Gordon Ramsay Served The Smallest Portion Of Mussels He's Ever Seen | Kitchen Nightmares

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Upon seeing his Mussels Marinara, the first thing Gordon says is "Are You Sure?".
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6 лют 2019

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ronburgindee 2 дні тому
zeebad 123
zeebad 123 3 дні тому
"lots of name calling" Gordon:"Really?" Like he never does name calling
tonifuso71 4 дні тому
lol you can't fail with saltimbocca they are so easy to do, even for a beginner, if the ingredients are of good quality you can't fail. But speaking of italian cousin they served mussels with marinara sauce, not "mussels alla marinara"
anin 4 дні тому
Nicole reminds me of Rachel "The Sugar Walls Girl"
lol lol
lol lol 5 днів тому
Imagine, somebody told you the show asked the kitchen to do their worst just to make gordon reacts. Imagine.
agent 47
agent 47 5 днів тому
too much garlic? i dont believe you can have too much garlic tbh
Samudra Das
Samudra Das 5 днів тому
Gordon needs to taste Indian food...he will be blown away by flavor and texture...it is much better than this bullshit
Morphiuz 5 днів тому
Meth + waiter usually is a bad combo.
Uncensored Hand Holding
Uncensored Hand Holding 5 днів тому
Jojo reference 4:39
Tariq Aslam
Tariq Aslam 6 днів тому
There are some serious pscho issues in that place, apart from the pasta and the side view of that gut in a black dress
The Iron Swede
The Iron Swede 6 днів тому
Gordon: In your mind, what's wrong with your face-, uh, this place? 00:52
Jon Worry
Jon Worry 6 днів тому
Only came here to read the comments
Jennifer E
Jennifer E 7 днів тому
Idk why but at 6:09 the chef reminded me of paul rudd
Reynaldo Sudithio
Reynaldo Sudithio 7 днів тому
"Ah. Dio" "Adios you! fucking bland"
Mochipochi XD
Mochipochi XD 8 днів тому
4:39 "Ah, Dio" 😂
Terab Ali
Terab Ali 8 днів тому
Nicole looks like shes been on meth, pills, crack, all in one like ninooooo!
aha 10 днів тому
4:39 is that a jojo reference?
DiamondBones007 10 днів тому
"We cannot have fresh musscles when the menus is extremely large" I hope Montrealers focus on that epic sentence. It'e the deepest truth in all of history. In my opnion, the only time a large menu is ok is when the restaurant is the size of a street block, and they get the same amount of customers as a busy downtown traffic intersection, and they have many different chefs and divisions. Such restaurants don't actually exist, eventhough I've seen some that were almost as large as half a city block, though it's food was just crap, and not a lot of customers. I'd love to visit a restaurant that specialized in just a small handfull of things. Not these 50 item menus where they all are bland and crappy.
DiamondBones007 10 днів тому
That's the one thing I've never understood about veal. The baby animal already went through a short life of being forced to not move so that it's muscles stay underdevelopped... and even in some cases, never see light so that their eyes and muscles in their face stay tender... even hung to make sure they never use any of their muscles... yet some people still prefer to beat the meat to make sure it's nice and tender lol VEAL AND LAMB IS A FKN JOKE and why I stay away from it, because once a chef and restaurant prides themselves on those meats, they loose all credibility. A good chef knows how to ransform any cut of meat into something juicy and tender, and a good restaurant knows how to spot a good chef. If you're giving into popular "trends" to attract customers, instead of just standing out on your own, then what they have must be actual crap, and trends are just a desperate attempt to grab attention to save their dying business.
Jake Lo Wang
Jake Lo Wang 4 дні тому
I hate veal don't like the taste of it.
Georgie B
Georgie B 12 днів тому
me: that doesn’t look that bad Gordon: DISGUSTING me: DISGUSTING
Maryam Ahmed
Maryam Ahmed 13 днів тому
Is this show staged or are they actually so oblivious of their own restaurant prices.
Liam Savinainen
Liam Savinainen 13 днів тому
Why do they look like they are high 24/7?
100 subs with no video 's
100 subs with no video 's 14 днів тому
Look at Nicolse's Irisses, 100% drug addict
Tiny Tina
Tiny Tina 14 днів тому
Theres like 3 customers in the restraunt? "Did I serve you?" Seriously? Get off whatever it is you're on, girl damn..
Waluigi 15 днів тому
4:40 "oh, you're approaching me? Instead of running away you're coming right to me?" *Gordon: i can't tell you it's overcooked without getting closer*
Filthy BOB
Filthy BOB 15 днів тому
Nicole looks like a crackhead
who knows
who knows 15 днів тому
"If Chef Ramsay doesn't like the food, there's nothing I can do about that because that's the way it's made" wait.. what? No, hold up, for real now.. what???? Huh? I'm not even sure where I am anymore or if this is real life. Does she not know how dishes work? I am so blown away. Dear god I hope she watched that back. That's next level delusional and/or stupidity, fuck me.
Gaming F
Gaming F 15 днів тому
1:25 No one: Art teachers :
tallulah Smith
tallulah Smith 16 днів тому
Ive had a portion of mussels come and the portion is literally 2 mussels.
F4nicFlare 16 днів тому
Mike Oxmall
Martin M
Martin M 16 днів тому
Damn, those servers would have me run out of that place before I even tasted their terrible food. The scare crow look and that terminal vocal fry are just too much.
TheOpelkoenjas 16 днів тому
$10 for 7 overcooked (defrosted) mussels drowning in sauce. LOL
Krestian Kvart
Krestian Kvart 17 днів тому
I wanna shoot everyone of these bitches
Jeane Glover
Jeane Glover 17 днів тому
When Nicole came and he asked “What’s wrong with the place?”, I thought he said “What’s wrong with your face?”.
Matik 17 днів тому
Melanie Stump
Melanie Stump 17 днів тому
Please tell me what episode and season this is from
Dick C. Normous
Dick C. Normous 9 днів тому
Search on youtube "Kitchen nightmares Bella Luna"
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper 17 днів тому
mahdi hassani
mahdi hassani 17 днів тому
ahh DIO
Jas Duggal
Jas Duggal 17 днів тому
“I did not overcook it” *millisecond passes* “This is so overcooked its extraordinary”
Cale Mingo
Cale Mingo 18 днів тому
Is that a jojo reference 4:40
LWLman 18 днів тому
When you find out your adopted brother is trying to murder your dying father 4:39
Haminku 15 днів тому
then you find a chinese guy to cure your dying father from some poison yea
Shadoukita 18 днів тому
4:39 It Was Me, Dio!
Licht Bus
Licht Bus 19 днів тому
When you sell a few frozen mussels for 10 bucks Stonks
No soy dotero
No soy dotero 14 днів тому
Cerwyn yeah but Gordon’s main concern when he saw the dish was the quantity of the musles, he hadn’t even tried it yet. So that’s hypocrisy
Cerwyn 14 днів тому
@No soy dotero That's because his food is actually good and worth it unless youre poor.
No soy dotero
No soy dotero 15 днів тому
Licht Bus fun fact: I highly doubt there is any 10$ dish in Gordon’s restaurant
thesloveniaboy123 19 днів тому
How can he know how baby vomit tast? I don't get it.
Michael Griffiths
Michael Griffiths 19 днів тому
I would like to give my thanks specially to umbraheart1 for the education. I would never have know these ugly looking replacements for people looked like meth heads, As I dont have a clue , well that is I didnt, have a clue what a meth head looked like. I should have thought not possible. Meth heads surely wouldnt look like theyre from another world. Would they ?
Grimescene City
Grimescene City 20 днів тому
You can tell most of these chefs haven't been trained properly or at all.. some seem like they don't know any better which can be changed with proper training from a well taught chef in a top restaurant.
Imtrying 20 днів тому
I died when he said he taste like baby vomit.
Erik E
Erik E 21 день тому
2:23 - Gordon makes a Rick. Loving it!
One Plus
One Plus 21 день тому
I would feel so uncomfortable eating in that room
Ajax Lewis
Ajax Lewis 21 день тому
I've watched so much Gordon Ramsay clips and realised you literally just have to make sure that: 1. Your produce isnt frozen 2. It's seasoned with salt and pepper Job done.
rocky ray
rocky ray 21 день тому
to be fair gordan looks like them
hot stuff
hot stuff 21 день тому
8pcs of mussels for 10 dollars 😝
Jake Lo Wang
Jake Lo Wang 4 дні тому
Its was 7 its even worse.
Cavin Bob
Cavin Bob 21 день тому
Nicole takes drugs. Please stop giving her anymore
Rhea Mahapure
Rhea Mahapure 21 день тому
" she seems nice..." "No." #me.
Captain Cluster
Captain Cluster 22 дні тому
I bet Gordon could turn baby vomit into something delicious 😁
Luddesnubben 23 дні тому
K Dubz
K Dubz 23 дні тому
That poor blonde lady was taking all the heat 🔥🔥😂😂😭
naginder sood
naginder sood 23 дні тому
Gordon be like: Wakes up, today is Tuesday, let's criticise someone for nothing. Today is friday, God won't forgive me if I say anything good about anyone's dish, the whole day... Rest of the days: lets practice for Tuesday and Friday...
RaZ ZoR 23 дні тому
4:39 It is I DIO!! Wryyyyy!!
Flughund96 23 дні тому
I love a good saltimbocca, but this, all covered in greasy cheese or whatsoever, looks like s###.
Semper Fidelis
Semper Fidelis 23 дні тому
How could you eat veal?, i mean, do you not consider it inhumane to eat a child cow???
Kholofelo Mahapa
Kholofelo Mahapa 24 дні тому
We already know what's coming before we even watch the video: Gordon: that's bland, soggy, disgusting, gross Every time!!!!😂
razi rahmani
razi rahmani 24 дні тому
Btw when did Gordon tasted baby vomit 🤣🤣
genti 24 дні тому
i know smth. about restorants and i can tell u for sure the chef was good and the dishes tasty ... maybe not 5stars ... hence the overcoocking mentioned by ramsey ... mass restorants tend to overcoock a little to not risk undercooked stuff p.s. the cheffs only doubt was ... The souce has no flavour?
Krazy Cat - Channel
Krazy Cat - Channel 24 дні тому
How did he end up in those kind of places
BASED POPPA PUMP 24 дні тому
Nicole is a junkie.
yoongi had me like
yoongi had me like 24 дні тому
I've been watching too many Gordon Ramsay, Chef Junior and The Taste that I'm getting hungry and I'm supposed to be on a diet. I cooked. No regrets.
Robs Gardening Chanel
Robs Gardening Chanel 24 дні тому
I like how he gives them legitimate feedback but when they deserve it he doesn’t hold back
Claudia 24 дні тому
Honestly I don't know how he even eats this stuff. Looking at the first "dish" made me feel so sick
Hamza Al-obaidi
Hamza Al-obaidi 25 днів тому
-she seems to me a nice Girl? -OH no she is a out of her mind!
LDcorx 25 днів тому
Yh there’s been a lot of name callin mainly from the kitchen n stuff haha the look he gives because he knows grow a set and deal with it 😂 Have you seen him and the way he talks to his kitchen staff? 😂 🔥 Search boiling point 👨‍🍳
John Hartigan
John Hartigan 25 днів тому
Americans don't know how to cook Italian, they always use too many ingredients and tons of garlic everywhere
Siavash Sk
Siavash Sk 25 днів тому
desolationrow 25 днів тому
Nicole is on drugs.
Alessandro Del Casale
Alessandro Del Casale 26 днів тому
Desmond Rowe
Desmond Rowe 26 днів тому
Shockwave Bot
Shockwave Bot 26 днів тому
Nicole looks fuckin hideous.
unnchy 26 днів тому
gayesper 26 днів тому
bandana chef turning to the camera lookin like ricardo milos
Jagerz YT
Jagerz YT 24 дні тому
gayesper LMFAOOO
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 26 днів тому
Interesting how everyone is an expert on drug abuse.
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