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Treyarch is bringing Zombies to Call of Duty: Vanguard in partnership with Sledgehammer Games!

Watch exclusive behind-the-scenes gameplay footage from the developers to learn more about the Dark Aether entities you'll be working with to take down Von List's undead army.

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14 жов 2021





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Nick Lurks
Nick Lurks 20 годин тому
Sign me up lol
Zamazu Maldonaldo
Zamazu Maldonaldo 3 дні тому
Bee Smokes
Bee Smokes 3 дні тому
They lied to you all!!
andrew williams
andrew williams 4 дні тому
total waste of my money
Nik zamri Abdullah
Nik zamri Abdullah 4 дні тому
I just wish this zombies was caused by virus like in movie
Doodle "Swanbump" Depot
Doodle "Swanbump" Depot 6 днів тому
"A brand new dimension of Zombies" bro you can't even akimbo wield pistols in vanguard zombies
DudeOfTheWeek 7 днів тому
No round based maps: No buy.
ELMO7TARAMQ8 8 днів тому
Change the Dark Aether Camo!
ELMO7TARAMQ8 8 днів тому
You guys are so creative in ruing the game.
Jake Tv
Jake Tv 10 днів тому
Biggest letdown and insult to the zombies community...
Masa757 13 днів тому
No round base map
SouthernCard 14 днів тому
One of the most misleading, terrible reveals of any mode in the series. Vanguard Zombies is by far the worst Zombies mode put out in years.
JaxWolf4 15 днів тому
I'd rather play die rise for 24 hours straight then buy this dissapointment.
M 16 днів тому
Literally the worst zombies experience ive ever had in a cod game. And that is saying something…
Ian D
Ian D 18 днів тому
This has not aged well
MrNickster 16 днів тому
Unfortunately. . . No. . . No it has not
Shoot Or Miss TV
Shoot Or Miss TV 19 днів тому
Worst zombie ever
Shoot Or Miss TV
Shoot Or Miss TV 19 днів тому
All if these people will be fired by next year
George d
George d 19 днів тому
All of the people responsible for this mess should be send to Saudi Arabia and receive hundreds of whip lashes
Sbn Isaa
Sbn Isaa 4 дні тому
dr baked
dr baked 20 днів тому
Bro I just want cod waw remakes
ItsClouD 21 день тому
Who made cod this year
Sbn Isaa
Sbn Isaa 4 дні тому
Sledge hammer for mp and campaign while zombies was treyarch
Janerson Zamor
Janerson Zamor 22 дні тому
i got my refound
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez 22 дні тому
All these people need to be fired.
Eugene Krabs
Eugene Krabs 24 дні тому
Zombies today is absolute TRASH!!!!!!!WAW-Bo 2 where great but apparently all of the talent left Treyarch Studios.
MatheusMM 24 дні тому
what happened to the zombies mode 😔
Sbn Isaa
Sbn Isaa 4 дні тому
Sad thing is we ain’t never going to see bo2 or bo3 zombies the 2 best zombies when zombies was at its peak 😕
Regalplains 49
Regalplains 49 24 дні тому
13:12 oof
Jen Jayakody
Jen Jayakody 25 днів тому
Terrible game it’s all Activisions fault, the studios need enough time to make a complete game they never delay the game when it’s not finished. More Coldwar zombie maps would be way better than this disaster. Treyarch needs to make their own stuff and sledgehammer their own game not mix treyarch zombies in another studios game so dumb
Ray Gun
Ray Gun 25 днів тому
The worst zombie exp, how could you
Pablo Navarro
Pablo Navarro 25 днів тому
worst call of duty zombies ever , no rounds , no wonder weapons , no Easter eggs , this is the worst zombies experience ever , its worst than outbreak game mode
yo mama
yo mama 25 днів тому
TraaaaShhhhhhh worst zombies Everrrr
Middlemen Radio
Middlemen Radio 25 днів тому
the game is trash
Damek Shontofski
Damek Shontofski 26 днів тому
Can't wait to buy halo
EAGLEHD 26 днів тому
List of things which didn't make me buy Vanguard for zombies. I love zombies and have played it since COD5 1. Starting with loadouts/classes 2. No soul or real characters, it's a rushed and desperate attempt 3. Objectives and too many items making it complex, not what zombies is supposed to be about unless you want to do an Easteregg 4. Exfill, lol 5. No Pack a punch camos, nor any real change in the gun, in the past, pack a punch was something special 6. Not focused on being round based, having portals like a mini game, feels like a mobile game 7. Bosses which are a nuisance, unlike in BO1 where they were complimentary, if they had any 8. Zombies not having consistency in health like they had in BO1+2+3 2 hits without Jugg, 4 hits with Jugg = simple 9. Just the simplicity of normal zombies is no longer there 10. Renaming perks like Juggernog and Speed Cola etc why fix something that isn't broken? 11. Why have ammo crates? That's not what zombies is about, Max ammo doesn't feel the same anymore
EAGLEHD 26 днів тому
What a poor and disappointing game. You've spoiled zombies
Alex Simmons
Alex Simmons 26 днів тому
How come it lags on solo zombies for me 😂😂🤦‍♀️ ffs can’t even get that right plus no pause for single player
Lee Coetzee
Lee Coetzee 26 днів тому
Why is there no 2 player splitscreen?
beta male doomer
beta male doomer 26 днів тому
back to bo2 bayby
JBeeson08 26 днів тому
I get the whole wanting to appeal to new players thing but why change the game so much to the point where it truly isn't zombies? I feel like the objectives and stuff would only complicate things more than just plain old survival through rounds. That's literally the base component of the game.
Salty X3
Salty X3 26 днів тому
Guys remember you're paying 60-70$ for the base game of a Triple A Title By A Billion Dollar company that's right now giving you an unfinished zombies game by having no pause time no pack a punch camo and no main story Easter egg plus no side Easter eggs yet until a few month from now
MOHD_ 0o02
MOHD_ 0o02 26 днів тому
Are you sure about that 😂🤦🏻
fordevoGAME 26 днів тому
So, who else is revisiting this knowing now how garbage this game mode is.
Warchipmunk 05
Warchipmunk 05 19 днів тому
Yea man this looked soo cool 😔
Hero Games
Hero Games 26 днів тому
leo souza
leo souza 27 днів тому
you bad treyarch, we are missing the BO1 and BO2 vibes, idgf for new enemies
doomshroom plays
doomshroom plays 27 днів тому
amazing just amazing cant wait
Old Man
Old Man 23 дні тому
zombie master 50
zombie master 50 27 днів тому
The logo is the coolest thing about this mode.
Daisy Montague
Daisy Montague 27 днів тому
Does anyone know about the scoring and point system? For example, I like the old point system where every shot to the zombie’s body is +10, then knifing then is +130.
footballgoat 27 днів тому
they want zombies to improve they should return gobble gum and dr money factory concept like it was fun grinding liquid divinium in bo3 and see what you can get
What it Too ya
What it Too ya 28 днів тому
Well i was extremely interested in zombies but now im not at all. Its basically a reskinned CW. Passed on CW and now Vanguard.
TheGreatElv 27 днів тому
I saw gameplay around an hour of it. I would say it is worse then CW launch. Yes I'm serious, imo
Skonail 28 днів тому
Gah, 2 more days, dang I don't wanna wait anymore 😂😜
Mini Noah the Worm
Mini Noah the Worm 28 днів тому
Just one year I would like a developer talk about their game leading up to a release in the same sense that they do with minecraft releases. I'd love to just see an excited developer talk about what they find cool about what they've created. I'm so tired of watching ads, just let me know what you actually have in the game. Every single trailer they make could be half as long.
TheGreatElv 27 днів тому
Yea it is definitely over hyped in this trailer compared to the reality of the gameplay
Noz Hussain
Noz Hussain 28 днів тому
Zombies has never been the same since Black ops 2, I have given up since we get only the one map now and everything is post launch, sick of this excuse, a company that is worth Billion dollars! Slow down the zombies, give us crawlers and for goodness sake give us Grief mode been asking for 8 years! Where is Transit remake or something similar please. We are simple zombie fans just delicate a full game call Call of duty Zombies! Including every map and one huge new map and see the money roll in. Done
TheGreatElv 27 днів тому
Oh man if you haven't seen gameplay yet and just going off of this trailer and you're disappointed. It is worse than you think. Its Outbreak with 4 little areas and you do the same 3 objectives to progress in rounds.
TheErdster 28 днів тому
I’m sorry but I HATED bo4 zombies and ww2 zombies, this looks like a mix of both to me. I just hope it turns out to be better than what I’m expecting
zombie master 50
zombie master 50 27 днів тому
Its just cold war
TheGreatElv 27 днів тому
It is miniature Outbreak mode. with 3 objectives and 4 or 5 areas.
Robert William
Robert William 28 днів тому
Look this looks awesome, but it’s a complete ripoff of zombie army a trilogy 😂
Marek !
Marek ! 29 днів тому
Will Vanguard have outbreak?
J Z 29 днів тому
This is just a reuse and reskin of what they have already made, along with the same old dripfeeding perks technique. Imo them just using mp maps and not making new ones specifically for zombies really takes the interest out (among many other reasons)
Goof Місяць тому
Vanguards ADVANCED global progression system, featuring player and gun ranking system with battle pass integration
DEEP SLEEP Місяць тому
Bro it better not be like Cold War zombies that garbage shiii
zombie master 50
zombie master 50 27 днів тому
It will be
Big Keagz
Big Keagz Місяць тому
im not buying the game until a round based map comes out foh
widdz PS4
widdz PS4 26 днів тому
Same 🦁
Adrian james
Adrian james Місяць тому
They did say "as the rounds go on" what if its actually outbreak + round based. You have the objectives like in outbreak but you can stay in each area and progress rounds and then when you complete all the objectives you get the True round based experience plus EE fight? Idk I'm just trying to keep an open mind.
Snickerboi Місяць тому
No one wants outbreak like zombie game mode, we want round based, open doors, Easter eggs, and surviving it, not this....
Azen Berries
Azen Berries Місяць тому
Bro this is like Zombie Army from rebellion
S.E.U. Ellethi
S.E.U. Ellethi Місяць тому
Ok but can we stop with the world war and Cold War bs after this smh
Meeklmore Місяць тому
I like Buried
Spooky Psyche
Spooky Psyche Місяць тому
I hope the graphics are at least sort of close to this on PS4 lol
Matthew Lindsey
Matthew Lindsey Місяць тому
yeah yeah, but is it going to be the coldwar/bo4 point system that literally nobody liked again....?
MikeE Місяць тому
Ill wait till the sale
Pelle Krogsgaard
Pelle Krogsgaard Місяць тому
So its basically outbreak with magic
J D Місяць тому
battlepass? I'm out
M D.
M D. Місяць тому
It's cool and all but, a little too story driven and over the top science fiction. I just want the classic survive rounds and board up windows, pick up max ammo and nuke drops, i.e - Kino der toten and Nacht der Untoten...
codgirl 413
codgirl 413 Місяць тому
Damn...I wonder if they took the Pfizer or the Moderna. They look scary
Gabriel Camberos
Gabriel Camberos Місяць тому
You can’t just make chronicles 2? It would be so Danm successful
Mona Lisa Diamante
Mona Lisa Diamante Місяць тому
Dude blink. 😳
Julian Derbyshire
Julian Derbyshire Місяць тому
Looks like garbage zombies need to go back to basics enough of all these silly perks and abilities just give us some guns and a creepy open world with a weather system that will do it for me haha
Tobi Місяць тому
CoD is dead
Woody Jordan
Woody Jordan Місяць тому
Lame asff
Freedeoxide Місяць тому
From cold war to ww2 :/
Ozone Місяць тому
Oh boy am I worried for vanguard. Alot of this reeks of copy and paste from cold war. I feel bad for treyarch.
Tyler Oosse
Tyler Oosse Місяць тому
Did he just say battle pass integration?........Shocker
vSolace Місяць тому
Miles Leslie needs to read what the vets want cause we know the old style of zombies and how great it was, classic round based no objective based modes in another outbreak style experience which for some dumb reason is now the core of zombies. Round based is the core not outbreak
Jan Jan
Jan Jan Місяць тому
Not even Zombies will carry your Game this year! It looks so trash give us roundbased Maps!
Reese Bartlett
Reese Bartlett Місяць тому
“Appeals to new zombies players” This makes no sense. 95% of us fell in love with zombies before “trying to appeal to new players” It’s just a new way to incorporate lazy, low talented players into zombies.
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor Місяць тому
Donald Coulson
Donald Coulson Місяць тому
This looks like garbage
Leland Sylvester
Leland Sylvester Місяць тому
Yo can we go back to the basics and have Kino in it as well please
Conmanay Місяць тому
This is gonna be way more fast paced than outbreak, also did no one listen at 8:44? He literally said “as you get further in rounds” they haven’t forgotten about round based
Conmanay Місяць тому
@MacMyver not really, it’s always be called worlds
MacMyver Місяць тому
Outbreak has Rounds tho
MontyBeau Місяць тому
the zombie types just seem rippes traight out of Zombie Army Trilogy/Zombie Army: Dead War
Hanan Afsar
Hanan Afsar Місяць тому
I think that there should be multiple developers working on each cod game with sledgehammer working on the campaign treyarch on zombies and infinity ward someone else on multiplayer
Levi Harris
Levi Harris Місяць тому
Why do we have the same pack☹
Nijeboy Місяць тому
Wow I have been playing this game for over 7 years and am 12
Joshua Templeton
Joshua Templeton Місяць тому
Poot Sharteus III
Poot Sharteus III Місяць тому
Will we never get a zombies mode that isn't the same regurgitated content again and again?
Joshua Hatz
Joshua Hatz Місяць тому
I think this seems pretty awesome but the simplicity and fun of kino der toten will probably remain unmatched it just feels like your adding a lot to complicate stuff when a lot of us just wanna shoot zombies just my thoughts as a cod zombie fan
Joshua Hatz
Joshua Hatz 26 днів тому
So finally played it and like I said has some interesting aspects but overall I do not like it I just wanna shoot zombies
Papa Stalin
Papa Stalin Місяць тому
You may have picked my interest but I do not know if I will be playing this game
Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven Місяць тому
How do they recycle cold war zombies and act like it’s something new
Mitchell Nusbaum
Mitchell Nusbaum Місяць тому
Can’t wait to play the same one map for the first 4 months because that’s the norm now..
hurmane. Місяць тому
game after game it become more and more confusing and unnecessarily complicated
Andrea Sd // Official
Andrea Sd // Official Місяць тому
When a new Extinction? Miss a lot :(
Ironboss49 Місяць тому
Looks sick
Arrow Місяць тому
Can they just release the game early already??? jiudfhgijhsdjfggkhj I wanna play so bad
Serenity's Peace
Serenity's Peace Місяць тому
The Russian guy who got sent into die maschine hopefully we get to play as him
Actualy Sleeping
Actualy Sleeping Місяць тому
i love how they call this a "brand new way to experience zombies" when this is literaly everything we have already seen in past games just mashed into one
Ian Lucero
Ian Lucero Місяць тому
man they really just looked at Zombie Army Trilogy and said "Do that but call of duty!"
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