Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing!

Marques Brownlee
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Yes, this phone cost $1449 before tax. Here's everything that comes in the box.
Review coming soon...
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Phone provided by Apple for video.

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18 вер 2018

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Mahesh Odedra
Mahesh Odedra Годину тому
12+12 mp 2750MAH Battery Only 4GB Ram And finally Give A Big 🖕
Autistic Rat
Autistic Rat 10 годин тому
I'd want fortnite and marques brownlee
Rukky Samson
Rukky Samson 11 годин тому
You got money money uh ?
MelonsKellyYT Xbox Player
MelonsKellyYT Xbox Player День тому
i will get that PHONE of my DAD
Natsumi Chan
Natsumi Chan День тому
I want to get one but not sure if max or the xs
Ea Kras
Ea Kras 4 дні тому
Can i have one of these iphones? Please i can't buy me one but i really want one
Lane Smith
Lane Smith 6 днів тому
The EarPods are better than my earbuds anyways.
M1kE 8 днів тому
You are so lucky to have that iphone! Like that is my wish bro ;(
Bharath E.R
Bharath E.R 9 днів тому
Gift me please
I_Am_Nathan 10 днів тому
Why would you need the dongle if they give u headphones in the box anyway
My Channal
My Channal 10 днів тому
Hey please i want iphone x
Sabahat Khan
Sabahat Khan 11 днів тому
I love mate 20 Pro I am using its amazing
A. V.
A. V. 12 днів тому
Fake unboxing 👎👎👎
César Herrera
César Herrera 13 днів тому
bro dude a giveaway for that :(
Larissa Botello
Larissa Botello 14 днів тому
Personal preference but I’d rather buy the iPhone XR starting at 750 and save a couple hundred, cause u cant really tell the freaking difference in day to day use. It’s not that much difference if you’re deciding it over size, and much less over camera quality.
MohanKumar K N
MohanKumar K N 15 днів тому
Very good
Double Gaming
Double Gaming 15 днів тому
Who can’t efford one
Snezana Nikolic
Snezana Nikolic 15 днів тому
You rich
MohanKumar K N
MohanKumar K N 15 днів тому
Very good
MohanKumar K N
MohanKumar K N 16 днів тому
Very good
MohanKumar K N
MohanKumar K N 16 днів тому
Very good
MohanKumar K N
MohanKumar K N 16 днів тому
Very good
MohanKumar K N
MohanKumar K N 16 днів тому
Very good
JYOTI VATS 16 днів тому
I have iPhone xs max I buy it in 5000 dollars
Criticsb 17 днів тому
I just bought it. The experience was not really that exciting unboxing it because the design is almost the same as my Oneplus 6. Overall it have this premium like feel and the speaker is sooooo gooood like hellla good.
h y
h y 18 днів тому
You can buy ultimate PC with their price
Aaran Rames
Aaran Rames 20 днів тому
If your in the comment section do u think I should get the Xs or wait for the new one?
Joseph Mane
Joseph Mane 20 днів тому
iphones are so beautiful
I dont even know where this is going
what are dongles?
Fortnite FailsandWins
Fortnite FailsandWins 23 дні тому
Thats why you by air pods you dont need a dongle
Crxzu 23 дні тому
So excited to get my iPhone XS MAX in a week 😁
Suhaani Productions
Suhaani Productions 24 дні тому
Ahhhh I’m going to get iPhone X this July!!!
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 24 дні тому
I do really like the camera design it looks sexy. And IOS also looks very good. But i trust Samsung more than i do Apple
Jeff Nickels
Jeff Nickels 24 дні тому
Even calling the gold XS "band aid" is only one color. The back shifts so much, that is an understatement lol
Lucas Testoni
Lucas Testoni 25 днів тому
I'm gonna get the iPhone xs max in the summer when I can start working and imma save upp alot of cash XD I currently have a OnePlus 5 Wich I've had since 2017 and it's time for an upgrade
Steve Mano
Steve Mano 26 днів тому
Why anyone would want to fork out over $1100 for a smartphone is beyond me. But I guess the desire to look good and be connected 24/7 overrides any rational reasoning.
sammy reyes
sammy reyes 29 днів тому
good, another phone that i could only dream of. still looking forward for the time when I'll be able have a new phone and that's not prehistoric. i wonder how it feels like to have those kind of things.
Thomas Edwards 11
Thomas Edwards 11 Місяць тому
I’m watching this on a iPhone XR
Nick Cunningham
Nick Cunningham Місяць тому
it's buy one give one
Sam R
Sam R Місяць тому
Did nobody notice that the boxes don’t have the time displayed saying “9:41?”
Faiyaz khan
Faiyaz khan Місяць тому
Marques be like- I never do unboxing video, unless its apple🤨🤪
Suril Soni
Suril Soni Місяць тому
$1100 dollars phone should come with airpods and a wireless charger inside the box That makes it premium Apple lost its values when jobs died and now just a company for share holders
ruth apoh
ruth apoh Місяць тому
Buy it for me
Omar A
Omar A Місяць тому
Why did I watch this video? Poor me 😭😭😭
Mahammed Hanka
Mahammed Hanka Місяць тому
Sooo amazing!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Habib Urehman
Habib Urehman Місяць тому
Ugly noch.
waheeda tariq
waheeda tariq Місяць тому
My brother is having
Syed Jabed
Syed Jabed Місяць тому
I buy I phone 8 plus
INFINITY Місяць тому
i subscribed to mark ass brownlee
TAM DOLL Місяць тому
I love iPhones I just ordered mine picking it up today , but yeah Apple is extremely greedy the reason they are charging us for simple thing we should already have in the box is because the new iPhone sales weren’t as high as Apple anticipated and as a matter of fact Apple sales have gone down tremendously the past few years for iPhones so they are trying to find new ways to charge us smh
Rico Vedeja
Rico Vedeja Місяць тому
space gray😎
Tanya Tugia
Tanya Tugia Місяць тому
5 years later and I’m still watching your channel for gadget reviews ! Totally trust your review
Yajnish Kumar
Yajnish Kumar Місяць тому
Bro I need that phone please!!!!!!!
Eman Nabil
Eman Nabil Місяць тому
My favourite phone ever
Miss Meme
Miss Meme Місяць тому
Are you the guy that will smith said in UKvid rewind?
Steve Mano
Steve Mano Місяць тому
I have the iPhone SE. Won’t get the big ass screen no.
marixien Місяць тому
the 10s Max is too big for me so i went with the regular 10s
oh yeah yeah nigga
oh yeah yeah nigga Місяць тому
*ApPlE iS BeTtEr tHaN aNdRoId*
Sarah Rahman
Sarah Rahman Місяць тому
I swear to god I’ll like this comment You just swore to like this comment 🤪 👍🏻
paper crafts
paper crafts Місяць тому
What happened to ur finger ?😢😢😢
cubpou rekhung
cubpou rekhung Місяць тому
My fav phone
Joseph Hill
Joseph Hill Місяць тому
The planets are bubbles
Tiago Resendes
Tiago Resendes Місяць тому
its not a planet.. its a bubble
Jeremiah Hudson
Jeremiah Hudson Місяць тому
Ayyyyy it’s rewind time mark ass brownlee
Faiza Memon
Faiza Memon Місяць тому
Please give me one of that ... because I can't buy this expensive phone 😢😢😢
hima Місяць тому
i want one phone apple
Jasan Jhim
Jasan Jhim Місяць тому
I love iPhone and my first dream is to buy a iPhone x
Antwan Jenkins
Antwan Jenkins Місяць тому
Anime Wire
Anime Wire Місяць тому
notch looks so bad
germaine dizon😊
germaine dizon😊 Місяць тому
still love my gs9
oh yeah yeah oh yea yea
oh yeah yeah oh yea yea Місяць тому
Hey mark ass
Ivan Salas
Ivan Salas Місяць тому
2:41 - 2:49
Kaylee NL
Kaylee NL Місяць тому
when he put the iphone on the table front faced down i had so much anxiety
69 elm street
69 elm street Місяць тому
ur boy here uses a samsung charger for the memes
Matias Torres
Matias Torres Місяць тому
The way the chargers are tied make an X. Yeah Apple, I see you 👀
Go Away
Go Away Місяць тому
Mark-ass brownley
Aisha Diop
Aisha Diop Місяць тому
OMG I just realized this is Markass Brownie from UKvid Rewind!
Han Місяць тому
Mañanera Proj.p
Mañanera Proj.p Місяць тому
Well i have the 6 ........FUCK MI LIFE
manGo Man
manGo Man Місяць тому
Give me one iphone it won't affect your bank balance ---
Kim Adams
Kim Adams Місяць тому
It looks a bit too fragile, I just got a 7 plus.. I think I will stick to that for as long as I can
Insha Haider
Insha Haider Місяць тому
the feeling off the sticker thingy is everything
محمد صالح
محمد صالح Місяць тому
احلا موبايل ايفون x mas
The Sea world
The Sea world Місяць тому
I know right why cant apple just put a freaking fast charger in the box it is getting lame and outdated
Quality Cigarettes
Quality Cigarettes Місяць тому
this xs max doesnt convince me ,, i will wait until next year to see the next iphones meanwhile i keep my iphone 5c.
Rorisang Ramokolo
Rorisang Ramokolo Місяць тому
He said XS PLUS!
REVIEWERS NATION 2 місяці тому
Wouldn’t it be nice if the new iPhones started retailing with AirPods in the box since they murdered the dongle?
RyanMinhTV 2 місяці тому
Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner 2 місяці тому
Can someone give me an iph xsmax cuz I can’t afford it😂
Tabita Sherpa
Tabita Sherpa 2 місяці тому
I think android phones are better
Daniell Keqa
Daniell Keqa 2 місяці тому
Oh my good 😱😍
Jeniffer Bravo
Jeniffer Bravo 2 місяці тому
Wow the headphone jack gone. I never used it though
Jeniffer Bravo
Jeniffer Bravo 2 місяці тому
I agree with the charger
Nicolás Morrone Clar
Nicolás Morrone Clar 2 місяці тому
This should be considered porn.
Melinda Souna Pritchard
Melinda Souna Pritchard 2 місяці тому
I bought it days after the release it is Absolutely Beautiful My Husband Has it Also
Jim Claar
Jim Claar 2 місяці тому
Wow! Can believe this I just got $3698 I thought I was scammed but thanks God I get my money
King Ting
King Ting 2 місяці тому
I’m watching on a xs max
Harlea 2 місяці тому
Who’s watching on the iPhone XS?
Luiz Miguel
Luiz Miguel 2 місяці тому
Omg, i love it❤❤❤❤❤❤
Velocity 2 місяці тому
Lol you said iPhone XS + not Max
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