First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family

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A new addition to the Nintendo Switch family will arrive on 9/20. Nintendo Switch Lite is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take on the go! This dedicated handheld device lets you play all Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode. It will be available in three different colors. www.nintendo.com/switch/lite/
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10 лип 2019





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Joe Jenkinson
Joe Jenkinson Годину тому
bought a switch lite and splatoon 2 and now i’m broke 😌✌️
Landyn Hodges
Landyn Hodges День тому
I want a switch pro console with a bigger dock and switch tablet
Saahil Bundhoo
Saahil Bundhoo День тому
The face of the guy that played with the red joy con was like toto wolff
NoobGamerXY 2 дні тому
They’re literally saying, “if you’re lonely and broke, the switch lite is for you!”
조강민 2 дні тому
Nintendo Switch Lite + 2 Joycons + TV connection support + HD rumble + Motion IR camera + Grip + Strap + ... = Nintendo Switch ?????????????????
조강민 2 дні тому
Nintendo 'NOT Switch'
Nguyen Nam
Nguyen Nam 2 дні тому
feedback give the roblox in eshop
BBL mikoto
BBL mikoto 2 дні тому
In summary this became a psp
Ksawery Kuczera
Ksawery Kuczera 3 дні тому
oh yeah another switch im excited to play!
E E 3 дні тому
E E 3 дні тому
*friends sold separately*
Bay Area Coalition
Bay Area Coalition 3 дні тому
Anybody else here because they just got one 😁
Elaina Lowen
Elaina Lowen 3 дні тому
It’s great and I’m totally getting it but it can be a little embarrassing when both of my two friends have a normal switch that I can’t afford 😂
Beanie The Lemur
Beanie The Lemur 3 дні тому
I want a switch lite
your will to live during quarantine
the switch lite really didn't do well..... and also who plays video games at a skate park, and who RIDES their BIKE to a skate park?
99th Shindaki
99th Shindaki 3 дні тому
The Lite actually did well with 1.9m units sold within the first 10 days of its release and a total of 6m units sold by March 2020.
Zohair Ahmad Jafri
Zohair Ahmad Jafri 4 дні тому
Man I love going to space and playing with a switch lite
IbrahsOMG YtOMG 4 дні тому
It's useless LIKE IF U AGREE
99th Shindaki
99th Shindaki 3 дні тому
TrappedDark HD
TrappedDark HD 4 дні тому
I just got myself a switch lite today!!! It's so cool.
spectre 88
spectre 88 4 дні тому
I canr tell if people are trying to make fun of the switch lite but if they are I disagree I got it for Christmas and I love it
Rachata Ruamkhian
Rachata Ruamkhian 4 дні тому
Rachata Ruamkhian
Rachata Ruamkhian 4 дні тому
Just a Kid
Just a Kid 5 днів тому
covid 19
TheGaming 818
TheGaming 818 6 днів тому
Haven't got one yet but I hope I get one😕😧🤨
Bluepee e
Bluepee e 6 днів тому
You can take it anywher- Takes it to the moon🌑
Mercy Rowe
Mercy Rowe 6 днів тому
This video is the only thing that keeps me sane whilst saving up for the Nintendo Lite...
99th Shindaki
99th Shindaki 3 дні тому
You can do it, m8. I saved for months and once I bought it, I was elated!
Sarah Nicolette
Sarah Nicolette 6 днів тому
Who is this man??
進撃の巨人好きすぎる 8 днів тому
Squid Boy
Squid Boy 8 днів тому
I love this thing
Jad Cherrouk
Jad Cherrouk 9 днів тому
I have the switch lite though it's annoying that you can't play with 2 players. I'm going to sell my nintendo 3ds to my friend and use the money to get a proper nintendo switch
callmelala muahaha
callmelala muahaha 10 днів тому
Why not pink? 😟
Professor Penguin
Professor Penguin 6 днів тому
Theres a coral pink colour now
soldier boi
soldier boi 10 днів тому
Well to people that plain out want to play mario or animal crossing. Is worth it due to the price. But you can get a preowned switch for the same price on ebay or amazon. Is good for people that are a fan of nintendo handhelds. Is simply a handheld. And I can see people taking intrest.
Club Games
Club Games 12 днів тому
Nintendo: we relase The switch lite and animal crossing g new horizons Media: ANImAL CROSSING OMG
Benjamin Kearns
Benjamin Kearns 14 днів тому
Why nintendo, WHY ONLY BLUE, YELLOW, AND GREY/GRAY?! At least we have coral pink and Sword and Sheild ones, but I'd like a RED one! or maybe a PURPLE one.
Hamish Doyle
Hamish Doyle 15 днів тому
It’s not that portable Due to quarantine 🦠
Andrew Hyun
Andrew Hyun 15 днів тому
This ad just took the "switch" out of the Nintendo switch
Tiktok Deleted my account
Tiktok Deleted my account 15 днів тому
I don’t need it I don’t need it.I NEED IT!
99th Shindaki
99th Shindaki 3 дні тому
tutoriales y de mas garcia
tutoriales y de mas garcia 16 днів тому
1:59 que pobre nomas le prestan un yoistick
Justin 16 днів тому
Dude I don’t know why but I just don’t like the console
Ronalox YT
Ronalox YT 16 днів тому
Nintendo are racist. 2:00
๔ค๓ภ ร๏ภ
๔ค๓ภ ร๏ภ 16 днів тому
Millennials: takes skateboards to park *whips out switch and uses skateboard as seat*
Ronald Morales
Ronald Morales 16 днів тому
If you have no friends NINTEDO SWITCH LITE:D
Pablo Rufio
Pablo Rufio 16 днів тому
thats trash
HF Games
HF Games 17 днів тому
O nintendo abaixa o preço filha do caranho
Iker And friends tv
Iker And friends tv 17 днів тому
And pink too
Starlite 17 днів тому
Nobody: Not one person: Subtitles: Players all over the world are already enjoying the Nintendo *Swift*
BrendanLM 18 днів тому
Here’s why Nintendo Switch Lite is pretty good. 1: There’s 4 colors instead of 2, Turquoise, Yellow, Grey, and Coral. 2: The design is really good all around the system 3: It’s the best handheld everrrr 4: You can’t connect it to a TV, but you can play with a additional controller and record it with your phone. 5: The Joy-Cons don’t detach.. but at least they won’t slide off your switch if it’s lightly damaged. 6: The Switch Lite words swapped around, “Lite Switch” 🤣 7: It fit’s perfectly in a regular Switch case. 8: It’s perfect for road trips and planes. That’s done! I hope you see how Nintendo Switch Lite is pretty good. Bye! 😁👍
Nco 18 днів тому
Omg we can’t play 1 2 switch on lite everybody is sad😕
Iridessa DragonPaw
Iridessa DragonPaw 18 днів тому
I’ll be getting the turquoise Nintendo Switch lite for my birthday! (Update) I’ve got the Nintendo Switch lite and it’s awesome! The highlight of my birthday!
MasterGamer 123
MasterGamer 123 18 днів тому
3:02 Just Why???
Fozfly 19 днів тому
no one: no one at all: me: hmm this looks like the main Wii U controller....
Blue_creeper123 19 днів тому
Nintendo switch 2017 Nintendo switch light 2020 corona virus
Brian Kost
Brian Kost 20 днів тому
A switch made for portable play?!?!? What's next? Nintendo switch 3D?
I need more subs Online
I need more subs Online 20 днів тому
This Person: (Speaks Normal Japanese) English Person: I’m gonna stop you right there
Amna Unicorn
Amna Unicorn 20 днів тому
Thanks for adding the Nintendo Switch Lite the colour pink which made it's easier for my friend a female to use °w°
Yesenia Karavas
Yesenia Karavas 21 день тому
I wish the controller's can go off and connect to tv
Auzz FM
Auzz FM 21 день тому
Love switch lite version so convenient and brings back old gaming memories
Cheyannes_me 21 день тому
2:05 that one friend that doesn't bring anything That's me 😂
Kenny Nguyen
Kenny Nguyen 22 дні тому
For game
Kenny Nguyen
Kenny Nguyen 22 дні тому
You guy should put a storage on the Nintendo switch
Kenny Nguyen
Kenny Nguyen 22 дні тому
What the thing on the bottom where the spot for the kick stand
Sakıntı GT
Sakıntı GT 22 дні тому
aSurrealCube 22 дні тому
This ad makes me wish I had friends ):
Antonio Pinzon
Antonio Pinzon 23 дні тому
2:00 that’s racist
rom biton
rom biton 24 дні тому
burger 25 днів тому
Wow a portable switch
Zack K
Zack K 25 днів тому
Who knows what else could be hiding in his jacket
DFBlackBelt Fighting
DFBlackBelt Fighting 26 днів тому
Here's my thing, if you pay for the switch lite, but wanna play Mario party with friends, then you will need to pay 80.00 just for two new joy cons. So why not just get a regular switch if you wanna play games like Mario party with friends?
DFBlackBelt Fighting
DFBlackBelt Fighting 24 дні тому
@Reeceeboy2410 like I have no issues with the lite. It is still a great alternative to playing the newer Nintendo games. It's just that it doesn't make sense to pay more money for joy cons, when they don't even de-attach.
Reeceeboy2410 25 днів тому
Its weird but there's actuallly a good amount of people who'd buy it: People who just want one game Parents who mistake it for a regular one Active people People who don't care about TV mode Small kids People on a budget People who don't want to share Non-Nintendo fans wanting some games People who don't want to damage their regular one
_Electricsteavy _
_Electricsteavy _ 26 днів тому
and it has the worst name of all time switch lite DS lite that bad NINTENDO
cvak 24 дні тому
I mean it actually has a cool rhythm when you say Nintendo switch lite.
_Electricsteavy _
_Electricsteavy _ 26 днів тому
it look very very bad why do nintendo make this trash make a switch pro that would be a lot better than a dumb down thing nintendo
cvak 24 дні тому
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 26 днів тому
I can’t wait to play animal crossing new horizons on this
Nate Ragan
Nate Ragan 27 днів тому
Nice 😏👉
Noah Rucker
Noah Rucker 27 днів тому
Switch lite is a waste! Why make a smaller screen ! That's sucks .. plus u can't even dock it ..c'mon man give us a dual screen flip model like the 3ds just with two regular switch size screens! Now that would be great!
cvak 24 дні тому
Why u hear when you just bitchen.
smart boy tech
smart boy tech 28 днів тому
Why you not launched Nintendo officially in India?
Samuel Fisher
Samuel Fisher 28 днів тому
Imagine having to buy a whole new system when your analog sticks start drifting...
Reeceeboy2410 6 днів тому
@Professor Penguin ok but you can't really prevent that unless you clean it like every day and don't have sweaty palms
Professor Penguin
Professor Penguin 6 днів тому
@Reeceeboy2410 and heavy use equates to dust gathering in the sticks overtime
Reeceeboy2410 24 дні тому
@cvak drift happens from heavy use
cvak 24 дні тому
@Reeceeboy2410 okay now im just confused.
Reeceeboy2410 27 днів тому
@Samuel Fisher it is from wear and tear I've never got mine dirty
Phil Studio
Phil Studio 28 днів тому
Can't believe he have a Nintendo switch lite in his shirt. XD
Candy Owl
Candy Owl Місяць тому
Quick question what do you recommend Pokemon sword or Pokemon shield Oof
Candy Owl
Candy Owl 28 днів тому
Yeah it's pretty expensive Oof
グラップラーInMei 28 днів тому
Candy Owl bruh 79? At my Walmart Theyre 49.99
Candy Owl
Candy Owl 28 днів тому
Thank you! All I need to do now is.....catch $79 Oof
Reeceeboy2410 28 днів тому
I'd say shield because more people play sword, easier to get version exclusives
Gabriel! Santos, Mariano.
Gabriel! Santos, Mariano. Місяць тому
* 2:07 **.*
KadeBit102 Місяць тому
I am getting a Lite in 7 days (4/30/2020)
KadeBit102 27 днів тому
So OK!
KadeBit102 27 днів тому
I'm getting in 3 days now
グラップラーInMei 28 днів тому
KadeBit102 when you get it give me your friend code I need more friends
Sarah Samuel
Sarah Samuel Місяць тому
Nice 😀
KadeBit102 Місяць тому
@Sarah Samuel turquoise
Some 1
Some 1 Місяць тому
MaD MaKe A DiFFeReNcE Місяць тому
I have a question plz someone answer do we have to download even if we have got a cartilage of a game in Nintendo Switch? 🤨
Reeceeboy2410 27 днів тому
No you either get the cartridge OR the eshop version
Gimel_ Місяць тому
i think this is a commercial for friends
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