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Gordon Ramsay
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As Gordon's trip in Malaysia comes towards an end, he enters a cooking competition to showcase whats he's learned.
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14 кві 2019





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dumbconscript 24 хвилини тому
lol wearing tudung in a kitchen. muslims are pathetic
Random User
Random User 48 хвилин тому
Gordon Ramsay should be a chef, he's good.
azka muhammad habib
azka muhammad habib 50 хвилин тому
again again and again malaysia steel our food, rendang is from indonesia. LMAO WTF MALAY!
Kenneth Maloney
Kenneth Maloney 50 хвилин тому
Gordon is a great narrator.
Vlad Baje
Vlad Baje 52 хвилини тому
It looks so silly for Malaysian people))
James Logan
James Logan 58 хвилин тому
Dude I swear Gordon is the most likely person to have killed a man and gotten away with it lol.
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim Годину тому
This is the best Toshiba rice cooker ad I’ve seen
Muhd Iskandar
Muhd Iskandar Годину тому
Gordon ramsay 🔥🔥🔥
TheyAllDie Годину тому
“Push the button, and hope for the fucking best” **me playing any fighter game**
BigD BigD
BigD BigD Годину тому
Different countries have different tastes. You should have known that.
palladin 2 години тому
Sub2PewdsForACookie 2 години тому
Other participators: shit
Adr805 2 години тому
4:50 he as a cook should know, to cough to his sleeve, not hand
Chaos Gaming
Chaos Gaming 3 години тому
This is like Food Porn it looks DELICOUS
anthony perkins
anthony perkins 3 години тому
Even though Gordon your one of the best chefs in the world, you were still humble when you came in second place. Second place is AMAZING still. You can always come in 1st place, now you have a NEW understanding I'm sure you'll take take the crown next year.
Aldo Toscano
Aldo Toscano 4 години тому
Bravo Chef! Always humble and willing to learn like a true leader.
Davin Reynaldi
Davin Reynaldi 4 години тому
Oh rendang it so good
Eirian H
Eirian H 4 години тому
gordon: is a chef also gordon: i have never used a rice cooker before
Da gaming Pando
Da gaming Pando 5 годин тому
Gorden Ramsay if u were turned into a kid do u think u would be able to cook the same and have the same good taste of food?
JAMES HELGESON 5 годин тому
*Puts 2 minute noodles in the oven* I am now classified as a master chef
Muhammed fazil kottilingal farook
Muhammed fazil kottilingal farook 5 годин тому
i love your spirit . hats off
martha salome palafox gonzalez
martha salome palafox gonzalez 6 годин тому
impresionante cocinar con esas mujeres
jlear 6 годин тому
1:43 fake it till ya make it
YouTube BANDIT 6 годин тому
I get it's gordon but did he really have to speak to the man that way? I would of dropped it on purpose
Rubie PvP
Rubie PvP 6 годин тому
Soviet Union
Soviet Union 7 годин тому
*how to get free food*
Soviet Union
Soviet Union 7 годин тому
Gordan vs Wendy's in roast compitition
R Kraus
R Kraus 7 годин тому
Those crazy women laugh at one of the worlds premiere chefs. If she saw how he cooks rice in a pot she’d sh&t bricks. That competition was rigged and racist. Screw that ridiculous competition Gordon. You’re superior
Johnny Leps
Johnny Leps 8 годин тому
Chef Ramsay constantly speaks of a lack of passion from restaurant owners on his show. You can see the passion he speaks of in this video.
The day in the life Lala
The day in the life Lala 8 годин тому
Of all three names 2?!??
deathbyalex 8 годин тому
Nobody: Gordon Ramsay: 2:03
Caden Adrien
Caden Adrien 9 годин тому
1:43 The lady forgets about that camera and rolls her eyes at Gordon
CSE Samoan Zeus
CSE Samoan Zeus 9 годин тому
How do I find the whole episode??
LujamShook YT
LujamShook YT 9 годин тому
Gordon Ramsey: *I can beat everyone on a food challenge!* ~minutes later~ **MS.LIN CHALLENGED YOU INTO A FOODWAR**
The Cat Sits On The Mat
The Cat Sits On The Mat 9 годин тому
*and hope for the fucking best*
Speciman 10 годин тому
Why would he make curry in Southeast Asia? I always thought curry was only Indian pakistani south asian and southeast and east was seafood and sushi and noodles and stuff
Procyon amorim
Procyon amorim 10 годин тому
gordon didnt win... lol... it was malasyia... and they probably didnt want a british or american guy to win... just a theory...
Ira XO
Ira XO 10 годин тому
Pause the vid at 6:43 WTF
Zackery Gimson
Zackery Gimson 10 годин тому
Ehh hallo, msian dun hv instant wash rice, where u can straightaway add water... Alamak that rice cooker is way better than a digital cooker cuz e rice will last longer... Not bad chef... U've master our Agak2 technique... N it's not easy 2 balance e flavor of our msian food!!!!
Materink 2
Materink 2 10 годин тому
Personally this is my favorite Ramsay moment. This is a great example of how a master of their craft can adept to other cultures and their methods. Fantastic thing to watch.
Tavian Williams
Tavian Williams 10 годин тому
Dang, don't drop the tray.
TDI CharlieBrown
TDI CharlieBrown 11 годин тому
Auntie Lynn - The chef that topped Gordon Ramsay! New Greatest Chef Of All Time Chef!
sjaak de wit
sjaak de wit 11 годин тому
holy shit those plates look very good
Will Devereux
Will Devereux 11 годин тому
filmed in 2007 uploaded in 2019
gita julian
gita julian 11 годин тому
I think rendang from indonesian, not malay
The Saminater
The Saminater 12 годин тому
i started this video last night and paused it. Then i came back to watch it this morning, pressed play, and the first thing he says is "It's like Breastfeeding 5 babies at a time" AND I'M DYING LAUGHING XD The lack of context is great
1976jtd 12 годин тому
Why does he have to use the f word so much
Lightning Tomy
Lightning Tomy 12 годин тому
Don’t forget 2020
astrella elisyaaa
astrella elisyaaa 12 годин тому
Im so sad because rendang it's from Indonesia:(
Gerths Gaming
Gerths Gaming 12 годин тому
You want to like this comment for no reason.
Skha Vito
Skha Vito 12 годин тому
Power of emak-emak (moms)
امجد امير
امجد امير 13 годин тому
The Winner is chef Gordon Ramsay 💪💪🏆🏆🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🏆
BUFF AF 13 годин тому
I'll hang you upside down by your balls! Don't sneeze!
bob69075 13 годин тому
Nobody remembers second Gordon.
Gretchell Santana
Gretchell Santana 13 годин тому
You could have made mochi
KefkaFanatic 13 годин тому
I love seeing Gordon Ramsay being humble like this. It's amazing how much respect he has for other cultures and still learns despite being too notch chef.
Imperial Bloodlust
Imperial Bloodlust 13 годин тому
I have so much respect for this man. And it grows with each video
Narender Badoni
Narender Badoni 14 годин тому
7:17, We now have the "turd" fries! WTF is a turd fry?
Ethan Wong
Ethan Wong 14 годин тому
Hi!, your channel is great this is nice. Keep Sharing
Ronald Joseph caballero
Ronald Joseph caballero 14 годин тому
Soma is the best
Turts 14 годин тому
Why is Gordon Ramsay’s commentary like an anime told by a narrator lol
Madmagyver 14 годин тому
First : never insult the server. A good server knows their job just like a good chef. Second: Gordon is a very intelligent man and an excellent chef but the winner explained it in a nutshell. It takes heart and a lifetime of immersion in the culture and Gordon lacks both.
— Sinc _Nicotine
— Sinc _Nicotine 14 годин тому
it’s so interesting to watch Gordon cook-
Lance Dar
Lance Dar 14 годин тому
It's really nice to see Chef Gordon Ramsay to still learn new things even though he's already an excellent chef. I hope that next time, Chef Ramsay will come to the Philippines! I'm very sure that he'll learn a wide variety of new delicious cuisines such as Adobo, Sinigang, Tinola and the like. Best of luck Chef Ramsay! Love from the Philippines.
Narwhal Warrior
Narwhal Warrior 14 годин тому
She laughed at him and she beat him, thats a person I aspire to be
Pr1meval Pr1me
Pr1meval Pr1me 15 годин тому
"She has the ferrari of rice cookers". F*ckin loved it. 😂
Justin Z.
Justin Z. 15 годин тому
ᔕᗝ 丹モS匕卄モ匕工匚Ꮻ
Shadow Lor
Shadow Lor 16 годин тому
Did anyone also notice that the time on the clip is 9:11
Sarah Mulia
Sarah Mulia 16 годин тому
Im sorry but rendang is from indonesia😑😏🙃😌
J. G
J. G 16 годин тому
A pro chef gordan cant even use a rice cooker n make rice lol jk. Everones always learning.
Erwin Ros
Erwin Ros 16 годин тому
Second. He'll love that.
Echo1Delta 16 годин тому
Asian food, the best
Just Justine
Just Justine 17 годин тому
You are gucci
john lee
john lee 17 годин тому
I would have said, fuck you Gordan go hang yourself and dropped the tray. And say, that was just a joke too.
Gabriel Scurlock
Gabriel Scurlock 17 годин тому
"Hope for the fucking best"😂
Spilled Joe
Spilled Joe 17 годин тому
Any Malayians here?
severus snape
severus snape 18 годин тому
Fucking Gordon Ramsey.
qlowenon 18 годин тому
dont use ur hands like that if u are cooking 4:51
ren gar
ren gar 18 годин тому
Just for a tv show.
Rosnizah Shaari
Rosnizah Shaari 18 годин тому
I live in KL aka Kuala Lumpur
Pankaj Bansal
Pankaj Bansal 18 годин тому
Don't sneeze is my new status!
a lil piece of trash
a lil piece of trash 19 годин тому
Everyone say that rendang is from Malaysia but it’s actually from Indonesia
Elizeu Fernandes
Elizeu Fernandes 19 годин тому
When u try the tutorial with max gear
APN Chang
APN Chang 20 годин тому
Well done Gordon!
Kawaii Pancake
Kawaii Pancake 20 годин тому
Lmao they don't respond because they can't speak English
Mohd Muqri
Mohd Muqri 20 годин тому
when you cooking rendang (my favorite food :3 ) or other asian food the indigrient you put must be "agak-agak"
Secret agentjay
Secret agentjay 20 годин тому
No wonder Gordon Ramsay didn't get first, to get first you need "love and heart"
BlueLight 20 годин тому
"It's like breast feeding 5 babies at a time"
Rhea chan
Rhea chan 20 годин тому
I was expecting him to get confused with some Malaysian slang but okay 😅😅
The Viola of the Nibelungs.
The Viola of the Nibelungs. 20 годин тому
I wish they were subtitled, I understand English, but I can hardly understand it at all.
تھامس Томас သောမတ်စ်
34 trending in Australia
Malkavian 21 годину тому
I'm still surprise that Chef Ramsay never used a rice cooker before. How is that possible??
Ash Raz
Ash Raz 21 годину тому
Aga aga
Zapper Zapped
Zapper Zapped 21 годину тому
They didn't wanna disappoint the ladies. If there were male chefs in the competition, Gordon would've won it.
Azemi Farhan
Azemi Farhan 21 годину тому
He makes cooking rice sounds like the most epic cooks to be done.
Katakuri 21 годину тому
1:43 those eyes lmao
ThNdr Boltz
ThNdr Boltz 21 годину тому
Rendang its not from a Malaysia, its traditional indonesian food from padang
Nayaka arya Putra
Nayaka arya Putra 21 годину тому
All is indone msia food
htconex19062012 22 години тому
Gordon Ramsay is noisy 🧐😎
Gitu Gacha
Gitu Gacha 22 години тому
1:43 when my bully complements me .
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