(FREE) Isaiah Rashad x Sainte Type Beat // MVP (prod. FYKSEN)

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(FREE) Isaiah Rashad x Sainte Type Beat // MVP (prod. FYKSEN)
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26 лип 2021





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Prod. FYKSEN Місяць тому
one time for the UK Download/Purchase:prodfyksen.beatstars.com/beat/mvp-isaiah-rashad-x-sainte-type-8820086 *BUY 2 GET 1 FREE* BPM: 92
Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent Місяць тому
This sounds like confirmation 👍 to some came saw and conquered type mentality and I dig this.
Saiyaf Місяць тому
(verse) I like her hips, lips, dimples, how she walks, And we talking from the morning, afternoon and after dawn,
JSB Місяць тому
Finna drop a flow on it
RicoTheDon Місяць тому
Smooth asl 💪🏾🔥
SAYONARA Місяць тому
This going hardddd
J Supr3me
J Supr3me Місяць тому
This is the year I go up !! 🔝
Mauri Cuadrado
Mauri Cuadrado Місяць тому
hasan abbas
hasan abbas Місяць тому
every time issa hit🥵
Prod. FYKSEN Місяць тому
Ayyyyye that means so much bro! Trying my best out here!
Chase Blue
Chase Blue Місяць тому
Oh myyyyy the percs I love the cowbells
Prod. FYKSEN Місяць тому
yessir been really into the 808 cowbells on my cardo ish
Jacob Aldecoa
Jacob Aldecoa Місяць тому
Keeps gettin better
SHADE08 Місяць тому
Love the vibes
Prod. FYKSEN Місяць тому
Preciate that homie!
jahyutes ology
jahyutes ology Місяць тому
smooth fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
chichi7ify Місяць тому
sainte?? u a legend fr my g
Prod. FYKSEN Місяць тому
Ayyyye thank u bro! Had to try his style since its so unique
Mojo Miles
Mojo Miles Місяць тому
Lyrics ( MVP ) - I cant sit Plays to get to Rent due , on ya mental Clutch this pistol : it’s official when it’s done Stop caring about fun , when you need funds Work more still explore / at the shore Straps out when doors open My distraction is shorty because Dat ass is poking / so serious on the grind : I ain’t got time for joking /. I ain’t choking / if provoke about peace on the usual , but fire fuels fuse to bad feuds , I hate bad news Good dude , but still go nuts like cashews I catch chu when you least expected Like a stripper without a pole (Gun ) you feel neglected - seconds flash with the blast
Lil27MadeIt Місяць тому
yo this is to hard bro keep it up! you got my sub and support. I just dropped a new music video called LONELY THINGS and it would mean the world to me if you could check it out and let me know what you think?
AKOKO Місяць тому
Kero Production
Kero Production Місяць тому
A whole vibe 🔥🔥🔥
VIRIDI MUSIC Місяць тому
Love the melody! Appreciate any feedback. Much love!
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