First Drive in an All Electric Mercedes - Whats Under The Hood?!

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Mercedes is rolling their First ALL ELECTRIC SUV off the assembly lines. Dan and I got to test them out on the roads of Norway. The Mercedes EQC is the first of many electric vehicles coming from Mercedes, and for good reason. Most vehicle manufactures have plans to make electric versions of their vehicles. Electric is just *that* much better than gas. More efficient, more powerful, and just fun to drive. Come with Dan and I as we see what makes the Mercedes EQC so quiet, and what differences we can spot between Mercedes and Tesla.
Check out Dan's favorite things about the EQC: ukvid.net/video/відео-N0c-LNOFejw.html
And see what happened to my drone :-( here: ukvid.net/video/відео-oZeskraiH-w.html
I cant wait till mercedes makes an Electric G-Class!: ukvid.net/video/відео-4g52041zGOY.html
Here is the first Inside look at the new All Electric Mercedes. Everything you need to know.
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Moe Fawkah
Moe Fawkah 4 дні тому
Think these will get keyed too?
Ado Vag
Ado Vag 4 дні тому
People are buying electric car "just to save planet". Haha like your humor. Great quality and great videos man. Keep up the good work.
My life My Rules
My life My Rules 6 днів тому
Question....why do skinhead potatoes exist.... Answer; to ruin lives and fuck up everything...
G. Cast
G. Cast 7 днів тому
Still waiting for the bend test and teardown.
rolf johansen
rolf johansen 7 днів тому
Norway , greenest country financed by oil money
SHADOW_CHENEECH Yt 9 днів тому
Paddle shifters on a car with no gears
Indrid Cold
Indrid Cold 11 днів тому
If it is as, "reliable," as the diesel or petrol Mercedes Benz, I will pass.
Eternal Manuscript
Eternal Manuscript 7 днів тому
Indrid Cold 😂
Ash J Williams
Ash J Williams 13 днів тому
the hitch though! damn
cease19811 15 днів тому
Do anyone else see a handel bar mustache when looking at the front of the vehicle?
Gustaf Magnuson
Gustaf Magnuson 15 днів тому
What worries me is that all these companies that are rushing electric cars into production are going to discover lots of problems with their cars when they are subjected to the real world and all the unexpected events that real world drivers experience. I would wait a couple of years until the kinks are ironed out or buy a Tesla. They at least have lots of experience.
b8702131 15 днів тому
Where is the teardown video??!!
Smurfinz 17 днів тому
Variety Archive
Variety Archive 17 днів тому
That is one sexy ride!
sammy50001 20 днів тому
Finally a worthy competitor to push Tesla to add missing features to the Model X: HUD, Top-Down view camera, more luxury, etc. Looking forward to the next Model X refresh!
Nelson Fluckz
Nelson Fluckz 20 днів тому
Can't wait for electric e-class, wich i won't be able to pay for too. :)
Ray Madani
Ray Madani 20 днів тому
and now, shifting from donkey to car is not similar to shifting from petrol to electricity
Ray Madani
Ray Madani 20 днів тому
what ? electronic circuit board ? what are you trying to say ?
Aaron Blake
Aaron Blake 21 день тому
The shot @5:40 was epic
tubewatcher 22 дні тому
we wanna see you if you are going to break it for durability test 😂
Alex badia
Alex badia 22 дні тому
Honda accord gang
Sujit Saha
Sujit Saha 24 дні тому
Does it have autopilot?
Lee Capili
Lee Capili 25 днів тому
I feel like you guys are playing Catch Phrase and the word is “Tesla”. Nearly everything you described in that car are in Dan’s two (one of which is now your) Model X’s. Next time just say: “It’s like a Tesla but with better interior and a more limited US charging network.” Video over.
Selvarangan Murugan
Selvarangan Murugan 26 днів тому
cost of charging?
Finest Rainbow Extreme
Finest Rainbow Extreme 28 днів тому
Jerry, i wanna see durability test on this car, do you mind? Lol
OffCamberShow Місяць тому
The first? What happened to the B Class??
Ali Zubaidi
Ali Zubaidi Місяць тому
most of that tech is in my dads 2014 BMW 328d xdrive
Joshua Bell
Joshua Bell Місяць тому
Dan said he will never go back but he sold his Tesla to get a Honda hybrid
Trin Knight
Trin Knight Місяць тому
Loud fossils LOL
Minh Râu
Minh Râu Місяць тому
Gas car will be history
Mr MEMé Місяць тому
Now give it to Skotty Kill-More ¡¡¡¡
Tony K
Tony K Місяць тому
Tesla is awesome but should have a gas option for long travels
Matt Banks
Matt Banks Місяць тому
Everyone used to have no interest in electric cars until luxury electric cars (Tesla) came out.
Pray For The World
Pray For The World Місяць тому
As long as EV need that much Ressources its not a real alternative. I hope they will improve it because i believe in technology and science
LMN Місяць тому
どうせなら車も傷つけろよ 得意だろ
Jérôme Місяць тому
Few months later, his body came back to gas and sold his Tesla X to a Honda
Erick Garcia
Erick Garcia Місяць тому
Anyone else notice he mistook the time (18;23 or 6:23 pm) for the time remaining? 7:31
JOSHaka OGER Місяць тому
What makes the hitch work is because it's simple but electronic controlled ...no thanks but best looking one of seen in awhile (the vehicle)
JOSHaka OGER Місяць тому
When hitman sneaks up to his kill 😰
Bela Deak
Bela Deak Місяць тому
You CAN'T save the planet with current electric cars. The battery's build in to these cars are more harmful to the environment in being produced and needing to be swapped out every 3 years or so, because of being grilled by charging them so fast and then not really being recyclable, than fossil fueled cars. Hydrogen is the future, not battery's! And as long as they do not produce electric cars that run on hydrogen, we should all stay away, because a fossil fuel powered car produces its environmental pollution now and we are effected by them now. These battery's will be unrecyclable problems for ever. You can go thank Elon for this problem. As he had the chance to switch to hydrogen he decided not to, because of it being costly, which by now would have come down to normal levels as soon as the infrastructure is build, which also needed to done to the xharging stations that we now have. Stupid. Stay away
Bela Deak
Bela Deak Місяць тому
@Phil Terry Actually your answer seems kind of ignorant, because who gives a shit about that, even if they would hold 20 years the problem persists. After all that time you still have several hundred kilos of dead battery that can only be recycled to about 50 percent. But even if you ignore that, the problem that most of the environmental pollution on EVs is created in the production of all the batteries, which is more than double that of combustion engine cars. So you are really trying to tell me that hydrogen fueled electric cars, where the only waste product is water, aren't the future? Cars which can actually be climate neutral when the energy for the electrolysis is 100% green energy. Cars that do not have to carry around hundreds of kilos of dead weight. Where is that ignorant, you ignorant?
Phil Terry
Phil Terry Місяць тому
All Ev's in the UK come with a seven to eight year warranty. Your post is so full of ignorance, I don't know where to begin.
John Doe
John Doe Місяць тому
4:56 Another perk is that there is hardly any maintenance. Well unless you count that $10.000+ service where they swap out the batteries because they have degraded to a point where the range is severely limited.
Phil Terry
Phil Terry Місяць тому
Tesla have all but confirmed a million mile battery for next year.
crisp wafers
crisp wafers Місяць тому
I’d rather Wait 3 minutes to fill up my car with gas than having to waist 18 minutes charging my car
jadeskull Місяць тому
If you don't drive over 200 miles in a day this is a non-issue. It'll charge overnight.
Dim TS7
Dim TS7 Місяць тому
*Fun fact:* It can be scratched with the razer blade.
BIG APPLE Smile9 Місяць тому
So nice 👍 electric ⚡️ car from Mercedes company
Tony Місяць тому
0:31 Please be nice to the environment
Kim Sebastian
Kim Sebastian Місяць тому
I live inn norway im Norwegian
mike hunt
mike hunt Місяць тому
Here is the main issue with you tesla. Let's say shit hits the fan. All have is electric cars.
mike hunt
mike hunt Місяць тому
How about replacing a Ford / Chevy / Dodge person. This is taking away from our first amendment. Loud and spoken.
Dale Morgan
Dale Morgan Місяць тому
Wonder if it will last longer than the crap they build and sell in America.
nouhoum maiga
nouhoum maiga Місяць тому
Yall ever got caught with fake ids and walked?
Dale Morgan
Dale Morgan Місяць тому
I would never have to charge it outside my own home. I have never traveled more than 60 miles from my home before.
Parv Patel
Parv Patel Місяць тому
Which model .
Andries Stander
Andries Stander Місяць тому
I am so glad Zack didn't ask Dan to show us what's inside...can you imagine Mercedes' reaction when the EQC arrives in two perfect halves...
Emilio Morales
Emilio Morales Місяць тому
those rims are too nice
Conal O'Donoghue
Conal O'Donoghue Місяць тому
clicks on video for electric mercedez gets ad for eletric volkswagon
Alex Harvey
Alex Harvey Місяць тому
I hope we can get to see a video on the Polestar 2. I love that thing but probably won't ever own one due to the $
7 stars Fam
7 stars Fam Місяць тому
Next video: having a fully elictric Mercedes for 100 years
Eugenijus Dzigas
Eugenijus Dzigas Місяць тому
will it lag with new software updates?... you have to get profit somehow
خالد الشمري
خالد الشمري Місяць тому
How much?
flexairz Місяць тому
Nice car, wrong powerplant, ugly ass dashboard. And that HUD is a huge distraction, believe me. I have driven a car that had one. No, we are not at the point where e-car take over the gas power car. As long as they are heavily subsidized and batteries can not be recharged in 10 minutes and drive another 800 km. Enough range? don't make me laugh.
My Own
My Own Місяць тому
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