Game of Thrones - Season 8 Review

Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Game of Thrones Season 8.




20 тра 2019





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Thurgor Supreme
Thurgor Supreme 19 годин тому
Seasons 1-4: Awesome! I LOVE this show Season 5: Hey guys, this is great but... something's off. Is it just me? Season 6: C'mon guys, something is definitely wrong here Season 7: I told you so Season 8: Wow, wow, wow... just hot garbage. What happened?
pakong Lee
pakong Lee День тому
I also don't know much about GOT before and I have just finished all 8 seasons in 10 days (just finished 2 hrs ago). I cannot agree with you more about your review. Things and the end just don't connect well to previous seasons. I love unpredictable stuffs but they need to make sense. Otherwise, a happy ending would be save.
LMW 2 дні тому
Obviously Joffrey is my least favorite but alongside him is Ramsay.
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz 2 дні тому
They didn’t stick the King’s Landing. Bet you never heard that joke before.
d3sign3r 2 дні тому
GRR Martin: Tyrian would never put people in the crypt while an army of the dead invade, thats way too stupid, i cant do it. D&D: Its a bit stupid for Tyrian to hide in a crypt while an army of the dead invade, but it would be a cool scene, lets do it!
Ann Timme
Ann Timme 3 дні тому
Bran looks like Asian Paul dano
Wazih Sharar Ihsaas
Wazih Sharar Ihsaas 3 дні тому
Speaking of dissapointing series finale, do a whole show review of How I Met Your Mother
Jesse G
Jesse G 3 дні тому
Brendan Randall
Brendan Randall 5 днів тому
I don’t think it’s even the decisions that they made and the direction they took the show in that pissed me off I think it was the apparent lack of effort. The fact that they didn’t want to do a full season, the SHIT dialogue and bad editing. Things like water bottles and coffee cups just being left into scenes. It felt completely rushed and for a show they KNOW is as beloved as this one I don’t understand how they could have the audacity to do the final season like they did. If they were done with the show after season 7 they should’ve handed it off to someone else, hell they should’ve after season 6. And yes a full year later and I just got all fired up about this again.
Jimzip 6 днів тому
"I am always on the side of creators, because they’re trying to create something, they’re trying to put something out there […]and hoping that people will like it." Really well said. I watched this show as it aired every year and was horribly disappointed with the final season. Odd character choices, very few arcs actually resolved, and yep, it sure did feel rushed. BUT at the same time, I really appreciate what the creators gave us. It was a herculean effort, and the ride all the way to the final season was hella enjoyable.
Jimzip 4 дні тому
@Vandole No need to get sassy. Chris says what I quoted near the end of the video. And I really disliked the last season (as I said above) but the show up until that point was amazing.
Vandole 4 дні тому
Where do you see that? The whole "we explain it to the people" in S8 already tells me they didn't have any faith in their creation. That they pushed for their conclusion cause they knew what they have done. Fucked everything up. And don't play dumb and dumber on me....
Khan Maheer
Khan Maheer 6 днів тому
Shouldn't that be in Hilariocity Reviews?
Dancier Hall
Dancier Hall 7 днів тому
No when it comes to Arya killing her brother. ???
DozaArchives 9 днів тому
I'm late to the comments here but as a book loyalist and ASOIAF nerd the ending was horrible. None of the characters were actually in character during season 8. The writers were looking for surprises and shock but got nothing but derision. I really hope the final books correct those awful decisions.
A Starry Eyed Life
A Starry Eyed Life 10 днів тому
So, since you’re such a horror buff will you consider reviewing Supernatural now that the show is over?
Dennis Vu
Dennis Vu 10 днів тому
It's not a great show, I can't recommend it to anyone knowing how it ended
Mike Zilla
Mike Zilla 10 днів тому
D&D will forever have the honor souring both Game of Thrones and Star Wars. Think about that. These are two massive IPs they've done fucked...arguably because they tried tackling BOTH at the same time and it shows.
bowhunter 4 life
bowhunter 4 life 11 днів тому
It sucked!
Lee W
Lee W 11 днів тому
The twists and shocks were never random in the first 5 seasons. Ned dying at the end of season 1 was a shock mainly because he was a main character but he lost a game of intrigue and it was a consequence of Joffrey's crazed cruel personality that he would have killed Ned. Most of the shocks are that main characters we've been watching don't wear plot armour like they do in most shows and they live in a violent and unpredictable world. Towards seasons 6-8 they started becoming random surprises for the sake of it without any motivations that make sense.
Rudolf Szécsi
Rudolf Szécsi 11 днів тому
Disliked because of choice of sponsor.
Joe Bundens
Joe Bundens 12 днів тому
While I did think the 8th season of Game of Thrones was rushed, I don't think it was wrong to make Bran the King. The whole show was about how power corrupts people and the need to break the wheel to bring the world peace. The real power of the kingdom didn't come from the king himself, it was enforced by other people such as Tywin. Bran could never have children because of his paralysis, so to make him the king meant that there would be no secession to the throne thus breaking the chain, with giving Tyrion the real power to make decisions. If Jon Snow became king would he eventually become corrupted because he is also related to the Mad King.
Andrew Payne
Andrew Payne 13 днів тому
As someone who watched from the beginning and had to wait 1 year or more for each season, I can say how disappointed I was with the last season especially after a 2 year wait. Would of loved an extra season. Season 8 should of been about just the battle with the white walkers and have them at least make it to kings landing. Then season 9 the last battle with cercie for the throne.
SpaceMonkey 907
SpaceMonkey 907 13 днів тому
I was one of those invested people for 8 years watching the show and my feelings on the ending.... Let's just say whenever somebody brings up Game of Thrones now I Immediately like a knee jerk reaction say fuck game of thrones!
jlovebirch 13 днів тому
Season 8 is a masterpiece of subverting expectations. People expected it to be good and satisfying, and it totally wasn't.
Shuvai M.
Shuvai M. 13 днів тому
This show was just a waste of time after season 8. I watched it for 7 years and the finale season made me regret it All 😫
grave crosses
grave crosses 14 днів тому
Hey Chris do a Black Sails series review! Love your reviews keep up the great work.
Bro Dee
Bro Dee 14 днів тому
A show not sticking it's landing is why I don't want to watch Dexter. I've heard so many bad things about the finale.
ben Sella
ben Sella 14 днів тому
Chris, could you review a sci fi tv show?
Brittany Johnson
Brittany Johnson 15 днів тому
darkhedgehogboy94 15 днів тому
I still think Gendry should have ended up being the new king. Daenerys made him a lord and that means he now has the name Baratheon. As the now only son that is not a bastard of Robert i think he deserved the throne the most of anyone in the whole show.
Ali Bahrami
Ali Bahrami 15 днів тому
i think HBO pushed for 2 more season but the writers were keen to end it to begin star wars... i have recently re-watched GOT only to season 6 and i have somewhat wipes season 7 and 8 off of my memory and will hope that Gerorge RR Martin releases WINDS OF WINTER in the near future My watch ended like Aegon Targaryen is season 5.......
The shift of villains is what if the Avengers killed Thanos and then went to fight Killmonger so that T'Challa can reclaim the Wakandan throne. It's dumb as HELL
David Stephan
David Stephan 17 днів тому
I lost interest after season 7 due to the long hiatus leading up to the final season. So thanks for the recap, I feel like I made the right choice
Kartik Vaswani
Kartik Vaswani 17 днів тому
Why is this a season 8 review and not Season 8: Hilariocity review?
BlaizeV 18 днів тому
My detailed thoughts on Dany's turn Fear it is. Dany just lived up to the expectations of the people of Westeros. No one trusted her, no one loved her. The People of Kings Landing rung the bells out of fear and sheer terror. Revenge drove her to this also but the woman who was loved and adored across the sea didn't find the same welcome back home despite all that she had sacrificed for them. Jon's 'Betrayal' and decision to no longer reciprocate their love was the straw that broke the camels back. Along with the long list of those going behind her back or just never trusting her to begin with. I actually loved this turn for Dany, it's not even close to character assassination imo. It makes sense that she would be angry, extremely angry given everything she has had to put up with since landing in Westeros. The juxtaposition from her time in the east is extreme. She even points out how the slaves did an uprising across the sea yet those in Kings Landing saw not to remove Cersi themselves. Dany detests the people of Westeros because they didn't hail her as the savior that in many ways she is. She definitely snapped, definitely became the Mad Queen and definitely became what she had always hated but her reasons for getting there I think the story has justified. So when in Kings Landing the bells are rung I think Dany snaps for many reasons. Obviously the main one being the 'why should Cersi get to simply surrender?' but also 'why should these people only welcome me after being beaten into submission?'. She is really disappointed that the people of Kings Landing never saw her as a welcome savior here to overturn the tyrant Cersei. Instead they saw Dany herself as the Tyrant and rather than help her overturn Cersei they protected her for at least a little while and then through fear groveled at their new Tyrant Dany. The slaves helped Dany overturn their rulers but that did not happen here. If anything this heel turn has finally made her 5 long seasons in the east worth something to the story. It all makes sense now because before that it had always felt to me a little over done, like she spent way too much time there. But now her effective rule of the east juxtaposes nicely with her attempts to repeat that same rise to power in Westeros. The difference is simple, in the East the people saw her as a savior and rose up with her against the evil Tyrants. In the West it was the complete opposite. It might not have been the perfect road to get here across the last couple of seasons but I'm totally on board with this series of events. Despite it feeling very very very rushed.
Thomas Lynch
Thomas Lynch 16 днів тому
"Despite it feeling very very very rushed" Also contrived and nonsensical. I'd be fine with the general direction they take the character if they didn't do it in the most counter intuitive way possible that has to sacrifice character consistency and even just plain common sense to get to its hackneyed conclusion. Take the scene in the dinner hall at Winterfell in episode 4, this scene is supposed to convey Dany's growing sense of isolation and resentment as she realizes her lover has a better claim to the throne and no one in the North appreciates her efforts. Except the scene ends up showing the exact opposite, Dany makes a speech, everyone stops what they're doing to listen to her, they even join in with cheers when Tormond makes a toast to the Dragon Queen. This seems to be showing that her relationship with the North is vastly improving, they aren't completely loyal to her yet but they at least respect her contributions to winning the Long Night. Then she acts all pouty when Tormond starts praising Jon, even though most people in the room aren't paying attention to him. Then she sulks off and the ominous music start playing and Varys looks at her with concern like we're supposed to be questioning her mental state. Even though she's just lost her best friend and a good chunk of her soldiers, somehow Varys has read the script and knows this is the start of her mental decline. I suppose most of her paranoia is based on the fact that no one in Westeros is willing to support her claim. Except for Dorne and the Iron Islands and the North and the Vale. Having 4 of the 9 regions in the continent doesn't count for much I guess. I mean its not like she could just go and make alliances with the Riverlands and the Stormlands and the Reach to secure her power. I guess in season 8 the writers only remembered like 4 locations existing in Westeros. But she's cray cray so that automatically explains her character acting inconsistently. Like how in season 7 she berated Viserys for thinking that people in Westeros were secretly cheering for the Targaryens returning then later she's shocked that people in Kings Landing don't automatically support her based on her family's reputation (though it also doesn't make any goddamn sense that they would be willing to trust Cersei who they know blew up a section of the city to secure power). Or how she was concerned with Cersei regaining territory when she fucked off to the North with Jon then later she's like "fuck it, I guess I'll head back to Dragonstone, it's not like there''s any chance it's been taken over just because I've left it abandoned for months". Or when she says she doesn't want to appeal to the people of KL because she thinks Cersei's propaganda is too strong then in the same episode she decides to agree to a parley with Cersei so she can appeal to the people and appear reasonable, even though there's no citizens around to see this and Cersei can just turn around and say whatever she wants to make Dany look like a monster. Thank fuck for that plot induced insanity that allows Dany to not act even remotely like a real person with a functioning brain would.
Ethan Watson
Ethan Watson 18 днів тому
GOT should have had 12 seasons.
Raymond Gilbert
Raymond Gilbert 19 днів тому
If you look back at all of it, you can see that Dani was crazy from the start. The fact that the people she did these things to were bad and deserved it does not alter the reality that only a batshit person would do it. The Bells was always coming. That said, they really should have done a better job with the last few episodes. The ideas were alright, but they were rushed. I also agree that Arya was not properly used in the end. She should have taken Jamie's face and used it to kill Cercie. That would have been way better than dropping rocks on her.
Jeffrey Colardo
Jeffrey Colardo 20 днів тому
Captain Marvel Wilson
Captain Marvel Wilson 20 днів тому
Tuco from Breaking Bad is remembered throughout the series, even after death, and the Night King is forgotten about in one episode. D&D kind of forgot about getting inspirations from other shows. It shows how idiotic they became.
Emmet Cahill
Emmet Cahill 21 день тому
Best TV show final seasons? Mad Men The Sopranos Breaking Bad Sons of Anarchy ER
Charles McMahon
Charles McMahon 21 день тому
I started hitting the 15 second skip past the scenes with Bran and/or Sam around season 5
Charles McMahon
Charles McMahon 21 день тому
Good job. I experienced this saga same as you. 8 seasons in 2 weeks
walter hin
walter hin 21 день тому
This dude is too generous with his GOT 8 review! Personally, I blame George RR Martin for not finishing the book series.
Muhammad Aizat Che Azemi
Muhammad Aizat Che Azemi 22 дні тому
The Raid Shadow Legends ad at the beginning felt like the final season of Game of Thrones
A Frisky Gamer
A Frisky Gamer 23 дні тому
I do the same thing with TV series- let them build up, and then watch them all at once. I started this pattern with Dexter, and then Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones followed. I do this not just to avoid the lower quality series, and not just to know I'll have a long adventure to look forward to, but for expectation. I want to get a feel for if a show has a good or bad ending. For GOT, I binged 7 seasons, and waited a year or so for the 8th, mentally preparing for the negative ending I had heard about. Christ Stuckmann, you nailed every point. This may just be due to how we watched them in a similar way, but I did not disagree with you on any single point. I was less bothered by the Raven than you; more nuetral than negative. I think since that decision had merit behind it (raven being more nuetral than those chasing power), it was a step up from other unreasonable decisions we've seen in season 8.Though, pointing out how he caused the autrocity at King's Landing was a great point, and a rather large oversight by the writers/script.
Huntress59 24 дні тому
Thank you for saying the Night King was an after thought throughout. I was never a fan of walkers so I was thrilled that the Night king was killed in 1 episode . I loved “the Long night” episode which I watched with the lights off on HD. One episode was all that the Night King deserved in my opinion . Now was season 8 rushed? Yes of course, but I guess i expected it once I saw the amount of episodes they allotted themselves. I knew it would be rushed so I altered my expectations. That being said, I was still satisfied with season 8 . It had great moments and confusing moments but I can live with it and it did not destroy my ability to rewatch the series. Great review and I agree with it.
David Baker
David Baker 25 днів тому
I hear you about show finalies. I’m still pissed about the finally of How I Met Your Mother, my favorite TV comedy ever. They rushed and botched it hardcore also.
Dezvous 26 днів тому
I liked Bran before he became retarded
TheWebStylist 26 днів тому
Never more glad now I saved 100s of hours of my Life from never seeing this show (right there w ya Chris sans these two weeks I’m glad u invested for a million and a half humans to take in) There’s enough insane real drama and conflict and murder and mayhem in this world without choosing to escape to more of in fiction
Eric Hodge
Eric Hodge 27 днів тому
She did it for masandi
Brandon S
Brandon S 28 днів тому
I agree with everything Chris said, but like he said being a rabid fan over the years it was so much more devastating that Season 8 sucked so hard
InformantNet 28 днів тому
The first 6 seasons are good. The 7th season was meh. The 8th season was awful. Anyone who thinks the 8th season was good is wrong. Anyone who likes the 8th season didn't love the show.
Feologild 19 днів тому
Here we see how a 5 year old argues.
Kenneth Fesner
Kenneth Fesner 28 днів тому
With Covid-19 and the worldwide quarentine lockdown, it was a perfect time to binge-watch tv-shows. No one I've heard of has watched Game of Thrones in this period. That is how much the final season ruined things. I left such a bitter and disappointing taste that it just ruins the many previous seasons. If Game of Thrones had been cancelled after season 6, it would probably rank as my number 1 favorite tv-show. After season 7 it dropped to the bottom of my top 5. After season 8, it's not even top 100 for me.
Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison 29 днів тому
I loved the first 7 seasons but can't bring myself to watch the last. I have my own ending and it didn't go well for anyone, there are no heroes, noone does the noble or honourable thing and one of the dragons is raped.
christine penley
christine penley 29 днів тому
Couldn't agree more! I loved this show and still do but yeah need more time for everything. And when brann was named king me and my friend freaked out and almost threw stuff at the TV lol
kemmayr Місяць тому
I was upset we dident see much of Yara Greyjoy 😕
Nishida 314
Nishida 314 Місяць тому
I was wondering why 3.5K+ dislike and then I see Raid: Shadow Legends.
JustJared Місяць тому
Dude just committed the cardinal sin of UKvid with raid shadow legends.
Surfdrummer Mc'Metalhead
Surfdrummer Mc'Metalhead Місяць тому
What if D&D we're "coerced" into throwing season 8 intentionally to make way for a new show and to quell actor's salary demands?- not saying thats what happened, but the stark(no pun intended) contrasts in creative brilliance were apparent......
Tymbus Місяць тому
Bran's story IS the key story arc that motivates the series, making him King provided closure. But, given his centrality to the story, he need episodes focussed on him and the spiritual force that he represented.
Octane Місяць тому
Once they went passed the books they reverted to TV tropes - character death fake outs as episode cliffhangers, majority of characters surviving suicide missions and battle situations where a single character can hold off hundreds of enemies on their own even when they are not shown to be a seasoned fighter e.g Samwell Tarly.
Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hughes Місяць тому
Wife? I am shocked
MG3 25 днів тому
How are you shocked by that?
Sri-Kaushal Ramana
Sri-Kaushal Ramana Місяць тому
did he give a grade in this video
Sri-Kaushal Ramana
Sri-Kaushal Ramana 21 день тому
@MG3 if he did, could u just tell me
MG3 25 днів тому
Maybe you should watch the video to find out
mick cv
mick cv Місяць тому
I finished the 5th book right when the first season came out and I thought boy they are gonna be in trouble if he can’t finish the 7th book by the time they get to the end...and its been over a year since season 8 still no book.
mick cv
mick cv Місяць тому
Cough dexter cough
JediMindTrickz Місяць тому
Lol I called it in season 7 that Dany was going to turn bad. Her choices and attitude were giving me the vibes. Surprised everyone had trouble seeing it.
JediMindTrickz Місяць тому
Banana Rama I guess I was just happy with the ending. I wasn’t surprised when Daenerys turned bad. She became big headed and actually became one of my least favourite characters after season 6. I was personally surprised when I heard people saying the season was bad. But that’s just me.
Banana Rama
Banana Rama Місяць тому
It's not that people had trouble seeing it, it's that the build and reason for it didn't make sense. It's executed badly. In the books there's a whole *other character* that is a Targaryen (and likely not actually one) who BEATS her in the race to Westeros and is likely going to defeat Cersei and take the Throne to be considered a hero while Dany will be seen as a foreign invader. It's just one of many things (along with a darker, more polarizing Tyrion) that will make more sense for driving her mad.
Lord Nicenstein
Lord Nicenstein Місяць тому
Whoever was ok with this season is also fine with getting only half of their ordered Pizzas plus the toppings are wrong and still give a tip.
berry Місяць тому
I thought bran was gonna pull some jedi mind control and worg the night king
berry Місяць тому
When bran worged into hodor and controlled him I thought he would become a powerful mind-controller but he literally is the most helpless and useless character. Lots of wasted potential.
Ht Rubenstein
Ht Rubenstein Місяць тому
I’m glad he talked about how drawn out it felt. A lot of the episodes, especially 2 and 5 felt like they should’ve been 50 minutes. I don’t really need to see Dany murdering children for a full 40 minutes, and I don’t need to see everyone just sitting around doing nothing before a battle in episode 2
Conner Nielsen
Conner Nielsen Місяць тому
Damn, sorry you’re disappointed. You should have watched Twin Peak instead
Mal van London
Mal van London Місяць тому
Homeland is worth watching all the way through - that one sticks the landing, in my humble opinion.
Mal van London
Mal van London Місяць тому
I like Bran. But, I agree season 8 was rushed.
Lost Eden
Lost Eden Місяць тому
Overall it's still my favourite show/series of all time ! It was quite a journey !!!
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Місяць тому
6:30 For impatient people like me I watched the whole video tho because I love Chris (No homo)
Stickarms99 Місяць тому
God dammit Chris, Raid Shadow Legends got you, too?! Can that game stop existing already ffs
Epic Rhino Films
Epic Rhino Films Місяць тому
How about that StarBucks coffee cup?
Anthony V
Anthony V Місяць тому
I really want you to do betetr Cris, I was just sooo dissapointed in your The Last jedi review, it made no sense at all. Mauler brought me back to the light, but i have never gave up on you
Christina Taylor
Christina Taylor Місяць тому
I just want to forget GOT ever happened.
john the mayo
john the mayo Місяць тому
crazy how the most anticipated battle in the entire show was 1 episode long
mnicolemortensen7 Місяць тому
But Bran has the best story...🙄
Kirk Larson
Kirk Larson Місяць тому
You shoukd do a binge of game of zones! Then review that lol
Traveler Finder
Traveler Finder Місяць тому
Mr Robot as a TV show sticks the landing watch that.
Abram Sullivan
Abram Sullivan Місяць тому
I didn't see Games Of Thrones series finale.
Dungeons 'n' Durags
Dungeons 'n' Durags Місяць тому
You absolutely nailed it Chris. Everything you said was spot on! I wouldn't change a word of your review. Thank you.
David Learmonth
David Learmonth Місяць тому
Season 7 episode 5 I think was where I was first disappointed with a choice by Daenerys. She won a battle in Westeros, was concerned about being seen as a foreign conquerer, and so instead of just freeing people like previous battles, she gave them the choice to follow her or die, kind of making them slaves. I know they were soldiers but she really missed the point of her message and how to win over the people of Westeros. I also watched the whole series just in the past few months. Enjoyed it, though barely made it through at times. Too many bad things happening to good people. I completely agree otherwise. Bran was the least interesting character. Personally I also wasn't a fan of Sansa. I don't see her as the genius that they claimed. Definitely selfish though.
Dr Sanguine Sunrise
Dr Sanguine Sunrise Місяць тому
Season Eight - astonishingly abysmal - Dumb & Dumber could not write that badly again - if they tried.
KK and sims 4
KK and sims 4 Місяць тому
I miss ned and catelyn
Jonathan Chesson
Jonathan Chesson Місяць тому
In an indirect way, Disney ruined GOT too
mooshy 2 місяці тому
A. Bobs
A. Bobs 2 місяці тому
When people who never watched the show before ask if they should start I always ask the question if you were offered a week long vacation where you would have the best dining and entertainment, but then know you'd suffer the worst case of food poisoning on the last day, would you still go? Also, pleeease review Kindgom on Netflix. You can probablystop with Season 2 if you wanted to, but it's THE best recent horror series I've seen. If you mixed Train to Busan with the best of GOT and Walking dead.
Wesley Hall
Wesley Hall 2 місяці тому
" I like to see if other people liked it so that I can then watch it". Spoken like a true follower Chris...
Wesley Hall
Wesley Hall 2 місяці тому
They thought they had finally identified the first sighting of an actual ghost until they realized it was just Chris stuckmann at the White House taking a tour...
Wesley Hall
Wesley Hall 2 місяці тому
Oh and btw have yall seen chris' tattoo? Its SUPER edgy. His wife let him get it ONLY bc she verified it was safe enough...
Wesley Hall
Wesley Hall 2 місяці тому
Well I was going to leave a comment but first and ad from our sponsors Chris stuckmann has become a complete sell-out. Now back to our regularly scheduled comments... whenever you watch a series like that you don't go through all the weekly struggles that the true fans do whenever you're having two deal with the ups and downs and having to wait a week to see the resolution it adds An entire layer of drama and suspense that you would think someone who does this for a living like Chris stuckmann would understand-- this is the guy that just complimented the show on its technical capabilities which I get what he's trying to say but this is the same show that left out the Starbucks cup and multiple water bottles in multiple scenes if that's not one of the most unprofessional things I've ever heard of any movie or TV series I don't know what is because I cannot imagine something like Breaking Bad ever doing that, truly. Breaking Bad is the exact opposite they are the type of show that would leave little Easter eggs and clues that would add to the story not detract from them because some set supervisor forgot to do their job and they rushed everything like the entire last season and then combined it into a bunch of less episodes I honestly think Dan and Dave were sick of the community and just began trolling everyone so that they could ride off into the sunset and do their Star Wars...whoops...lol THEY LOST THAT TOO! HAHAH this video may have been before the big E3 thing or whatever we're Dan and Dave were scheduled to go in and canceled at the last minute and Seth Rogen absolutely destroyed them for it. At least there are some small justices And as for the show don't you just love it when a show focuses almost nothing on a storyline let's say bran for instance this show drag on and on and on with the Jon Snow storyline about him and Ygritte and the wildlings and it had all of this political intrigue of course from George RR Martin and then the berry II that they hadn't Dave lost Martin Around season 4 you could start seeing the sand snakes and everything that people started hating but what amazes me is how every single character basically betrayed who they are down to a PERSON. Cersei has Tyrion lined up to be killed and doesn't. Tyrion plays dumb he gets the varys treatment. In a way I guess it is a little bit funny but it's sad for me to watch people become millionaires when they are the minds behind X-Men Origins Wolverine. And now this which is probably the worst fumbling of a story that I can ever remember. In RECORDED HISTORY. And in the world we live in they will walk away Millionaires and Famous and their children will get easy lives and Alex kurtzman gets an easy life as he stares at other men lustfully as he RUINS old shows and Movies that were INSANELY successful...until he gets involved and then you get things like Transformers levels of riding and the newest mummy with Tom Cruise levels of riding where people we're already assigned to the roles like the Invisible Man being slotted to Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem was supposed to be someone and now before the series even took off they wanted it to be like Marvel and now it crumbled into nothing and is just this one pathetic movie where Russell Crowe alludes to these other movies that will be "soon to come"...hahah and NOPE. They put the cart before the horse and now it's a completely failed franchise that never even got off the ground at least the Justice League got made even if it was made poorly. I hate seeing Hollywood and the video game basically all the media markets get dumbed down to the point that basically twelve-year-old feel comfortable spending their parents money that's really all anyting amounts to because these huge corporations realized that people might be getting smarter on their spending habits but the children basically get dumber and lazier each generation basically every year the where we have Millennials now and now even post-millennials which could possibly be worse . No one wants to work but they feel like they are entitled to everything without having to work . They are literally never wrong it doesn't matter even if someone prove them wrong they can just say that they "believe" it. They and they alone are special snowflakes and everyone else has to be wrong because THEY are their own God. Why would they bother going to church because that would have to recognize that something is greater than themselves and that simply cannot happen. They might have been born male but at the ripe age of 12... they can demand that they know more than nature and God combined and need to use the female bathroom and become a woman. What would a powerful God know. or powerful nature. TRUE "power" is...inside this young 120 lb ugly, boring 12 yr old. Who is laughed @ by everyone else but instead of being "bullied" into being normal like we used to do now you get expelled for a hate crime if you call someone gay or get into a fight with a gay guy or a black guy if you are white because they will say you were inciting a race riot or something. So you have a bunch of boys that have never been into a fight and I've never had to go to war so there's nothing to actually make them tough or make them into men so they stay boys forever. Ive learned more from ONE fight in college than honestly almost everything else I learned in college as a WHOLE. If nothin else when to shut tf up if u are in ov3r ur head @ a party where u don't know the majority of the guys from that area who DO all,know each other and don't particularly care that the girls are payin attention 2 you more than their boring ass. I wouldn't expect some kid who is part of the "tranny = ok...but bullies are BANNED!"...generation 2 understand. Lol i digress...Anyway back to our regularly scheduled comments please stop being so greedy you're making money from the UKvid videos and now we're embedding advertisements into the video themselves and literally before I can even see the content I have to watch a UKvid video and then Chris stuckmann video and then I can watch the video this is getting absolutely ridiculous everyone of course gets paid along the way except for us we have to sit and either pay or be annoyed so that Chris stuckmann can get a little bit of extra money it sure is hard to figure out why people are rioting in the streets because America sure is doing everything exactly perfect. Wait a minute. Strike that reverse it. One time Chris went outside but the harsh sun SCORCHED his skin and he had 2 go back inside and watch some more of the softest movies that are on the MUST-watch list for every woman...
Naija Cat
Naija Cat 2 місяці тому
I busted out laughing when you said “bran should have died in the pilot” 😂😂😂😂
Dawn Love
Dawn Love 2 місяці тому
OMG, it's like I'm listening to myself. I also never watched GOT, until May 2020 with the free 30 day trial of HBO. Being able to watch it in such a short time was fantastic and I felt the same way as you for season 8. For the most part I loved it, but so much was rushed and not explained. Episode 6 was absolutely disappointing, but not devastating, since I had only a month of the GOT experience. But I can understand the unhappiness and frustration of fans, who spent 8 seasons living for each episode. I'm actually rewatching it slowly and with the episode recaps, to understand it better. I also just started reading the first book. For me GOT has been a marvelous experience with just a little bit, of disappointment for the last two episodes. I still would tell people to watch it, as the few things I didn't like, pales in comparison to how wonderfully fantastic the entire series was.
Franky Vielle
Franky Vielle 2 місяці тому
The ending was just like if you were just about to climax then she puts a finger in ass, it was nice but just made it feel weird.
Alexander .Lanza
Alexander .Lanza 2 місяці тому
For Dany not having a cause for burning the city, wouldn't the execution of Missandei be it?
Mike Hudson
Mike Hudson Місяць тому
She then waited for the bells to ring before ruthlessly killing innocent men, women and children while the actual murderer was somewhere else? Makes sense I guess
Yago Pacheco
Yago Pacheco 2 місяці тому
Season 8 is a bag of dogshit on flames coming directly in your face while you're yawning
Maekar I Targaryen
Maekar I Targaryen 2 місяці тому
It's terrible what they did with bran. Not my favorite character in the books, but his third and final chapter in ADWD is a frickin masterpiece.
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