Gal Gadot & Ezra Miller on deleted JUSTICE LEAGUE scenes, Flash's name, Wonder Woman, more

Chris Van Vliet
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Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller talk to Chris Van Vliet from WSVN-TV about a deleted scene in JUSTICE LEAGUE, the fact that Flash and Wonder Woman only go by Barry and Diana, the bar being set high for this movie and more!




5 лис 2017





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Kartik Nimbalkar 🈲
Kartik Nimbalkar 🈲 Місяць тому
Ezra is totally checking him out😂😂
Literatura BDSM
Literatura BDSM 2 місяці тому
Barry, you idiot!
Anime_ Chan_T
Anime_ Chan_T 4 місяці тому
Why does Ezra have a blue eyebrow?
The Hatbox Ghost
The Hatbox Ghost 2 місяці тому
I think he is gay
Ruly Mantee
Ruly Mantee 7 місяців тому
What is wrong with his eyebrows
Boi Nigge zzz
Boi Nigge zzz 7 місяців тому
Is Ezra gay?
Tryvus O'Neil
Tryvus O'Neil 7 місяців тому
Da fuck is on his eyebrow?
gothamette 7 місяців тому
I think they hated each other.
Gustavo Nieves
Gustavo Nieves 7 місяців тому
Snyder cut confirmed?
Rose Riak
Rose Riak 9 місяців тому
why is no one talking about Ezra's eyebrow what is that!?!?
Rosa Giacomi
Rosa Giacomi 10 місяців тому
i love you gal gadot
The J Llo
The J Llo 10 місяців тому
shame 80% of the film was shit.
Meshalwani Gaming
Meshalwani Gaming 10 місяців тому
Wtf is up with his eyebrow
Angie C
Angie C 10 місяців тому
Ezra is so awkward, it’s kinda cute
Macey Murrell
Macey Murrell 11 місяців тому
"this is Y my dog don't SHIT or PISS in the garage." the rules R paper-=thin. SUCK-it honey....
Angela Hickey
Angela Hickey 11 місяців тому
You just gotta love Ezra Miller whollyy, he's just being him and it's already perfection
Terra McClain
Terra McClain 11 місяців тому
Probably my 2 biggest celebrity crushes
along Imchen
along Imchen 11 місяців тому
Flash was made for u Ezra n no one else...same goes for Gal gatod as wonder women.
Candise Massa
Candise Massa Рік тому
What is with Ezra’s brow😂
Saya Angel
Saya Angel Рік тому
I have a crush on both
Colin Oc12
Colin Oc12 Рік тому
What’s wrong his eyebrow
yu tung Chen
yu tung Chen Рік тому
I wish they can produce an independent movie for Ezra because he has done a very good work in Justice League.
HarryPotterNerd !!
HarryPotterNerd !! 11 місяців тому
they are in 2020 Flashpoint....
joe Рік тому
Tom holland and ezra miller? The comedians of both teams?
Jesse Collins
Jesse Collins Рік тому
Ezra is the worst. Did he draw his eye brow on? He did some stupid SJW rant too lol
Heda Fan de séries5HLM
Heda Fan de séries5HLM Рік тому
Real expert gamer
Real expert gamer Рік тому
0:05 thank you thank you ,😂😂😂
Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Hernandez Рік тому
So.. First of all.. Ezra ate with his eyes the interviewer , then he acted as fem as possible.. I get that.. He is with his girl friend and a hot dude in the same room...
HarryPotterNerd !!
HarryPotterNerd !! Рік тому
Um... Gal is married to somebody else.
Judson Souza
Judson Souza Рік тому
What the hell is Miller wearing, it should have been Gustin.
Adithya Suresh
Adithya Suresh Рік тому
3:38 You wonder why? Coz WB screwed up.
TheRilluma Рік тому
Gal Gadot os sooo beautiful woman
Poffo Ortiz
Poffo Ortiz Рік тому
I'm sure it's been stated, but could someone please explain the blue eyebrow?
Orin Davenport
Orin Davenport Рік тому
Omg gal is just.😰😰🌶🌶🌶
Muddassir Ahmed
Muddassir Ahmed Рік тому
Ezra is Tom Holland of DC who doesn't know to keep spoilers secret
chadrich alforque
chadrich alforque Рік тому
if i had the ability of flash /ezra miller, i would never commute when i go to school..
ErkFX - Roblox & More!
ErkFX - Roblox & More! Рік тому
He already named the speedforce, has a super sick suit that looks like it would've taken a lot of time/thought/effort to have custom made, and he apparently knows gorilla sign language (probably referring to Gorilla Grodd), but he hasn't been named The Flash yet? Hmmm interesting.
CheesecakeLasagna Рік тому
Ezra and Gal be looking like Effie Trinket and Katniss.
CheesecakeLasagna Рік тому
Loving this interview for the Hunger Games.
Dre 3000
Dre 3000 Рік тому
Nope! Wonder Woman was never named in her solo movie. Since nobody seemed to care, I guess it's not necessary. But I really hope Patty Jenkins can work it into the sequel.
Dre 3000
Dre 3000 Рік тому
Typically when these press junkets start, there's already word on whether or not the movie is considered good or not. So it seems like the interviewers tried to be really positive, and now dwell on the poor reviews JL got.
Kimmie D
Kimmie D Рік тому
I can’t wait for a full length Flash movie with Ezra, he is magic on screen
gerv55 Рік тому
wonderjew and speedheeb.
Derek Buitron
Derek Buitron Рік тому
Is this dudes eye brow blue?
TheCubanMafia97 Рік тому
What’s the blue thing on Ezra’s right eyebrow?
Emmanouil Dafkos
Emmanouil Dafkos Рік тому
NewJackSwing13 Рік тому
two sexy AF Jews
Faceless Propagandist
Faceless Propagandist Рік тому
Ezra Miller, gay leftist soyboy extraordinaire
Advait Powdwal
Advait Powdwal Рік тому
The jacket thing in the beginning was so awkward 😂
jay Рік тому
AnimatedLife Рік тому
The way he says “ thank you, thank you. “ is so weird
Shir Kidron
Shir Kidron Рік тому
In 0:28-0:29 she says wonder woman in Hebrew!
Mo Mo
Mo Mo Рік тому
Ezra where can I get that hat?!??
Piggy Slices
Piggy Slices Рік тому
Wait.. Ezra Miller... Joji Miller... and they look alike somewhat.... are they related??
James Higdon
James Higdon Рік тому
"Oh! I know! Barry Allen has one of the darkest histories of any superhero ever, what with the parents being murdered in a time loop by his own future villain, almost making him responsible for his own orphaning. He's watched his wife murdered. Committed murder and stood trial. He's a serious crime scene investigator with a good head on his shoulders. LET'S CAST HIM WITH THE GUY WITH BLUE EYEBROWS AND 'BRUH' MANNERISMS." I have waited a DECADE for a Flash movie since growing up reading through Barry, then Jay and Max Mercury and even Wally and his kids, and THIS is the clown I get!? Next time you cast Superman, just go with Carrot Top. How about a Lady Gaga Wonder Woman? At least do me the courtesy of ruining everyone ELSE'S favorite super hero movies, too. I'm done. Even Gustin does a moderately-terrible Barry Allen when compared to the comics. And I love The Flash on the CW. Man, DC. With shit like this and New 52 and Batman vs. Superman, I would be amazed if your stocks ever go up again.
Selz1992 G
Selz1992 G Рік тому
Ezra is a very good actor but I like Grant Gustin as Flash, because the way he plays Flash is more like the Barry’s characteristics. Also the costume for Flash in this film is so bad, why didn’t they put spandex on him? They could make a version that easy to wear. Such a disappointment as I am a big fan of Barry.
Xx xX
Xx xX Рік тому
She's so full of herself. Not appealing .
Alyssa Alanes
Alyssa Alanes Рік тому
Whats wrong with ezra's eyebrow?
Joseph Рік тому
Gal flirting with the host at the beginning and Ezra looks annoyed asf
Smile S
Smile S Рік тому
GamesFromThePast Рік тому
WTF is that on his eyebrow?
Sandra Brown
Sandra Brown Рік тому
I would love to see this flash show up on a episode of the flash and have a fair race between him and grant gustin
alan kn
alan kn Рік тому
The interview though, danggg
Escribelo Рік тому
cuanta perfección en un solo vídeo
J S Рік тому
Gal o gal
emelia hacky sack
emelia hacky sack Рік тому
Erza looks like a howie mandel with hair
Rosemarie Gaona
Rosemarie Gaona Рік тому
I’m in love with Ezra for being sooo unique.
raphael ohayagha
raphael ohayagha Рік тому
My son name is ezra
WhenTheSharkEats Рік тому
what happened to Ezra Miller's eyebrow
Luis Henrique
Luis Henrique Рік тому
Grant Gustin
Shoi Nagase
Shoi Nagase Рік тому
MJ Billie jean jacket?
RQ Рік тому
Is ezra always high??😂not as much in this video but still lol
הגר גדליוביץ'
הגר גדליוביץ' Рік тому
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Syed Ahmed
Syed Ahmed Рік тому
Grant is the best flash
EmmanuelleLunada2010 Рік тому
You're a cutie, Chris and seems like a likable guy :)
Yoongi's Mic Drop
Yoongi's Mic Drop Рік тому
I love Ezra!! Such a talented man
cloudy skies
cloudy skies Рік тому
1:45 & everything went downhill from there 😂
cloudy skies
cloudy skies Рік тому
"hey cool jacket" "thank you !" "waaaaw "thank you !" gal: "you're wearing a cool jacket too :)" interviewer: "nah mine's so plain... HEY we 're wearing the same jacket" gal: *bitch* "that's what I'm saying, it's a cool jacket"
LeeT44 Рік тому
She is amazing. Not only gorgeous, but a good actress and an ego-free badass
Tongue Less
Tongue Less Рік тому
Such a douche bag interviewer
LieutenantYram Рік тому
can someone explain what's going on with Ezra's eyebrow please??
Rohit Dalal
Rohit Dalal Рік тому
“Acheive very best results, the bar is set so high” clearly they didn’t show her the final cut....
Goose Рік тому
Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and Barry
Goose Рік тому
Ezra is so precious and Gal... she's so beautiful inside and out oh my god
Matthew Mayhem
Matthew Mayhem Рік тому
God, I want to spend at least a full day with the Goddess known as Gal Gadot.
Dinesh Garg
Dinesh Garg Рік тому
I need *that* cap. That Flash cap at 0:50 .
Tony Castle
Tony Castle Рік тому
Ezra is bae
Casey McDonough
Casey McDonough Рік тому
what’s up with ezra’s eyebrow though haha
Princess Leia
Princess Leia Рік тому
What's wrong with his eyebrow
wiinterflowers Рік тому
Ezra Miller is like the nerdy best friend you want to hang out with! Seriously, I saw the film yesterday and Ezra was AMAZING! HE NAILED THE CHARACTER!!
Ezra Miller is in love with being The Flash
Don’t Subscribe
Don’t Subscribe Рік тому
My boy gotta blue eyebrow
Night Eye
Night Eye Рік тому
What happens to ezra's eyebrows
Night Eye
Night Eye Рік тому
I hate gal gadot
karar haider
karar haider Рік тому
hate me but i liked justice league just my opinion
The montiyano
The montiyano Рік тому
i dont care what anyone says but the flash from the show is 10x better than this guy!
Chicken0rShrimp Рік тому
I wanna have sex with Ezra Miller
Eliza Schylur
Eliza Schylur Рік тому
What is his eyebrow?
Ann Brogan
Ann Brogan Рік тому
The way Ezra was starting at Gal like same 😩😍
Janey Рік тому
What's the deal with Flash's eyebrow?
Elizabeth Tan
Elizabeth Tan Рік тому
Whats on his eyebrow
Randy Gutierrez
Randy Gutierrez Рік тому
I'm sorry but what's up with Barry's right eyebrow??? someone get this man a tissue or something....
emerald 2002
emerald 2002 Рік тому
" I push people and run away "
#DRW Рік тому
OMG #Gal
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