GTA 5 - DLC Vehicle Customization - Vapid Dominator GTT (1969 Ford Mustang)

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Vapid Dominator GTT
Base Price - $1,220,000 (Trade Price: $915,000)
Class - Muscle
Drive-train - RWD
Primarily Based Off - 1969 Ford Mustang
DLC Update - Los Santos Tuners Update



20 лип 2021





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Digital Car Addict
Digital Car Addict 2 місяці тому
Vapid Dominator GTT Base Price - $1,220,000 (Trade Price: $915,000) Class - Muscle Drive-train - RWD Primarily Based Off - 1969 Ford Mustang DLC Update - Los Santos Tuners Update Instagram: instagram.com/digital_car_addict/ Twitter: twitter.com/DigiCarAddict
DragonChiller Місяць тому
@Elton Azevedo ahem, i guess you dont realise, but the GT Classic is actually Aston Martin V8 from the 1969-89, also no ford muscle car has the bug catcher air blow hood
One Handed Sharp Shooter
One Handed Sharp Shooter Місяць тому
You lost me with the splitter and the wing
Elton Azevedo
Elton Azevedo Місяць тому
Deubache GT from legendary is better... they just copy paste the same car with less options lol. that Deubache GT can have the Engine options out of the hood, like a true amerikan muscle! and its a perfect handling muscle lol!
E Місяць тому
1320 Tray
1320 Tray Місяць тому
@Tyler Beshears don't nobody gaf
Miguel Espinoza
Miguel Espinoza 2 години тому
eres la autoridad en autos hermano 👍
Hillbot_98 13 днів тому
Very beautiful car, love it!🔥
Zack Costigan
Zack Costigan 21 день тому
I thought the same thing about the break lights when I saw it but then I remembered a show that does custom work to cars and they actually put a wide body kit on a 69 mustang and added 2 lights to each side
SevenAcid 22 дні тому
its called a boss mustang how do you not know this
Nick Ortiz
Nick Ortiz 24 дні тому
I would like to buy the Patriots on my car but not that rank at a meeting I dont hangout at
Huw Evans
Huw Evans 25 днів тому
How do i do the thing when my car goes up when starting off like u did
Yeater 7
Yeater 7 21 день тому
Handbrake first then accelerate. When the wheels start to turn fast release handbrake and fly.
Ruben Chavez
Ruben Chavez Місяць тому
You can buy these cars only online ?
Lee Marshall
Lee Marshall Місяць тому
This one you can win. Top 5 in 10 street races and it’s yours for free.
Trinty FTW
Trinty FTW Місяць тому
Leon Lee
Leon Lee Місяць тому
Steve McQueen would be proud
TruLume Місяць тому
when u accidently make the bumble bee car :P ( close to it )
JimmyCasket 02
JimmyCasket 02 Місяць тому
That’s supposed to be a boss 429 that’s why it’s so expensive
2005_ford_crown_victoria_p71 Місяць тому
Why don’t they add different muscle cars instead of adding every single mustangs
Zachariah Korando
Zachariah Korando Місяць тому
Haha wow that's exactly how I want to build mine that's great like original Eleanor
NissanGv Місяць тому
9:28 did someone notice the 69 XD, Typical Rockstar
dakota collis
dakota collis Місяць тому
quick tip: if you use a matte black secondary, it does make the spoiler a bit more plastic like. its not a perfect fix, but it hides the livery stripes a lot better then metallic or classic colors
Rylan Місяць тому
I want a 67 or 68 in the game
Heirsy Місяць тому
It’s based off the fastback
nachocheeze1876 Місяць тому
The taillights look similar to that of a 73 liftback Celica
Blake Thompson
Blake Thompson Місяць тому
Does the supercharger do anything?
Tyler Hoop
Tyler Hoop Місяць тому
Damn i wanna make mine the car from Bullitt
Little Pickle
Little Pickle Місяць тому
Didnt expect this to be my favorite car from the update
the spaghetto production
the spaghetto production Місяць тому
Yeah btw Don't put the final results in the thumbnails It's better to have the Suprise ^^
the spaghetto production
the spaghetto production Місяць тому
@Digital Car Addict oooh very true Sorry about that!
Digital Car Addict
Digital Car Addict Місяць тому
@the spaghetto production that's the secondary color. Notice how it doesn't have the fender stripes
the spaghetto production
the spaghetto production Місяць тому
@Digital Car Addict with a black stripe as well Just like the one you did at the end
Digital Car Addict
Digital Car Addict Місяць тому
Thumbnail was just a stock one in yellow lol
Doge Dude
Doge Dude Місяць тому
I love this car my dad has it irl so I’ll make it In gta
Fly Tay
Fly Tay Місяць тому
1st car from the tuner car dlc to be lowered to its trade price
Infused Echo
Infused Echo Місяць тому
you made this build 75% more lame than it could have been. shame.
Max Місяць тому
John Wicks Mustang
CrazyChemistPL Місяць тому
Addition of this cam may well finally actually make me play GTAO.
Вадим Самаев
Вадим Самаев Місяць тому
во время выхода для тестов почему то не прилетели 24 опрессора. не реалистично)
dylan napoli
dylan napoli Місяць тому
If you take it to the car meet auto shop you can put low traction tires on it
The_Great_Gavino Місяць тому
With the new Comet S2 out, it is faster than even the Pariah now when it's lowered. When it's not, the Pariah is faster. Will it apply to the GTT too? Will the top speed change just like the Comet S2?
SpoolySnail 32
SpoolySnail 32 Місяць тому
This car is awesome but the staggered wheels really annoy me. It really ruins the look of the car and makes it look like a hotwheels
MarvelKillMonger64 Місяць тому
There is a real life car shop called Gotham Garage, they once got an old run down 1969 Mach 1 Mustang that had no interior left at all and they fixed the whole thing up. One thing in particular they did was widen the back part of the mustang and gave the back bigger wheels also they added 2 extra tail lights on each side making it have 5 on each side equaling 10. I think this dominator might be referencing that.
TrivadoRain Місяць тому
you picked literally everything i picked and then got hung up on the same "skirt" vent choice I did. But you chose wrong....
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming Місяць тому
nah the pullies on the supercharger makes sense however it only the new type of supercharges they do it on manly on ls engines
Ethan Tan
Ethan Tan Місяць тому
Love this car
jbiehlable Місяць тому
6:14 looks like the Bruiser from Driv3r.
nikky m
nikky m Місяць тому
I haven't played gta 5 in forever what garage are u at
Cedric White
Cedric White Місяць тому
I love the way the car handles. I noticed too
1974Teebone Місяць тому
Easter egg: it may have ten line lights on the rear, but only 6 light up at night.
Levengeurmasqué Desabbyssesancestralesoubliés
This car is sadly underrated in races
novafan237 Місяць тому
Is this the mustang or the ellie that looks like shaws car from Tokyo drift ??
Denjo Місяць тому
Mustang Boss 429
Stuart oliver
Stuart oliver Місяць тому
Impeccable taste as always friend 👍🏻🇬🇧
Alex Lyon
Alex Lyon Місяць тому
Everyone making john wicks car, I'm doing the tokyo drift mustang nismo lmao
Fredmangaming Місяць тому
It looks like bumblebee from transformers
thomas g
thomas g Місяць тому
your car comes out of the shop lowered because the stance setting is only applied to your personal vehicle in general, not each specific car you own. the setting is automatically saved each time you change it.
AstroSelect Місяць тому
How are your colors free?
AstroSelect Місяць тому
@Selfmade Tree oh sweet I didnt know that, thanks mate
Selfmade Tree
Selfmade Tree Місяць тому
if you buy an auto shop you can get classic colors free
Mario Kaiba - RG07 Gaming & Novels
This is my favorite car in the update so far. I mean, it drives like a dream. I'm a day one player and I had finally found the car that I click with in performance. Hell, I'd rather drive this over all of the other cars I own. To be honest though, I can't wait for the Dominator ASP because I'm a 90's kid (born in the 80's) and the Mustangs from that era are the ones that I identify with the most when I think Mustang.
Carlos vieira
Carlos vieira Місяць тому
Ridiculous !
Big Cazza
Big Cazza Місяць тому
it drives like a pig lol, if i wanna drive a 302 winsdor ill just use my IRL ute thanks rockstar
Dr Klenk
Dr Klenk Місяць тому
Why does it always have to be the ugly Boss / Mach version, the classic '67 Fastback is much nicer
Marcel Lee
Marcel Lee Місяць тому
They have added all my dream cars to this game: The Mad Max V8 Interceptor (Apocalypse Imperator) Nissan Skyline (Fast and Furious 1) Cars made for drifting The 1969 Ford Mustang (Main car for John Wick) I love GTA 5!!!!!!
Jonathan Rey Vaquero
Jonathan Rey Vaquero Місяць тому
Oks ....so.....ellie ...is gt500 ?
Echo3-1 Місяць тому
My iner John wick is happy
DEATHGASM Місяць тому
I love that they finally added this to the game but of course it had to be after I stopped playing. A couple months after I quit playing I got my first car which was a 1970 mustang. And now they decide to add this😂
Rob KB
Rob KB Місяць тому
1970, like Boss 302 🤘
Hardyfly Місяць тому
Looks a bit like the sabre turbo
Mario Місяць тому
now we just need the lighting
Jdm Guy
Jdm Guy Місяць тому
Nobody cares.
Vxlleybxby Місяць тому
hot ass car i know that lil muffler be grippin /s
captain sound beats
captain sound beats Місяць тому
Thanks for *yeshack07* via Instagram the modded account you got me bro.
Jace Andersen
Jace Andersen Місяць тому
Sooo slowwww! Speed up
DonVito Crawford
DonVito Crawford Місяць тому
Damn they didn’t put a new Dodge Charger in there??😭
King Will1017
King Will1017 Місяць тому
Nice update but kinda fills like the arena the the rep system and car discounts plus Benny 2.0 but nice love the cars
Albert Ørskov Grubbe
Albert Ørskov Grubbe Місяць тому
That car is a freaking beast
Cameron Damon
Cameron Damon Місяць тому
The Ellie is actually based on the classic Aston Martin Vantage not a mustang
Roberto Mingo
Roberto Mingo Місяць тому
That's the rapid gt classic, the ellie is a 66'-67' mustang
Travis Richardson
Travis Richardson Місяць тому
They really need to team up with all car makers so that way we can have what we want
Travis Richardson
Travis Richardson Місяць тому
Tail lights look a lot like fords 79 Futura
Blazing Lucario2047
Blazing Lucario2047 Місяць тому
Me too!!!! I love the 69 Mustang models, especially the Mach 1, I’ll always love Mustangs forever
Blazing Lucario2047
Blazing Lucario2047 Місяць тому
@theMakeYourself yes
theMakeYourself Місяць тому
Even the mach E?
Mustafa Naik
Mustafa Naik Місяць тому
i have a hotwheels of the 69 mustang and the fact that they added the flames livery makes me wanna buy the car in game now.
SuikerPapa's Місяць тому
The billionth mustang we have
Rc Baddie
Rc Baddie Місяць тому
I’m only getting this and the other mustang because I don’t like the jdm cars too much
FloridianCaesar Місяць тому
I believe it's based off of a 1970 Mustang Boss 302 not a 1969 mustang
Scott L.
Scott L. Місяць тому
L Місяць тому
Tired of these "mods" and the speed/handling and everything stays the same.. All they do is small shit that doesn't make the car better. C'mon RS...We're going on 8 years and we still have the speed and handling stuck in the same spot.
HUS713R Місяць тому
You shoulda tried drifting it it drifts sooooo good
ct hoffman
ct hoffman Місяць тому
I agree with you. the stock fenders 100% while the wide fender look is a nice aggressive style, when you put them on, you ruin that legendary shape and look this car is known for. original seats, original steering wheel.. this is the car to keep it super tame and you nailed it. good content for each vehicle, enjoying this the most of every update..
Joshua Greene
Joshua Greene Місяць тому
It’s a shame that they didn’t dive the hockey stick style side stripe to match the 69 boss 302
Eastcoast Cummins
Eastcoast Cummins Місяць тому
Does this make anyone think of Tokyo drift ?
Christian Reinig
Christian Reinig Місяць тому
My dominator keeps spinning out when i hit the gas. Any tips or upgrades i should buy so this doesnt happen?
Jayy The Legend
Jayy The Legend Місяць тому
This is my favorite car from the dlc. It's beautiful and drives phenomenally well
Put U Smooth
Put U Smooth Місяць тому
This car is giving me Driver 3 , SF vibes
J Marquez
J Marquez Місяць тому
I wish they would add the Monte Carlo 😢 I’ve used multiple cars to try to recreate the one from Tokyo drift but it just don’t look good
Cartie King
Cartie King Місяць тому
Mine looks sooo much fucking better. Good god
Cartie King
Cartie King Місяць тому
Whats up with u and chrome??🤨
Icy_Mf_Dragon Місяць тому
The new building workshop wont let me mod anything
TheMW2019guy Місяць тому
I LOVE the sound of this car 😍
NatureXwars Місяць тому
I'm not a fan of its rear either, but for the reason of how flat it is... I wish it has more indent to it like the regular Dominator & the Stinger G5.
John Doe
John Doe Місяць тому
I know it’s a stretch but does the supercharger change the engine noise?
RizenGaming Місяць тому
You should make a boss/Shelby plate for it
xxGOKUxx Місяць тому
I'ma need to save up for the svt cobra
FeaR Flips
FeaR Flips Місяць тому
Jakub Chmielecki
Jakub Chmielecki Місяць тому
I just love the way that GTT looks, but with Franken Strange engine sound it could have been even better if not perfect.
Olivier Pineau
Olivier Pineau 29 днів тому
Yep But hey it's still R*
Gang Gang
Gang Gang Місяць тому
For me I like cars that are brand new I hate d cars they have to be made after 2020 if I want it irl
Carlos Місяць тому
Put this against the Rapid Gt Classic
Zouk Місяць тому
gunslinger Місяць тому
I got one its a 1969 much1 and a 1970 mustang fastback
Carrington Sweatt
Carrington Sweatt Місяць тому
I think it resembles the bullit mustang
Ghost Warrior
Ghost Warrior Місяць тому
All the cars relate to real world cars they just didn't have the permission to exactly match them I believe lol
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