Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

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Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the various ways we communicate non-verbally. What does it mean when we fold our arms? Why do we interlace our fingers? Can a poker player actually hide their body language?

Check out Joe's book "The Dictionary of Body Language"
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Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED




21 тра 2019





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Buddy Whatshisname
Buddy Whatshisname 42 хвилини тому
And the FBI paid him fer what he know ?
MyWorld&Amelie&Kamilah 4 години тому
They just playing poker and it reminds me of the gambler song! 😂
Molly Vanea
Molly Vanea 5 годин тому
İts true!! We hold flowers like that in europe, well i dont know about all the people ofcourse but i hold it like that😂
VisZenOP 8 годин тому
Can he still see my internet history?
Vladyslav Yakovlev
Vladyslav Yakovlev 11 годин тому
1:20 Crossing arms and legs is not nonsense. It is a sign that person is uncomfortable about the topic. So do not lie to me former FBI agent ☝🏿
TarzanTV 18 годин тому
4:11 you mean torturing them
John Stone
John Stone 23 години тому
Look to see if the eyes are red?? Ya! I just smoked a joint Einstein
Aayla Ramlan
Aayla Ramlan День тому
He notices everything at every second How does he feel at public places?
Lilia Laurel
Lilia Laurel День тому
what kind of "eastern spy" would be stupid enough to confess based purely (or primarily) on the flower holding evidence.. its a matter of preference... with that mentality you can arrest men who pee seated, like come on lol
Libetsy Cepero
Libetsy Cepero День тому
Person breathes agent it’s you jkjkjk
HaneOokame День тому
When you close your eyes and listen to him he sounds like owen wilson a little bit at times
Ethan Windsong
Ethan Windsong День тому
But for real for real, any one who carries flowers upside down deserves to go to federal prison, whether or not they’re a spy
Nishant Subedi
Nishant Subedi День тому
What about physically disabled criminals 😂😆
Rachael Crum
Rachael Crum День тому
F.F.A.: "If I ask a question and all of a sudden the feet withdraw and cross, I know that they are displeased or hiding something." Me: Immediately looks to his feet to see them crossed.
Āvree Evans
Āvree Evans День тому
🗣️📢" #MENSADDLEYOURHORSES !!!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐:ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-oOhOjA5w1Po.html
stevieboy444 День тому
Blink rate depends on the rate of evaporation of the tears film which bathes the front of the eye.
SketchyLittleDiamond День тому
Nah I just cross my arms cuz I have nothing else to do with them-
Kathleen Pritchett
Kathleen Pritchett День тому
I bet he is NOT the life of the party. I guess the FBI used him often: this is why it took 17 years to capture the Uni bomber (and then turned in by his own brother). Note how he wriggles his right leg and crosses and uncrosses his legs. He should watch his own videos! LOL
maya sam
maya sam 2 дні тому
THEY can read all out of our chip via SATELLITES of psychopat MUSK. hive.blog/hive-174578/@rok-sivante/microsoft-s-060606-biometric-crypto-chip-mark-of-the-beast-or-ultimate-conspiracy-troll
Kei Lei
Kei Lei 2 дні тому
At the introduction he said 'how we dress' gives information about how we think. This is confusing, and I think maybe misleading. My daughter n law once said that I dressed like a 'bag lady'. Those were my comfortable 'round the house clothes, that were, I thought, decent enough to wear to town for casual shopping. I can and do 'dress up', for what ever occasion. And I'd LOVE to dress up around the house like a 1930s movie about rich people. But I'm not 'rich', and I can't clean house, or feed livestock (I live on a farm), while dressed like a rich woman. LOL I'm just trying to figure out how someone might read me. and if they got the 'real' me. LOL Am I a bag lady? Or a rich 1930s old woman?
nonochan yeppoyo 2
nonochan yeppoyo 2 2 дні тому
I am obsessed with the Asian guy. Who is he?
WhatAGreatName 2 дні тому
As soon as he mentioned blink rate my blink rate went right down to 0 lol
cool fish
cool fish 2 дні тому
im sad now
The Uncharted Beast
The Uncharted Beast 2 дні тому
FBI:If the other person touches their nose FBI:We does these behaviours as self soothing Corona:Let me introduce myself
K.G.B AGENT 2 дні тому
thanks now *WE* will use this secret information
Shit Bitch
Shit Bitch 2 дні тому
Cj 2 дні тому
I tease for the game stop tryna go predator mode lol really happening yeah game format obviously i just acting
mur B
mur B 2 дні тому
How does he read a person that knows he is been read? Then dog chases his own tail...
Angela Wierda
Angela Wierda 2 дні тому
He just described everyone with autism and autistic traits🤔.
Gunnar 17
Gunnar 17 3 дні тому
Now I just don’t wanna move
Jesus 911
Jesus 911 3 дні тому
Boss they misuse my name and making false story boss.very rude to god.without my permission
Pikachuu 3 дні тому
8:00 anyone else think he was blinking too much?
Conure Animations
Conure Animations 3 дні тому
Let's be honest here We all watched this to become Sherlock Holmes
Maria Clara Arruda
Maria Clara Arruda 3 дні тому
all I could think about whilst watching the video: The Asian dude is HOT. the FBI guy: I'm beyond disappointed
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 3 дні тому
Usted mira con la cabeza hacia arriba para mirar por arriba del otro y ver cuán lejos llegan sus palabras y controlar que si la otra persona está aceptando lo que usted dice...
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 3 дні тому
Usted mueve inperceptiblemente el hombro cuando comienza el relato del topo...está diciendo una mentira que se la quiere sacar de encima...
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 3 дні тому
Usted la mayoría del tiempo tiene extendida la pierna izquierda que en el hombre significa la inteligencia concreta y se afirma en ella pero esconde la pierna derecha que en el hombre significa el aspecto emocional y más de una vez se puede observar que las mueve nerviosamente...otro actro de preservasión e inseguridad!!!
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 3 дні тому
Para qué tanto "estudio" si matan por la espalda o de frente a cualquiera que se les antoje !!!
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 3 дні тому
Veo que usted muchas trata de tapar su zona púbica con su saco...instinto animal de protección!!!!
Mike Chavez
Mike Chavez 3 дні тому
We as humans are constantly in motion.
Mike Chavez
Mike Chavez 3 дні тому
So if youre bald?
ed eddy
ed eddy 3 дні тому
The thing with the flowers in eastern europe is true. And the other thing with the arms is true, in eastern europe people use that moves a lot, but not in a "formal" mode. The thing with the moving feets for example is very used in italy and with the distance to.
Philip Kumah Jr.
Philip Kumah Jr. 3 дні тому
16k disliked..
George Mwidima
George Mwidima 3 дні тому
If you can read body language like this why do your Policemen often fail arresting black people safely, they end up panicking and killing them?
Cess Outdoors
Cess Outdoors 4 дні тому
Then coronavirus showed up and this is all over.
M. E.
M. E. 4 дні тому
3 times i believed what he said about body language ...3 times they turned around only one didn't have a beard. no more swimming at that beach.
Ed Sky
Ed Sky 4 дні тому
Hi, I'm Mr. Navarro. Now why do you want to date my daughter?
Qorax 4 дні тому
Nice pseudoscience.
Sushant Pratap Singh
Sushant Pratap Singh 4 дні тому
When everyone want to be sherlock... Duh!!
Jordan Mosher
Jordan Mosher 4 дні тому
yeah okay body language is cool and all but why does the chick playing poker change shirts like 3 seconds in
Charles Hagan
Charles Hagan 4 дні тому
Wow this stuff has been debunked.. Misleading BS unfortunately
Morgan Rivera
Morgan Rivera 4 дні тому
30 million views for a reason Joe!!!! People are now finding out how you guys do this stuff! Lol
Morgan Rivera
Morgan Rivera 4 дні тому
Why is he telling us his secrets?! Lol
Michael Bobkov
Michael Bobkov 4 дні тому
Lol, all BS
EaZy 4 дні тому
I feel like this dude can undress me without using his hands, and i dont feel comfortable!
stuck inside
stuck inside 4 дні тому
how did he know how they carry flowers in eastern europe
Jackie Brooks
Jackie Brooks 4 дні тому
Very interesting
Jared Novak
Jared Novak 4 дні тому
Unfortunately, this FBI agent is an anti American socialist scumbelly coward and traitor to his country. He should be hung, not propped up on UKvid.
Casey Wilson
Casey Wilson 5 днів тому
not looking to the same side of lens between shots made me uncomfortable.
A Loaf of Bread
A Loaf of Bread 5 днів тому
Read a loaf of bread and find it’s intentions... I dare you, I double dare you!!!
Amelia Clark
Amelia Clark 5 днів тому
How might you do this for say someone who has tourette's or autism as they might make sudden unpredictable movements or gestures which could be misinterpreted? Just wondering
priyanshu srivastava
priyanshu srivastava 5 днів тому
Did anyone notice the change in the clothes of the women after she comes and sits for the poker game.
Gulit Azmi
Gulit Azmi 5 днів тому
6:21 This Body language tells me, 'I want to talk to your Manager'
ManifestationManiacs 5 днів тому
yall he really said you blink around 8 times a minute to the person, whattt
Jackie Swart
Jackie Swart 5 днів тому
This made me hella self conscious not gonna lie.
IM ChickeNugget
IM ChickeNugget 5 днів тому
this might put me in danger but when I keep my legs crossed means I am comfortable when I place my hands on my waist I am tired and I want to sit when I play with my face it's means I am trying to itch some part of my face.
Silver Tune
Silver Tune 5 днів тому
So you *can* judge a book by its cover
Emma Baguley
Emma Baguley 5 днів тому
As someone with Asperger's this freaks me out cause my body language is different. For instance I have a "stim" whare I touch my nose. I'm not lying in this situation I'm just subconsciously anxious in public. And that's scary cause if I was to be arrested by the police for a crime that I didn't commit they might take one thing as evidence when it means something different cause I'm on the spectrum.
LiLi Browning
LiLi Browning 4 дні тому
NitroZpiderVIlluminatiX 5 днів тому
This is what professional poker players watch
Shin Malphur
Shin Malphur 6 днів тому
This makes me somewhat self conscious about how i stand and walk in public
FallingStary 6 днів тому
Lol who was positioning that figurine on the book to match. So silly
FallingStary 6 днів тому
Identifying a horse rider by the way they walk and stand. Crazy
MadPaperPeople 6 днів тому
it's all guesswork
AJ Ghali
AJ Ghali 6 днів тому
Take a long drag of weed then coughs, hes deceptive
C F 6 днів тому
This was extremely interesting, and I appreciate the time taken to produce this video and the agent's willingness to share this!
Marc-André Blais
Marc-André Blais 6 днів тому
to all the spies out there heres a tip: dont buy flowers!
NeoCynic1 6 днів тому
FBI Playbook: If the body appears to be brown or darker color, you have a felon likely to resist arrest.
Paloma 6 днів тому
he must be great at poker
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