Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing!

Marques Brownlee
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Yes, this phone cost $1449 before tax. Here's everything that comes in the box.
Review coming soon...
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Phone provided by Apple for video.

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18 вер 2018

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A. V.
A. V. 14 годин тому
Watching this on my NOTE 9 😅
Sharice Bryant
Sharice Bryant День тому
It’s amazing the amount of ppl come on iPhone review vids just to talk shit and promote Samsung lol. If you’re not getting paid to do this, reevaluate life.
Dilip Raj Baral
Dilip Raj Baral День тому
The best use of the 3D Touch is Keyboard. And I phone they don't do away with it in future iPhones.
Noise59 День тому
I just ordered one for my girlfriend (Gold) and one for me !! Its a Christmas present I hope she does not find this before Christmas!!
Angel Davila
Angel Davila День тому
Hey love your videos. Question. Does your UKvid app on your iPhone flash. I’ll watch mine and it’ll flash like I’m pausing the video but I’m not. It’ll continue to do this but doesn’t seem to happened on android. It annoying. Any idea?
Zero 2
Zero 2 День тому
What happened to your finger ;(
Moosic Maker
Moosic Maker 2 дні тому
Abrar Khan
Abrar Khan 2 дні тому
Yahoo ! finally I got I phone xs max on my birthday 😍
Habib Mondal
Habib Mondal 2 дні тому
Hallo sir may apka no but Baroda farend apka ekvi videos mis nahi karta hu. Apka har video bohut acha lagta hai Dr sir dukh ki bat hai ki mare pass koye smartphone nahi hai. jio phone 1 hay mare father bohut garib hai. sir apse guzrish hai ki ap mujha ak koye vi smartphone da do apko zindazi var aychan mandh rahunga Sorry sir Mobile number 6297673392 Pllese contact me
TrueLojic 3 дні тому
It would be nice to have a fast charger, but I only charge my phone overnight anyway
mhamad abdul
mhamad abdul 3 дні тому
hhhhhhh 1500$ ?@😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 they think I am stupid . but I am not.
Derend Zain
Derend Zain 4 дні тому
Stay at 8 plus. 😶
kasithrra kalaiselvam
kasithrra kalaiselvam 4 дні тому
people here in the comments are talking about apple gadgets and I dont understand shit because ive been usuing android my whole goddamn life
kasithrra kalaiselvam
kasithrra kalaiselvam 4 дні тому
If I was to unbox those things, it would take me a whole solid 2 hours just to avoid any finger prints or scratches on them T_T those things are precious to me ugh!
Firealarm102 4 дні тому
Why did i get a note 9, i regret it
KRATOS GAMING 5 днів тому
This christmast give me a iphone 7 or 6s pls po you are rich man thanks
dedpxl 5 днів тому
Oh shit, no headphone adapter? I clicked this to see if Airpods were included, and what is included. They don't even give an adapter? That's a downgrade from last time. I agree with the guy unboxing, it should include a faster charger and everything you'd need. Throw a screen protector, a case, a wireless charger, a fast charger, a headphone adapter. Just include it all. No one would notice if the price was $100 higher anyway.
Julien Lindauer
Julien Lindauer 6 днів тому
For next year, we will need : - REAL dual SIM - A 128 GB storage capacity stage (instead of the outdated 64 gigs) - More RAM (that’d be ENORMOUS) - More colours ! - The return of the dongle or/and the Lightning-to-Jack adapter - At least a better included charging wall adapter or even quick charge adapter - Type-C USB port - SD storage slot Yup, that’s a lot but for 1300 bucks and more, these things are *STILL MISSING !*
Raven Rhyme
Raven Rhyme 7 днів тому
XS is preeety
Chanelle !
Chanelle ! 7 днів тому
My dad bought me and my younger sister this I loveeee it!!!!
Amnish Aman
Amnish Aman 7 днів тому
Hey!! What will you do after unboxing the phone . return or use them ??? If you have any extra phone give to me
itsjustMe 8 днів тому
if u want one of these go to my channel and watch my manifest your desired iphone subliminal
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman 9 днів тому
Please give to me one iphone my mobile is broken
meelismarley bobmarley
meelismarley bobmarley 10 днів тому
This is not a planet!!! This is bubble
Deric J
Deric J 11 днів тому
I guess I'm the only one who doesn't like these wallpapers
Zarren E.
Zarren E. 11 днів тому
Give me an iphone pkease🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭
Toni pro 2
Toni pro 2 15 днів тому
13,969 hrk is price
Drae The gamer
Drae The gamer 16 днів тому
Who else got sexually attracted to the phone when he pulled the plastic off? God I hate myself for this 🤦‍♂️😩
YourMumATrap 17 днів тому
1000? Do I get a blow job before or after I buy this? Because if its 1000, there better be a blow job in there somewhere
John's Lemon
John's Lemon 17 днів тому
Damn $1100?, that shit better take me to Hawaii when I put it on airplane mode
Brian Brown
Brian Brown 4 дні тому
John's Lemon that was funny 💀
Daniel Ziran-Xu
Daniel Ziran-Xu 17 днів тому
God damn it they are bubbles!!
Carson Mochan
Carson Mochan 18 днів тому
*Finally I Can Buy The iPhone 3GS*
mella 2.0.6 johnson
mella 2.0.6 johnson 21 день тому
can you give me the xs not the max
Não Te Interessa
Não Te Interessa 21 день тому
Watching on my iPhone 6 Plus lol I’m so outdated
Camille Gill
Camille Gill 22 дні тому
GUYS CHRISTMAS IS 37 days away
omāru _kun
omāru _kun 23 дні тому
2:39 How I like this sound😍😥😍
Cast 25 днів тому
The 3,5 mm headphone jack dongle? Not only that this dongle is missing on the Xs/Xr, but if you buy a new iPhone 7 or 8 after September 2018 - well you also get no dongle aswell. People have already reported this. And they raised the price for the dongle from 9$ to 10$. Last year you would have gotten one in the box with your new iPhone 7 or 8. This year? Nothing.
Louise Lamperouge
Louise Lamperouge 25 днів тому
Planet? You mean bubble?
dedpxl 5 днів тому
It's not a planet??
MR RAYHAN 25 днів тому
Gift me i phone xrls max.. Bangladesh
#Benicio !!!!
#Benicio !!!! 27 днів тому
Nice I can buy the iPhone 5c
Alexander Castillo
Alexander Castillo 27 днів тому
And the whole time I at least thought the damn iPhones came with fast chargers hahahahha dumbasses.
Alexander Castillo
Alexander Castillo 27 днів тому
Note 9 takes both these clown phones down.
real nibba hours
real nibba hours 28 днів тому
to get the plastic peel film over the phone gonna be extra next year
Aki Passport / Lifestyles Channel
best quality video :D
elmeddin orucelizade
elmeddin orucelizade 28 днів тому
sks *
sks * 28 днів тому
Love your videos !
Dushu Jaitly
Dushu Jaitly 29 днів тому
Finally I got my iPhone Xs gold today and it’s such a premium product
Michael Vaine
Michael Vaine 29 днів тому
I notice alot of comments on why Apple doesn't supply a fast charge brick with new phones.. I actually prefer the little 5w brick , because I think I'm like most people, I charge it while i'm sleepling, and I would prefer a slow consistent charge that still does a nice job charging the phone,, It's allways fully charged when i wake up. NOW I do like a fast charger during the day and to keep in my vehicle. PS. luv your videos. I'm a longtime apple fan back to first iphones with the curved backs
zermello franck
zermello franck 29 днів тому
About iOS: No finder No downloading without app Shortcut no working Always same design No WiFi direct No Bluetooth file sending No camera settings ( resolution and other ) iTunes necessary Input your sim card and let your iPhone do his job😂😂😂😂😂
Tekendra Bhattarai
Tekendra Bhattarai Місяць тому
i like the iphone xs max
John Gotti
John Gotti Місяць тому
i think u can get better for less thats overprices its like paying 50 $ for a macdonald menu lmao they know how to scam people
Shoyb Khan
Shoyb Khan Місяць тому
Lokesh Das
Lokesh Das Місяць тому
Mohamed adid
Mohamed adid Місяць тому
Salam alaikoum. Je suis Mohammed du Maroc. J'espère avoir un iPhone. Je veux un cadeau de quelqu'un qui veut m'acheter le téléphone dont je rêve. Merci
Derile Paria
Derile Paria Місяць тому
This does not need a dongle. Use ya eyes bro.
Soumarjit Gogoi
Soumarjit Gogoi Місяць тому
I need one I phone I want to own one I have never have an I phone. I just want it please 😞😞
Zephy Місяць тому
WAW they removed the cool live wallpapers from iphone X WTF?!
LettuceWin Місяць тому
7 is same as 8, X is same as those two. Dont be fooled people
Technical Zone
Technical Zone Місяць тому
plz give me
The Greatman
The Greatman Місяць тому
Who gives a fuck It’s a fucking phone The highlight of your lives Nerds🤣🤣🖕
Anirudh Kumar
Anirudh Kumar Місяць тому
Been an android user since the iphone 5 and have been loving it. Unfortunately gonna have to switch to ios now cause i get so much hate on my group chats for not having imessage.
solenny cruz
solenny cruz Місяць тому
i wish i even had a phone
Andre McIntosh
Andre McIntosh Місяць тому
FYI its not a planet it's a oil bubble.
princess guevarra
princess guevarra Місяць тому
Can you give me one of the Iphone's product? Please sir 😓
MëlödySälvätöre perry
MëlödySälvätöre perry Місяць тому
Hello, I'm glad you launched ... this iPhone that should be wonderful ... but I can never get one because I'm from Brazil ... I wanted to go to the United States to buy ... but I have no money.
H M Місяць тому
Looks like silver
A Artist in a Simplistic girl
A Artist in a Simplistic girl Місяць тому
IPhone Xs: Xtra Shit 😂
Migeloo Місяць тому
I was wearing my pants until he peels of the plastic cover
Faris MOHAMMED N.R Місяць тому
Hahahh at 4 sec
Manahil Khan
Manahil Khan Місяць тому
I got iPhone Xs but I didn't know that IPhone Xs plus
Donovan Hall
Donovan Hall Місяць тому
Removing the dongle is SO disrespectful to Apple customers and SO greedy on apples part yea it's only 9 bucks but times that by how many people who bought the XS and XS max and you see how much every money that dongle alone will bring Apple ID fuck Tim Cooks wife raw and bust in her for doing that greedy bullshit
Maddy Dumont
Maddy Dumont Місяць тому
Just ordered my xs max in gold today! It’ll be here Wednesday 😁 bit disappointed that they wouldn’t include the dongle though.
Varun paramasivam
Varun paramasivam Місяць тому
张寒牧 Місяць тому
This is not gold, thank you
Varsha Panchal
Varsha Panchal Місяць тому
The face lock is more faster than iPhone x
Nadja Lianto
Nadja Lianto Місяць тому
I wish to have xs max as my 18th birthday gift but i remembered that we are poor. I’ll stick with my cousin’s phone. Im borrowing it every weekends anyways.
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Місяць тому
My dream and fvrt
Chris Sorkos
Chris Sorkos Місяць тому
Is the X still foe avaibility? Not from ebay, I ment from stores.
Rony Islam
Rony Islam Місяць тому
Watching on my iPhone Xs max
Rony Islam
Rony Islam Місяць тому
Good feels awesome!
Colleen Carson
Colleen Carson Місяць тому
Rony Islam me too I got the gold one
Micah Grace Marzan
Micah Grace Marzan Місяць тому
Please have a giveaway 🙏🏼
xFaithkeeperx Місяць тому
Just get wireless headphones and stop complaining! They keep updating the Bluetooth software to get the best sound & signal.
Lergen Marrel
Lergen Marrel Місяць тому
I really want that😭😭😭
maaz aslam biggest fan
maaz aslam biggest fan Місяць тому
the gold lools extra hot
Jonathan Arnasalam
Jonathan Arnasalam Місяць тому
what happened to your finger
sijan vt
sijan vt Місяць тому
Aunt Jemima
Aunt Jemima Місяць тому
Isn't there supposed to be a wireless charger?
Mukhtaar Muhammad
Mukhtaar Muhammad Місяць тому
Did anyone else think he was adding audio effects when flipping the boxes ?
HamadKadventures Місяць тому
I love your humour and your genuine curiosity and joy for technology
Jennifer Collier
Jennifer Collier Місяць тому
My grandma got the new iPhone XS max for her birthday and I don’t think she even knows how to fully work a phone
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Місяць тому
Its getting to a point were you are better off having the same iphone for 4 years, so you can actually notice a little bit of a difference.
Mr Memelord
Mr Memelord Місяць тому
Yeah I’m working min wage for 25$ hour but I got 2 iPhone X’s max 256gb and 2 Apple Watch series 4s for me and my bro his birthdays coming up and wanted to watch to see if he would like it think he will wish him a happy birthday for me his birthday is October 26th 😎
stanley saha
stanley saha Місяць тому
Next year no display, we have to buy air display separately
cloudscholar22 Місяць тому
thanks for your videos mane! appreciated!
ZanderLexx Місяць тому
Apple new phone logic: They hide their shame(notch) with a wallpaper, yet the other shame (audio dongle) is shared with the users/costumers in stores. Not to mention the lack of fast charger is moronic. ALL other companies provide the fast charger in the package if the phone supports it !!! Apparently Apple created a new category of people, I'm gonna call them Apple Sapiens , but sadly they are just like brainwashed sheep. Apple sells sheep buys, they did it .
Masi kumar
Masi kumar Місяць тому
#Razi rox
#Razi rox Місяць тому
Apple’s greatest product : iPhone? 📱 Naaaa Dongles
Damon Sam
Damon Sam Місяць тому
the same as my phone
Gary Druce
Gary Druce Місяць тому
FFS are you kidding me Associatedmy-phonez on 22/10/2018 - 11:40 RRP for XS Max 64GB = $1799 RRP for XS Max 256GB = $2049 RRP for XS Max 512GB = $2369 It's a phone FFS
Riot Місяць тому
Alex Wright
Alex Wright Місяць тому
Hey fast charging damage battery a lot
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