Giving birth without an epidural - Newborn Russia (E9)

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Anastasia, 26, is preparing to give birth for the first time. She can’t wait to meet her daughter and is also excited about going through the experience of labour and giving birth. She sees it as a privilege rather than an ordeal. Although her husband won’t be present during childbirth, Anastasia says his love and support help her immensely.
Meanwhile, 36-year-old Elena is expecting her second child. She has a daughter and is about to have a son. Elena was hoping for a C-section, but the doctors decided she can give birth naturally. Unfortunately, due to health issues, Elena won’t be able to have an epidural and will have to tough it out.
Where do Russians come from? In modern Russia, life usually begins at state-run maternity hospitals; it is up to these medical establishments to deliver new babies into the world. RTd takes you inside the delivery room, where you'll meet expectant mothers, nervous fathers, and the men and women whose task it is to perform deliveries and face any challenges that stand in the way.
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Techno Shaunak
Techno Shaunak 2 години тому
A great salute to every mother
فهد المطيري
فهد المطيري 22 години тому
عربي حط لايك
Maryem Zahairi
Maryem Zahairi День тому
الله اسمح لينا من الولدين
Pritush Sarkar
Pritush Sarkar День тому
God bless their life.
Pritush Sarkar
Pritush Sarkar День тому
Really they are God.
Emmeline Etienne
Emmeline Etienne День тому
I had my daughter at 29 weeks she came early it hurts I ain't going to lie I'm glad I had her she's my angel and I love her
Marwan Khaladi
Marwan Khaladi 2 дні тому
طريقة صعيبة
Chloe BlossomLove
Chloe BlossomLove 2 дні тому
I’m 13 and think I should adopt a child
Milana Young
Milana Young 3 дні тому
Мне стало плохо 😭
Sophia plays ROBLOX!!
Sophia plays ROBLOX!! 3 дні тому
I’m not pregnant now but I wanna have a baby!!
Reptilewolf 4 дні тому
All you women who are about to go through this, stay strong! You women are the ones that can do this. Listen to Your support system, they will help tremendously!
Lûñåtîç Püpper
Lûñåtîç Püpper 4 дні тому
Did it hurt?
لاريــن عـلي Larein Ali
يارب سهلي ولادتي وولادة جميع الامهات .
Amina Zed
Amina Zed 5 днів тому
Viri good baybi
Ellie Playz Roblox
Ellie Playz Roblox 6 днів тому
The first woman looks like she put a plastic tub in her gown…
Brylei Starosta
Brylei Starosta 6 днів тому
So cute
Jakov Greengold
Jakov Greengold 6 днів тому
Artificial wombs don't sound sonbad after all
Ri Mu
Ri Mu 6 днів тому
Omg I’m on my month I’m crying I’m so scared
جعفر علي
جعفر علي 7 днів тому
اللهم استودعك جنيني
اني حامل بالسابع وداخله اقوي قلبي 😫😫😫 متت خوف
ا 7 днів тому
ان شاء الله تنفكي بخير وتلدين بسلامة وتفرحين بمولودك وتنسين كل شيء
Miss Nevena
Miss Nevena 8 днів тому
I was born when my mother was 33 because it took her a very long time to get pregnant
jojo blogs
jojo blogs 8 днів тому
Raymond Dromon
Raymond Dromon 8 днів тому
Any man who lays his hand on his wife is a big fool and a bastrad women are the best😭😭
Raymond Dromon
Raymond Dromon 8 днів тому
I give it to women they are too much
Kiara Ferreira
Kiara Ferreira 10 днів тому
Kimberly Toro Nieto
Kimberly Toro Nieto 10 днів тому
OMG that is scary
Helen Knell
Helen Knell 10 днів тому
My mum is giving birth so don't be scared
Nana adwowa Addai
Nana adwowa Addai 10 днів тому
Am pregnant and am scared right now 😭😭God bless women
Amethyst Speaker
Amethyst Speaker 4 години тому
Good luck and God Bless 💖💖💖💖
Gintare Samuolyte
Gintare Samuolyte 6 днів тому
Im also very very scared..
LAZY ANIMATE 9 днів тому
It's okay honey don't worries think about the Baby God bless you both Amen
J Chr G
J Chr G 11 днів тому
1 atm op de longen en dan pas huild of hoorbaar word een pas geboren I know!...and no I don't want to be a woman, I respect you & love you as a woman for that and I thank you for saving me...you are mine... I haven't even seen my first trogoledyte yet...
J Chr G
J Chr G 11 днів тому
1 atm op de longen en dan pas huild of hoorbaar word een pas geboren I know!...
Shaana Shabir
Shaana Shabir 11 днів тому
The commentary translation is creepy
لارين العنزي
لارين العنزي 11 днів тому
ksldidkeid djdnd dkdkdud dkdndidkdnidkd
لارين العنزي
لارين العنزي 11 днів тому
Mari Mora
Mari Mora 13 днів тому
Gave birth to my son 5 days ago with no epidural. The most painful thing ever but all worth it at the end !
Paulina Tedesco
Paulina Tedesco 13 днів тому
Did the nurse say look at my eyes when I'm talking to you lmao
Liv Miles
Liv Miles 13 днів тому
"Why are you crying? Don't shout. You're not in the woods. You're not lost." Gee, sir, I don't know. She appears to be expelling an 8 pound human being out of an orifice that's way too small, experiencing what could quite possibly be the most painful ordeal of her life. What an insensitive prick.
BEyİN BeDaVa 13 днів тому
No no no 😵
Mybaby J
Mybaby J 14 днів тому
" you're very nervous your heart is beating too quickly. We can't have that, you need to calm down" BITCH! lmfao anyone about to pop out a kid out of their body is most def gonna be nervous.
Kate Is Great
Kate Is Great 14 днів тому
Fuck no.
Mileeva Mittu
Mileeva Mittu 14 днів тому
Boy....I will 2 puppies rather that pushing my inner guts .....I am so scared
Khalibba Frank
Khalibba Frank 15 днів тому
Am khalibba frank from kifampa gomba.Kampala Uganda.am watching it today on 17.03.2020.who is with me?
areida Smitt
areida Smitt 15 днів тому
Once upon the time one men go' incide off a labor rrumm and make wishcraft to the litle girl from pregnacyes and gett a bigg unconceive nigthmare off her and ask on a wichtcraft spels words that this girl gett on a dark plases off witchcraff the cuvan fake horse and the ugly snake they cause only blod cicles and periodd that afecting her for conceive another child besofore gett birth her first dagther and before this the girl on labor make this men her enemyes for ever
علاوي النورسي
علاوي النورسي 15 днів тому
بس، العرب يحطون لايك
Alison Hayar
Alison Hayar 15 днів тому
Omg I’m scared my due on August 😥😥
*adrian* kj 629
*adrian* kj 629 4 дні тому
I'm scared for lies
Raj dev
Raj dev 16 днів тому
All the moms are god ❤️
I was like this looks like it doesn't hurt much then I remembered these are Russian woman (I'm trying to watch birth videos I'm 6 months pregnant first child )
lll iiilll
lll iiilll 16 днів тому
omg i dont wanna get married!!!!!!! im scared
Chris Chimere
Chris Chimere 16 днів тому
That's one huge testis😱😱
Sanjay Naik
Sanjay Naik 16 днів тому
🙏 mother is God
youth motivator Bikash shishodiya
Ma bhagwan ka hi rup h
Melanie Rapp
Melanie Rapp 18 днів тому
Please everyone help keep moms and babies together!! Sign my petition!!! chng.it/wj7KHNpqMp
issa douba
issa douba 18 днів тому
Me, when I eat a lot of burgers drink little water and eat few vegetables
side eying chloe
side eying chloe 18 днів тому
Im a boy and i have a baby
Knowledge World
Knowledge World 20 днів тому
she looks like a man
علي الدر البعاج
علي الدر البعاج 20 днів тому
خط اية دتتوجع
علي الدر البعاج
علي الدر البعاج 20 днів тому
Baguio Girl
Baguio Girl 20 днів тому
That's why I wanted to be a midwife an help those mom to be. Such a precious moment
لسا اساح اي وآلله
يمه شلون تحمل الحيطه 😭😱🤬😰🖕
Ossama Sarp
Ossama Sarp 21 день тому
هو الجنين لما يطلع يكون في دم ؟؟
Devil Singh
Devil Singh 23 дні тому
God bless too u mom
tommy boy 830
tommy boy 830 23 дні тому
When I was born, my mom told me the doctors were holding me and dancing with me going, ITS A BOY ITS A BOY!!!!
saad Khalil
saad Khalil 25 днів тому
حتى لما ولدت و سمعت صوت الطفل من عندي فرحت 😂😍💔
Ossama Sarp
Ossama Sarp 21 день тому
محمود 23 дні тому
**اٌناٌٍقٍّةً طٌاٌلّبٍُةٌ** انتي لشو فرحتي
**اٌناٌٍقٍّةً طٌاٌلّبٍُةٌ**
ههههه انا كمان
Rodney Thompson Middle School Brothers Gaming
U can get medicine so women Don’t Screams
Daniela Rejas García
Daniela Rejas García 23 дні тому
Some choose not to for various reasons.
Songmit Lepcha
Songmit Lepcha 26 днів тому
I'm 5 month pregnant And now I'm really scared
idenyi okechukwu
idenyi okechukwu 27 днів тому
Is not easy at all after watching this am really scared
امين الحنين
امين الحنين 27 днів тому
امين الحنين
امين الحنين 27 днів тому
٦عغفف5نتلبان خفاثنقنثتياغنننتتاللررزظ
Joseph grayson Lalramhmuaka
Joseph grayson Lalramhmuaka 27 днів тому
Haha help me help me help
Melia Allen
Melia Allen 27 днів тому
Birth looks and seems painful 😖
Thomas & Friends
Thomas & Friends 27 днів тому
Date:June 20, 2018
منوعات محمد
منوعات محمد 27 днів тому
الي عربي يشترك بقناتي انا لعيبة بوبجي
عبد الوكع ماطاح
عبد الوكع ماطاح 28 днів тому
شونجن بنات ? 👋😂
**اٌناٌٍقٍّةً طٌاٌلّبٍُةٌ**
شكو داخل
『nøør』 ᭄
『nøør』 ᭄ 27 днів тому
عزه شعندك😂😂😂😂هنا
Ranen Ranen
Ranen Ranen 28 днів тому
سبحان الله
الوردة البيضاء
الوردة البيضاء 29 днів тому
V Prabhakaran
V Prabhakaran 29 днів тому
Indha video la paru avanga katha kuda illa, ipo un kannuku munnadi theriyura ratha ootam ulla ella uyirinamum oru ponnu kita irundhu vandhadhu than, Na iruken la, aprm yen bayapadura, na iruken kavalapadadha, unaku bayama irundha kanna moodi enna ninachiko, kanna moodi enaku ni iruka adhu podhum nu sollu, idha ipo en kita soluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Bernis Coker
Bernis Coker 29 днів тому
Baby is ahi go
Stacey Liner
Stacey Liner 29 днів тому
When I get a dahter wich will tske along time to be a grownup I will take care of my dahter and let nothing bad happen to her/him
غلا المتعب
غلا المتعب Місяць тому
Asma Debb
Asma Debb Місяць тому
😖Is a good
hungrystar07 hungrystar07
hungrystar07 hungrystar07 Місяць тому
I just wanna see the pussy
Burcu Yilmaz
Burcu Yilmaz Місяць тому
Pls pray for me I’m due in 5 wks.
علي حاتم
علي حاتم Місяць тому
إني كس ايهم
محمد جواد
محمد جواد Місяць тому
اكو عرب بتعليق
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