First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family

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A new addition to the Nintendo Switch family will arrive on 9/20. Nintendo Switch Lite is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take on the go! This dedicated handheld device lets you play all Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode. It will be available in three different colors. www.nintendo.com/switch/lite/
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10 лип 2019





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Dustin Harrison
Dustin Harrison Годину тому
Who plays video games at a skate park?
Lorena Mlopez
Lorena Mlopez 2 години тому
Change switch opening to it struggling then it stops then lite fade in then takes it on the go
WHERES MY T_A_C_O 12 годин тому
Is it just me or it looks like the psvita
• Levvvyy •
• Levvvyy • 13 годин тому
I’m actually so so so excited for this product! I’ve been wanting a switch so badly since it released and with the lower price point I can finally get one!
the thousand
the thousand 13 годин тому
Ps vita all over again
TheRainBowNoob MCPE
TheRainBowNoob MCPE 18 годин тому
Cam Lau
Cam Lau 21 годину тому
Wii u but portable
REvE 22 години тому
playstation is totally rekted up... with the new nintendo switch lite...
Supergulp День тому
2 bros ride a bike to a skate park with a skateboard on their backpack Big brain
Gaming With The Dabber
Gaming With The Dabber День тому
The switch lite can work in space wonder if it can work on mars
Sophia Ankomah
Sophia Ankomah День тому
I got one and my sis broke it 🙏
Juliet Watson
Juliet Watson 3 години тому
Deion Greenaway
Deion Greenaway День тому
😒💢i don't get it?
Rock Apollonius
Rock Apollonius День тому
Mehraan Khan
Mehraan Khan День тому
0:04 royal entry of the man behind this brilliant plan 🔥🔥
Juan Dungo
Juan Dungo День тому
Why no red?
Orange Executions
Orange Executions День тому
Not only do we get a Nintendo switch, we get a lite switch! Get it? Light switch
bliss Jaure
bliss Jaure День тому
I just wanted there to be a pink one.................
The Scout
The Scout 2 дні тому
This looks awesome. My parents said they couldn't afford the original Switch and would like it if it was about 100 dollars cheaper. Well, you can tell what i'm getting this Christmas.
Nestor Reyes
Nestor Reyes 2 дні тому
Nintedo Switch lite is good
Terry’s Yogurt
Terry’s Yogurt 2 дні тому
Well I know what’s on my Christmas list for this year, only 97 more days🎄
Will L.
Will L. 2 дні тому
Why not just have Reggie talk about it
take that spongebob
take that spongebob 2 дні тому
Im hip hype
The meme Masters
The meme Masters 2 дні тому
When I first saw this, I thought it was a joke... BUT NOPE!
I’m tired of these niggas
I’m tired of these niggas 2 дні тому
I pre-ordered the yellow one to match my yellow iPhone XR. Super excited , can’t wait 😊😊😊
Marisol Hdez
Marisol Hdez 2 дні тому
Nintendo we want 2 colour Purple and red.. Please!!
Lois Griffin
Lois Griffin 3 дні тому
Oh my god is this true? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍 heartbeatü
Gamer Goose
Gamer Goose 3 дні тому
you know it doesent hook up to the tv its just a 3ds but better or you could say its a switch but kinda worse
bhyde12 3 дні тому
I....I...I don't get it
Musa Gaming
Musa Gaming 3 дні тому
No it just dumb
Dylan G
Dylan G 3 дні тому
This is basicly the wii u but smaller and u can take it anywhere
The Cosh
The Cosh 3 дні тому
The Lite looks very cool indeed! I can't wait! Amazon have them on Pre-Order already! amzn.to/2Q9ZqDe
#Lilac_Squad 3 дні тому
And I just got the Nintendo switch
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera 3 дні тому
It's the switch lite focused on teenagers only , no kids show up on this add-comercial, ?
Ivan Reyes
Ivan Reyes 3 дні тому
Does it drift?
Abigail Angevine
Abigail Angevine 3 дні тому
Ok yeah but what if a joycon sticks after 6 months?
Karrah Ong
Karrah Ong 3 дні тому
will it finally run 60 fps??
PatrickplayzYt 08
PatrickplayzYt 08 3 дні тому
Can you play on tv?
Kosog0NG 3 дні тому
Did we even watch the same video?
Mimi Carol
Mimi Carol 3 дні тому
PatrickplayzYt 08 what’s the point watching it then 😂 it says in the video
Amealy ulloa
Amealy ulloa 3 дні тому
Please make the Nintendo switch pro
Andrew Vazquez
Andrew Vazquez 3 дні тому
It’s not a switch anymore if you can’t switch it.
Abigail Angevine
Abigail Angevine 3 дні тому
Mimi Carol I mean, he’s right...
Mimi Carol
Mimi Carol 3 дні тому
Andrew Vazquez ok mr unoriginal
Anonymous MD
Anonymous MD 3 дні тому
Seems unnecessary & it makes me worry about the DS(dual screen) also hand held system 😟
jill •
jill • 3 дні тому
Does it have a good battery life because the current switch life isn’t that great when playing hand held
Mimi Carol
Mimi Carol 3 дні тому
jill • it has better battery life, I think 1 or 0.5 better battery life
Alexis Satterfield
Alexis Satterfield 4 дні тому
I just preordered the Nintendo Switch Lite in the color turquoise from Walmart. It says I should get my order on September 20th after 6pm. My fiancé and I used to have the switch when it first came out but we traded it in and decided to wait for newer versions. My fiancé got the black Nintendo Switch that was just released earlier this year. He prefers to have one you can also connect to the tv. To me it doesn’t matter. We have a few games we will share and few we won’t. If I want to play game that requires the removable joystick then I will use his Switch.
Elijah Lafond
Elijah Lafond 4 дні тому
The D-pad is back
Electofrie 4 дні тому
I still prefer the original switch
Niki 888
Niki 888 4 дні тому
Question : My switch joy-cons we 're, like, broke and going on all directions without me moving them, so it will be fixed on the lite version ? because if not i can't buy another switch lite.
westyk52sparky 4 дні тому
£50 a game and you cant add a mini hdmi or let usb to hdmi work like it does on all phones
Elt on
Elt on 4 дні тому
Hey Nintendo! I want an game where you can raid area 51 and find aliens and it becomes your GF/bf and the Alien and the human gets an baby and scientists want to steal the Alien and the kid and you need to protect it and if it gets stolen you can choose: go try to save the Alien or go raid area 51 again, and then you and your Alien move to march and gets another baby there!
Gigi Genca
Gigi Genca 4 дні тому
A switch that doesn't switch, how ironic
Joe Slyfield
Joe Slyfield 4 дні тому
Who tf pulls up to a skatepark just so they can play Nintendo with their friends? 😂
Anthony Downhill
Anthony Downhill 4 дні тому
Meh I kinda like the original switch better
Israel McCord
Israel McCord 5 днів тому
Nintendo Switch Lite! I wanted one! :D
Crafting MC
Crafting MC 5 днів тому
Ich Vergleich mal mein Handy mit der Nintendo switch lite: (1)Handy (2)Nintendo Speicher: 64 vs 32 Auflösung:full HD vs HD Bildschirm:6.3'' vs 5.5'' Gewicht: 168g vs 2kg Preis: 220€ vs 229€ Kameras 4 vs 0 ... und immer so weiter... Wie immer sind die Angaben ohne Gewähr. Angaben bereit gestellt von Amazon. Smartphone: Huawei p smart plus (2018) Mein Eindruck: für diesen Preis leistungs Unterschied würde ich eher das Smartphone nehmen und ggf. ein Controller dazu kaufen. Da das Smartphone mit 4 GB RAM bestens für Spiele ausgerüstet ist. Und viel mehr bietet. Bei dem Gewicht des Nintendos bin ich mir allerdings nicht sicher ob ich dies stimmt. Meine Empfehlung: - Huawei p smart plus 2018 - ggf. Controller nachrüsten
Kyle epic gamer Myudrs
Kyle epic gamer Myudrs 5 днів тому
You could get a normal nintendo switch for around the same price and everything
Mads Førgaard Poulsen
Mads Førgaard Poulsen 5 днів тому
Well the launch price in the DK will be 300 USD...
Sun Rice
Sun Rice 5 днів тому
Should every product be touched by women as NSL before you buy it? Japaneses don't do it but, Well done, nINtenDO.
Pedro Gordinho
Pedro Gordinho 5 днів тому
Can you also give us a home only switch?. Like the playstation tv thing?. But remember, if you do it, it doesn't need a screen or joy cons, just needs a power on/off button. So it should be a lot cheaper than the switch lite. I bet it would sell more than the lite.
One Random Guy
One Random Guy 5 днів тому
New Gameboys in the play it loud series look si- Wait....
Mairead Hudson
Mairead Hudson 5 днів тому
The turquoise is so stunning omg I NEED IT
Gamerroy 43
Gamerroy 43 5 днів тому
Imagine hanging out with your buddies at the skatepark and wanting to play some Mario kart and you are the only one who has an actual switch
Spectra Nyte
Spectra Nyte 6 днів тому
Well it looks like at least Lite players will be able to play with full Switch players.
lukepineda42 6 днів тому
I thought the intro was playing terraria music
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