Gordon Ramsay Cooks For Cambodian Royalty | Gordon's Great Escape

Gordon Ramsay
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As Gordon's trip comes to an end, he puts what he's learned to the test as he cooks for Cambodian royalty.
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14 бер 2019

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Padmini Patani
Padmini Patani 20 годин тому
Gordon Ramsay is the great chef...💖
Ankit Aggarwal
Ankit Aggarwal День тому
Get out! Superb.. Gordon you are a maestro.. congratulations
Alex Morfi
Alex Morfi День тому
They were royal family and half of them was white
The True Yuu
The True Yuu 2 дні тому
So she wants to hire a god.
pubg rocks
pubg rocks 3 дні тому
This is the first time I ever saw Gordon Ramsay struggle
Savy Simon
Savy Simon 4 дні тому
great job Gordon!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
julie stumpf
julie stumpf 5 днів тому
I wonder if his family travels with him?
Nela G.
Nela G. 6 днів тому
Chef Gordon always impresses everyone, I can smell and taste from the screen the food, simply wow so exquisite !
gir Ahmedov
gir Ahmedov 6 днів тому
What is the music playing in the background called?
Ruby Ruby
Ruby Ruby 6 днів тому
I’m Cambodian and I’ve never seen these food before
Maryann Scott
Maryann Scott 7 днів тому
Fantastic!!! Keep making videos
Foodies cooking
Foodies cooking 7 днів тому
How Do
How Do 7 днів тому
Oh shit Gordon lost her Cambodian cook their job 😂😂
How Do
How Do 7 днів тому
I'd pretend I had the squits 😂😂
Bryan Zamora
Bryan Zamora 8 днів тому
It's heartwarming and humbling seeing Gordon mess up while trying to impress someone else, he's so hard on everyone because he wants to bring out the best in peoples careers
Sara S
Sara S 8 днів тому
Gordon is proof to all the ppl who don't believe that no matter how good you are there is always something more to learn he's my inspiration in the kitchen never give up y'all
Mike B
Mike B 8 днів тому
I had the pleasure of meeting Gordon in Las Vegas. It was a brief meeting, but he was genuinely kind. I'm a forever fan. Great guy!
William Allen
William Allen 8 днів тому
Nice one! Happy I came across your channel.
Aravind ps
Aravind ps 8 днів тому
After dinner, the princess ordered her guards to thow the Brit into water
TherealGeorgeSt-Pierre 9 днів тому
1:19 gordon always talking smack , but when he genuinely kind and heartfelt he is.
Hunter Evans
Hunter Evans 9 днів тому
and delicacies born from necessity *PPPPFFFGHTT*
Emerald _ly
Emerald _ly 9 днів тому
Other chefs: the country's best chef. Gordon: the world's famous and best chef.
Kikiy Samsung
Kikiy Samsung 9 днів тому
🖒 kokki
Jay Emmanuel javier agcaoili
Jay Emmanuel javier agcaoili 10 днів тому
Amazing. I love it... you will learn alot from this video.
Juniper Knot
Juniper Knot 10 днів тому
6:12 dude just been smacked with a shokugeki hentai visual
bob jones
bob jones 10 днів тому
1.06 I felt so sorry for those poor little fish, that's so cruel and they don't have a 3 second memory contrary to indoctrination.
Prak Syleap
Prak Syleap 10 днів тому
cat Kitty
cat Kitty 10 днів тому
nice to see him mentoring , the young fella that's what l like about Gordon Ramsay
Crurned 11 днів тому
5:33 when I struggle to make a glass of water
blue jay
blue jay 11 днів тому
Ugh Gordon's so sweaty. I thought i saw his sweat fly off his face. Where did it land. In the food? Gross.
Jimwell Gaviola
Jimwell Gaviola 11 днів тому
Well that's a hell of a kitchen. Those words are very inspiring for you Mr. Gordon Ramsay I'm inspired too having a goosebumps btw from their speech because you're not a cambodian cook but you succeeded to a new level congratulations Mr. Gordon Fuckin' Ramsay you made a twist for your cooks 🤘 Proud fan here!
robbzooi 11 днів тому
very awesome how he made that dude his sous-chef, this will greatly increase his chances of making it bigger
Jacob Parks
Jacob Parks 11 днів тому
Royalty: Ramsey is really good, way better than the chef I have at home! 🏡 Chef at home: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?
Nery MVP.
Nery MVP. 11 днів тому
5:14 so cuteee 😍😍. I wish I have a grandma
IvyMe 12 днів тому
Bravo 👏🏼 Gordon
Jacky Dooley
Jacky Dooley 13 днів тому
I'd love to hear how the young chef is doing now hopefully Gordon got him a visa and set him up with a job in Britain!!!
J Leary
J Leary 13 днів тому
He talks the talk and was walks the walk!
Abdul Shohid
Abdul Shohid 13 днів тому
Gud stuff gordon 👍
Theresa Williams
Theresa Williams 14 днів тому
WOW! Gordon screws up food on occasion! Still love him though!!
Brut4L-_Sp3ctr3 14 днів тому
Damn hitman 2 game play is lit!
Wavy Quix
Wavy Quix 14 днів тому
Gordon must be rich af after this😂
M's CUBE 18 днів тому
Imagine sitting with that royal family And farting loudly.
Lady Polanco
Lady Polanco 19 днів тому
Gordan ramsy side job is being a professional narrator
Un Sacapuntas
Un Sacapuntas 19 днів тому
this feels like the final boss of the cambodia world
Edward Day
Edward Day 21 день тому
This just proves what a nice guy Gordon really is
Wendell 22 дні тому
It's amazing how serious he takes all of this. He takes cuisine and culture seriously while holding himself to the same standard he holds others to. Nice. Good stuff.
Harry Dunkwu
Harry Dunkwu 23 дні тому
And so the saying goes... "Every teacher worth their salt is forever a student".
Balla21 25 днів тому
I wish that other chef would have gone to Gordon said what the f***'s is this bucking bull she it
Stephen Lozada
Stephen Lozada 25 днів тому
Awesome how it came together and good experience for that young man
Weeaboo SiegeBoiXD
Weeaboo SiegeBoiXD 25 днів тому
when gordon ramsay yell at chef for making mistake but he keeps busting his ass
Elf Machine
Elf Machine 27 днів тому
Gordon is truly a monster when it comes to his craft, he keeps learning and learning. All those visits he made paid out of.
SocioComm 27 днів тому
I would love the recipe for those Jungle Rice dessert. Those look like they ought to be delicately sweet and maybe nutty. Those are my favorite flavors.
Keelan the Newgwhyin
Keelan the Newgwhyin Місяць тому
Gordon Ramsay = Tony Stark Kid chef = Peter Parker
Luwi & Airaj's Memories
Luwi & Airaj's Memories Місяць тому
ukvid.net/show-UCangCI3Od5UERbuc-VxIvZA for jobseekers and tourist in Cambodia
Sacred Sun
Sacred Sun Місяць тому
One of my favorites in action.
Crispy Tendies
Crispy Tendies Місяць тому
Amazing job Gordon, all looks fantastic!
takeitindballs Місяць тому
I don't like royals.
Little Baby Pumpkin
Little Baby Pumpkin Місяць тому
This man is living to the fullest for all of us
jay thuggy
jay thuggy Місяць тому
and the kid chef had vodka instead of wine. he didn't want non of that weak shit
jaime tonche
jaime tonche Місяць тому
But can he make a big azz burrito...
Chris Rockwell
Chris Rockwell Місяць тому
So that's the secret ingredient.... Sweat. Gordon sweat flying off his face at 2:51
Erick Franco
Erick Franco Місяць тому
They seem like really nice people.
Reece Longstaff
Reece Longstaff Місяць тому
Well done Gordon what a legend 😎👍🏻
Jan Folke Rørvik
Jan Folke Rørvik Місяць тому
Imagine his sweat dripping into the pots and pans.
Shakira Harrison
Shakira Harrison Місяць тому
I kid you not when Gordon spat that Fried spider out at the start that was so me in Thailand with fried beetle😭😭😭😭 so English
shenzhong Місяць тому
You can criticize Gordon for being too harsh, but at least his holds himself to his same high standards.
Iam Ruthłess
Iam Ruthłess Місяць тому
3:58 Gordon Ramsey dabs
Lia C
Lia C Місяць тому
So strange to see him cracking
Barbara Von Traumer
Barbara Von Traumer Місяць тому
Is it bad that I’m happy to watch a travel cooking show again? Too soon 😢
Legend Gotta Catch Em All
Legend Gotta Catch Em All Місяць тому
Gordon : Likes the food . All other chefs : Is it possible to learn this power ?
ROVOI •Fps Місяць тому
Who els think cambodia is amazing ? Bc im a cambodian.
Liz B
Liz B Місяць тому
I'd respect him a hell of a lot more if every 2nd word wasn't either the F word, or some other fotm of bad language. I frrl sorty for his family having to live with that 24/7. I have lead teams of staff myself, and without having to resort to swearing or screaming, belitteling or putting everyone down. IT CAN BE DONE, Chef Ramsay, why don't you hive ot a try sometime. Watching you at times, I am amazed that your blood pressure dowsn't blow the roof of any building that you happen to be in at the time.
Khmer General
Khmer General Місяць тому
The Demon
The Demon Місяць тому
Ah "royalty"
Funny not Fanny
Funny not Fanny Місяць тому
"i would hire him anytime" Whaha gordon is much richer than them😂
omarsawan 6 днів тому
Bra they're Royalty* ROYALTY they own the bloody country 🤨
Konot addict
Konot addict Місяць тому
I guess luening got a new job after that presentation
ReEeee Місяць тому
Where are the people from Cambodia but isn’t Cambodian?
Barni Yamum
Barni Yamum Місяць тому
*steal from the poor & sell it to the rich...*
Ali Abbas Agha
Ali Abbas Agha Місяць тому
It's really inspiring. We in India do the same smoking process to get wild honey
Serch Flores
Serch Flores Місяць тому
That young boy will be badass in a future.
Milan Luis
Milan Luis Місяць тому
"He's a better cook than my cook at home." yeah no shit he's fucking gordon ramsay.
Daniel Abid
Daniel Abid Місяць тому
I hate royal families, no matter where there are.
ShirohigeSusanoo Місяць тому
Man this is no joke. Even Gordon Ramsey slips up sometimes and lets the pressure get to him. I have a lot more respect for him now! (I had tons already) you can make a mistake and your reputation suffers as a consequence. Great that he keeps challenging himself! And he did a great job!
Heyitzj0sh Місяць тому
The mark of a great chef is being able to adapt to any culinary environment. Of course Gordon is going to struggle but it's impressive that he is able to hold his own in any country and adopt different cultures quickly.
Kera Logan
Kera Logan Місяць тому
My favorite part of this entire Cambodia tour is that you gave that chance to a young man that has been through a lot and you saw his potential and recognized the talent he has and you rewarded that. Bringing him under your wing to cook for royalty, what a huge honor.
K Wilder
K Wilder Місяць тому
6:17 what a big compliment for Gordon Ramsey, and wow these royals/aristocrats are so gracious with their compliments
ellie,muffasa and others
ellie,muffasa and others Місяць тому
they are royals of a poor country . they know the reality and like their ppl they are humble
K Wilder
K Wilder Місяць тому
5:02 Cute Cambodian Aunties :D
Waffle Kitsune
Waffle Kitsune Місяць тому
1080p and yet so bad?
g g
g g Місяць тому
Love these mini episodes. TY Ramsay for going to the extreme to bring us these treats
Little Lynkx
Little Lynkx Місяць тому
"He's better than my cook. I have a cook at home, I would hang him anytime" WHAT
K Wilder
K Wilder Місяць тому
HIRE* him anytime, or maybe fire him anytime
Dawinder pal
Dawinder pal Місяць тому
tumbi wale eder auo
Incap1ble Місяць тому
5:12 her smile is beautiful
Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah Місяць тому
A white guy who serves asians. Is so lovely to watch 😂😂 and don't forget his winning awards too 😂
Judy Martin
Judy Martin Місяць тому
Black Crow
Black Crow Місяць тому
Gordon is such a treasure and inspiration. So nice to see him doing good things, I gotta say, when I'm 70 or 80 years old in 2070 you bet I'll still be watching old videos of Gordon Ramsay to brighten my old days lol.
Conor Stewart
Conor Stewart Місяць тому
It’s so good to see someone extremely passionate about what they do. Even though he has pretty much conquered the western world he knows he has only scratched the surface of what’s out there, and he enjoys learning as much as he can. He’s humble about it as well, he always respects the people that are teaching him and adds his own twist into it. He is a truly amazing man
Alek S
Alek S Місяць тому
Just give em hamberders
UrbanaticLemonade Місяць тому
For all those who are wondering That last Sweet dish came from Rice - ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-fXHmFPduYbM.html Honey - ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-iXwfBJYCTc4.html sous chef - ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-RkNogxhrf3M.html
Glenn Chua. Hian Beng
Glenn Chua. Hian Beng Місяць тому
Always willing to learn, no matter how good and how clever you're. Be humble!
Afsana Abdullayeva
Afsana Abdullayeva Місяць тому
So proud of you, Gordon!
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