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War of the firework........but what will it look like.
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Also thanks to @mmaerialphotography for the 2nd drone Footage
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7 лют 2019

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colinfurze 6 місяців тому
Thanks for your support, spread the word so we can reach 8 million.
Margarito Flores del campo
Margarito Flores del campo 2 дні тому
Ver desde 6:23 TULTEPEC FIESTA ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-Yv_IobJ50KU.html
dark_leet 16
dark_leet 16 4 дні тому
Ur @ 3 mil m8
Sergey TurBoTazer
Sergey TurBoTazer 13 днів тому
Oxide 771
Oxide 771 15 днів тому
I love your inventions so much!!!!!
Kaleel Sulthan
Kaleel Sulthan 20 днів тому
10k So your smart
Andrew Harre
Andrew Harre 15 годин тому
Margarito Flores del campo
Margarito Flores del campo 2 дні тому
Ver desde 6:23 TULTEPEC FIESTA ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-Yv_IobJ50KU.html
dwayne james pangan
dwayne james pangan 2 дні тому
Wow so amazing so many fireworks i love this 👇👇like this comment thanks
big car
big car 2 дні тому
5:19 If the fireworks are saying its epic then its epic as hell
Alex Kendall
Alex Kendall 3 дні тому
For those people who check the comments first the show starts at 5:05 before that it's just a bunch of jazz
SpeedyBoi Phantom
SpeedyBoi Phantom 3 дні тому
Imagine lightning those while driving on the highway
Omari Bartholomew
Omari Bartholomew 4 дні тому
Sounds like w2s
The Rogers family Rogers
The Rogers family Rogers 4 дні тому
Your truck looks like a missle loncher
Matej Mazur
Matej Mazur 4 дні тому
Looks like he has lots of money and time, while we have no money and no time. It must be good genetics and luck, right? All these guys seem to have "friends" and "bros" everywhere.... but something doesn't add up in our divided society. Since when do men cooperate so well? Could this perhaps be the benefits of some certain gentlemen's club?
Ajoy Pao
Ajoy Pao 5 днів тому
The best video in UKvid ever..
Jeff the killer
Jeff the killer 6 днів тому
Who needs a missile truck when you have this
Red Roy
Red Roy 6 днів тому
this was shortly after the hula skirt machete....cut is still on your arm.
UltimateAlchamp 6 днів тому
fireworks: fireworks when colinfurze walks in: *happiness noise*
Salvatore Scarfi
Salvatore Scarfi 7 днів тому
Roblox News
Roblox News 8 днів тому
rip the trucks
RexTheGreat37 8 днів тому
0:59 who even needs this many rockets
Kelvin Temal
Kelvin Temal 8 днів тому
Kevin aldair Torres rivera
Kevin aldair Torres rivera 9 днів тому
how much do you spend on buying all those rockets
El Siro Juarez
El Siro Juarez 9 днів тому
Parecido a la guerra de las galaxias de Star wars
Ranjeet Kumar
Ranjeet Kumar 10 днів тому
kazi morsed
kazi morsed 10 днів тому
Hiii dude.... Im ur fan from India
Joe McCaffery
Joe McCaffery 10 днів тому
You’re a nutcase,, lol.
Egro Chertov
Egro Chertov 10 днів тому
Welcome to Colin's laboratory, where safety is № ∞ priority
eğlence 10 днів тому
1944 katyusha colorised
lexcil mayor
lexcil mayor 10 днів тому
I love watching your videos it makes my day❤️
salmon 77
salmon 77 11 днів тому
Korea: *attacks Britian* Colinfurze: *hold on chaps, I know how to defeat them*
Qualia’s Developer
Qualia’s Developer 11 днів тому
Guiseppe's_Bass 11 днів тому
Future Darwin Award winner.
g akhilsag
g akhilsag 11 днів тому
You just polluted
Nihaal 12 днів тому
- *Atmosphere has left the chat* -
Harry May
Harry May 12 днів тому
has anyone else wondered whether he is mentally stable
Mohammad asad
Mohammad asad 13 днів тому
visual treat.....
Sergey TurBoTazer
Sergey TurBoTazer 13 днів тому
Underrated Slav
Underrated Slav 13 днів тому
How many fireworks would you like? Colin: Yes
Tomek D
Tomek D 14 днів тому
James Cameron wants to know your location
TheUnknown ,
TheUnknown , 14 днів тому
russian battery missiles
One more time🤣
PissedOffLion 14 днів тому
Our aircraft hangars are full of ammo for the airplane's guns. and my hangar has the parts manufacturing pit in it too. I love making parts. Its fun, like a sparkler on steroids.
Louise Wright
Louise Wright 14 днів тому
This makes Brainiac Science abuse look soft. I LOVE IT !
Natup Natup
Natup Natup 15 днів тому
Beautyful... 😍😍😍
Johnny Friel
Johnny Friel 15 днів тому
Bet his neighbours love him
T. K.
T. K. 15 днів тому
JoshNEx 15 днів тому
10 million subs is gonna be a nuke
Oxide 771
Oxide 771 15 днів тому
I bet Colin will be the only guy who can succesfully invade Area 51
Hunor Balázs
Hunor Balázs 15 днів тому
Mister Moose
Mister Moose 15 днів тому
I don’t get why people dislike this stuff 🤔
Jayan Chegannur
Jayan Chegannur 16 днів тому
Exalent idia
Zachary Thomas
Zachary Thomas 16 днів тому
Md Fahad
Md Fahad 16 днів тому
Wooooooooooooooow wooooooooooooooow wooooooooooooooow
Zyler Montesdeoca
Zyler Montesdeoca 16 днів тому
We need this in 4th of July
Mbazira James
Mbazira James 16 днів тому
So beautiful
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 16 днів тому
5:29 Londoner trying to escape the Blitz on the day of the first Nazi air raid bombings. (Colorized - circa 1940)
Arun Sagar
Arun Sagar 16 днів тому
Absolute wastage of money energy and time. Please keep in mind that it was disasters to the environment.
xl gnb
xl gnb 5 днів тому
People like you are really dumb, only by those rocks be existing it's already poluing the planet, also it's his money, HE earn and he does what he want with it
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh 14 днів тому
They can earn a lot by this video
Jeffrey Nelson
Jeffrey Nelson 16 днів тому
Enrique Mendez
Enrique Mendez 16 днів тому
Should of had fired up at the sky insted
Itsuki Takeuchi
Itsuki Takeuchi 16 днів тому
Gordan ramsay of fireworks. Minus the rage
ANKESH KUMAR 17 днів тому
This is not good for environment...Just for make money for yourself...
Undray Klopc
Undray Klopc 17 днів тому
*is epic*
Isabel Mendoza
Isabel Mendoza 17 днів тому
Donate those boxes to Papa jak
Subhan 7
Subhan 7 17 днів тому
It's pakistani rocket made by china used by Pakistan army 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Deepak Baghel
Deepak Baghel 18 днів тому
I am enjoy this video
Jason Bazen
Jason Bazen 18 днів тому
Peter Smith
Peter Smith 18 днів тому
Most epicus.
G. R.
G. R. 18 днів тому
how fucking stupid can you get and still live through it. Hope Darwin kicks in soon.
Ahmad Wali
Ahmad Wali 18 днів тому
Now thats one called the crazy man
amarjit nongthombam
amarjit nongthombam 19 днів тому
Stupid idea..huge air pollutions
Chumby 19 днів тому
people : area 51 cant stop us all guards at area 51 :
Rob Angellotti
Rob Angellotti 19 днів тому
That aerial shot was amazing
Sudheer Anumolu
Sudheer Anumolu 19 днів тому
unnecessary pollution...!!!
Yuvaraj Sinha
Yuvaraj Sinha 19 днів тому
How anime fights would look like in reallife Fate animes probably?
Harshit Ojha
Harshit Ojha 19 днів тому
11k dislike by environment friendly. I'm also want to dislike the video but I need this video in my likes videos
Moose Man
Moose Man 19 днів тому
Nobody Nobody ever Air pollution
Marcos Rodrigues
Marcos Rodrigues 19 днів тому
BEANOS 19 днів тому
5:07 live footage of soviets testing kayusha rocket
Ci Y
Ci Y 19 днів тому
This little point is not enough to see The current salt water cannon activity in Taiwan begins at 8:00 am on the 14th day of the lunar calendar and ends at midnight after midnight. In 2007, the legend of the "13 km" Welcome to Taiwan, please prepare your whole body equipment together. Every year of the lunar calendar January 15 People participating in artillery activities should prepare complete protective equipment to avoid injury, including full-face helmets (heads), scarves or towels (neck), cotton or denim jacket trousers, gloves and flats or sneakers. [Raincoat] and other clothing that may melt or ignite. After the whole body protection is completed, enter the area where the fireworks are fired, and participate in the folk festival of the rumbling and burning of the guns. Due to years of experience in the injury of tourists, in recent years, it has been banned from the use of plastic and light-colored plastic cannons, and large-scale garbage cleaning activities are planned after the celebration. zh.m.wikipedia.org/zh-tw/%E9%B9%BD%E6%B0%B4%E8%9C%82%E7%82%AE ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-5NoWkINawDU.html
aasim jahagirdar
aasim jahagirdar 19 днів тому
It air pollution..... Brother pleas dont do this.......
Yards Ofsnot
Yards Ofsnot 19 днів тому
wish I had a million quid to blow on fireworks. the utes have to get smoked next time.
Archie Villanueva
Archie Villanueva 19 днів тому
Metal Slug is ReaL
THE MIRZA 19 днів тому
I think this is aliens because man can not do such things lol😂
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