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LilleVannKanne - Norsk Gaiming
LilleVannKanne - Norsk Gaiming 10 годин тому
I live in Norway(;
Ultra vivio
Ultra vivio День тому
Electrics cars were first. But the power at be dint like that . plus it didn’t help that Hanry Ford was. 33 degree mason. . They wanted to pillage and pollute the earth while in slaving us little people .and make a ton of cash while at it. That’s the 1 % for ya. Nicola Tesla re invented was was lost, free energy. He had a car that ran on ether . Long antenna attached to his car attracted static electricity and off he went. No gas needed. Just his electric motor. When he built the Worden cliff tower it was just one of many to come and he was going to wirelessly power everything everywhere all over the world. Air ship , ocean liners , whole city’s, just like before . . But the powers at be dint like that so down the tower went. Now wireless electricity’s is coming back. To bad it only a hundred years over do? Where would we be if it wasn’t suppressed? Just imagine what ells they have? Anti gravity for sure.
Kiran MG
Kiran MG День тому
can u dismantle it and show what's inside!!🤣
SHERZEEZ День тому
Imagine police pulling up to some drug dealers house. They break the door down and no one would know
haydeezz День тому
i`m curious about the price of electricity for "1 full "
Aldo Martinez Ledesma
Aldo Martinez Ledesma День тому
Would most definitely take this over a Tesla hands down
Khaosmatrix День тому
So it was designed for a combustion engine but a electric motor is there.
mateuszcyg 2 дні тому
10:15 🙈
Corey Marshall
Corey Marshall 2 дні тому
Someone buys me one, 😆.
0 0
0 0 2 дні тому
my ebike uses 176 of the same cells power for weight so fast but I wish I could afford the Benz
Gooklog Ander
Gooklog Ander 2 дні тому
3:45 they're no more powerful.. you pulled that right of your ass lmao. The powerful ones cost 140,000 fucking USD buddy. They dont have "enough" range yet although they're getting very good and the features arent better either lmao😂. Because it has a regenerative breaking system that means it has better features? That's one thing and hybrid cars have had that forever. Well guess what gas cars are actually light weight and handle amazingly well compared to your shitbox 6,000 pound electric vehicle
0 0
0 0 2 дні тому
You can regen with or without using your pads which are cheap and last a while so slamming your brakes will not harm you but like the Prius u can out it in a mode just for braking and it will regen more like a Jake brake without touching the brakes, They have a patent on that and you would not want that on all the time. The more brake force the more regen builds up. You explained that all wrong!
0 0
0 0 2 дні тому
Chevy corvette wishes they put a patent on their heads up fucking idiots letting the germans take this from us. Thats a American invention. What are you a nazi? Buy American, support your country! The Tesla is better
joshypaul.07 2 дні тому
please tear this I want to know buit quality.
Pnuttz Clark
Pnuttz Clark 3 дні тому
You would think jerryrigeverything would have already known that "Gravity" has never actually been proven. Even the Heliosentric priest admit, they dont know what the cause of gravity is.
3 дні тому
Based upon critical issues relative to climate change we should have transitioned from gas-powered vehicles a decade or more ago. But this makes me hopeful for a future whereby our children will not need to be challenged with gas-emissions destroying their ecosystem. Having said that, 2040 proposals to ban gas vehicles is not realistic to the aforementioned; while a more realistic goal would be 2030, the experts on climate issues are saying this needs to be done immediately.
Minh Tran
Minh Tran 3 дні тому
What .. not Frunk. I'm moving on.
Hayden Rooney
Hayden Rooney 3 дні тому
Scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7
Christian Santos
Christian Santos 3 дні тому
My x5 I had 5 years ago had a heads up
Jon B.
Jon B. 3 дні тому
The front is inspired by the Honda CR-V
Emil Wollert
Emil Wollert 3 дні тому
why do they always make electric cars look so ugly
Richard S Wiggins
Richard S Wiggins 3 дні тому
Just a thought about you doing the camera work. U are with another guy. Is he the camera guy, or is he just along for the ride.?
Shamir Bidaisee
Shamir Bidaisee 3 дні тому
I wonder if there'll be an adapter to use in telsa supercharging stations
Christos Ioannou
Christos Ioannou 3 дні тому
Front of the car looks like a mustache or is my idea 3:58 ?
Kênh học tiếng Trung - Giọng Bản Xứ
Will you RIG THIS ??? JERRY !!
Vince M
Vince M 4 дні тому
That GPS with live street views is what blew me away 😱 This cars cool...but I could only afford one in my dreams. I already know it’s going to be over 50k. So yeah..🤣
BB inc.
BB inc. 4 дні тому
Nope... NEVER want to miss the amazing sound of a sexy motor in my car
Adel Bhuyin
Adel Bhuyin 4 дні тому
I live in norway
Mario Duhaney
Mario Duhaney 4 дні тому
how much is a full charge bro
BURHAN MAKDA 4 дні тому
Can't wait to wait in line for car charging 🤣🤣
Allan Bernabe
Allan Bernabe 4 дні тому
We want to see a teardown.
Themix314 4 дні тому
Not one mention of a tesla lol! Probably because Mercedes wasn’t gonna have that 😂
Raw2929 Will
Raw2929 Will 4 дні тому
No it in the floor because Tesla start the tran
Raw2929 Will
Raw2929 Will 4 дні тому
U don't have to live at the mechanic too
Raw2929 Will
Raw2929 Will 4 дні тому
I disappointed that u did not interested in Electric car that say
Joshua C.
Joshua C. 4 дні тому
I thought he would also destroy the car.
Rizz kaizer
Rizz kaizer 4 дні тому
bend test a car
NSUScooter 5 днів тому
It has Gears?!?!?!?! Wait how??? Why the paddle shifters on the steering wheel???
First name
First name 5 днів тому
I wouldn't wait 18 mins for a fucking recharge when gas takes just a minute.
gene mayne
gene mayne 5 днів тому
most countries have max speed limit of 80 mph so got nothing do with car my v8 is bloody fast but still i can't go over 70 in the uk so pintless how fast they go we can't drive at 120 mph
Lol 5 днів тому
GERALD MUSOKE 5 днів тому
I am a tech enthusiast and this is agreat video
Mohamed Jatlaoui
Mohamed Jatlaoui 5 днів тому
03:02 JerryRig secretly keeping the "Mercedes branded" Tow Hitch Cap for his pickup huh, lol
King king
King king 5 днів тому
I want one but I enjoy my bed to much.
hazem zoma
hazem zoma 5 днів тому
WHAT are electric cars more powerful than gas cars...... Are you serious 😳😲😲😲🙄🙄😕😕😕😕😕
Edward Vinch
Edward Vinch 5 днів тому
Why wouldn’t it have a solar panel to keep charging while traveling?
Edward Vinch
Edward Vinch 3 дні тому
Aditya Ravi not just an option but a standards. Because it doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t have a solar panel.
Edward Vinch
Edward Vinch 5 днів тому
Durability test please.
magzire 5 днів тому
No razor blade test?
Whatthefucktony 5 днів тому
Y’all want a v0 and I want a v12 we’re not the same
RealNameNeverUsed 5 днів тому
0:01 Zack was trying to summon Doug Demuro's fan.
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