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FLIGHT VIDEO: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-2alu5DxVFVI.html

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21 лип 2019





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yacqub abdi
yacqub abdi 4 години тому
Flight got a leg disability
Dwayne Prods.
Dwayne Prods. 8 годин тому
Bro Miles hit his head on the ground and still hits a shot!
KingTru Gaming
KingTru Gaming 9 годин тому
Man I can be flight
golddust21 black
golddust21 black 10 годин тому
MrCapone80 19 годин тому
bruh, I swear your flight reacts videos are the best...please keep them coming
Blood ThRilz
Blood ThRilz 23 години тому
Let me 1v1 flight show him whats good
Yohan Love
Yohan Love День тому
Yoo miles is actually kinda trash just watching this
Tanisha James
Tanisha James 2 дні тому
bro he only 13/14 and he still claping you and your like 24 like bro yo jumper make it look like you be paddle boating
David Finlay
David Finlay 2 дні тому
He should try his luck wit me ill knock his weak ass out
Milos Kekerovic
Milos Kekerovic 2 дні тому
Flight is a stupid delusion dickhead
Harry Yuan
Harry Yuan 2 дні тому
flight's form looks like he's scared of the ball or something
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson 2 дні тому
He tripped off flight play it back slow motion
Jacob Dadaille
Jacob Dadaille 2 дні тому
Flight look like a drug dealer dat smoke his own product
Marlon Nash
Marlon Nash 2 дні тому
That’s the most shots I’ve EVER seen flight make in one video
Zonate Sosa
Zonate Sosa 2 дні тому
i swear that nigga is pure ass
Jasius Leak
Jasius Leak 2 дні тому
Lol I’ve been laughing so hard my stomach hurts keep doing what you doing
xSunq 2 дні тому
the dude a 23 overall irl
Bright and Mulatto
Bright and Mulatto 2 дні тому
I woulda beat flight ass if he tackled me like that bruh I swear
CK Squad
CK Squad 2 дні тому
Flights head shaped like a 1 up mushroom from Mario
Alexander Perez
Alexander Perez 3 дні тому
Noah Maldonado
Noah Maldonado 3 дні тому
"he just left his momma tittie"😂
Colombianita585 jack
Colombianita585 jack 3 дні тому
They both trash
Stephen Wade
Stephen Wade 3 дні тому
Flight should buy some Vic to upgrade his stamina to a 99
thatkidddan 3 дні тому
Flight the type of nigga to get beat by a nigga in a wheelchair
SaltyT 3 дні тому
13:19 "He hasn’t hit puberty bro” That has me weak 😂
Elijah Draper
Elijah Draper 3 дні тому
Does anyone else think that flight dribbles like james harden
2 X
2 X 3 дні тому
why it look like flight got a girl shirt on
loco-chrisYT Bvgj
loco-chrisYT Bvgj 3 дні тому
Can i one v one mopi
loco-chrisYT Bvgj
loco-chrisYT Bvgj 3 дні тому
I want to one v one someone
Seth Odesanya
Seth Odesanya 3 дні тому
flight dribble like he playing pattycake with the ball
CamToo Wavy
CamToo Wavy 4 дні тому
That child abuse
tame admiral 195
tame admiral 195 4 дні тому
flight looks like jr smith with afro
tame admiral 195
tame admiral 195 4 дні тому
when cash paused at where miles took a hit look at miles's eyes 18:07
Veetus The Feetus The third
Veetus The Feetus The third 4 дні тому
Flight like a French fri with a mushroom head a the speed of a turtle and the stamina of the cast off of my 600 pound life. Mans a new level of trash my cat could beat him smh give up.
Dylan Carter
Dylan Carter 4 дні тому
I wanna play flight. I’m 6’4 and big. I know I could destroy flight...
Donovan Davis
Donovan Davis 4 дні тому
Wtf is that jumper omg I can't watch that shit
SupremeSnipes 01
SupremeSnipes 01 4 дні тому
When ppl talk like they all bout the life and shit they end up like flight
Biggy Gibby
Biggy Gibby 4 дні тому
Any decent AAU hooper will destroy flight no matter what age
LukeyBear181 4 дні тому
Bruh flight is complete ass💀 nasty I’m wit u
k 11 Mac 10
k 11 Mac 10 4 дні тому
If flight played in the NBA what would his overall be?
Mr FlyShiOnly
Mr FlyShiOnly 4 дні тому
It’s no question bout it now, Flight is fuckin retarded
Marcos Garcia
Marcos Garcia 4 дні тому
Your cursed with flights skills like to undo
Stacey V.
Stacey V. 4 дні тому
Wooow! Flight is trash he wouldn't help shorty off the floor! Come on man!shorty killed it! Lol!!!!🙌
Chocolate World
Chocolate World 5 днів тому
Flights game is the result of buying your kids cellphones and video games without setting a usage limit. The man looks like he was scared of physical activities as a kid.
ZeN xThief
ZeN xThief 5 днів тому
yo that kid is on the show black-ish
Isaiah Mccullen
Isaiah Mccullen 5 днів тому
He funny asl “it’s not this serious flight”
Isaiah Mccullen
Isaiah Mccullen 5 днів тому
Jordan Davy
Jordan Davy 5 днів тому
Dont even have to sub to Flight, just watching Cash react to him is good enough 🤣
Im Doxa
Im Doxa 5 днів тому
Flight is like the Charlie Zelenof of basketball 🤣
Idkmy Name
Idkmy Name 5 днів тому
If this kid can be flight then I would destroy him and I’m 12😂 no hate
Matteus bioh
Matteus bioh 5 днів тому
nigga is this a flight fanpage
dskoontz10 6 днів тому
He really think he’s rated like his my player 😂
Durag Double
Durag Double 6 днів тому
Flight Delays...U need a new hobby man
Chas Recine
Chas Recine 6 днів тому
My mom is better than flight...
Jaden Bradley
Jaden Bradley 6 днів тому
Flight look like he trynna act like mj w the flu😂
Faneto Marley
Faneto Marley 6 днів тому
Flight ass suck
Carlos Andujar
Carlos Andujar 6 днів тому
Why flights jump shot look like a hook shot from the 3
Nasirr 6 днів тому
Flight a 55 overall 😂
______________________________ 6 днів тому
He means child toddler
JJ vs the World
JJ vs the World 6 днів тому
My dream is to be in the NBA but if I can't beat flight I might just give up, but that will never happen
Martez Taylor
Martez Taylor 6 днів тому
I’m calling flight out temp him that for me
EZdelFresco 7 днів тому
Lmao this nigga cash saying "choddler" is killing me
sneaks 7 днів тому
You almost lost to him
Ynic ED
Ynic ED 7 днів тому
He so fuckin trash 😂😂
iiLookzChunky 8 днів тому
17:52 Dude the kid hit his head brooo, flight garbaggeeeee.
S3 STJ 8 днів тому
He didn't tackle him the boy slipped
PsychoMar 8 днів тому
His foot was on the line at the end the kid scammed him
PsychoMar 8 днів тому
You sound dumb
PsychoMar 8 днів тому
Cash stfu
Ladaniel Smith
Ladaniel Smith 8 днів тому
Bruh flight didn’t put the tiebreaker up
patrick sheard
patrick sheard 8 днів тому
Flight is an unathletic internet thug🤷‍♂️
Coolnate26_YT 8 днів тому
If y’all didn’t notice, my man did a double step back James harden 6:10😂😂😂
Mixo Vachnadze
Mixo Vachnadze 9 днів тому
I could've finished that game in one minute they playin for 20 mins
What’s Hannenin
What’s Hannenin 9 днів тому
all flight needs to do is stand over this kid if i was his height i would definitely use it. what a trash basketball player
DaSportsMan 1344
DaSportsMan 1344 9 днів тому
im 12 and flight still dont stand a chance on me...
Jaynen XO
Jaynen XO 9 днів тому
I know where this is... right in my neighborhood... Imma pull up one of these days!
AyeLilMike 9 днів тому
You Suck flight
Consuela White
Consuela White 9 днів тому
my son will destroy you flightreacts your garbage
Crispy_E 10 днів тому
Its his size todler not age
Specktic 10 днів тому
This 1v1 hurts my brain
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