Garth Brooks' "Stronger Than Me" - A CMA Tear-Jerker

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#GarthBrooks performed his brand new song #StrongerThanMe for his wife #TrishaYearwood at the 2018 #CMAAwards. It was a tear-jerker, just like he said it would be.
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15 лис 2018

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Derek Ballinger
Derek Ballinger 15 днів тому
I want him to move in and beat me piss on me try it out
Julio Martinez
Julio Martinez 21 день тому
Lol yet there is no video of it anywhere.... must not have been so special
Judy Carr
Judy Carr 22 дні тому
Beaulful song
Rick Worth
Rick Worth 22 дні тому
garth certainly isn't aging well
Eric Gill
Eric Gill 22 дні тому
Lets get physical playing music
Trent Moneyshot
Trent Moneyshot 22 дні тому
Welp.he's a fat fuck.
Denise Hedden
Denise Hedden 22 дні тому
🥀Garth deserves more recognition of all the yrs he kept building his song's up the charts from 80s, 90s & up🥀it was a powerful time for this Man where he intertained us broke all the rules in the Country Music Industry but he stole our hearts at the same time I'm sure all who really knows him understands with everything he's been through hell but it wasn't his fault by no means 🥀If you love Garth Brooks like I do share his love buy this Priceless Album and love every minute of it🥀☝️
Aubryanna Pichon
Aubryanna Pichon 22 дні тому
I thought we were going to get tho here the song
Terminal Cancer
Terminal Cancer 23 дні тому
Where’s old Garth? Who’s this fat fuck?
quatros1000 23 дні тому
I guess it's official
Gerald Barreno
Gerald Barreno 23 дні тому
Shit bro u need loose some weight. ..
Jacob Summers
Jacob Summers 23 дні тому
Garth has put on a lot of depression weight because of President Trump's victory over his God Hillary 😂
Andrew Hines
Andrew Hines 23 дні тому
Country music fucking sucks
Captain Self-Destruct
Captain Self-Destruct 23 дні тому
Just glassing at some of the comments here and they're very high n' tight I really like that
Nolan Conville
Nolan Conville 23 дні тому
My tears were flowing after 4 strokes of his guitar!
sandfaydontplay 23 дні тому
The song is beautiful! Every woman wish a man would love her like that. ❤️ 🥰😍
jason morgan
jason morgan 23 дні тому
Lol I can't believe they removed Garth Brooks video of when he started a metal band . History is so fake you people know this right? Probably not.
Vadim Khomutov
Vadim Khomutov 23 дні тому
Что это такое?
Ed W
Ed W 23 дні тому
Girth Brooks.
q 23 дні тому
Gb sucks dick
marconi314 23 дні тому
Garth looks awful. I wonder how bad his health really is. Garth, if you ever read this, know that I hope you soften your heart and bow your knee to King Jesus before you join all of your "friends in low places". ;-)
Anastasia Bananastasia
Anastasia Bananastasia 23 дні тому
I thought they would play the song >:( reee
stickyliverhopkins 23 дні тому
he’s got a mammie
Wanda Hunter
Wanda Hunter 23 дні тому
No way don’t leave me ln this mass alone k sue
michael garren
michael garren 23 дні тому
Sounds like 💩 there changing the name of cma next year to cpma (country pop music awards)
Michael Sawyer
Michael Sawyer 23 дні тому
What a punk
TheManWhoKnewTooLittle 2020
TheManWhoKnewTooLittle 2020 23 дні тому
Looks like he's concentrating on a S h i t....
Bound For Ground
Bound For Ground 23 дні тому
Not as much as when he shot Chris Gaines in the face with artistic failure.
alexguy96 23 дні тому
It’s official. Were on facebook. God damn chris delia did a gag on garth a while back. Ten minute podcasts Garth brooks episode.
Some Person
Some Person 23 дні тому
Do you want to dominate go to hypno alpha male skills yt now!!!
Billy 23 дні тому
Let's get physical with music...I like that
Deep South
Deep South 24 дні тому
It’s the same shit over and over. Retire already for good
MoonlitTrev 24 дні тому
Love it Chris Gaines, getting real physical
Hipster Uncle
Hipster Uncle 24 дні тому
Fat fuck Garth Brooks is one of the worst recording artists ever.
Gomer Hanger
Gomer Hanger 24 дні тому
this nigga got fat.
malachi fleming
malachi fleming 24 дні тому
Yo UKvid search Mali the great !
prieto21 24 дні тому
0:06 "Stay a while and listen" Am I right?
Jamas Dinial
Jamas Dinial 24 дні тому
i wish god would take your fat ass now! You suck donkey dicks Chris Gaines you fucking fat ass nut job!!
Chest Rockwell
Chest Rockwell 24 дні тому
Country music is for weakminded beta male pussies
Deep South
Deep South 23 дні тому
Chest Rockwell why because it doesn’t say bitch and nigga every other word like the bullshit you listen too boy?
King6d9 24 дні тому
Garth looks hungry...
Molly A. Block
Molly A. Block 24 дні тому
Ugh, he looks like he's always constipated. I just puked in my mouth.
Electromagnetic Wave Society
Electromagnetic Wave Society 24 дні тому
Don't worry, Andy's somewhere, trying to save his ass.. Why a W, is W Garth Brooks, Gay r th
Worried Peg
Worried Peg 24 дні тому
I pray God takes ME first
William Consiglio
William Consiglio 24 дні тому
Let’s get PHYSICAL
Clown Lives Matter
Clown Lives Matter 24 дні тому
Country music is trash
voodotc11 24 дні тому
His jeans are so high..so tight. :) Your moms house
1waytickettopluto 24 дні тому
In all honesty, Garth looks like Tom in the thumbnail. Do you agree, Hitlers?
Wayne Foskey
Wayne Foskey 24 дні тому
How can anyone respect , let alone listen, to this guy ? His first wife, his sister....they stood by him for years, believed in him, and he kicks them both out of his life after making it in the music industry ? Nah....I'll pass. No respect
awshitwhere the chief
awshitwhere the chief 24 дні тому
Men born women feel so much
Nikolaus Kellogg
Nikolaus Kellogg 24 дні тому
That song was pretty fuckin weak....I don't like that
Terry Hayse
Terry Hayse 24 дні тому
That's my kind of love. Written by: Diane Hayse
Zack Johnson
Zack Johnson 24 дні тому
Garth = pizzas. Too many pizzas.
Brandon Henning
Brandon Henning 24 дні тому
This guy is definitely not the most hydrated person and he totally looks like he would snitch on his wife.
Brandon Henning
Brandon Henning 24 дні тому
Try it out
steve beard
steve beard 24 дні тому
harry craft
harry craft 24 дні тому
Wat a joke
SILENTIMACT74 24 дні тому
You could say they got physical.
Matt Nobrega
Matt Nobrega 24 дні тому
Get rrrrr done!
P V 24 дні тому
Very old, he looks, bad.
ZombiePanda402 24 дні тому
When will Wheeler Walker Jr. be given his proper respect!?
Sandy Mcdonald
Sandy Mcdonald 24 дні тому
I love Garth brooks... but I wanted him to run around the stage and be the Garth we love.
Im brown, Worship me!
Im brown, Worship me! 24 дні тому
Sometimes wimmin leave before their men, sometimes men leave before their wimmin. Would Trish pray the same? Hey Garth, i hear people say that I have pondered upon your opinion, and I told them, ”it is either the only thing I have done since birth, or the only thing I haven't done” Ha, ha, see?.....Garth agrees with me!
the777 24 дні тому
CaCola-337 1
CaCola-337 1 24 дні тому
It's a remake, I believe, but so Beautiful nevertheless!!
TiTiManGermaX 25 днів тому
Attack of the mommies. #FullTrottle
Gonk 25 днів тому
The thumbnail pic looks like Tom Segura with a hat on.
Ovnite 25 днів тому
Anyone watch h3h3 lately?
Reis World
Reis World 25 днів тому
Garth is a handsome man .
TacoBella 25 днів тому
*i like that*
Charles Vega
Charles Vega 25 днів тому
that fat fuck Garth Brooks still makes music...wtf?
Jym E. Changa
Jym E. Changa 25 днів тому
IsBill 25 днів тому
Hashtag your it
Pig Daddy
Pig Daddy 25 днів тому
I clicked on this video thinking that it was Tom Segura playing Garth Brooks. I was very disappointed.
Sensitive Skeptic
Sensitive Skeptic 25 днів тому
Garth "fatty" brooks
Rory Foley
Rory Foley 25 днів тому
You know he likes his jeans low and loose
Cringe Sniper
Cringe Sniper 25 днів тому
Hes a cuck
Dan Sol's
Dan Sol's 25 днів тому
my jeans are so goddamn high and tight. #yourIt #studioG #chrisGaines
Carolyn Jones
Carolyn Jones 25 днів тому
I wish that I could have seen that, Garth and Tricia used to have a vacation Home in the County that I live in. They are a very beautiful and loving couple.
Mr_ Travis38
Mr_ Travis38 25 днів тому
My tears were not jerked..
Taste of Country
Taste of Country 24 дні тому
Alan Acuna
Alan Acuna 25 днів тому
He looks like Bertram from Jessie
Tyler R.
Tyler R. 25 днів тому
I like thaat
Our Founding Liars
Our Founding Liars 25 днів тому
Known fact: r e p t I l i a n s can’t cry. Garth was whistleblowing and attempting to single out the lizards in the audience. Keep asking questions.
Fuck it dood
Fuck it dood 23 дні тому
Zero Cool look into it
Zero Cool
Zero Cool 23 дні тому
Try it out...
kim ohare
kim ohare 25 днів тому
I really like that the rage in my eyes and smile don't match, its like a conversation between the voices in my head and the horrific multiple personalities trying to act human. Trisha keeps eating carbs y'all I like that.
M Sund
M Sund 25 днів тому
Girth Brooks
KRIS CHILIS 25 днів тому
Good song. With non of the bitches and slapping hoes and selling dope . Real music doesn't need that
Travis Baker
Travis Baker 25 днів тому
That's some slick stuff....raw stuff.
Cody Penson
Cody Penson 25 днів тому
im just here for the mommies
Phil Everything
Phil Everything 25 днів тому
My toothless fat wife would love this
HAVE A LAUGH 25 днів тому
He buys the best songs.
Robert K Lambert
Robert K Lambert 25 днів тому
They didnt mention he hit a double pipe classic mid song
Morgan Comandatore
Morgan Comandatore 25 днів тому
Maxim 25 днів тому
It's a shame he came last in sober October this year))
Ty Williams
Ty Williams 25 днів тому
Oklahoma men 😉. #okiefrommuskogee
WeTube 25 днів тому
One Love
Awoken 25 днів тому
I thought Garth brooks was smarter than that.
YayYaysCorner 25 днів тому
black youtuber trying to reach 20k! I make natural hair videos plus fashion and beauty ❤️
Pinkish Floyd
Pinkish Floyd 25 днів тому
I'm not crying, you're crying
Isaac_301 25 днів тому
Baby, Just GO Outside
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Garth Brooks - All Day Long
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Garth Brooks   The Dance
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