годину тому
Film Theory Endgame
Mel ._.
Mel ._. Годину тому
Everyone claims at least one of the og avengers die Plot twist: *all 6 og avengers die*
brendon lui espinorio
brendon lui espinorio Годину тому
bye natasha
Apex Slide
Apex Slide Годину тому
Captain Marvel dies in the first round. Quote me.
genevive Годину тому
what about hawkeye??
TinkBellQ Годину тому
Tony's going to die. Thanos killed his children, Tony will sacrifice himself for his children
Mr. Mystery 64
Mr. Mystery 64 Годину тому
helen billing
helen billing Годину тому
I think thanos is going to die as well
Joey Годину тому
iron man and thanos are, in a way, equals. perfect balance in their deaths
A Sad lonely person
A Sad lonely person Годину тому
All we need is shaggy
ROUG_ FROST Годину тому
nebula will kill thanos
Sara Gerardo
Sara Gerardo Годину тому
IMO: The Avengers will go after Thanos and fail, probably losing several people. They will be barely rescued by a being calling himself Destiny. Destiny helps them defeat Thanos. All these years, and the story is finally over. Except that Destiny is actually Kang, a very evil being, and if you don't know who he is, I won't spoil it. Do NOT look it up; it's major. I think this will launch the next arc.
Lol no u
Lol no u Годину тому
When it comes out, I'm ditching UKvid, a lot of reddit, sc stories, and Twitter until I see it
King Kermit
King Kermit Годину тому
I think people will die
Angelina Bloom
Angelina Bloom Годину тому
Captain Pooaca will die.
Mike Roop
Mike Roop Годину тому
Isiah Maldo
Isiah Maldo Годину тому
Iron man will die and thanos will celebrate by twerking and ant man will go inside his butt whole and ant man will grow.The End
GotGame 40
GotGame 40 Годину тому
Everybody dies then Thanos brings them back and they go get some drinks together then go there separate ways....TRUST ME Ive already seen EndGame LOL
Ethan Rivers
Ethan Rivers Годину тому
www.buzzsprout.com/131778/1046743-untitled-episode share this around if y’all can
Get Hacked
Get Hacked Годину тому
Spoiler* The night king kills everyone 🤷🏼‍♂️
Evan Sawyers
Evan Sawyers Годину тому
Man didn't even mention Hawkeye
L Amusan
L Amusan Годину тому
Nick fury gonna die😣😣
Axel Lopez
Axel Lopez Годину тому
Iron man, Thanos (obviously, for sure their not keeping him alive), and Thor
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