GOTTA SEE IT: Three Fights Break Out On Opening Draw Between Rangers & Capitals

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Watch as right off opening draw, three fights break out between the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers.



5 тра 2021





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Jason Matas
Jason Matas 10 днів тому
It’s is the Rangers that starts it
ClearSky Productions
ClearSky Productions 27 днів тому
I like how the two players near the top of the screen at 0:12 are just looking at each other like "😐😐"
Kev G
Kev G Місяць тому
BEST 2 minutes of hockey I've ever seen
John Prina
John Prina Місяць тому
As someone who's not a hockey fan it always amazes me when I see these fights. How did this become part of the sport. Just all of a sudden at any given time the hockey announcers have to do their best Joe Rogan ufc fight commentary impression. Like wtf hockey? You're at a 10 and we're gonna need u to come down to a 2.
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos Місяць тому
These guys are fistfighting on Ice without falling. In soccer they go to the ground if someone points at them
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Місяць тому
HALF OF GEN Z: “Nooooo Stop the Fighting, Stop the Violence”!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Місяць тому
And it was then that Wilson went to the locker room with the injury. Lol
Luke Procter
Luke Procter Місяць тому
I bet Chara will make a great linesman when he retires... he just has to look and the fight ends...
dolita windo
dolita windo Місяць тому
And it was then that Wilson went to the locker room with the injury. Lol
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Місяць тому
This the reason why I don't watch this sport... it is ridiculously stupid to me...
Troy C
Troy C Місяць тому
So why did they fight right away? Bad blood? Revenge for an earlier game?
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Місяць тому
3 fights? More like 3 punks tugging at each other
TheBigScat Місяць тому
"Classy move ..." They're fighting
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Місяць тому
Boston misses Chara.
HandyJ Місяць тому
pathetic fake fight
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Місяць тому
3 fights? More like 3 punks tugging at each other
Francisco Neves
Francisco Neves Місяць тому
AngelPlaysOnPC Місяць тому
Who directed this new Slapshot movie?
dolita windo
dolita windo Місяць тому
Reminds me of slapshot. Was looking for the Hanson brothers.
Gabriel Steenranch
Gabriel Steenranch Місяць тому
Christopher Beddoe
Christopher Beddoe Місяць тому
Hockey is Awesome.
John Doe
John Doe Місяць тому
Those aren't fights.🙄 More like dances. Back in the day, Scott Stevens would have ripped Wilson's head off and ended this blatant disregard to the players. Matt Cooke, Raffi Torres, Sean Avery, Tom Wilson. You're fired.🍻
erich Місяць тому
Golden Knight Shark alert
Ross Місяць тому
Feels like they encourage it for ratings.. ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Barry Lane
Barry Lane Місяць тому
Professional hockey makes me ashamed to be a Canadian!!!
Matt Dittmer
Matt Dittmer Місяць тому
Synchronized scrapping
Bertrand Barraud
Bertrand Barraud Місяць тому
This the reason why I don't watch this sport... it is ridiculously stupid to me...
D M Місяць тому
Taylor Sheldon
Taylor Sheldon Місяць тому
3 fights? More like 3 punks tugging at each other
SlapMyBass3825 Місяць тому
Boston misses Chara.
Davon Baxter-Davis
Davon Baxter-Davis Місяць тому
When a hockey game becomes a Survivor Series Elimination Match
dirtbagzrus Місяць тому
Gotta love that! Center vs Center wing vs wing…atta boys
Bradford Grovum
Bradford Grovum Місяць тому
Reminds me of slapshot. Was looking for the Hanson brothers.
M R Місяць тому
hathaway pulling wilson
Joshua Lütz
Joshua Lütz Місяць тому
As much as I absolutely love to watch a good flight. Especially on Ice. Completely different fight when your on ice. But with the amount of violence in the world, number of kids shooting up school, people dying because of violence.... Sports probably shouldn't "condone it" as they do. Life's penalty box doesn't work the same way it dose on the ice. In real life if you beat the crap out of someone because of a disagreement you can spend a lot more than 2 minutes in a penalty box.
Rick Scicluna
Rick Scicluna Місяць тому
So what's the idea of fighting in this so called sport. There is no sportsmanship in hockey. Just play the game as a team without being sore losers. Or talke up the sport of wrestling and boxing. They spend more times fighting then trying score bloody goals.
D M Місяць тому
You are missing some key information
II-TIMOUSSE-II Місяць тому
UKvid: let's put a hockey fight in #15 tendance
Kepler 186f
Kepler 186f Місяць тому
Old time hockey.
A Random Bird On Youtube
A Random Bird On Youtube Місяць тому
The fans “oh I didn’t know we get a free boxing match
DaveyJones Місяць тому
This might be better than the Stanley Cup final lol
Zack sinclair
Zack sinclair Місяць тому
Haahahah hockey sucks now , those fights where jokes
Lawrence Chevalier
Lawrence Chevalier Місяць тому
Joke, I saw girls games with better fighters
smiller amigo
smiller amigo Місяць тому
heyyyyy what's wrong with yoouuuu oups ;)
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash Місяць тому
Vous faites pitié les gars, ptn regardez vous.
StormWolf01 Місяць тому
I've never understood why fights were parts of that sport. I'm not criticizing it, but i just don't get it. Being from western europe, I don't know anything about hockey. Can someone explain why fights are allowed? Is it for entertainment?
D M Місяць тому
It's so players can police the game. Sometimes, if a player makes a dirty hit or play, and the referee misses it, a player will go and fight the player. It's basically a consequence to players making dirty plays. Make a dirty play = Pay the price and fight
CookedBird9569 Місяць тому
Honestly I'm not sure why but I think it makes it unique to any other sport. I think it also helps raise game tension in the game for both fans and players, and somewhat makes a good sport team vs team rivalry. And i know a few decades ago some people would buy tickets just for the fights. Though I'm not sure for the legitimate reason behind. Though being Canadian I enjoy the fights from time to time as for me it spices the games up
Karen Wedemire
Karen Wedemire Місяць тому
Please that's not a fight.
Hasib Місяць тому
🍿 What Movie is This ?
Krystal B
Krystal B Місяць тому
How all the rangers on the ice gon get they ass beat? 😭 Id kick them off just for that alone
Eugene Ax
Eugene Ax Місяць тому
Next to the literal fight sports like UFC, hockey is the only sport it's acceptable to beat the snot out of each other just because you're irritated
Shawn Місяць тому
Man. I need to get back into hockey.
Icy Pen
Icy Pen Місяць тому
Is this fight club…?
Mister Man
Mister Man Місяць тому
It Be great if they all did it again at the second face off
Vicky Landing
Vicky Landing Місяць тому
Never a game but always a fight just 👀👿😈👿 all
Chill Mike 2
Chill Mike 2 Місяць тому
Hockey? Nah man *wrestling match*
PositiveSarcasm Місяць тому
meanwhile wilson turtling with an "injury"
Azreal Cinder
Azreal Cinder Місяць тому
Wow hey had Hockey sticks and they drop them using fists
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson Місяць тому
This is what happens when the league doesn't do their job.
exile survivor
exile survivor Місяць тому
This is getting stupid.
Titan Weese
Titan Weese Місяць тому
No idea about hockey but I’m in!
Titan Weese
Titan Weese Місяць тому
@Danny Devito small town rural native and my sister and I have decided to get into it! We’ve talked about it last year so this is the year we get into it and watch more! Cheers from Navajo Land NM.
Danny Devito
Danny Devito Місяць тому
Welcome, hockey people have said this will take “new fans” away from the game. Thank you for proving them wrong
Amber Grace
Amber Grace Місяць тому
I know a petition won't do anything but just to see how many people agree that Wilson should be suspended hopefully will make a point. www.change.org/SuspendWilson
Deviant Remedy
Deviant Remedy Місяць тому
Throw a grizzly bear on the ice... let’s make it more interesting
Dark Knight
Dark Knight Місяць тому
You Can Call Me Papi
You Can Call Me Papi Місяць тому
Weak ass fights there’s more shirt pulling than punches
nicholas kiprotich
nicholas kiprotich Місяць тому
Efrain Quevedo
Efrain Quevedo Місяць тому
Lol. Hell Yeah! That's what's up. No fine, let's deck it out
djcrazy Місяць тому
its becoming like wrestling bc ppl wait for hockey fights n there's no way in my entire life 3 fights suddenly break out n if u watch its just all pulling n yanking n no actually hit except on the helmets, all staged to draw more ppl like wrestling n its where the money is at!!
Dog Місяць тому
Dustin B. Baker
Dustin B. Baker Місяць тому
How is this allowable? And yet we worried about people taking the knee for peace! Lmao
Ray DeCarlo
Ray DeCarlo Місяць тому
So, what's the problem?????
FunHiking Місяць тому
Hockey is not boxing. Jerk! I never watch it because very boring.
Brandon Rogers
Brandon Rogers Місяць тому
Typical hockey...not sure why people still pay to watch a bunch of men act like children throwing temper tantrums.
Maki Burgess
Maki Burgess Місяць тому
V V Місяць тому
HALF OF GEN Z: “Nooooo Stop the Fighting, Stop the Violence”!
FaceTheOdds Місяць тому
Over 100 penalty minutes were given in this game
iDawg Місяць тому
0:14 I like how the guys in the top right are just calmey talking lol
john tunnell
john tunnell Місяць тому
I haven't seen anything like this since 2011 I think 😯
TheBombayMasterTony Місяць тому
Proving hockey players are morons
Fwayg Up!
Fwayg Up! Місяць тому
One fight was a bit too intense, so to fix that let's fight some more..
Magician Місяць тому
This makes me want to start watching hockey
Vane Jay
Vane Jay Місяць тому
No one want the smoke with chara 🤣
Sailor Green Tea
Sailor Green Tea Місяць тому
This is such a good sign. Let us make more good signs.
Sailor Green Tea
Sailor Green Tea Місяць тому
Male hockey is a joke!😆 The narrators are bad!
Sailor Green Tea
Sailor Green Tea Місяць тому
0:04, quick, distract.
Sailor Green Tea
Sailor Green Tea Місяць тому
0:07, screams of a female.
sm v
sm v Місяць тому
make this an Olympic sports already
Yanis Agodor
Yanis Agodor Місяць тому
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Only Jesus Can Save Us
Only Jesus Can Save Us Місяць тому
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ligma Місяць тому
Ay #5 on trending.
Simon Місяць тому
Worst hockey fight I’ve ever seen in my life
Melo Ali
Melo Ali Місяць тому
Hockey royal rumble, revenge is bitter sweet.
music sparkles Lyrics.
music sparkles Lyrics. Місяць тому
Dang Snap
Dang Snap Місяць тому
ItzTony Місяць тому
KittyBass Місяць тому
it was all planned. cringe.
Quickstar 11
Quickstar 11 Місяць тому
The refs look like they are in no hurry to break up the fight 😂.
Emily Nevils
Emily Nevils Місяць тому
Hockey! Finally!!
CrazyCrafters!! Місяць тому
As a devils fan i am happy. but overall smh smh
Brad Morrison
Brad Morrison Місяць тому
Wanna bes. 1997 and 1998 red wings and avalanche 🥱
43 Місяць тому
Love it
Joel Ostrom
Joel Ostrom Місяць тому
Went to a fight and a hockey game broke out
Angel Rivera
Angel Rivera Місяць тому
I wish the NBA would stop being little girls and allow them to let the fist a cups fly more often like it was back in the day. The NHL is doing it right. Violence and sex will always sell.
STILL Місяць тому
Judgement, in turn Acceptance, are fallacies because one is informed and functions under a unique Gold Standard birthed amongst varying blends of cultures and religions, not a vacuum🎈
JR Місяць тому
Classy move 😂
seKtor 51
seKtor 51 Місяць тому
People actually like seeing this kind of crap?
Tim J
Tim J Місяць тому
This is old school hockey & its too bad its not like this no more. Old saying use to go like this: "I went to a fight & a hockey game broke out!!" That's how big fighting was in hockey b4 the 2000's & then it kinda faded.
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