Giving birth without an epidural - Newborn Russia (E9)

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Anastasia, 26, is preparing to give birth for the first time. She can’t wait to meet her daughter and is also excited about going through the experience of labour and giving birth. She sees it as a privilege rather than an ordeal. Although her husband won’t be present during childbirth, Anastasia says his love and support help her immensely.
Meanwhile, 36-year-old Elena is expecting her second child. She has a daughter and is about to have a son. Elena was hoping for a C-section, but the doctors decided she can give birth naturally. Unfortunately, due to health issues, Elena won’t be able to have an epidural and will have to tough it out.
Where do Russians come from? In modern Russia, life usually begins at state-run maternity hospitals; it is up to these medical establishments to deliver new babies into the world. RTd takes you inside the delivery room, where you'll meet expectant mothers, nervous fathers, and the men and women whose task it is to perform deliveries and face any challenges that stand in the way.
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20 лип 2014





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طالع التليدي
طالع التليدي 10 годин тому
Deadshot Suicide Squad
Deadshot Suicide Squad 20 годин тому
Ewww why do they don’t wear gloves
S. B.
S. B. День тому
The second lady was so scared.... poor thing.
Kinda Anjarini
Kinda Anjarini День тому
I dont want to have kids... not because I'm scared of giving birth, but because I'm afraid of going through all of this shit to end up with a kid that's disrespectful and doesn't listen to me
makeda getachew
makeda getachew 2 дні тому
Who’s watching this on 2020 and who is pushing when they push ?🤣🤣
Gamerella :3
Gamerella :3 3 дні тому
Uhm, yeahhh~ I’m never gonna get a boyfriend so I don’t get pregnant..
shun okajima
shun okajima 4 дні тому
조세핀 4 дні тому
I’m freaking out, I’m 38 weeks in 2 days 😩😭 I’m so scared
atika maher
atika maher 5 днів тому
أجيو طلو علينا فالمغرب مكاين غا سربي سربي دفعي دفعي وتسبك وتعايرك تفووو الله يعفو علينا ياربي
sameer khan
sameer khan 5 днів тому
Bro, the mother who suffer so much of pain for his child we boy or male can't even understand that pain or suffer, that's why in Islam mom is like paradise.
I love my mom I love my mom
I love my mom I love my mom 5 днів тому
I’m 34wks and I’m scared 😱
dog 6 днів тому
AHMAD GEMIR احمد كيمر
AHMAD GEMIR احمد كيمر 6 днів тому
Martha Aurora
Martha Aurora 6 днів тому
I'm almost 7months now. 2 months more before i give birth! I'm scared af yet excited. Even tho i'm a single mom
Taylor Folsom
Taylor Folsom 6 днів тому
that one girl was so calm, I wouldn’t be calm at all.
Eshwara Bhat
Eshwara Bhat 7 днів тому
yvonne griggs
yvonne griggs 7 днів тому
Ryan Carroll
Ryan Carroll 7 днів тому
Claire, I love you
Maddy Brink
Maddy Brink 8 днів тому
Get your act together and act like a woman.
Beyza nur Demir
Beyza nur Demir 8 днів тому
Kadınlar dünyadaki en güçlü canlılar.. women is strong..
Smile Nyaa
Smile Nyaa 10 днів тому
Boys:Its Hard To Give Birth with a Big Poop
Mary Sanford
Mary Sanford 10 днів тому
Look I'm just 7 I DO NOT want to get pregnant but I want a baby
SachA Army
SachA Army 11 днів тому
I dont wanna kids☺
rizzu 11 днів тому
I don't understand.... Why people dislike... What they expect to... The puppy is born from the women
أبو فاطمه الصبيحاوي
سبحان الخالق
عدي العزواي
عدي العزواي 13 днів тому
مو مثلنة العرب حتى الولادة عنف عد الطبيبات
Zakwan Anuar
Zakwan Anuar 13 днів тому
Her : *Get a boy* Her son : MOM GIVE ME PS4
you tube chanel
you tube chanel 13 днів тому
Ghauth Zboon
Ghauth Zboon 14 днів тому
Rich Crystal
Rich Crystal 15 днів тому
20:20 yay
ياسر القريشي ياسر القريشي
خطيه ههههههههه
beautyintheskies 16 днів тому
I want a baby but I’m so scared of giving birth. These women are all so strong
Maria Mara
Maria Mara 16 днів тому
Poor women...Childbirth is ugly and painful
Reham Majad
Reham Majad 16 днів тому
كلوءلت حيا
Rich Crystal
Rich Crystal 16 днів тому
Linda Lindor
Linda Lindor 17 днів тому
Mini Flamingo
Mini Flamingo 17 днів тому
Gud water
Suga Is sweet
Suga Is sweet 17 днів тому
Having kids is easier said than done...
Hoan Hồ
Hoan Hồ 17 днів тому
Eo ơi
Johnny James
Johnny James 17 днів тому
I qm
Cheryl Fernandez
Cheryl Fernandez 17 днів тому
The doctor pushes the baby in India instead of we pushing it isn't it crazy
Cheryl Fernandez
Cheryl Fernandez 17 днів тому
You ppl in different countries other than India you have a delivery without that much pain but we Indians are the worst we go through shit in pain allot I can say
Monsieur Cramoisi
Monsieur Cramoisi 18 днів тому
GOD bless all moms 😘❤
Katya Zach
Katya Zach 18 днів тому
Ok. Yup, never having a child ever. Nope, nope, nope. No. I already have a fear of hospitals, and all that would make me die. I'd pass out or start screaming or sum... Nope.
That one Guy
That one Guy 18 днів тому
This makes ssss/ ahh/ cringe why u watch this
Rich Crystal
Rich Crystal 19 днів тому
Ariana Andreyeva
Ariana Andreyeva 20 днів тому
Subconsciously I was out there pushing with her. Such a weird, but flattering feeling. Hope everyone will get through this easily and painless. Just know that you're a hero and that a new life is about to start thanks to you. I'm happy for you and may your family shine with happiness 😘😘❤️❤️
L3xsterz 20 днів тому
I'm sorry I'm two weeks Way due date. I'll want my husband and mum in the room. I liked the fact the nurses were straight forward direct!.
Life is Cool
Life is Cool 21 день тому
I am a male, and i won't give birth but, we should respect women for everything they do.
Sara Birb
Sara Birb 22 дні тому
Why tf i came here.
Brandon Coronado
Brandon Coronado 23 дні тому
I’m glad I ain’t no female
MAISY WILK 23 дні тому
Just looking at the chunks of flesh and blood come out when the doctor held it
Jayden Jacques
Jayden Jacques 24 дні тому
My wife and I are having a baby girl in a couple of weeks. I hope she'll be okay...
Yovani Perez Diaz
Yovani Perez Diaz 25 днів тому
Did you hurts.
Zaira Eelri
Zaira Eelri 26 днів тому
I used to think giving birth is like having Diarra in the toilet accept your laying down.....
DAILYFUTBOLSHOW Twitter: supreme_royal_
Those pain is quite nerve rocky
DAILYFUTBOLSHOW Twitter: supreme_royal_
Am nervous
I love you mom 😘❤
Cece H
Cece H 27 днів тому
Its a girl
Rich Crystal
Rich Crystal 28 днів тому
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