GTA 5 - DLC Vehicle Customization - Dinka Jester RR (2020 Toyota Supra)

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Dinka Jester RR
Base Price - $1,970,000 (Trade Price: $1,477,500)
Class - Sports
Drive-train - RWD
Primarily Based Off - 2020 Toyota Supra MKV
DLC Update - Los Santos Tuners Update



20 лип 2021





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Digital Car Addict
Digital Car Addict 2 місяці тому
Dinka Jester RR Base Price - $1,970,000 (Trade Price: $1,477,500) Class - Sports Drive-train - RWD Primarily Based Off - 2020 Toyota Supra MKV DLC Update - Los Santos Tuners Update Instagram: instagram.com/digital_car_addict/ Twitter: twitter.com/DigiCarAddict
It really worth getting even if you pay the full price it so well balanced with speed and handling its not the fastest car but it is insane great fun glad I got it
Aiden Golding
Aiden Golding Місяць тому
Good car looks 🔥
Sir Knight
Sir Knight Місяць тому
Imagine getting the Same Car that Dom Used to beat DK But Fully decked out and in the same wide Body from the movie just imagine
Jesus Santis
Jesus Santis 2 місяці тому
How much did you spend
GC Performance
GC Performance 2 місяці тому
The belt pullies on the r34 spin now. Is that new?
Mahryo День тому
My gold subscriptuon ran out while doing the 5 top 3 races in a row, and it was the last day i had to do it :,(
Siddhartha KVR
Siddhartha KVR 2 дні тому
It looks better than the car it's based on
Haami Waenga
Haami Waenga 4 дні тому
Can you do a face reveal
Joseph Crisamore
Joseph Crisamore 4 дні тому
Getting it for free this week 😎
Joseph Crisamore
Joseph Crisamore 4 дні тому
Only watch your car videos man, you got style
V6mustangguy 5 днів тому
I really can’t stand the front bumper. Its the only reason why i don’t have it
NatureXwars 5 днів тому
I honestly would've preferred if this car has the Coquette D10's engine sound.. The low grumbling note of it fits its looks better imo.
rensaudade 5 днів тому
Secondary means the secondary color.
Popular Enemy
Popular Enemy 8 днів тому
“What is up karradicts”
Nicholas Eure
Nicholas Eure 9 днів тому
....it's hideous.
What did you just do to make it down shift?
Andrew Mastandrea
Andrew Mastandrea 10 днів тому
This is now my favorite customization you've ever done.
Zorawar Gill
Zorawar Gill 10 днів тому
The jdm livery is soo cool you can make a ae86 from initial D
Shan Stone
Shan Stone 11 днів тому
Not a 2jz. The intake manifold and exhaust manifold are the opposite way round. That’s an rb
The Dutchinator
The Dutchinator 11 днів тому
Man these car prices are extortionate. 1.5 mill for a sports class. When this game launched that was the price of the fastest vehicles in the game.
JACK ._.
JACK ._. 14 днів тому
Hate this car perfer the 1998 one nothing can beat the 1990-2000 cars!
Neeta Wagle
Neeta Wagle 16 днів тому
I made mine midnight purple with broze rims
Timothy O'Toole
Timothy O'Toole 16 днів тому
I did mine in lime green with the geometric livery and it a sexy beast
Coco 16 днів тому
2j??? That's an Rb sir
Andor Radnai
Andor Radnai 16 днів тому
Rockstar is showing this car more love than the entire world..!
Big Mac
Big Mac 16 днів тому
Just bought this car at the discounted price, I love this car!
TriGate2004 18 днів тому
19:13 Did I just hear franklin or am I trippin?
ian1231100 19 днів тому
I based mine off the GR Supra Heritage Edition. I love this thing.
Hillbot_98 21 день тому
I love the new Supra, it's such a gorgeous car!😍
SS exotic
SS exotic 21 день тому
I never regretted subscribing
Griffin P
Griffin P 24 дні тому
Supra is one of my favorite cars, this is dope
PoxyBear 25 днів тому
The cost is a trip to Cayo Perico and some change.😋
Terrion Based
Terrion Based 27 днів тому
Going to buy it right now 🥵 add me on Xbox Teeso 150
Chester & Orange Pig!
Chester & Orange Pig! 19 днів тому
Ok my name is Daddy Doiiar
FPsWarfare 29 днів тому
That's a cool bmw
The second Jet
The second Jet Місяць тому
the JDM livery is the initial D AE86 toyota
Chester & Orange Pig!
Chester & Orange Pig! 19 днів тому
A Dead Channel
A Dead Channel Місяць тому
Do you know whats the problem on this car? It always scrape my front bumpers especially on potholes and uphill roads As After i fix my bumper the moment u came out of los santos customs, even in animation youll hear scraping
Khairul Afiq
Khairul Afiq Місяць тому
That engine, is a model of RB26.. Not a 2JZ
YT_Lil uzi squirt
YT_Lil uzi squirt Місяць тому
please do a vid on the sultan rs classic
Deacon Frost
Deacon Frost Місяць тому
Sick build. Has to be one of the nicest cars in GTA.
dndjjr dndjdjcjc
dndjjr dndjdjcjc Місяць тому
is this still in the game, im really excited to go back home and buying this car but idk if its still in the game
The Impure One
The Impure One Місяць тому
I know this video was posted a few weeks ago,but I just wanted to say "what a beautiful car!"
B4ND1TØ21 Місяць тому
My jester from can’t drive up curbs at slow speeds which is annoying
Hina Kagiyama
Hina Kagiyama Місяць тому
Correction: IRL it is entirely BMW underneath the body.
ima nub
ima nub Місяць тому
I like how he played this game for so long yet he went through the whole colour list and still couldnt find red 😂
Travis Beebe
Travis Beebe Місяць тому
If people is down to trade
Travis Beebe
Travis Beebe Місяць тому
I have a modded jester on Benny I play on Xbox
SunnyYuny Rice
SunnyYuny Rice Місяць тому
Holy the back part looks exactly the same as the irl one!!!
Codered Місяць тому
They don’t have hans livery from f9 :(
Brad Linsley
Brad Linsley Місяць тому
Honestly IMO the Jester RR is such a good looking car. I made mine Purple Mettalic with White/Grey Livery on it and with Diamond Cut Rims with Custom Writing. It looks the part!
Adam Porter
Adam Porter Місяць тому
That moment when the gta 5 knockoff version looks better than the real car
Jacobo witness
Jacobo witness Місяць тому
I'm the type of guy who likes 1 exhaust but all these cars have dual exhaust that's how picky I am
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez Місяць тому
The front end of this is so hideous.
Kpizzle Price
Kpizzle Price Місяць тому
Im keeping her mostly stock I was all my speed
Kpizzle Price
Kpizzle Price Місяць тому
Im in love
Nasirbytheway Місяць тому
Rockstar kind of hoed us on the street races. Even though the Karin Calico is fast, it can't corner as high speeds like the Jester RRA and other cars can, the Calico is only good in sprint races. I have them both but Jester is best for racing
Mohammad Gheewala
Mohammad Gheewala Місяць тому
i.i...i..i.......is t..tha...that a supprraa?
fvck stephen
fvck stephen Місяць тому
Absolute car noob- Thought this was the Nissan GTR the entire time tbh, is that in the game? appreciate any help and you definitely have my sub after this video
Digital Car Addict
Digital Car Addict Місяць тому
R35 GTR - Elegy RH8 R32/R33 GTR - Elegy Retro Custom
soulassassin0g Місяць тому
I actually like that the 2020 Supra is half Japanese and half German, reminds me of the last time these two teamed up.
Andrea Tod
Andrea Tod Місяць тому
Hey! How can I have the discount on the original price? I heard I need a certain lvl in LS tuners. Which lvl do I need?
RA Redesign Automobiles
RA Redesign Automobiles Місяць тому
i made mine stock like real life factory a90 supra from dealership
MrBlackSpy Місяць тому
TheMadKing Місяць тому
That’s a nice looking BMW
Bing Bong
Bing Bong Місяць тому
Don't know if you'll see this, but the pulleys on the Elegy Retro Custom now spin!
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan Місяць тому
This car sucks omg
potato power
potato power Місяць тому
I just came here to see the liveries but then seen how good of a video it was liked and followed 👍👍
Liam Lambert
Liam Lambert Місяць тому
Mine looks 10 times better 😐
Fpr Griffles
Fpr Griffles Місяць тому
I made mine as green as I could without looking god awful.
Game Life
Game Life Місяць тому
What level are you?
Adriano Місяць тому
to me it looks more like an alpha romeo :(
David Vonderhaar
David Vonderhaar Місяць тому
Lol i own an mk5 Supra in real life buying it in game makes it even better lmao
jessica schmerse
jessica schmerse Місяць тому
Toyota was like We own Lexus so let's copy them.
GrandRedditHotel Місяць тому
Midnight Club Los Angeles had approximately this level of customization, along with dozens of real-world cars. Also, you could play it in single player :)
José Castro
José Castro Місяць тому
A car they should add should be the Nissan Silvia s15 before the next dlc like if agreed
Cj Ricafort
Cj Ricafort Місяць тому
That's one of my favourite car in gta
Goh Modley
Goh Modley Місяць тому
The exhaust side of that engine bay is atrocious. And no turbo model available, wtf
Adrian Hedrick
Adrian Hedrick Місяць тому
Havent seen anyone say it but thats an RB not a 2J Lmao
Digital Car Addict
Digital Car Addict Місяць тому
It's Rockstar... the engine model is loosely based on both
Itz JoshDM
Itz JoshDM Місяць тому
Do the light glasses change the light color? If yea, what color does the neo one create
Anonymous Місяць тому
Me and the boys happy to see that 2jz under the hood for sure!
snoop dogg dank kush
snoop dogg dank kush Місяць тому
I would've gone with a more angular spoiler to match the side skirts, but still looks awesome (:
Luke Agnew
Luke Agnew Місяць тому
That’s a Nissan rb26 out of the skyline r32-r34 gtr this fool really just said 2jz😭😂
Adrian Hedrick
Adrian Hedrick Місяць тому
good to see someone noticed this lol. dudes see an inline in a supra and immediately think 2J
Billy Goat
Billy Goat Місяць тому
I know whose tires I’m popping
Project JDM
Project JDM Місяць тому
bro how did you get that much money please reply i would like to know
King Lucce
King Lucce Місяць тому
I’m sitting here watching his money the whole time
eyad Hossam
eyad Hossam Місяць тому
It looks like a mk5 with corolla headlights
Omar Reed
Omar Reed Місяць тому
you talk too much during each category and nobody cares if you don’t like some of the parts like wtf
Kyle Stacks
Kyle Stacks Місяць тому
Any one catch the BMW reference with the sun strips Ubermacht strip that's great
Bryan Je
Bryan Je Місяць тому
Face reveal?
FeaR Flips
FeaR Flips Місяць тому
Htown905 Місяць тому
*car less then a inch off the ground* ... “Man it’s really rough over these curbs” 😂😂
John Carlo Fernandez
John Carlo Fernandez Місяць тому
I bet this new jester is a rebadged ubermacht. If you know what I mean
josh beveridge
josh beveridge Місяць тому
It doesn’t give me the option to customise when I get in the car?
Júdás Apostol
Júdás Apostol Місяць тому
not sure if its commented yet... but you need lvl 10 rep for the trade price
KD Ghoul
KD Ghoul Місяць тому
fun fact: that actually updated the pulleys on some cars to move (for example, the elegy retro custom)
Akmal Afdhal
Akmal Afdhal Місяць тому
I watched everything what you doing
Akmal Afdhal
Akmal Afdhal Місяць тому
Akmal Afdhal
Akmal Afdhal Місяць тому
Why 😭 trust me I more smart Dean you feeling I really serious don't be silly
Akmal Afdhal
Akmal Afdhal Місяць тому
Just to it crazy build what are you a fear of if you do it crazy build you will get more view and sub trust me I know I'm design drawing skills what ever I customise it will really works please listening just do it what I said so ok 👌😎😎😎😎😎🤘🤘❤️💯😋
friendlygamers Місяць тому
Can toyota sue GTA🤣?
Mehmet T. Bakkal
Mehmet T. Bakkal Місяць тому
Engine model is a RB26
owen allen
owen allen Місяць тому
I remember when they came out with the Mk IV
Tony Місяць тому
That ain’t even a 2j😂, looks like a RB
Todd Kobell
Todd Kobell Місяць тому
"press right to modify" does not work in my auto shop? Doesn't show up on the screen.
LB DARING Місяць тому
Mathias Johansen
Mathias Johansen Місяць тому
Its not a 2JZ… it looks a lot more like a RB26 with that valvecover
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