Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing!

Marques Brownlee
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Yes, this phone cost $1449 before tax. Here's everything that comes in the box.
Review coming soon...
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Intro Track: Filet Mignon by The Cutlery
Phone provided by Apple for video.

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18 вер 2018

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Elrico Greenwood
Elrico Greenwood 13 годин тому
Marques thanks for the unboxing. Wish I can get one of this iphone for grabs. 🙏
Kaustubh Kumbhar
Kaustubh Kumbhar День тому
It hit me so hard when he said "let's admire it" 😢
Uzzy collins
Uzzy collins 6 днів тому
Who is enjoying their xsmax after say 7 months 🤗🤗🤗
Little Drummer Boii
Little Drummer Boii 8 днів тому
mark ass brownie
SocialZombie 10 днів тому
I expect a headphone jack for a $1000 phone
Trump 9 днів тому
If you can afford a $1000 phone you should be able to get with the date and get some bluetooth headphones. That's the way I see it
Rahina 10 днів тому
Currently watching this from my iPhone 6
NoelTube /Gaming
NoelTube /Gaming 9 днів тому
Rahina same lmao
rami416 11 днів тому
Best part is 2:40 to 2:50
Jashaun 11 днів тому
malo marshmallow
malo marshmallow 14 днів тому
Tu m'en fasses un
malo marshmallow
malo marshmallow 14 днів тому
KoolyGod "koolymane"
KoolyGod "koolymane" 15 днів тому
Honesty the average consumer would only have the 6-7 series of iPhones because of the budget..
Brawl starts AFK’s
Brawl starts AFK’s 16 днів тому
Don’t update apple sucks without jailbreaking
ABo NaBiL Gamer !
ABo NaBiL Gamer ! 17 днів тому
Expensive. And the alternatives are better. I am wondering who still buys iphone!
Mlle yasmine
Mlle yasmine 17 днів тому
Do you still have the 2? Dand did you really uses them 🤔🤔🤔🤔
CurlY GaMerz
CurlY GaMerz 17 днів тому
Mohammed Abduallah
Mohammed Abduallah 18 днів тому
pleas gest one 😢😢
Abhishek Devoor
Abhishek Devoor 20 днів тому
Bro please give me a one iPhone for free please
Chosed 21 день тому
Fun fact : It’s not a planet, it looks like one but it’s not. 🙆🏼‍♀️
Chosed 19 днів тому
UI Goku Tilted bubbles
UI Goku
UI Goku 19 днів тому
what it is then
IBRAHIM SALAHI 23 дні тому
I want a iPhone XS or Max’s max I have no phone and I am 14 my brother got his at 13 now he’s 16 I WANT A IPHONE XS MAX OR XS Please pray for me I will do for u
Jarga 22 дні тому
IBRAHIM SALAHI so fucking greedy.
Saturnine Production
Saturnine Production 23 дні тому
i want it , but i dnt have a money ;(
Joe Barwick
Joe Barwick 6 днів тому
Oh sorry about that....I was also in your shoes until I found MASTERFIXER, now I'm presently using An IPhone Xmas and this is my first time of using an Apple products...you can contact Masterfixer on Gmail FIXMASTER2.0@GMAIL DOT COM Thank you MASTERFIXER
Taetea 24 дні тому
*watches on a iPhone 5s*
Taetea 24 дні тому
I like watching things that *i can't afford*
Victor Rykowski
Victor Rykowski 24 дні тому
This phone didnt age well did it?
Kgadi N
Kgadi N 25 днів тому
Can I have one
Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando 25 днів тому
Greedy bastards😱
Erika Hernandez
Erika Hernandez 27 днів тому
I keep watching the iPhone xs max in the gold videos and don't have a iphone 😢 I wish I could have one but I just have to have faith that I will get it
Joe Barwick
Joe Barwick 6 днів тому
Oh why can you not contact Masterfixer on Gmail FIXMASTER2.0@GMAIL DOT COM They helped me also in getting IPhone Xs Mas and this is my first time of using an Apple product and now I'm really enjoying My new phone
Jawanni爆発 27 днів тому
I cant wait to get me my new Iphone xs max tomorrow!!!! omfg!!
Derrick Peterson
Derrick Peterson 27 днів тому
I love the notch it’s apple’s greatest creation
rishabh jain
rishabh jain 28 днів тому
in 2022 , you'll first have to pay 500 USD to be eligible to buy an iphone
Pug_ life
Pug_ life Місяць тому
Apple is a trillion dollar company, they can easily afford to put a dongle or a fast charger or a wireless charger in the box people are paying $1100 for an incredible phone that comes with crap accessories seriously Apple add some better stuff 😡😡😡 greedy Asshole’s
Alfaro Pramista
Alfaro Pramista Місяць тому
Marques! Someone make a scam with this video! He make a fake giveaway with your video! The account is wavez. Please check it!
REAL TIME Місяць тому
My brother just got it I swear dont believe the hype it's almost same as the iPhone 7 lmao and its hella heavy waste of money
FRESH Xister
FRESH Xister Місяць тому
Your video was used in a giveaway! I'll report that. The channel's "Waves"
Sahil Ohlan
Sahil Ohlan Місяць тому
Its 1450 dollars in india(iphone xs 999 in usa) can u imagine so unjustly overpriced
Michael Місяць тому
Sahil Ohlan In Palestine $2100 “XsMax“, and I have the phone ._.
Naraj 85
Naraj 85 Місяць тому
I’m thinking about trading my 8 plus for the da max.....any advice from you guys
Loreaver 23 години тому
Nah wait for iPhone 11 in September
Christian Vaudt
Christian Vaudt Місяць тому
fukkin do it
Meer K
Meer K Місяць тому
I got space grey color
Dir Ale
Dir Ale Місяць тому
Best phone ever
alexfrt Місяць тому
TechRax: *"Would smash"*
Lacion Місяць тому
Tim Cook’s douche
Rajesh Kumar Singh Student, Jaipuria Lucknow
Give me one of them
ProGamer Місяць тому
It’s paint not planets lmao
Steph Lamp
Steph Lamp Місяць тому
iPhone only 4gb ram # the BOSS
Steph Lamp
Steph Lamp Місяць тому
Ho Samsung why with all your triple cameras and stylish phone, the galaxy s10 plus cant destroy the Apple market 🤪🤪🤪
Steph Lamp
Steph Lamp Місяць тому
IPhone is outstanding. The galaxy s10 plus video can’t compete with iPhone XS Max video
Yeah No no no
Yeah No no no Місяць тому
I have this phone
Dollar boy
Dollar boy Місяць тому
Rakibul Bari
Rakibul Bari Місяць тому
or buy 12 pocophone
Junior DeSantana
Junior DeSantana Місяць тому
Should be buletooth headphones
Ayomidola wahab
Ayomidola wahab Місяць тому
Please I need the attention of the person that posted this video
Juju Mancilla
Juju Mancilla Місяць тому
I wish I had one I have a cracked iPhone 6
RodneyTuber Місяць тому
the iphone xs max is 6.5 inch right?
pop3awsky_new Місяць тому
Mohammad Yasser Macadatar
Mohammad Yasser Macadatar Місяць тому
give me iphone pls
LoJohn Cruz
LoJohn Cruz Місяць тому
Pangarap lang kita
Aleksandra Atanasovska
Aleksandra Atanasovska Місяць тому
Apple or Android
They are not planets, they are upclose shots of bubbles. Apple showed the BTS of the wallpapers 😁
PrinceR3dd91 2 місяці тому
They’re bubbles not planets
mrsavage666 2 місяці тому
just a reminder it is not a planet it is bubble and you will see it in your live images kind regards Saava
GrandDad_of_Memes_ 2 місяці тому
What color is best
Alexa Ganda Orquiola
Alexa Ganda Orquiola 2 місяці тому
Oh my gosh your so rich😰😰😰😰😰😰
lILJAY GUNSMEN 2 місяці тому
Sadly there not planets there piant
Free Giveaway iPhone XS
Free Giveaway iPhone XS 2 місяці тому
Giorgi 2 місяці тому
I love my Blackberry Clasiic
ALi Ayub
ALi Ayub 2 місяці тому
🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk thats my last iphone fuckkkkk
I am GROOT 2 місяці тому
It cost 1400 for me
I am GROOT 2 місяці тому
About to get the silver iPhone XS Max
potato ciss
potato ciss 2 місяці тому
Miyuki & Eliza joys sisters vlogs
Miyuki & Eliza joys sisters vlogs 2 місяці тому
When I got my iPhone xs am happy 😊
Football Always كورة دائمًا
Lol I'm watching this after 7 months cuz I couldn't when the phone came out
Melissa 2 місяці тому
Can I get one please??
Exttendo Beats
Exttendo Beats 2 місяці тому
noticed your high res video , would be nice if you could have a high fps to match xD
Nicole Mantip
Nicole Mantip 2 місяці тому
Are you telling me that the wireless earpods are not included inside the iphone xs/ xs max box ???? XD cheap motherfuckers trying to rip us off... i don't buy it then.
Prideless Parasite
Prideless Parasite 2 місяці тому
Its not a planet its a bubble, just checking, no hate intended
Rohit Hap
Rohit Hap 2 місяці тому
I can only afford to watch this video.
Jason Milano
Jason Milano 2 місяці тому
ANTdroids talking sht about apple,lol samsung is toxic and you're complaining about the price because you're pøøř,hate kids like you.
d w
d w 2 місяці тому
Loving how everyone is triggered at apple because they can't afford it😭. Guys, make bread and don't complain you have to buy things if you were worried about that, get a cheaper phone
d w
d w 2 місяці тому
Sushi Sauce See the thing is with smartphones it's not about just the actual hardware. Apple's software experience is very polished. Some people simply can't afford it and it's true that Apple's becoming a luxury brand. If you cannot afford it, or the hardware is more important than the software to you, there are many android phones. But like I said, iPhones are for people who just want their phone to work.
Sushi Sauce
Sushi Sauce 2 місяці тому
d w you clearly don’t know what you’re getting for the value of money and are completely oblivious to economics and expenditure.
Umesh Sidar
Umesh Sidar 2 місяці тому
Nice giveaway
Kate VRob
Kate VRob 3 місяці тому
Ive been using android since I was a lil kid all of them are samsung lel but maybe this time I would change my phone into Apple at first I want an 8plus but I kinda change my mind tho so maybe XSMAX I think
Ikhtesham Khan
Ikhtesham Khan 2 місяці тому
Which one is best
Charles L
Charles L 3 місяці тому
Who else is watching this on there iPhone X. I got the Xs max 256 gb I come from a galaxy 6 and 2 s8+ and let me tell you. I don’t know why I didn’t go apple a long time ago. I will never ever go back to Samsung.
DeeJay32 3 місяці тому
That’s gold? It looks silver lol I thought the back had a gold coloring
george per
george per 3 місяці тому
this is not planets, its ink inside a water
Jason Gabio
Jason Gabio 3 місяці тому
So perfect xoxo
Olivia Anderson
Olivia Anderson 3 місяці тому
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Tarun Guntaka
Tarun Guntaka 3 місяці тому
did anyone observed that he told XS PLUS at 3:17 xD
_Настюша _
_Настюша _ 3 місяці тому
Хочешь получить айфон 1)посмотреть на потолок 2)моргнуть 10 раз 3)скопируй это к 5 коментариям
Shabeh Lit
Shabeh Lit 3 місяці тому
Still Haven’t Decided On The Gold Or Silver 🥴🤔
Eva Nahar
Eva Nahar 3 місяці тому
FUCK you
L Kaan Y
L Kaan Y 3 місяці тому
Can I have one of those phones please?
Mohanad Kuhail
Mohanad Kuhail 3 місяці тому
Can you guys please shut up and stop hating apple in the comments? Be freaking grateful they’re making you phones- yeah it’s expensive but focus on the actual phone and it’s quality’s, not just the price
Preetika Gurung
Preetika Gurung 3 місяці тому
I appreciate how he stayed silent while peeling the plastic. Ugh satisfying
Anastasia Ice Cream
Anastasia Ice Cream 3 місяці тому
Ты тоже русский?
Sejla flower
Sejla flower 3 місяці тому
it should’ve came with airpods 🙄
Rascal - Fortnite Mobile
Rascal - Fortnite Mobile 3 місяці тому
That's silver
Shernee Pencil
Shernee Pencil 3 місяці тому
just ordered the xs.... probably should've watched this vid before just because of the dongle.😔
super saim
super saim 3 місяці тому
Bruhh....I'm in love with this phone....I'm switching from s9 plus to xs max
Choppaツ 3 місяці тому
Which one is bigger?
Lea Woods
Lea Woods 3 місяці тому
I was hoping it would have wireless earphones in it. WTF should I be given out of date wired ones?
Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma 3 місяці тому
Today i buy new iPhone xsmax 64gb
SKETCHING TIME 3 місяці тому
This is betty👩🏼‍💻Betty wants iPhone XS Max one like one dollar
Mehmet OZ
Mehmet OZ 3 місяці тому
add me on snap verified0 for any iphone for 150usd payment btc i have proof
Cute Doggy
Cute Doggy 3 місяці тому
3:17 Xs plus ??
Mikaela Chellina
Mikaela Chellina 3 місяці тому
hi is there any chance i can buy just the box from you?? i want to sell my iphone xs max but i can't find the original packaging, i think i lost it when i moved to my new apartment
Mikaela Chellina
Mikaela Chellina 3 місяці тому
@Cliona Pinto i would love to sell it to you but the thing is i live in europe..
Cliona Pinto
Cliona Pinto 3 місяці тому
Mikaela Chellina how much are ou willing to sell it for. i will buy it without packaging
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