Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 - Angry Review

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AngryJoe, Alex & Erica review the Series Finale, and incredible letdown that not even I was prepared for. I should have been, but wasn't. What a waste of a perfectly good season and ending. I can't think of a more rushed -lets-get-out-of-here- job from any writers for such a huge property.
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20 тра 2019





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HarrisonPudding День тому
They left early to work with Rian Johnson. Hahahahahahahaha. It's so awesome coming back to this moment of utter shittery, knowing the showrunners made the absolute wrong decision leaving it in the hands of the B team. This is why reading books is better. George, you cashed out and bro'd down-hope it was worth seeing your magnum opus literally and figuratively burn.
LordJapos 2 дні тому
I like when he squints and says things without conviction and then ends it with ...bye.
HamOnRye Chinaski
HamOnRye Chinaski 2 дні тому
Alex was in total denial for whole series, making excuses, finding bright spots that weren't there til, finally, theres no way to excuse the awfulness of this series. Utter shit. The cast tried to warn us. Fans were in denial but it was total shit...and George STILL hasn't finished the book 2 years and a lockdown later. 10years!! Theres NO WAY he'll finish the series. What an utter joke.
Morning Glory
Morning Glory 6 днів тому
The one silver lining is that D and D thrashed their own careers because of this. I don’t think they will ever live it down
Ahmad I
Ahmad I 8 днів тому
Seeing this again now while drunk, good shit
Fredrick Heinecke
Fredrick Heinecke 11 днів тому
Watching this a year later and its pure comic relief...
Dropped Pin
Dropped Pin 11 днів тому
The greatest explanation of the season finale of GoT is “Well that happened”.
Hussain Zaki
Hussain Zaki 13 днів тому
Every few weeks I remember the ending of Got, and then go on to watch the same series of UKvid videos analysing and roasting the show. Goddammit D&D, I'll never recover
Jacob127 W
Jacob127 W 17 днів тому
Lol, this is still very sad. You can tell after season 7 they completely no longer cared about the show. They just wanted to wrap it up and move on.
Michael Wright
Michael Wright 19 днів тому
Grey Worm: "You are not here to talk. You are a prisoner." TYRION: "You shut the hell up! Dick and Balls runs this shit and you have a cleft."
Michael Wright
Michael Wright 19 днів тому
So CERSEI and the "Sister Slayer," are taken out by rubble? The Dothraki are happy because they just got a mulligan.
CaptPhiI 26 днів тому
Frasier is a spinoff that's better than the original (Cheers). They do exist.
bingus bingus
bingus bingus Місяць тому
Even after a year like 2020... GOT Finale still sucks so bad
Kwabzy Місяць тому
I just finished the show tonight for the first time and... dude idk man lol, like I loved this show so much as a whole but bruh I was not expecting the ending to go like that
They should have done 10 seasons. If they did then maybe the stuff they did could have been salvaged
Sauce Nino
Sauce Nino Місяць тому
It’s 2021 and STILL every time I see things like this in my recommended, I watch it 😔
Jeremy Timme
Jeremy Timme Місяць тому
It’s been a year and I still want the Snyder Cut season 8 of GoT, even tho he doesn’t know shit about it, he will still do it better than D&D
Michiel de Ruyter
Michiel de Ruyter 2 місяці тому
AJ be like: BUT THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN What about the innocent men 😂
rafael pozo
rafael pozo 2 місяці тому
Other joe looked really hot in this one
Garret Harris
Garret Harris 2 місяці тому
I used to marathon GoT 2 times a year before season 8. Now I can't even bring myself to watch the first episode knowing how it ends. Fuck you D&D
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 2 місяці тому
When the Night King shattered into a million pieces, so too did the entire soul of the show. No deeper meanings, no messages, and no point. In the end, it really was just an overfunded blockbuster. "It is a tale told by an idiot. Full of sound and spectacle, signifying nothing..."
HarshlyCritical 2 місяці тому
joe and this chick shouldn't do videos together ever again. neither one can let the other get a full thought out.
Mr. Chuchy
Mr. Chuchy 2 місяці тому
After Podrick's Jenny of Oldstones they should have done a Sopranos cut to black.
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace 2 місяці тому
I remember all the hate I got when I was commenting that season 7 was trash and the show is being driven into the ground. Vindicated.
JustIn Quarantine
JustIn Quarantine 2 місяці тому
I Agree and I'll never understand why most people Never mention how bad season 7 is and always just talk about 8 being Horrible. I feel like 7 deserves just as much hate it's just as bad but if im Being completely honest the longer the show was on the worse it got. Some of the other seasons especially 5 and 6 had some really horrible parts and storylines but the show had so many great things about it still it was easier to overlook.
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace 2 місяці тому
I wish that during the script reading for this season that one of the main characters turns to D&D and say.... 'Okay guys very funny, where's the real script??' 'This is the real script...' 'No No, c'mon we all know you're a couple of jokers, not gonna fall for it, where's the script?' D&D stonefaced 'THIS IS THE REAL SCRIPT' *cast look at eachother speechless*
Danger 2 місяці тому
10:13 he just screamed for no reason
anthonygbfmgr 2 місяці тому
Why did he destroy the throne and not john I think the dragon was smart and understood what the obsession with the throne was doing to dany and that's what killed her so he destroyed the throne
reevan Singh
reevan Singh 2 місяці тому
Why the fuck jon snow is the true heir to the throne if going back the night's watch if is not going to be king
John Smalls
John Smalls 3 місяці тому
I just reread the books. I cant believe that Winds of winter isnt out yet
Geo 3 місяці тому
“I held the door for this?” -Horon
prox 3 місяці тому
GoT: Brotherhood
Lp G
Lp G 3 місяці тому
The nepotism of letting the north be independent
JamesRK800 3 місяці тому
thezuh 3 місяці тому
They should have had 9 seasons. Finish season 8 defeating the Night King and have season 9 dealing with Cersei.
David Bartlett
David Bartlett 3 місяці тому
At 38 minutes. Shoulda gave her cheers
Rats 4 місяці тому
THey ended it early so the retarded cast could go and do thier block buster movies. SPOILERS! Every Single Movie the cast did seperately (less than a year after the last GoT episode) was absolute garbage. Except for Iain Glen an Jerome Flyn, they could act before GoT. So They throw away one of the (potentially) greatest shows ever made to maybe go big in hollywood... SO Fucking Disapointing.
Bryce Tinkham
Bryce Tinkham 4 місяці тому
I was hoping this would be like Joe’s other GoT “Angry Reviews” with just him ranting to the camera.... these people on the left are seriously annoying and I can tell Joe thinks so too. Why does he continue to bring this dude Alex on when he contributes nothing and honestly makes it more of a chore to watch lol. Gotta double tap to skip ahead every time he talks.
Alex Penalo
Alex Penalo 4 місяці тому
8 years of one of the most best TV shows falls flat on its face at the end. GRRM has yet to finish Wind of winters. RIP Game of thrones
Tanuska Banerjee
Tanuska Banerjee 4 місяці тому
Drogon wanted to help Jon get away with the murder😂😂 because hey they were cousins. But eh Jon was dumb. -_-
partridgehearne 4 місяці тому
They should have left the Night King triumphant, and have had the courage to have an ending of lifeless destruction
Edward Hernandez
Edward Hernandez 4 місяці тому
Season 8 is great
hotel 5 місяців тому
I thought that dragons are smarter than humans
herrnenne 5 місяців тому
They hate the episode. They make fun of him because he hoped to not be disappointed. Last episode one of them gave the episode 7/10.. yeah, stop fooling yourself.
drew871105 Disciple
drew871105 Disciple 5 місяців тому
Daenerys is still good. She was betrayed by everyone and it was Cersi’s fault you simple minded morons.
Cleon Pierre
Cleon Pierre 5 місяців тому
Spinoff series better than original. Family Matters vs Perfect Strangers 👌🏾
Ghanafrican Gamer
Ghanafrican Gamer 6 місяців тому
Man, that chicken in your intro looks scary
Agustín Ferri
Agustín Ferri 7 місяців тому
38:18 Simply heartbreaking
Nuno Santos
Nuno Santos 7 місяців тому
It was so good if jon kills dany and said The Lanisters sends the ragards. Because it was happen
Now This is Epic
Now This is Epic 7 місяців тому
There was literally no point in the John storyline and Danny story line
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome 7 місяців тому
0:22 31:51 33:22 34:37 35:05 38:33 40:40 funny
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome 7 місяців тому
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome 7 місяців тому
Romance girl,
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome 7 місяців тому
Patrick T
Patrick T 8 місяців тому
Dragon is going to find a red priest to bring her back.
Death To Fascist Trump
Death To Fascist Trump 8 місяців тому
The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian >>>>>> Game of Thrones Season 8
justin steffan
justin steffan 8 місяців тому
The burned guy was half targaryen
shawn Money
shawn Money 8 місяців тому
How the hell most people say don’t understand the heel turn? She lost everybody she loved she just saw her best friend get be headed and one of her dragons just got killed. It was so satisfying seeing her unleash.
Shelbyville Rules
Shelbyville Rules 6 місяців тому
It still wasn’t enough to justify her killing thousands of women and children, I’m not saying it wasn’t possible to get her character to that point but D&D completely failed in that regard by trying to rush to that story beat.
Da Tiger
Da Tiger 9 місяців тому
Dany and Jamie’s arcs were so trash, if not the worst in television history... not only was it so unbelievable that she torched the innocent in kings landing after surrending, it was hard to even care fuck kings landing lol
Da Tiger
Da Tiger 25 днів тому
@Rev. Korth I only liked 1-4 really anyways
Rev. Korth
Rev. Korth 8 місяців тому
GOT never cared about arcs, what show have you been watching?
JohnTube2K 9 місяців тому
Medium Angry Joe in the angry scale.
Natalie Kelley
Natalie Kelley 9 місяців тому
The ending still makes no sense. No one asked Bran how he knew NK had Viserion when they arrived in Winterfell. They make Dani this "Mad Queen", yet Bran has stated multiple times he's the 3 eyed Raven. He knew everything that would happen to Dani losing Missandae, another dragon, that Jon would tell Sansa and Arya and Sansa would tell Tyrion who would tell Varys... And told no one. He is the mad King.
Jeremya Ford
Jeremya Ford 9 місяців тому
3/10 Wtf was this episode. Why did they ruin this series like wtfffff
Daniel San
Daniel San 9 місяців тому
The first thing I noticed was Arya’s horse too🤣🤣🤣
Jimmyodog 9 місяців тому
All heil bran the broken
Chill Naga's Den
Chill Naga's Den 9 місяців тому
Stardust was ...pointless. "Thank you, Stardust, for the app" For what? For making a quick shitty "OH MY GOD SO [Good, bad, awful] ?!" ? It's just a worse UKvid for an incredibly pointless, niche thing. God damn.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 9 місяців тому
I still hate the ending with a passion.
Police 159
Police 159 9 місяців тому
Fire proof or fire resistant
Robbie 9 місяців тому
What happened with Stanis having to attack King's Landing by water cause of its surroundings, yet now Dany is talking up to Cersis up at the wall with some of her people there. Like they could fight on land.
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 10 місяців тому
I was so disgusted with Game of Thrones season 8, as well as The Hobbit when they came out, that i actually abandoned the entire fantasy genre, selling all my books, movies, games, posters, etc, and switched to the horror genre instead!!
mupo1811 10 місяців тому
season 8 was so good
surya _027
surya _027 10 місяців тому
All Jhon has to do is to say : Iam Aegon targaryean First of my name Lord of the andels, Protector of the realm and King of the seven kingdoms. Fuck you unsullied.........peace out.
Kevin Tenuta
Kevin Tenuta 10 місяців тому
the wolfpack is stronger together.. ok so as soon as it all ends all starks go their separate ways.... also.. i think the dragon grabbed her & took her away to some fire sorceress or something to bring her back to life. i think maybe they were hoping to make future sequels maybe set in a far future with everyone from these seasons old and new characters and maybe daenerys comes back old, an evil queen wanting revenge & destruction.. maybe with even more dragons or something..
Elijah Gomez
Elijah Gomez 10 місяців тому
alex sips his drinks like a lil bitch
Cromartie Mcfly
Cromartie Mcfly 11 місяців тому
I cant believe Hodor died for this
David Powell
David Powell 11 місяців тому
I read all the books (available) I am a super fan and enjoyed Seasons 1-7. I still have not seen the second half of the finale because I just couldn't take it anymore. Perhaps I'll watch it eventually.
Defiant_Zombie 11 місяців тому
"WE are going to free them." "From what you crazy bitch? Their mortal coil?"
Beezus C Hrist
Beezus C Hrist 11 місяців тому
One year later. Man, this show was a waste of time and now we're quarantined....
Nathan Baldassero
Nathan Baldassero 11 місяців тому
The ending to me was always meant for the night king to win. Everyone only cared about the immediate threats and politics (much like our world), and so it should be their undoing. But nope, we get a happy ending that makes no fucking sense...what a tremendous shame.
will_ da_man_
will_ da_man_ 11 місяців тому
I fucking love how Joe dosent say a word and is just so confused and contemplates S8's existence for an entire 2 minutes 51 seconds of this video🤣
LCM 11 місяців тому
Honestly man. Worse part is if I ever decide to rewatch the series in the future I’m always gonna know that this shit ending is around the corner.
Kester Iwelumor
Kester Iwelumor 11 місяців тому
Who's hear after the anniversary 🙋‍♂️
Bahnaruk 11 місяців тому
What happened to this girl?
Y K 11 місяців тому
John going back to the wall was retarded. Sansa of all people takes his place. She's so strong and independent. Truly inspirational D&D you basic shills.
J 11 місяців тому
Jon: MUhhH QUeeN
Matt Stewart
Matt Stewart 11 місяців тому
She’s John aunt
It is Time
It is Time 11 місяців тому
"Not a lot happened. Well a lot happened but not really" Oh get to fuck.
Shadow Hound
Shadow Hound 11 місяців тому
The darthrakie died at the battle of the dead.
Gonaddabarbarian Рік тому
so i've been living under a rock for the past 10 years, did they stay predictivly true to the storyline by having Bran da Broken become king and Cersei stare out a balcony with a mean I smell poo face?
Olof Englund
Olof Englund Рік тому
Is Alex and Erica a couple?
Abram Sullivan
Abram Sullivan Рік тому
Well I only got one season of Games Of Thrones I really want to binge watch the series BUT I for once since the final season is the worst season I'll give it the benefit of a doubt there's other shows that's way better than season eight of Games Of Thrones Breaking Bad got five epic seasons a Netflix movie El Camino that set after Breaking Bad and a prequel spin-off Better Call Saul. SONS OF ANARCHY and the sequel spin-off The Mayans MC.
Violent Savior
Violent Savior Рік тому
I didn't know how to process everything shitty about this last season. So i waited i year later to watch critics about it. I'm ready.
Stefan Radebach
Stefan Radebach Рік тому
What i found surprising watching the ending is that this is the first time Edmure Tully is seen since Season 6. Even though House Frey was wiped out at episode 1 of Season 7 they never bothered to bring him back and the rest of Riverlands for the rest of the series and why you may ask? Well to quote the wonderful writers themselves "we kinda forgot about Edmure and Riverlands." Not to mention they also forgot Dorne, Stormlands, Yara and hell even Vale and the characters there has absolutely no involvement since Baelish died because D&D has shit for memory and is to lazy to write any of them into the story and as such what is supposed to be grand game of war and politics in the continent feels more like two children fighting over a sand castle in the finale.
Moises Pinzon
Moises Pinzon Рік тому
noooooooo joe dont look at this save yourseeeeeeeeeeelfffff...
Gantz:0 Рік тому
Lmao all the y'alls that invested so much time in this
Madman Рік тому
Seriously tho, that horse is the biggest issue in this season.
johnaustinbyrne Рік тому
what happened to the lady?
Morning Glory
Morning Glory Рік тому
It took me a while to warm up to Alex but I love him now
Neil Рік тому
I'd love to watch the entire series again... but cannot face all those great episodes knowing the disappointment coming in season 8... :(
Paragon Cumulus
Paragon Cumulus Рік тому
Nearly a year on and I'm still bitter about it. Reliving the Season 8 rants in lock down is so a productive, healthy, way to spend my time. Poor Joe looks like he wants to cry at the start of this video.
TJ Jordan
TJ Jordan Рік тому
I don’t agree with the belief that this was a happy ending. It wasn’t happy, it wasn’t satisfying, it wasn’t even bittersweet, it was all just... bitter. Also, Daenerys’ turn to mad queen makes no sense when you compare her to other characters. She executed people who harmed innocent people and disobeyed her. So did Jon, Ned, Arya, Tywin, Jaime, Rob and every ruler ever. She’s had men and women burned alive. So did Stannis and other civilizations who burned criminals alive. None of these examples convince me of her madness because others have done the same and came out without madness. I just feel empty and not in a good way.
TJ Jordan
TJ Jordan 2 місяці тому
Chris Sanders+ Thing is, I really didn’t want to see Daenerys go mad and murder a bunch of people. I legit loved her character and I loved Jon. I will admit that the romance between the two was done poorly, which was supposed to be important in order for the stabbing moment to work. But anyway, I didn’t want to see Daenerys do any of it. In order for me to buy into that, they needed to develop her going mad and make it in character.
Chris Sanders
Chris Sanders 7 місяців тому
That's what they meant. We needed an entire season of danny turning crazy to be believable
blacmadesjb 2750
blacmadesjb 2750 Рік тому
Wanna know whats even funnier about bronn? He doesn't have any gold because the lannisters took it all to buy mercenaries.
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams Рік тому
The war between the lannisters and the starks where 3 seasons The war for the throne and the biggest threat in the entire series 6 episodes Gg ez
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