First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family

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A new addition to the Nintendo Switch family will arrive on 9/20. Nintendo Switch Lite is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take on the go! This dedicated handheld device lets you play all Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode. It will be available in three different colors. www.nintendo.com/switch/lite/
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10 лип 2019

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Zaman Kwekha
Zaman Kwekha 15 хвилин тому
It’s kinda the same except u can’t connect it to a TV and u can’t take joy cons off. I don’t like it
Serenity Love M-Gutierrez
Serenity Love M-Gutierrez 44 хвилини тому
So it's like the Sega game gear
7 idiots ruined my life
7 idiots ruined my life 46 хвилин тому
My wallet is screeching in delight cause I wanted to get a switch soon and since I wouldn't play on the tv anyway, this switch lite would be great. 100-130€ saved
CMP T Годину тому
Why didnt make smaler
Water Sheep
Water Sheep Годину тому
Almost everyone already HAS a switch, nobody would want a downgrade! Plus, it took away what the switch WAS, so you shouldn’t call it a switch, anyway. not to mention it has LESS GAMES! The only bright side I can think of is that it’s cheaper! Also, this isn’t apart of the rant, but does anyone else think the back of the switch light looks like the back of the Wii U
CMP T Годину тому
WTF this is the 1ds
Erol Metecan Duren
Erol Metecan Duren Годину тому
We all have heard the rich kids waiting for the new switch ever since it was rumoured
Thomas Meagher
Thomas Meagher Годину тому
So your telling me that this is the same size as the regular console with no bonus features it's the same price and I cant even play It in tabletop mode or on the TV . ILL TAKE IT 😁
xJohnVgamer 256x
xJohnVgamer 256x Годину тому
The switch has a brother now :DDD
Amazing Duck
Amazing Duck Годину тому
We did it boys Nintendo in space!
RoccitPlayz Годину тому
You can do this on the normal switch
NintendoMan 941
NintendoMan 941 Годину тому
Dat is very gud tho.
Jake Mauer
Jake Mauer 2 години тому
Sold my Switch because of Joycon drift. Really bums me out because I love Nintendo.
Maka Albarn
Maka Albarn Годину тому
You could have bought a new pair of joycons (although they’re ridiculously expensive)
Kyle Shepherd
Kyle Shepherd 2 години тому
Just a question to everyone should I buy a Nintendo switch lite when it comes out or spend the extra $100 to buy the regular switch (I don’t have a switch)
mrsobz5 real
mrsobz5 real 2 години тому
My mom sold my switch so I'm sad she spent a lot of money then sold it for like 50$ and ten people wanted it I got it for my birthday then some guy got it for his son for his birthday so if u think that's dumb plz like
Spinellious 2 години тому
Looks like a stick of butter
Willow 2 години тому
I'm still rocking a Wii u hehehe
Lol B O I
Lol B O I 3 години тому
2:23 me when my sister doesn't want the last chip
Steven Perez
Steven Perez 3 години тому
Honestly this should have been Named something else Completely, It doesn’t Switch to anything.
aeroshep 2
aeroshep 2 3 години тому
Did they not learn from the Gameboy micro
KindaCool Comix
KindaCool Comix 3 години тому
Switch lite looks like it sucks it’s a switch with less features
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 3 години тому
So cool
jauns 3 години тому
Yeah is cute but this have BLAST PROCESSING?
Steven Perez
Steven Perez 3 години тому
So you take your Bicycle to the Skatepark where you plan to play Video Games? Okay then...
LvDoesYT HD 3 години тому
When nintendo says that Switch Lite will have more than 2000 games on their website but they talk only about a few of them.
trickytroyboy 1
trickytroyboy 1 3 години тому
What is the point in this
Matthew Juasemai
Matthew Juasemai 3 години тому
I love this plus it’s coming out on my birthday
Omr4n Gaming
Omr4n Gaming 4 години тому
What happens if that too starts drifting
Maka Albarn
Maka Albarn 4 години тому
This is releasing the same day me and the boys storm Area 51
drake patrick
drake patrick 4 години тому
Make it 4 dollars 💰
Traps are GaY
Traps are GaY 5 годин тому
What about those traumatising motion sensitive shrines in breath of the wild when there will be no motion control on the switch lite
LemonnadeTV Official
LemonnadeTV Official 5 годин тому
Well they should have added the grip more comfortable...
Super Kirby 24
Super Kirby 24 5 годин тому
3:02 I'm sorry is he playing on the switch lite where he might mess something up?
Super Kirby 24
Super Kirby 24 5 годин тому
So where's the switch that only works on the TV? Where's the switch that only does tabletop mode?
Taco Kuri
Taco Kuri 5 годин тому
Nintendo Switch but without the Switch
Blue carno WR
Blue carno WR 5 годин тому
It’s a small Wii U
Taco Kuri
Taco Kuri 5 годин тому
Its so cute wtf I want it
XJglitch10 5 годин тому
The Switch lite needs a better name
XxXxSummerXxX x
XxXxSummerXxX x 5 годин тому
I love my Nintendo switch but there’s something missing I miss the variety of different games like cooking games, fashion games, solving games there’s so much missing, and I wish Nintendo that you read this message and ask us what kind of game we want next
EchoFurz 5 годин тому
so a smaller switch with more color
Kirbyyoshi88z X
Kirbyyoshi88z X 5 годин тому
Gonna start my channel on September 2 or sooner
SuperBobDansk1 5 годин тому
Nintendo Switch Good Nintendo Switch Lite Bad
gk pokemon
gk pokemon 6 годин тому
What about price
Pirahna Player731
Pirahna Player731 6 годин тому
Wait, is that a wii U
SM7D'S Multi-type videos
SM7D'S Multi-type videos 6 годин тому
Please tell him to add points again
240 G
240 G 6 годин тому
Still expensive
How to Train your Stormfly
How to Train your Stormfly 6 годин тому
Yellow, turquoise uhhh what other colors would they like? GREY!!!!
How to Train your Stormfly
How to Train your Stormfly 6 годин тому
When they were making this Guy: let's make a portable wii u Other guy: but it's dead Guy: then... SWITCH it up a little
methenobody _
methenobody _ 7 годин тому
2ds and x box controller had a baby
Ja jestem Groot
Ja jestem Groot 7 годин тому
How 1, 2, switch are made on this console
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