Game of Thrones Season 8 Pitch Meeting

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Step inside the pitch meeting that led to the final season of Game of Thrones!
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Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV dramas of all time, and fans were pumped to see what the creators had in store for its final season. However after a few episodes, GoT fans started to have some questions about the way D.B. Weiss and David Benioff were wrapping up their favorite show. Like what’s up with Daenerys becoming pure evil so quickly? Why isn’t anyone talking about Jon being the rightful heir to the throne? Was that really the end of the Night King? Are scorpions more powerful, or are dragons?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the pitch meeting that led to Game of Thrones Season 8! It’s super easy, barely an inconvenience!

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22 тра 2019

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TheInfamousWolf 6 годин тому
I wish i could, Kinda forget about Game of thrones.
Ben V
Ben V 9 годин тому
I feel so bad for the directors at Comic Con, they're going to be crushed with questions.
Charles Almeida
Charles Almeida 13 годин тому
In all pitch meetings that I have watched, I have never seen this guy looks so genuinely upset like in this one LOL.
Dnilo 14 годин тому
Hey, what about INCEPTION? I bet you can sink us all in those massive plot holes.
Jamie Hicks
Jamie Hicks 16 годин тому
I didn’t hate season 8 like most people. I was disappointed yes but don’t think it’s as bad as people say. However this video was hilarious and I can’t argue a single point 😂
Дмитрий Соколов
Дмитрий Соколов 16 годин тому
Ben Brode, go make some games!
NicKy Karito DeFranc
NicKy Karito DeFranc 17 годин тому
Please do a "Godzilla II - pitch meeting"!! I was sitting in the cinema thinking "oh he's definitely gonna mention that!"
Nikolay Nikolov
Nikolay Nikolov 17 годин тому
Where can I buy "Super Easy, Barely an Inconveniece" merch :D
LOL khars: the randomizer
LOL khars: the randomizer 17 годин тому
Can you do a pitch meeting on brighburn
Dragonlover553 20 годин тому
I half expected Winterfell's encrypts to be wight proof, honestly. The books mention that the Kings of Winter were entombed with spells to keep their ghost contained. Iron swords and such. I was disappointed that it was not.
Mateusz Wojtkiewicz
Mateusz Wojtkiewicz 20 годин тому
The best thing about this pitch meeting is the disappointed producer.
Plazma Gaming
Plazma Gaming День тому
Half those words in the video I don’t understand ( I don’t watch got)
glencannondr День тому
"council of surviving characters" lol
Holly Peterson
Holly Peterson День тому
I can't stop watching this, pure comedy gold 😁
Type1 Hacks
Type1 Hacks День тому
is he wearing one of those pajama suits?
Makta972 День тому
No world on the feminazi crap going on...
NotoriousNoe День тому
This kind of gave me PTSD from watching season 8 🤦‍♂️
What’s Wrong with You, Man? Entertainment
Could you do a pitch meeting for John Wick?
S G День тому
Perfect! Pure perfect and I'm one of the 50% who thought they completely pissed the last season. RIP GOT
Keber Maknaan
Keber Maknaan День тому
This video mentions every bit of complaints i had for the series' season 8. Watching this again really makes me hate the writers even more. DB and DW should be expelled from any future writing roles of any movies/TVs.
keithsj10 День тому
day after tomorrow
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker День тому
- Would it be hard to invite Ryan to a real pitch meeting at a studio? - Actually it would be supereasy, barely an inconvenience!
Angry Clown
Angry Clown 2 дні тому
Thanks for making it funny.
chakkra69 2 дні тому
"council of surviving characters" lol
Robert Wareham
Robert Wareham 2 дні тому
Can we have a pitch meeting for the pitch meeting videos?
Robert Wareham
Robert Wareham 2 дні тому
@George Lincoln Rockwell Archive Damn it! I obviously haven't binged watched enough of these yet! xD
George Lincoln Rockwell Archive
He already did it.
Paul Masters
Paul Masters 2 дні тому
I watch this regularly, it's like therapy i need it to get over the trauma...
Anton Zamuraev
Anton Zamuraev 2 дні тому
1 real question: why here is only 1 screenwriter?...
Manuel Gnthr
Manuel Gnthr 2 дні тому
I can fully understand the childmurder. If my nephew didn't want to sleep with me I'd be upset too.
Craig Williams
Craig Williams 2 дні тому
Hahahaha, the "Truth" is "Tight"!!!
Kronus Exodues
Kronus Exodues 2 дні тому
why do people wonder if arya is 18? shouldn't the real question be the age difference between her and Gendry? if she's only 15 but he's only 17 himself, where is the problem? besides, why would she have to be 18 at all? isn't 16 old enough to make these decisions for youself?
Rapportus5 2 дні тому
Ryan you have no idea how perfect this was. This had my 70 year old dad laughing in stitches. He was like "THATS WHAT I WAS THINKING!!!" at 95% of the points you made in this video. Thank you for being a true friend of the consumer!
Nerdgasm 2 дні тому
Do terminator movies!
Frankie Wright
Frankie Wright 2 дні тому
Can u do a Terminator franchise pitch meeting. Honestly the 1st two were my faves and the next couple were ehh. So I think it would be a good pitch meeting
Frankson Gangmei
Frankson Gangmei 2 дні тому
Did you say Starbucks?
Mastro Strom
Mastro Strom 3 дні тому
D&D in 2009: Making ASOIAF into a tv-series is gonna be super easy, barely and inconvenience... oh, those poor summer children. Winter came for HBO...
Sans the spooky scary skeloton
I need you to do I am mother & the perfection lol 😂
Patricio Garcia
Patricio Garcia 3 дні тому
Do... Moana?!
Patricio Garcia
Patricio Garcia 3 дні тому
Do enders game!
Patricio Garcia
Patricio Garcia 3 дні тому
Do Gremlins!
Somewhat Artsy
Somewhat Artsy 3 дні тому
Can you do one of these with kingsman
Falnésio Borges
Falnésio Borges 3 дні тому
Must be hard to ruin what arguably might have been one of the best series of the new century.
LaDrakius 3 дні тому
This was perfect.
jhaz89 3 дні тому
HBO: You can have more episodes. D&D: I dun waun et. I neva-av
Brian Gates
Brian Gates 3 дні тому
This is so spot on
IgNasty86 3 дні тому
I’d like to see one on Alita Battle Angel
MattFolx 3 дні тому
John wick series pitch meeting ??
Cristian Roth
Cristian Roth 3 дні тому
Are people really complaining about a night scene being too dark? RIP common sense, we miss you
Mykael David Lazzeri
Mykael David Lazzeri 3 дні тому
Oh my Gawed... it's like a cool cocaine infused enema for the constipated asshole that was surgically implanted on my heart by D&D! Thank you.
Juancho 3 дні тому
An Arrival pitch meeting please
Holli + Huckleberry
Holli + Huckleberry 3 дні тому
Can you do greatest showman?
Misty Mathis
Misty Mathis 4 дні тому
Nailed it!
Intelligence Awakening
Intelligence Awakening 4 дні тому
I love this! Just a suggestion. Casablanca. Breakfast at Tiffany's and Gone with the Wind. Classic movies would be hilarious!
d tczyk
d tczyk 4 дні тому
“Why don’t we give you more episodes?” “I don’t want it”
MrReign 4 дні тому
Brilliant!! The show should now be called Lame Of Thrones!!
John 4 дні тому
Pitch meeting for fear and loathing in Las Vegas pls!
Insane Mathemagician
Insane Mathemagician 4 дні тому
ALSO. It'd be nice to see a pitch meeting fro Nick Cage's notorious Vampire's Kiss.
Art Casbah
Art Casbah 4 дні тому
Makes me hate the writers even more. Thank you lol
Insane Mathemagician
Insane Mathemagician 4 дні тому
It would be nice if you did one 4 M.night's After Earth.....Hilarious (laughs).
HASTUR1120 4 дні тому
i revel in all of the disappointment, sadness, and anger. you can't always get what you want. go suck eggs all of you.
DigitProto 5 днів тому
Can you do one on Ultraviolet (2006)?
Dity Maharaj
Dity Maharaj 5 днів тому
Me: Hey Ryan, love your work! May I request a pitch meeting for Prometheus or Alien: Covenant Ryan: Sure thing buddy, thanks for leaving a comment Me: I know you're super busy, so appreciate your time. Ryan: Not at all, it'll be super easy, barely an inconvenience Me: ohhh greaaat! Your Pitch meetings are tight! Ryan: yeah yeah yeah!
Hayden Hansen
Hayden Hansen 5 днів тому
Please do Prometheus!!!!
SouthernStudentCreations 5 днів тому
Do a pitch meeting for sucker punch! It'll be easy, barely an inconvenience
Nathan 5 днів тому
1:00 me when watching ep 3
Kevin McCabe
Kevin McCabe 5 днів тому
This is so poignant it hurts. Disney need to fire Weiss and Benioff before they destroy Star Wars.
Mom 5 днів тому
8 season build up just to be dealt with in one episode
qwchrbichn 5 днів тому
This is where farm likes by quoting from the clip everyone just watched.
ArchGBUStanton 5 днів тому
Hilarious and spot on! "Council of surviving characters", great stuff. Thank you.
J.R. Scott
J.R. Scott 5 днів тому
I've watched this like once a day since I discovered it. It's still surreal...
Ariangy Gomez
Ariangy Gomez 5 днів тому
im laughing because it covers the pain
Tethis Nomf
Tethis Nomf 5 днів тому
We need more pitch meeting! make more plz, it's super easy, barely an inconvenience
Bobo your face
Bobo your face 5 днів тому
Do a John Carter pitch meeting please.
Jen Mei
Jen Mei 5 днів тому
Your face looks exactly the same for 2 YEARS
Matthew Gooch
Matthew Gooch 5 днів тому
This is absolutely perfect. Can I tag D&D in this and ask them WTF they were thinking?!
spackoid 5 днів тому
That is probably how the pitch meeting went, spot on. How to destroy the greatest show on television
Regina Aldredge
Regina Aldredge 5 днів тому
this is fantastic!!!
wingscancer 5 днів тому
you should do men in tights
StuUngar 5 днів тому
Sopranos is back to being the greatest show of all time
No One
No One 5 днів тому
bloody hell! nailed everything! that was tight!
Katsy Madolora
Katsy Madolora 5 днів тому
An Outlander pitch meeting would be fun too!
I know You are
I know You are 5 днів тому
If you still dont think Bran played everyone, look at who he kept as his council. A coward, A Sell sword, A Wannabe Knight, A Smuggler, and an Imp, notice all these people are easily manipulated by Tittles and Money. He also wants his new prize Dragon. He used the Night King as a pawn to get everyone where he wanted and put the pieces in place, he made cercei mad, made Dany mad, He was someone who couldve done more and changed things, yet the planning was crappy. Tell me Im wrong. Lol
England Calling
England Calling 5 днів тому
It'd be nice to hear from Ryan's twin brother once in a while. Does he even have a name?
Djuncle 5 днів тому
Omg, this is so true. 😂
Neil Herceg
Neil Herceg 5 днів тому
Does anyone else think that sandsa stark should have been dropped from the highest tower for being a cowardly opportunist?
Anthony Falk
Anthony Falk 5 днів тому
Can you do “300”?!?!?!? Sparta!!!!!
Ray Cantu
Ray Cantu 5 днів тому
I just watched green inferno and the whole time I was thinking the pitch meeting for this would be wild!
lisa Arkwright
lisa Arkwright 6 днів тому
Would love a Moulin Rouge with Ewan McGregor pitch meeting. And / or Fifth Element.
J.P. Briggs
J.P. Briggs 6 днів тому
Great point, suck ass neck-bearded sarcasm..
Chris MCMLXXXII 6 днів тому
I would never have believed this if I hadn't seen it.
roswellscrub 6 днів тому
Nailed it.
Sea of Blood Red Roses
Sea of Blood Red Roses 6 днів тому
How about Jurassic World?
XWolven 6 днів тому
This is the funniest thing I've seen on the finale by far! It covers everything wrong with the whole season so well!
Klee Elizabeth
Klee Elizabeth 6 днів тому
"Cant Bran just tell her that?" Yall remember this if they try to make some spin off bullshit....🙄
Chris Webb
Chris Webb 6 днів тому
Lots of people loved the last season's ending.. Lots of CUNTS
James Humphreys
James Humphreys 6 днів тому
Uncle Buck
JstyleFilms 6 днів тому
Damn dude you destroyed the whole season in less than 10 minutes lol!
Sawsie5200 6 днів тому
My wife has a great idea for a drinking game where we buy a bottle of tequila and load up a season of Pitch Meeting videos. Everytime you say Super Easy, Barely an Inconvenience or "Tight!" we take a drink. I asked her if this was going to be our suicide pact game instead...because if so it would be Super Easy, and Barely an Inconvenience!
Laura Finnan
Laura Finnan 6 днів тому
This is so spot on, I can't 😂
Candace 6 днів тому
The problem with the season is they focussed so much on the cinematography they forgot about the character development almost entirely across the board.
Stylezz iR
Stylezz iR 6 днів тому
I can not understand why the directors and writers thought this was as a great season. God. Idk who are in control of filming the prequel. But if it’s the same directors we as fans are fucked
Faisal Memon
Faisal Memon 6 днів тому
These guys have been given the helm for the new Star Wars trilogy.
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