GiANT CLUE GAME in Real Life to Win $10,000! (Game Master vs Hacker Battle Royale) Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo
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Rebecca Zamolo plays a giant board game challenge of clue in real life at the Hacker mansion to win $10000. After Rebecca was on a chase from the Quadrant, she found the best hiding spot and escapes to the hacker van where Matt and Daniel are waiting. The boys transformed the van into a control room to spy on Rebecca at the Clue in real life party. As Rebecca gets into her disguise while Daniel hacked the spy cameras. The Red Hood says no one can reveal their true identity and someone is a traitor. The guests get trapped inside when RH orders lockdown as they play a clue game to win $10,000. Colonel Mustard trades places with Daniel and escapes through a hidden tunnel. The first challenge is don't chose the wrong cup. Green wins before they get trapped in an escape room and must solve clues and riddles to get out. The floor is lava challenge is the next game they play and use the spy gadget glasses to get across. Once we get inside the final room we learn that Mr. Plum has framed the others and it turns into a hide and seek chase through the mansion. Rebecca and Daniel call Matt and they all meet up to search for the game remote to stop E3. We hypnotize Kurt and it turns into a battle royale against the spy hackers to escape. Should we have him take a lie detector test so we can get more information to stop E3? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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8 чер 2019

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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo Місяць тому
How many UKvidrs did the Red hood say was coming when I Became SPY HACKER in Real Life for 24 HOURS to attend Secret Meeting about Game Master Network ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-9BBPwQsWr20.html
John Bintz
John Bintz 5 днів тому
I love your videos and you are doing great things for you but may I ask you to come back
Asih Eko
Asih Eko 7 днів тому
Do you no what i Rite roben
Muhammadsubhan Amir
Muhammadsubhan Amir 28 днів тому
I think the last one is kart
Nadia Hyppolite
Nadia Hyppolite Місяць тому
Rebecca Zamolo
Cloey7 Місяць тому
Rebecca hi
Geto Mokuzai
Geto Mokuzai 3 години тому
Only watched this because of her maid disguise
Domingo Cagang
Domingo Cagang 3 години тому
Kurt his kurt
I Morgan
I Morgan 3 години тому
Avocado Vlogs
Avocado Vlogs 3 години тому
Just call the police if it is even real
Sarah Swampy
Sarah Swampy 5 годин тому
Thicc Mania
Thicc Mania 6 годин тому
Cool 😎
Michelle hutchinson
Michelle hutchinson 6 годин тому
Curt is Professor plum
Dreamers Passion
Dreamers Passion 7 годин тому
Per Fessional plum is Kurt hurgo Sheareter
Greg Griffin
Greg Griffin 7 годин тому
Did anybody notice all the names are from the game clue
Jennifer Coopwood
Jennifer Coopwood 7 годин тому
Rebecca's twin
Pauline Davies
Pauline Davies 7 годин тому
pufeser plum is curt
Hailey McLaughlin
Hailey McLaughlin 8 годин тому
Hailey McLaughlin
Hailey McLaughlin 8 годин тому
Danyelle 10 годин тому
Yoyo Saa
Yoyo Saa 10 годин тому
Pastel Girl
Pastel Girl 10 годин тому
Plum was the youtuber he is Kurt he can pick lock so can Plum so I'm guessing he is the youtuber they also share a voice and I'm only have was through the vid so I didn't find out the whole story yet
Leslie Haganmorgan
Leslie Haganmorgan 11 годин тому
I'm apart of that three million
angel aponte
angel aponte 11 годин тому
It was kurt because he can pick locks
Ava and Alivia 's Channel Ava Alivia
Kerr is porfeser plum
Ava and Alivia 's Channel Ava Alivia
Charlotte Plummer
Charlotte Plummer 15 годин тому
Professor plum looks like kurt
Ingrida P.
Ingrida P. 18 годин тому
Stone Cold
Stone Cold 19 годин тому
How your gonna du that
BRETT REGNER 19 годин тому
Prefeser plumb is Kurt hugo
Jacky Shen
Jacky Shen 22 години тому
Professor plum ls Kurt
Kimberly Leon
Kimberly Leon 23 години тому
Colleen 23 години тому
Professor plum is Kurt I think
Brianna Williams
Brianna Williams День тому
Daniel's twin is there and khs
Patsy Graham
Patsy Graham День тому
He looks like KURG
Donna Leigh
Donna Leigh День тому
Donna Leigh
Donna Leigh День тому
hernandezSamantha Hernandez
hernandezSamantha Hernandez День тому
how could Mrs. Peacock shut down snap chat if my sis still has its
ben fisher
ben fisher День тому
That guy does look like danal
Salvador Ayala
Salvador Ayala День тому
I love you Rebecca
WaterPhoenix GamingRoblox
WaterPhoenix GamingRoblox День тому
When You did the floor is lava Daniel say rebbecca
Cassondra Layhew
Cassondra Layhew День тому
OK bye
faiaz mahomed valimahomed bhadalia
Kurt is the you tuber
Lisa Hornsey
Lisa Hornsey День тому
Thos names are from the game Clue
Summer Ferguson
Summer Ferguson День тому
It is Daniel's clone
Millie Scott-Mitchell
Millie Scott-Mitchell День тому
Mr. S green
Melissa Wilson
Melissa Wilson День тому
Joe Rodriguez
Joe Rodriguez День тому
Coral Pants
Coral Pants День тому
Curt is there
Emma Crean
Emma Crean День тому
michael ball
michael ball День тому
plum is keirt
kelly leach
kelly leach День тому
That isn't professor plum that is kirt 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Imogen Kent
Imogen Kent День тому
It looks like Kurt
Lisa Grier
Lisa Grier День тому
Yes he does
psycho wølf
psycho wølf День тому
Colonel mustard have the siluete of kurth I think
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