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Green Book
In Theaters November 21, 2018
Academy Award® nominee Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises, The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Academy Award® winner Mahershala Ali (Moonlight, Hidden Figures) star in Participant Media and DreamWorks Pictures’ Green Book. In his foray into powerfully dramatic work as a feature director, Peter Farrelly helms the film inspired by a true friendship that transcended race, class and the 1962 Mason-Dixon line.

When Tony Lip (Mortensen), a bouncer from an Italian-American neighborhood in the Bronx, is hired to drive Dr. Don Shirley (Ali), a world-class Black pianist, on a concert tour from Manhattan to the Deep South, they must rely on “The Green Book” to guide them to the few establishments that were then safe for African-Americans. Confronted with racism, danger-as well as unexpected humanity and humor-they are forced to set aside differences to survive and thrive on the journey of a lifetime.

Jim Burke (The Descendants), Charles B. Wessler (The Heartbreak Kid) produce alongside Farrelly’s fellow writers, Brian Currie and Nick Vallelonga, and Farrelly. The drama is executive produced by Participant’s Jeff Skoll (The Help) and Jonathan King (Lincoln), along with Octavia Spencer (Fruitvale Station) and Kwame L. Parker (Kill Bill series), as well as Cinetic Media’s John Sloss (Boyhood) and Steven Farneth. Linda Cardellini (Brokeback Mountain, The Founder) co-stars.




14 сер 2018





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Randall Donadio
Randall Donadio 7 хвилин тому
As an Italian, I highly recommend this movie. This is how you present such a nuanced message. From the rubble of such superficial and predictable garbage that tries too hard yet falls flat due to a surface level understanding of racism and hatred comes this gem. The country has come a long way but I'm glad people get to see how each of our struggles are more similar than you think and we can learn a lot from EACH OTHER. From genius to a street smart family oriented New Yorker. We are all in this together.
Diego Pisfil
Diego Pisfil 3 години тому
Mortensen can't act
Nico Marquez15
Nico Marquez15 4 години тому
"So if i'm not black enough and if i'm not white enough and if i'm not man enough, then tell me Tony, what am i?!"
Drujbanu 5 годин тому
Italian dubbing was awesome. He swears a lot ahahah
einsjam 10 годин тому
The king returns
Windband1 9 годин тому
Hell to the yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! All Hail Aragorn!!
Михаил Мишкин
Михаил Мишкин 11 годин тому
про негропидараса
Sirdiggar 11 годин тому
WOW, just watched this, AMAZING HEARTWARMING MOVIE, 10/10 WATCH IT NOW! you will not be disapointed. I am sure someone was cutting onions nearby.
Pilar Sarmiento
Pilar Sarmiento 12 годин тому
This kind of trailers really sucks. It's like a resume of the movie! You don't put the best parts IN THE TRAILER! A good trailer tells you just enough to catch your attention.
Mirco Girlando
Mirco Girlando 12 годин тому
So you tell me that this movie is by the same director of Dumb And Dumber????
kimbab gig
kimbab gig 14 годин тому
this movie has it all : racism, homosexuality, black and white brotherhood... you name it and everything upside down.
Joanna Śpiewak
Joanna Śpiewak 15 годин тому
One of the best movies I have ever seen. Like really, really good! I could watch it again, and again!
narayana swami
narayana swami 15 годин тому
oops how i missed it?
Smokey THEBANDIT 19 годин тому
Another White Savior Movie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Not sure it's black people's job to make white people less racist
José Mourinho
José Mourinho 21 годину тому
The gay thing ruin this for me
Ivan Gentolizo
Ivan Gentolizo 23 години тому
anyone knows the title of the song?
clara avery
clara avery День тому
One of the best movies I've ever watched
jonebundy День тому
Great Movie ! White people back then, make me sick. Racism is so stupid !!
Monica Di Pace
Monica Di Pace День тому
Me encanto el film ambos merecen compartir el premio Oscar
Kea Michelle
Kea Michelle День тому
Literally one of the BEST movies I have ever seen!!!
Nuri A.
Nuri A. День тому
I came after watching the movie, wow, movie is so much better than the trailer. Watch the movie, ladies and gentleman
amona talaat
amona talaat День тому
The most beautiful movie I ever seen
Ruben Dijksma
Ruben Dijksma День тому
This movie is amazing, no more words needed
Abdnour ALGERIANO День тому
There is no difference between black and white except by piety Prophet Mohamed 1400 years ago.
Philip День тому
This movie was amazing
Ion Pop
Ion Pop День тому
So Aragorn is a driver now...
Tina Septiani
Tina Septiani День тому
Prince Zuko
Prince Zuko День тому
Even though Rami Malek is going to win, Viggo deserves it more.
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 2 дні тому
this movie is so fucking amazing do not judge the movie cause the trailer... movie es amazing and viggo acting is wonderful
Lane Duarte
Lane Duarte 2 дні тому
Ouvi dizer que é maravilhoso esse Filme. Vou assistir com Maridão❤
davish thaiboy
davish thaiboy 2 дні тому
'my world is blacker than yours' this film should win best picture and viggo should win best actor
Saidur Rahman Sajal
Saidur Rahman Sajal 2 дні тому
Pray by Sam Smith. You are welcome. :-)
Neal M
Neal M 2 дні тому
Looks horrible. Typical Hollywood race bating propaganda.
John Vincent
John Vincent 2 дні тому
Looking forward to this heartwarming tale of how a white man finds himself with the help of a magical negro
Michael jf
Michael jf 2 дні тому
As a white guy I just hope they could continue on making movies like this. This movie brought tears I really love the ending now can we just all just love each other stop spreading the hate movies and start spreading love
Michael jf
Michael jf 2 дні тому
I'm a man and the ending brought tears to my eyes
Reason4Termination 2 дні тому
deym, Viggo nailing that performance.
Aditya Prasetiyo
Aditya Prasetiyo 2 дні тому
they deserve an oscar...
MAY MAY 2 дні тому
THE MOVIE so beautiful. So sad and true. Sooooooo in love with this movie. 👍💚💚💚💚💚💚💚👍
Natalie Bruce
Natalie Bruce 2 дні тому
I'm a bit confused about exactly what the controversy is with this film. For me it was a really good movie with a great message and amazing acting performances. I would agree that it doesn't make sense for Mahershala Ali to be only nominated for supporting actor, when he is in the movie nearly as much as Viggo Mortensen. But the film makers have obviously done what people have done other years and nominated Ali in the supporting category because they think he will have more chance of winning in that one. Other statements I've seen be talked about are that the movie has a white savour complex within it, and that it is unfair how Viggo Mortensen's character is the one that the story is centred around. The films gives a pretty detailed account of both characters, with the exception of their being more detail about the Tony characters family, but it is obvious that Mortensen's character would be considered the lead. But I didn't feel that this really diminished Ali's character in any way. I thought his character was well written and very interesting and complex. Probably quite a bit more so than Mortensen's character. As for the white saviour complex people are suggesting the film includes. I don't it's fair to keep referring to this every time a white character does something to help a non white character. It would be pretty ignorant for the movie to ignore the fact that a white character would be treated better and would be more privileged and to ignore how this might help a situation. And people seem to miss that in a lot of the films accused of including this, the white character progresses to being a better person or challenges the way they think because of the non white character(s). I'm not sure exactly how this makes the white character come off as a hero or how it doesn't show non white characters in a good light. If anything to me it shows how white society has been in the past, and still can be pretty toxic and promote bad ideals in people. Mortensen's character uses his street smarts to help Ali's character. And I don't see anything wrong with that. He did what any bodyguard would do, because essentially he was acting as a body guard amongst other things. And even if he weren't, I can't really see wanting to see why trying to help another person regardless of race is a bad thing. For me it was more that Ali's character just wasn't the physical fighter type and Mortensen's character was. I saw it as more that they helped each other out in different ways, because they both had different strengths. I feel like I'm being made to feel like my way of viewing this movie is from the ignorant and white perspective. But I don't quite see how the way I viewed it could be thought of as very ignorant. Unless I'm buying into the heartwarming feel good aspect of the films ending and that's a problem. And I just don't see why exactly people have chosen to criticise this film so much. I was hoping this would be a major contender for Best Picture but with people stirring up controversy about it, it seems pretty unlikely.
曹燊 3 дні тому
Sky Fall
Sky Fall 3 дні тому
Susan Behring
Susan Behring 3 дні тому
Going to the movies this weekend.
Evagelos Zoyganelis
Evagelos Zoyganelis 3 дні тому
Απιστευτη ταινία
Vice Gamer
Vice Gamer 3 дні тому
Who’d thought Tony was “Strider” in Lord of the rings?! I knew he looked familiar as I saw this movie and I had to look it up right after the show and man I was right!
Windband1 9 годин тому
Quraysh Al-mirza
Quraysh Al-mirza 3 дні тому
Dr. Sherley
Quraysh Al-mirza
Quraysh Al-mirza 3 дні тому
One of the best movies I ever watch on it
FDSeoul 3 дні тому
Modern day version of Driving Miss Daisy I see.
SupremeVids 3 дні тому
a very good movie..
Luca Boni
Luca Boni 3 дні тому
Instantly one of my favourite movies of all time.
skillfuldabest 3 дні тому
Trailer looks great. But it's always amusing to me that in Hollywood movies they mostly portray a high IQ black person and then try to extrapolate that onto the whole black community as if they are just somehow misunderstood. The facts are that blacks are on average less intelligent and more prone to violent crime.
Geovonnie T. Wright
Geovonnie T. Wright 4 дні тому
This movie is for the racist white people who say - I'm not racist, I have a black friend. Which is a very racist thing to say, by the way.
ST.Gamers T.V
ST.Gamers T.V 4 дні тому
A completely movie .just beautiful rate 10/10
Keziah C
Keziah C 4 дні тому
BasementJaX2 5 днів тому
Welcome to 2019: where blacks are elite intellectuals with prodigious talents and whites are depicted as buffoons.
Kacper Mapper
Kacper Mapper 5 днів тому
Fuck this
Ted Pellerin
Ted Pellerin 5 днів тому
Such a good movie, didn’t want to really go, lucky me..
Philip Tant
Philip Tant 5 днів тому
Driving Miss Daisy Reloaded
Fahlou Fabien
Fahlou Fabien 3 дні тому
Nothing like Miss Daisy though.
Idris Thomas
Idris Thomas 6 днів тому
This film is pretty good. While the plot is predictable, the performances by Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali make up for it. I give this film a 7/10.
Idris Thomas
Idris Thomas 3 дні тому
I liked the ending, it was very heartwarming. I like this film, I think it's pretty good. It's just that I felt the predictable plot held the film back from being a great film.
Vanessa T
Vanessa T 4 дні тому
the plot might be predictable but big deal. it's based on a true friendship that lasted till they both died. that's incredible and who doesnt like a happy ending?
VanderBeats 6 днів тому
Is that Bob from That 70’s Show? 0:03
Amar Fawwas
Amar Fawwas 6 днів тому
OMG, this movie are so good, i don't want it over. 😂😂👍
Alexis Gómez
Alexis Gómez 6 днів тому
Excellent movie To me and my daughters they love It is my favorite in the Oscar Awards 2019
crazycutz 6 днів тому
Viggo Mortensen is a star.
Idaho Bear
Idaho Bear 6 днів тому
This narrative is so tiresome... White people are evil racists and blacks are noble people who overcome oppression. When will Hollywood let up and stop trying to shove this garbage down our throats?
Lee Stark
Lee Stark 6 днів тому
Oh damn! If the trailer has me crying - I better get a box of kleenex when I watch this! This movie better pick up at least 3 Oscars!
Torgueuere 6 днів тому
all the fucking movie is in this trailer...wtf!
ChiTwn Juggalo
ChiTwn Juggalo 6 днів тому
I was blown away by this movie. I didn't know anything about it and didn't know what to expect. THAT was the beautiful part about it. I love how it caught me off guard. Truly an amazing film and I hope those actors get awards as they deserve them very much so
P B 6 днів тому
I wanna watch this movie but i feel like it's gonna be another message movie from Hollywood about race relations, i am sick of seeing that in movies theese days.
Joe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead 7 днів тому
I expected this movie to be good, but I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did! It was terrific! & the acting between the two leads were outstanding!
Gaara- Kun
Gaara- Kun 7 днів тому
I absolutely loved this movie it's so brilliant
JupiterOne 7 днів тому
Viggo will finally get his Oscar for this.
JupiterOne 7 днів тому
+Joe Whitehead they are blind then.
Joe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead 7 днів тому
JupiterOne Some people think he shouldn’t have been nominated
jeonlyxoxo 7 днів тому
This film is well acted, well edited, with an sad but powerful story line. I see some oscars going its way. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
michael braha
michael braha 7 днів тому
What song is in the trailer?
jason lu
jason lu 7 днів тому
just watched it. great acting by the two leads, great chemistry.
Kindsaza DK
Kindsaza DK 8 днів тому
Really people, you gotta watch this movie.
Kindsaza DK
Kindsaza DK 8 днів тому
"it's perfect Tony"
مغرب تريندينغ Maghreb Trending
And the oscar goes to GREEN BOOk 🎉🎉 Best movie for me this year
PRIAPUS FORTIS 8 днів тому
MASTER PIECE! You will get the fine line only if you are black, a wog or a true friend!
Random Manny
Random Manny 8 днів тому
Just watched this movie, if it doesn't receive the Oscar they are full of shit
Joe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead 7 днів тому
Random Manny It’ll likely win best supporting actor
shifty14i 8 днів тому
The film is marvelous but the trailer shows too much! 😭
susana Lee
susana Lee 8 днів тому
It's marvelous!
Suman Bhattacharyya
Suman Bhattacharyya 8 днів тому
Dave Brubeck's Unsquare Dance? I'm a fan already...
Big Moe
Big Moe 8 днів тому
I was enjoying this movie until I found out he was a homosexual in this movie. He is one of my favorite actors. Just as some people don't watch horror movies I don't watch movies with homosexual content. I was truly disappointed at this surprise.
Joe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead 7 днів тому
Big Moe I’m guessing Donald Shirly was actually a homosexual in real life, & that’s why it was added
Lawrence Stevens
Lawrence Stevens 8 днів тому
Sometimes violence is your dignity
Alison Harper
Alison Harper 8 днів тому
Saw this movie great will this again
Elena Way
Elena Way 8 днів тому
This movie is amazing !!!!! Worth your time.
jixxxxer17 9 днів тому
Sadly Hollywood acting is not even close to real life is it ?
mamiluisamia 9 днів тому
Oh m g Vigo speaking italian dialect kills me! 👏👏👏👏
Julius Povlsen
Julius Povlsen 9 днів тому
This movie reminds me of a house.
Chris Perez
Chris Perez 9 днів тому
Just watched it. Cried like crazy. Both actors absolutely crushed it
Tytan 9 днів тому
ocala 1885
ocala 1885 9 днів тому
America sure was a better place when it was segregated
Joe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead 7 днів тому
ocala 1885 How so?
sarnahl23 9 днів тому
Obejrzałem, opisałem sarna23dotcom.wordpress.com/2019/02/13/green-book-2018-idealnie-pod-oskary/
Dannus MK
Dannus MK 10 днів тому
Miranda345678 Klein
Miranda345678 Klein 10 днів тому
Ho trovato molte pagine sui film. Ricevo solo annunci In questa pagina ho trovato il film che volevo. tutti i film sono qui t.co/fyyt4sfdqS?o5m Qualità HD, voglio solo condividere con gli amanti dei film. Spero sia utile
Marc Conte
Marc Conte 10 днів тому
This movie was amazing. It really tells the story of how two people from two totally different walks of life can unite under one constant. Their humanity
Eric Howl
Eric Howl 11 днів тому
Beautiful movie
ilo oli
ilo oli 11 днів тому
Ah, what a movie! I need to see it one more time!
SCLaP SCLaP 11 днів тому
it was a good movie.
Wheresmyeyebrow 11 днів тому
Cool to see Viggo
Dolph C. Volker
Dolph C. Volker 11 днів тому
Basically, "Driving Mr. Daisy".
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