Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing!

Marques Brownlee
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Yes, this phone cost $1449 before tax. Here's everything that comes in the box.
Review coming soon...
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Intro Track: Filet Mignon by The Cutlery
Phone provided by Apple for video.

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18 вер 2018

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mgia. 36 !
mgia. 36 ! 6 годин тому
Getting the iPhone Xs MAX SOON!!!
Ja'Kyra Jackson
Ja'Kyra Jackson 22 години тому
You need to have a giveaway o; them two
Discovery Time
Discovery Time День тому
i don't know what to buy , Note 9 or Xs Max . please tell me what phone to buy and why ? (sorry if my english is bad)
Gage Williams
Gage Williams День тому
Latest and greatest phones
Mirko Arias
Mirko Arias 2 дні тому
Me impresiona la gente que tiene estas cosas en sus manos :v
4WerdMotion 1
4WerdMotion 1 2 дні тому
Its funny how apple tries to hide the notch while companys like google flaunts it lol
ashishj87 3 дні тому
Everybody falling prey to capitalist company's planned obsolescence
Liam Darling
Liam Darling 3 дні тому
There not planets there close ups of bubbles lol
Hamid Warya
Hamid Warya 4 дні тому
Finally i can buy iphone 4
Chip Chase
Chip Chase 4 дні тому
From plastic idiot 🤓
blink10111 4 дні тому
Watching from my XS max.. it’s a sweet phone but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for the price point. I had an 8 plus last year and downgraded to a 6 plus.. coming from a 6 plus it works all too similarly. If anything I just miss the home button
Bella Villa
Bella Villa 4 дні тому
People keep complaining how it's ridiculously overpriced for what it's worth, yet people still buy it 🤔 tf why get it
Kaustav Saha
Kaustav Saha 4 дні тому
Better to buy Gaming PC components.
Karan Saini
Karan Saini 5 днів тому
Google was inspired for pixel 3 xl's notch by apple's paperwork kit 0:56 😂😂
Mobile Map
Mobile Map 5 днів тому
Is there any possibility to switch off the beauty mode. Bcoz its so smudgy like ..
Tilly Grace
Tilly Grace 5 днів тому
Wow! that phone is sure so clean! I'm getting that phone soon! and I'm super excited to get it!😆
Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson 5 днів тому
How do you clean your iPhones?
Preetham Eranki
Preetham Eranki 5 днів тому
Great video as always...You are good and to the point unlike biased iJustine
Tarantula Gary
Tarantula Gary 6 днів тому
The main thing I like about apple is there design of phones, their just real sleek. Their phones are also very fast, that’s the only reason I use apple over android. Oh and don’t forget IMessages.
Vexcon 6 днів тому
When I play music on my Xs max and switching between apps at the same time my music would stop playing for a split second.Have you heard of this happening to other Xs max.
Akash deep Singh
Akash deep Singh 6 днів тому
I just want a red xs max version The cherry 🍒 one 😭😭😭
Hyderabad Best IGCSE Math Tutor, IB MYP Math HL Maths SL Maths tutor
It’s very good review. Right now I am I am using iPhone 6 Plus. Still it’s working wonderful, I am iPhone lover. Surely I will buy iPhone XS Max . I like bigger size 6.5 inches. Basically I am Online IB & Cambridge IGCSE Maths Tutor . Sometimes I can teach through iPhone 6 Plus. Now I needed faster , bigger smarter,clover and speeder. So all features have in iPhone XS MAX . Even I teach Math lessons So I need MAX.( Math @ MAX). He explains every nice. Thank you for your good review!
Vsva Ganaesan
Vsva Ganaesan 7 днів тому
If I'm migrating from android to ios, which one you will recommend me? Iphone X or Iphone Xs? In my country Iphone Xs is not launched yet (Malaysia). Worth waiting for Iphone Xs? Need your advice.
Woochan Nou
Woochan Nou 7 днів тому
dont understand why ppl dump the phone out. theres a reason they put the pull tab.
joaquin hernandez
joaquin hernandez 8 днів тому
What is the so called “notch” u speak of?
Mamita Ng
Mamita Ng 8 днів тому
I’m freaking switching to SAmSung no changes just more money Apple you greedy ass mothersukers
David Amora
David Amora 8 днів тому
Can you sent a iphone X? From philipines
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar 9 днів тому
Goods phone
Arafat rahman
Arafat rahman 9 днів тому
I was waiting for this 2:42
Kalisha Streeter
Kalisha Streeter 9 днів тому
Love how you explained everything, Love this review
RoffaboyS 9 днів тому
LMAO does Apple really thinks nobody knows that there is a nodge.
Mohsen Rashidi
Mohsen Rashidi 10 днів тому
Do you buy all these devices every time?
gudiya thakral
gudiya thakral 10 днів тому
clone version reviewed by this motherfucker
Tala tv
Tala tv 10 днів тому
Robert Costin
Robert Costin 11 днів тому
You pay 1000$+ for (1600€+ Europe ) for : •No fast charging power brick •No type-C cable •No wireless charger •No wireless earphone •Old Lightening cable •Regular earphone •IPhone that can’t charge Apple 🐛🍎🔫
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas 11 днів тому
@2:40 Slower ya whore
Saleem Raza
Saleem Raza 12 днів тому
2:41 that soundtrack was very setisfiying
Sunil Palilkar
Sunil Palilkar 12 днів тому
Lol better buy gaming computer monitor with matte finish and you can play 8k videos at 1080p lg monitor play games SSD DRIVE AND 1TB HHD MICROSOFT OS WITH ANDROID EMULATOR BETTER THEN ANDROID GTX 1060 Nvidia Graphic card Buy Nokia phone
Sleepy Akeno
Sleepy Akeno 13 днів тому
Watching this on my Xs max ! ^_^
Mohit Choudhary
Mohit Choudhary 13 днів тому
has an iphone x buys an iphone xs to upgrade(which makes no sense but still). boots the phone, checks for anything new that costed this much money. finds the new wallpapers and thats it
crafty girl
crafty girl 13 днів тому
I also have iPhone xs max
JΣFF GΣΣΚ MӨDZ ™ 13 днів тому
IPhone XS Max 😍😍😍
M Viv
M Viv 13 днів тому
Iphones are becoming like gold now , unproductive. It's like overpaying for stuff and a trillion gets stuck in a company , not contributing to the world economy. It's like the sub prime crisis again. All the money going to property and restricting economic activity in other sectors. This theory I am tm.
Md Anas
Md Anas 13 днів тому
Smart phone
Chris Whitchurch
Chris Whitchurch 13 днів тому
Racist band-aids.
Derrick  Johnson
Derrick Johnson 13 днів тому
Watching on my iPhone XS ☺️
doseofding 14 днів тому
Dude honestly you probably haven't used 3D touch that much, because "peeking" or 3D touching on notifications is actually so useful from and peeking into emails and other content is actually really helpful. Plus on iPhones that have home buttons, the 3D touch from the edge of the screen to swipe into other apps or to carousel is also really useful
Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz
Why do Apple fans keep buying these shitty phones? I mean, nothing has changed...they are not giving you a cellphone that it's worth its price. I rather buy a OLED display from Sony, LG or a QLED from Samsung for that price. Not hating or anything ...just why? 🤔 Don't tell me "The camera"
shiva kumar
shiva kumar 14 днів тому
bro give me one apple xs max broo plzzz
James Smith
James Smith 14 днів тому
Do a give away
James Smith
James Smith 14 днів тому
I want one
Thomas Storbugt
Thomas Storbugt 15 днів тому
3:17 plus?
richtechtalk 15 днів тому
Great unboxing video Marques! Loving it! I finally got my hands on the flagships with DUAL SIMS! loving it!!!
SSB IS HERE 15 днів тому
Can you give me one
Jesus1992 15 днів тому
I currently own a gold 6s+, I was planning to change to black or white, but today I went to bestbuy, and the gold xs was on display, I think I fell in love again with it. My first thought was "wow" it looks beautiful. Now I think I'll stick to the gold one for 4 more years. The question is, XS or XSmax?
Mehran Beigi
Mehran Beigi 15 днів тому
We are in 2018 almost 19 but when you ask apples fans do u have a fast charger. they re saying is it even exist ?
notoNWO 16 днів тому
The face should be out of Safire
Santino Ramirez
Santino Ramirez 16 днів тому
novel soft sing bklau drop laugh work sale care though.
Ash Kumar
Ash Kumar 16 днів тому
To all the people complaining about the Apple’s product pricing, get over yourselves. They are a premium brand and they can choose to price their products however they want! I don’t see people complaining why Audi or BMW choose to price their cars at $90,000 when it actually would probably cost them $30,000 to manufacture. And you would get a Skoda at probably $60,000 dollars that would actually come close to an actual BMW or Audi. It’s called Brand Value. It’s about the ecosystem that Apple has created and all their devices work so well with each other and it’s the software and hardware that they’ve designed that works perfectly flawlessly. They can price their iPhones at $2000 and Macs at $10,000 and people with money will still buy it because they just wanna get shit done. So all you poor motherfuckers can stop complaining and fighting over why someone chooses to price their product high and just choose something that fits your price range.
マリーアイコ 16 днів тому
I just realized it doesn’t bring the cable to add a normal earphone plug like the 8 plus but hehe luckily for me i have that adapter
gracei98pettyfer 17 днів тому
what notch?
shonguiz0 17 днів тому
Markus why do you need to buy every version of every phone every year ? What could you possibly do with two IPhones Xs ?
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 17 днів тому
Bandage is worse than your face th ough
The Creator
The Creator 17 днів тому
Stop complaining Americans in india we'll have to pay 1500 dollars for the 64gb model
Roxana Lopez
Roxana Lopez 17 днів тому
cant wait for Apple to create a new phone next year for i can get the iphone 8 plus :( alexa play ocean man
Harish Odedara
Harish Odedara 17 днів тому
I can buy apple xs
Nyna Sufihadi
Nyna Sufihadi 18 днів тому
P8ntballa 18 днів тому
$1400🤔 for a cell phone...I can't afford that.
mango slug
mango slug 18 днів тому
If you are thinking about buying this or the iPhone X go with the X at least you get an extra dongle
Akash chowdhury 8016375958
Akash chowdhury 8016375958 18 днів тому
Osm display Osm picture Osm specification And osm brand
Kc Lanum
Kc Lanum 18 днів тому
Pushes people to buy wireless headphones. Gives you wired headphones
Fabricio Jara
Fabricio Jara 18 днів тому
I used to be an Apple fan, but now most of their products are bullshit compared to other brands
Blue Fire
Blue Fire 18 днів тому
Only 99.9% of the people surveyed could spot the difference between the Iphone X and the Xs Max Will you take the test?
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez 18 днів тому
Wallpaper is a bubble not a planet 0:36
Oscar Gordon
Oscar Gordon 18 днів тому
‘Tis 20gayteen. where’s the quick charger
David Clarke
David Clarke 18 днів тому
Narrative change pursuit enterprise brain pregnancy weakness alternative observe on radiation.
Suvam Tripathy
Suvam Tripathy 18 днів тому
Tim cook is a motherfucker
Roshini Murugesan
Roshini Murugesan 18 днів тому
I've never owned an iPhone in my life. I've been an android user until now, but my Sony Xperia XA ultra is giving up. I'm willing to give a try to the IOS. Is XS Max a good choice?
Hannah Koh
Hannah Koh 18 днів тому
Why is the back so white?
infinto1 19 днів тому
Isheep wasting a lot of money
Angela Alvarez
Angela Alvarez 19 днів тому
Don't you wanna give me a phone? ): Jajaja you have all of them
Iron Eldrich57167
Iron Eldrich57167 19 днів тому
Ur voice is surprisingly annoying no offence
SC8ter Rider
SC8ter Rider 19 днів тому
Even they not putting fast charger brick still people gonna buy it, specially Apple product fantatic.
Sai Krishna P
Sai Krishna P 19 днів тому
2:40 that feel though!
B Begich
B Begich 19 днів тому
Apple will start losing customers beside rich ones ofc. I can already see many people using Samsung Note and S series alot including new Huawei phones.
miha 154
miha 154 20 днів тому
ёу нига
Sat Paul
Sat Paul 20 днів тому
Why include earphones in box when there’s no headphone jack and no dongle🤬
Lucky Ed
Lucky Ed 20 днів тому
The google pixel 3 will beat apple in competition on October. The prices for these iphones are ridiculous thats why i switched from an apple user to a andriod user and i noticed these phones are winning because i noticed when you drop the google pixel phones they dont stratch or break and the iphones are made out of glass. And you saving more money in your pocket when you buy the google pixel 2 and no other phone has beaten the google pixel 2 with there camera.
danish farhan
danish farhan 20 днів тому
Now the buyers will be foolish!!!!😱
Sayantan -
Sayantan - 20 днів тому
Pramisha Rai
Pramisha Rai 20 днів тому
Can I get one plz
jamaludeen ibrahim
jamaludeen ibrahim 20 днів тому
this is rediclose experience with out fast change in the box
Minion Lover
Minion Lover 20 днів тому
That bandaid tho . . .
Felicia Moniq
Felicia Moniq 20 днів тому
iPhone SE best of both worlds
Hassan Abdulkadir
Hassan Abdulkadir 20 днів тому
I always wonder why there is no iPhone 9? Anyone any clue?🤔
Aydın Aydoğan
Aydın Aydoğan 20 днів тому
Rohan kawade
Rohan kawade 20 днів тому
I like camera of i phone xs max
Wendy V.
Wendy V. 20 днів тому
This phone should of came with the AirPods like the phone is already 1,200 wtf
Emmanuel Pooler
Emmanuel Pooler 20 днів тому
You would think they would give you airpods...🙄
Fresa Gonzalez
Fresa Gonzalez 21 день тому
Marques have u notice the screen is less vivid than before it looks dull could it be the software?
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