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As single mum Jessica prepares to meet baby Layla for the first time, best friend Lauren is there to spur her on as she comes to the end of her pregnancy and into full time motherhood.
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Welcome to One Born Every Minute, a chance to revisit some of the highs and lows from the ground-breaking documentary series. From water births to Caesarean sections, we'll be bringing you new videos every Wednesday and Friday, giving you insight into all conceivable pregnancy and birth related subjects.
One Born Every Minute Series 9 Episode 7




29 вер 2017





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Cover Girl
Cover Girl День тому
Did she not get epidural?
Sarah Freedom
Sarah Freedom День тому
I want to have a baby but I'm scared I can't stand the pain
Gacha Entertainment
Gacha Entertainment 7 днів тому
How did she make it look so easy???
Bip Nop
Bip Nop 9 днів тому
They fogged out her toilet!
Lil_ Patootie
Lil_ Patootie 9 днів тому
I feeling the pain too idk why xD
Tafari Boozer
Tafari Boozer 11 днів тому
Life is a gift, everyone has a purpose even if they don't think so.
pin child
pin child 12 днів тому
I know this is how its done but shes not gettin much help is she!? 😂 get more than just one nurse in there! CALL THE FIRE BRIGADE DAMMIT! 😰
Meishan Ye
Meishan Ye 12 днів тому
Brooklynn Kinney
Brooklynn Kinney 14 днів тому
how do ppl think this is beautiful it’s fucking gross
mina la chola
mina la chola 15 днів тому
tell me why there is no doctor i there
aliveyah baby
aliveyah baby 17 днів тому
why is birth in the UK so calm??? in the US it’s insane in there is like 20 nurses and a doctor in there
Courtney Hebberman
Courtney Hebberman 10 днів тому
aliveyah baby they don't medicalise birth as much ie less interventions.
Vicky 12
Vicky 12 20 днів тому
They were both super calm and strong, great to watch! A friend, a sister or mother is actually a great help in the delivery room!
Alan Li
Alan Li 25 днів тому
Baby looks very bloody
Govt Commerce College Gujrat Bolay Chok
Only a mother can feel this pain
A Name
A Name 29 днів тому
Kainat Noti
Kainat Noti Місяць тому
Best moment
Insanity's Child
Insanity's Child Місяць тому
Bitter Fuck
Bitter Fuck Місяць тому
omg, i’m 2 months away from this. why am i scaring myself now?
Ꭻᥲdꫀ B
Ꭻᥲdꫀ B Місяць тому
So when you are born you turn 0 So when you are in the womb are you -1?
Hunte Clarke
Hunte Clarke Місяць тому
What was the grinder
Charlotte Stothard
Charlotte Stothard Місяць тому
I am not having one
beautiful wizard
beautiful wizard Місяць тому
i heard giving birth to a baby is the second painful thing after burning alive
Katie Jonxs
Katie Jonxs Місяць тому
They were sooooo chill while she was just pushing
Minah M
Minah M Місяць тому
The best friend is everything
Sarai sxuxx
Sarai sxuxx Місяць тому
I know this is sad but I almost died....as I was choking on my chord I literally turned blue my nana was praying over me and my mother that was in such pain not only was I choking but I was the wrong way, but after the prayer, I turned the right way, but I was still choking! The midwives had to untangle my chord and I'm living a normal life😁 if you are having a baby herea re 5 noises they make because they are trying to talk to you 1.Neh (hungry) 2.owh (sleepy) 3.heh(discomfort) 4.Eair (lower gas) 5.Eh(burp) Thanks
virbahadur jain
virbahadur jain Місяць тому
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Alexis meiner
Alexis meiner Місяць тому
Cameron boyce
May God give me such a frnd
Devsky1 Місяць тому
She looks so young.
Lemonad3 Boi
Lemonad3 Boi Місяць тому
I’m a girl, I just find it crazy that we can produce humans (along with guys or other girls!) it’s weird but cool.
lil_ Joke
lil_ Joke Місяць тому
I wanna die
Dannia Brown
Dannia Brown Місяць тому
I’m so scared 😓😓
virbahadur jain
virbahadur jain Місяць тому
Every newborn is the message to the world :: LIVE AND LET LIVE ALL LIVING BEINGS of the world. Pains of all are exactly like us
virbahadur jain
virbahadur jain Місяць тому
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•Knight Eagle •
•Knight Eagle • Місяць тому
I first time seeing a child birth...
Francisco Godinez
Francisco Godinez Місяць тому
My mom had a baby in 2019 May 23
kylea tucker
kylea tucker Місяць тому
Ha teeth not clean🥴
Sadie Goldbourne
Sadie Goldbourne Місяць тому
Were is her mom & dad
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff Місяць тому
I’ve never had a baby but it seems like at the end your body is pushing for you yes?
Misty Lail
Misty Lail Місяць тому
God's gift! Jesus, the Son of God, loves you!
Liz Kockelman
Liz Kockelman Місяць тому
Omg why did I eat pickles during this.
Sara Melody
Sara Melody Місяць тому
Just watching it made my vagina hurt. I’m never getting pregnant. NO WAY. The baby’s cute tho
Ahalyaa Namid
Ahalyaa Namid Місяць тому
For all those who think female friendship is weaker than male friendship: women have helped other women give birth since forever. You ever do that for ur bud?
Ahalyaa Namid
Ahalyaa Namid Місяць тому
@Danny Huynh-Nguyen why ? Stop caring so much. Pehli fursat me nikal na laude
Danny Huynh-Nguyen
Danny Huynh-Nguyen Місяць тому
@Ahalyaa Namid speak english please
Ahalyaa Namid
Ahalyaa Namid Місяць тому
@Danny Huynh-Nguyen stop your gibberish. Nikal yaha se ab
Danny Huynh-Nguyen
Danny Huynh-Nguyen Місяць тому
@Ahalyaa Namid you do by replying r/wooooosh
Ahalyaa Namid
Ahalyaa Namid Місяць тому
@Danny Huynh-Nguyen see if i care one bit
La Original
La Original Місяць тому
🤢🤮 this is absolutely disgusting
M.S.C ISLAND Місяць тому
I respect both my parents for bringing me into this world. My father because he stuck with my mom, and raised me on his own after she passed. And my mom for giving birth to me. You guy’s are truly amazing people. Rest in Heaven mom.
S. B.
S. B. 5 днів тому
Munira Goda
Munira Goda 15 днів тому
M.S.C ISLAND 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Ez_Cascade 16 днів тому
M.S.C ISLAND rip 🥺😢 have a good day man ❤️💯💯
XxMidnight _MichellexX
XxMidnight _MichellexX 19 днів тому
I think.. It hurt when you give birth.
Issac Mariah
Issac Mariah Місяць тому
@Joe Clark have the best life
Alexia Tiammi
Alexia Tiammi Місяць тому
This was scary 😩
WR1 veTaL
WR1 veTaL Місяць тому
When he/she comes out there is a little smile on my face and tears also🙏
Brooke Wicker
Brooke Wicker Місяць тому
Awwwe what a awesome friend
-*_N0T_4_G4CH4_*- TM
-*_N0T_4_G4CH4_*- TM Місяць тому
does it hurts a lot?...
Katherine Walker
Katherine Walker Місяць тому
........ uh, yes?!
Loe Siff
Loe Siff 2 місяці тому
Is it standard in the U.K. not to use epidurals? Jw.
Rylei Story
Rylei Story 2 місяці тому
Saad majed
Saad majed 2 місяці тому
I wanna puke and cray
JDIZZLE SGT. 2 місяці тому
Unattractive Women should not do Videos of themselves giving birth.
young maan
young maan 2 місяці тому
it’s easy very painful 😖
Squirtle Valeria Gacha
Squirtle Valeria Gacha 2 місяці тому
Category: *Entertainment*
Daliah Fuentes
Daliah Fuentes 2 місяці тому
And this is why women in my country, are getting sick and tired of hearing "trans women are real women". No... No they aren't. This is a real woman on this video.
little_monster _DadoL
little_monster _DadoL 2 місяці тому
i am scared now.. 33weeks here
o. 2 місяці тому
My mom just gave bitth to a boy
Lakshmi Manasagi
Lakshmi Manasagi 2 місяці тому
Same here 😏 34 weeks
Ice baby Cult
Ice baby Cult 2 місяці тому
I stopped breathing while watching this..
Telephone Manipol
Telephone Manipol 2 місяці тому
God bless my mom and every women in this world
Daniel gordeladze
Daniel gordeladze 26 днів тому
171 likes and 1 reply this rare XD
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