Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

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Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the various ways we communicate non-verbally. What does it mean when we fold our arms? Why do we interlace our fingers? Can a poker player actually hide their body language?

Check out Joe's book "The Dictionary of Body Language"
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Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED




21 тра 2019

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Club Head
Club Head 3 години тому
Nothing here is biblical honesty I think I will keep sticking with Gods advice.
Kathy Bensmiller
Kathy Bensmiller 5 годин тому
So he mentions cultural differences in nonverbal communication, which indicates that it's a learned behavior. I'm curious whether he's able to read a person with ASD/asperger's in the same way since ASD people may have difficulty learning & interpreting body language? Or would ASD cause false readings of the person in question?
Adam Noneya
Adam Noneya 10 годин тому
Lmaoo this is stupid, literally anyone getting interviewed by the fbi is going to get REAL anxious and have abnormal responses to questions
mudassire iqbal
mudassire iqbal 11 годин тому
i am pakistani isi father of intelligence
Melanie B
Melanie B 12 годин тому
Someone get Agent Navarro a chair that is for taller men
Melanie B
Melanie B 12 годин тому
Tee pee hands ? He almost snaps to stand at attention when goes to meet for 1st time😊interesting
OptiLancer TV82
OptiLancer TV82 13 годин тому
So what's the right body language?
ULISES FONSECA 16 годин тому
where can I get that book?
by Daniel Chiotis
by Daniel Chiotis 19 годин тому
Former member of Brothers 84 wants to try and be a part of our society and gift us bye sharing his Divine knowledge made by ignorant demons 😀 If you want to learn about government tactics watch my video on Independence and voting. 🌿
by Daniel Chiotis
by Daniel Chiotis 19 годин тому
At the end of the day, this is irrelevant to a major percentage of society based on health status, habits and lifestyles that are without definition. There is no textbook hundred percent correct source for this. It's all assumed and based on probability and destroys people's lives everyday and empowers other people to think that they are better. No.
Edric Lao
Edric Lao 20 годин тому
I think my FBI agent is smiling
Big Lance
Big Lance 20 годин тому
If the FBI ever interviews me, I wont lie; I'll probably sh!t a brick. Just hope they don't hold that against me.
ᅲᅧᅮᅮᅣ쳐ᅵᄆBunnicula 21 годину тому
I thought clandestine spies were "The good guys"... why target them? They run a network for keeping the peace, don't they?
FBI 23 години тому
Don't worry he is now retired he cant catch stalkers anymore so you stalkers out there your safe for now...
Aden sk8erboy
Aden sk8erboy День тому
Picked up his book what every body is saying it good
Angela G. Jordan
Angela G. Jordan День тому
Him: *says blink* Me: *notices myself blinking, doesn’t know how to act natural and now my eyes burn”
Karen Karen
Karen Karen День тому
If someone comes to you and look at your face: PUPPETS IN THE LIBRARY!! ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-UyJLjh7jJUA.html via @UKvid
Artistic Endeavors
Artistic Endeavors День тому
Now people will watch this and incorporate body language to mean something else entirely and intentionally. All this NLP and symbolic non-verbal gesticulations (especially new cults) can and will begin to have different meanings. How stupid to put videos like this online...
Rizwan Sharif
Rizwan Sharif День тому
WHOA...overrated as f**k .
Milan Dilan
Milan Dilan День тому
Go to Google and search for the global truth project and read the book named The Present so you will discover all the answers of the big questions of life ⬆️⬆️
xpresive little monster
xpresive little monster День тому
What if they all do this because there bored
Trollas trollakos
Trollas trollakos День тому
thank you for telling me that i blink 8 times a minute .This minute i did it like 30
Srinu indian
Srinu indian День тому
What if he buys two flower bouquets and holding them in both patterns Then what you'll do ? . . . . . . . Flower shop owner is spy ! 💐💐💐
MrHouserobot День тому
Holding flowers down, means someone died/ is going to be killed
Agathe Avezou
Agathe Avezou День тому
The flower holding position is also a thing in Western Europe my dude. Not just Eastern. It's meant to make the flowers last longer.
Ikram Popular
Ikram Popular День тому
Wanna know why he is sitting like this?😎
Edgerton A Hightower
Edgerton A Hightower День тому
Attempting to trick us into believing the wrong information.
X Kiwi
X Kiwi День тому
Uhh...where's the continuity? The female poker player/actress is first seen with a short sleeved grey shirt. Then in the following shots she is wearing a black long sleeved top. Hmm. Mkay. Cool video tho.
Sarah Wheelwright
Sarah Wheelwright День тому
That lady in the black shirt reminds me of me because I put my hands in my back pocket
Judy Weng
Judy Weng День тому
Player #4 changed shirt lol
Vinny Latoria
Vinny Latoria 2 дні тому
When the FBI helps you get a girl. *Thanos* Impossible.
Karmas A Butch
Karmas A Butch 2 дні тому
Well, he must find people with ADHD / ADD very confusing...
Neil Sangte
Neil Sangte 2 дні тому
"You know so much about nothing at all"-the philosopher. 😂😂
Rob Jeremy
Rob Jeremy 2 дні тому
Well he may be able to spot body language but how did he not notice the woman at the poker tables top completely changing?! Noticed that straight away. haha.
John Castor
John Castor 2 дні тому
I am infatuated
John Castor
John Castor 2 дні тому
Rayyan El-Nafaty
Rayyan El-Nafaty 2 дні тому
That's an amazing suit
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore 2 дні тому
As he mentions blink rate...*instantly blink for some reason**
Mark Dm
Mark Dm 2 дні тому
I think that maybe this guy can guess many things in many people there are some people HE JUST GETS WRONG! I have been told repeateldy by know-it-all a55 holes like this how they can "read" me but never get anything right about me. I think for the margin of error involved this is an unacceptable method to evaluate a person without something more to go on.
Paul Keenan
Paul Keenan 2 дні тому
First second analysis- guarded ( hands) wanting to leave ( foot postuvre) but could all be false negative displays
SchlichteToven 2 дні тому
What would he have to say about his own tendency to point his chin in the air and look down his nose at the other person? The direction his eyes are pointing shows the person he's talking to isn't higher up than him so his head angle is unnecessary. He demonstrates the body language of a person hoping to appear casually superior.
Lipfeng Zhou
Lipfeng Zhou 2 дні тому
I don't apply to anything he said
Feeluck 2 дні тому
i don't know. this guy didn't convince me
Feeluck 2 дні тому
according to this man i'm lying 100% of the time, cause i have to clear my voice and keep touching my nose or covering my mouth while i speak. i'm just socially akward and insecure
josh schnur
josh schnur 2 дні тому
he lied more than once,
Real Marketing Channel
Real Marketing Channel 2 дні тому
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crimson_Scum 2 дні тому
i keep touching my nose even though there's nothing to hide i'm just a very antisocial and anxious person
e tato
e tato 2 дні тому
what do you guys think of someone who sneaks around when they walk... like the purposely walks quietly... does that mean anything?
TheWarriorPatriot 2 дні тому
I have Tourette's. Would love for him to try and read me...
wd harvey
wd harvey 2 дні тому
I took a course in Facilitative Communication when I was in college. ...I love the way this man describes it...even though he describes it as "Body Language", I learned to pay attention to it, as well as pay attention to my own body language.
Fahrrad Mittelfranken
Fahrrad Mittelfranken 2 дні тому
two questions then 1. how good is your poker game 2. if body language tells us so much, why infiltrate our privacy like an omnipotent StaSi?
Борис Враголов
Борис Враголов 2 дні тому
No we do not carry flowers that way.
Lolice uwu
Lolice uwu 3 дні тому
*shall not be infringed, fed boy*
Patrick Luy
Patrick Luy 3 дні тому
Read his book. Love it.
Mike Hollis
Mike Hollis 3 дні тому
Whether cleaning toilets, racing cars, being a student, if a person does ANYTHING for two decades, a level of expertise is a norm. HOWEVER, there's another side, at least; sometimes movements/behaviors aren't a tell always, and WRONG assumptions, allegations, and arrests are made in error. Without a confession, how a person" holds flowers" can be debunked in court by a first-year law student. The Lesson: Admit to nothing.
Ambi 3 дні тому
Imagine being a Russian spy. You’ve successfully managed to infiltrate the US and may get a promotion soon, helping your financially weak family. You’re going to make your country proud. Nobody even suspects that you’re a spy. You live in comfortable quarters in America and are enjoying exploring this new country you’ve never visited before because of your devotion to your country. Heck, you’ve even scored yourself a girlfriend. You’re just picking up some flowers, her favorite, and are planning to surprise her with a meal at a five-star restaurant, the finest in the city. You hold the flowers down so that they are fresh and don’t wilt, like your late mother had taught you. Boy, how much you missed your beautiful mother. When you’re pulling out your fancy Porsche, a group of FBI agents come and arrest you. You’re confused. How did they find out? Then you’re questioned by an intimidating officer, who says only one sentence. “It was the flowers.” And then you die in American prison. The end.
Hüseyin Abi
Hüseyin Abi 3 дні тому
Me:Dances FBI guy: wondering why I commit genocide
sherell guijarro
sherell guijarro 3 дні тому
I hold fresh wet flowers upside down so the water doesn’t flow down my arm and into my sleeve🤷🏻‍♀️
James Collin
James Collin 3 дні тому
I'm not even a FBI agent but I know he is making his whole effort to sell his book. #by his movements
Tony Gomes
Tony Gomes 3 дні тому
Every single FBI agent I saw on TV, and other settings are "Special Agents"; are there "Common Agents", or "Non-special Agents" ?
joe reza
joe reza 3 дні тому
This is out of date.
Jen nifer
Jen nifer 3 дні тому
when the comments are as interesting as the video 🤪
Chris Eversole
Chris Eversole 3 дні тому
“That’s how you hold flowers in Eastern Europe “ ahh of course it is
redfuel6bt 3 дні тому
How does this apply to a blind person? Blink rate? Walking down the side of the sidewalk?
redfuel6bt 3 дні тому
Most of the time i have my hand in my pocket making a kind of stroking motion , but then again I do have the pockets cut out of my pants too 🤔
redfuel6bt 3 дні тому
I cross my arms when I'm completely annoyed, like now ! This guy is a joke! U bet u have a small unit buddy!
grxy b dxlxn
grxy b dxlxn 3 дні тому
i’m always anxious even when i have nothing to hide so i’m always fidgeting lmao 🤟🏻
Fatema Vlogs
Fatema Vlogs День тому
Happens to me all the time
Yahoo!!! 3 дні тому
I will not buy flowers 🌹 anymore as I don't want FBI to arrest me😂😂
Yahoo!!! 3 дні тому
If FBI ever catch me ill go to sleep that way they won't be able to assist my body movement 😂😂😂😂
Mike Hollis
Mike Hollis 3 дні тому
Unfortunately, going to sleep is another tell of guilt per law enforcement. Lol.
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez 3 дні тому
If you're like me and you have extremely bad anxiety at times, you know you're f*****
J klinok
J klinok 3 дні тому
Another UKvid impostor! Trained to “catch spies”, really? But spies are professionals, and they are trained in professional schools and academies on all aspects of what you are talking about here, and more, and they are trained to mislead too, to give you wrong cues. Any nervous person will emanate and produce huge amount of non-verbal and visible cues, which will not give you anything specific, but can mislead on almost any interpretation of these manifestations of General depression and stress. Everything is in context, and this matter is very complicated, that’s why your in-sophisticated presentation is unprofessional, and frankly dumb! I found that this kind of falsehood is very attractive to superficial and feeble minded, who want to appear sophisticated and deep thinkers.
Everythingabouteverything 4 дні тому
While I grab a pen and paper..😂😂
I'm that guy
I'm that guy 4 дні тому
Well it's good to know what there looking for🤔
my body language is that my ocd is so obvious
paged1001 4 дні тому
I watched this video to see if the body language that I've been doing tally with his explanation. Hm.
Brow cle
Brow cle 4 дні тому
Great now when my siblings steal my candy I can catch them
lenjester17 4 дні тому
retired fbi agent poker night sure hella fun!
Ashwini Hanumanthappa
Ashwini Hanumanthappa 4 дні тому
Watching this for the 3rd time still not able to identify spies😒
345 91625
345 91625 4 дні тому
what if we deliberately use body language to trick them??🙌
Marquis De Lafayette
Marquis De Lafayette 18 годин тому
fbi open up
Ambi 3 дні тому
Chief White Buffalo
Chief White Buffalo 4 дні тому
You are funny u sure assume n guess alot n u are nervous going this topic. The book also assume alot too just wow thank you for telling us what u really do to us how u watch everyone u said it a few times n why u nervous talking. Just asking it really show us what the government really watches us thank u for telling us what u guys do n assume alot just wow .
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