GTA 5 - Tuners DLC - ALL Drip Feed Cars (Prices & Real Life Counterparts)

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All Drip Feed Vehicles for The Los Santos Tuners DLC Update

- Legendary Motorsports:
1. Pfister Comet S2 (Sports)
2. Emperor Vectre (Sports)
3. Pfister Growler (Sports)
4. Ubermacht Cypher (Sports)

- Southern San Andreas Super Autos:
5. Vapid Dominator ASP (Muscle)
6. Karin Sultan RS Classic (Sports)
7. Karin Previon (Coupes)

Special Thanks to GTA Wiki ( gta.fandom.com/wiki/GTA_Onlin... ) for the Unreleased Car Images and Info.



20 лип 2021





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Digital Car Addict
Digital Car Addict 2 місяці тому
*All Drip Feed Vehicles for The Los Santos Tuners DLC Update* - Legendary Motorsports: 1. Pfister Comet S2 (Sports) 2. Emperor Vectre (Sports) 3. Pfister Growler (Sports) 4. Ubermacht Cypher (Sports) - Southern San Andreas Super Autos: 5. Vapid Dominator ASP (Muscle) 6. Karin Sultan RS Classic (Sports) 7. Karin Previon (Coupes)
M Місяць тому
@Moonlight Bolt idbe happy if they added the 924/44 but people hate then
Moonlight Bolt
Moonlight Bolt Місяць тому
Catalin Burcea
Catalin Burcea Місяць тому
I am hyped mostly for that M2, that looks infernal, but can’t wait to buy that pfister tomorrow, anybody knows when it will drop?
Catalin Burcea
Catalin Burcea Місяць тому
@SHAdow98 the headlights look more as a fifth gen prelude, also combines with the looks of the soarer
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis Місяць тому
Where tf is asp at. It IS NOT available for purchase on either website. Idk what y’all are playing but it ain’t gta online. At least 2 days ago it wasn’t there.
edrivk 16 днів тому
lexus sc400
That Nz Guy
That Nz Guy 29 днів тому
you know looking back on this video the front of the previon looks more like a 92-ish honda prelude
RRM Industries
RRM Industries Місяць тому
Makes sense that the RS classic has benny's level upgrades because the original is a benny's car
Deshaun Місяць тому
today is thursday and i’m hoping that the cypher is this weeks drip feed. 😩 it’s the only car i want and i’m growing impatient.
Deshaun 26 днів тому
@Joshua Romero yeah i just saw. it’s coming next week! you can test drive it at the car meet now tho.
Joshua Romero
Joshua Romero 27 днів тому
@Deshaun hopefully it’s revealed to be the next car tomorrow but basically next week for it’s release if it is the next car
Deshaun 27 днів тому
@Joshua Romero next week as in tonight? or like next thursday?
Joshua Romero
Joshua Romero 27 днів тому
Next week hopefully, been waiting for it too
MrSuperNuke Місяць тому
I think its the Grawler
Christopher Gentry
Christopher Gentry Місяць тому
Bmw M2 hell yeah
Thapedi M
Thapedi M Місяць тому
These drip feed vehicles are actually terrible. Except the BMW.
GFR_NSX Місяць тому
Hoping they add the classic Acura NSX
Mimmi L
Mimmi L Місяць тому
good cars but overpriced
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh Місяць тому
BrockTheShark Місяць тому
I love him but like he sounds dead💀☠️
The Shiny Munchlax
The Shiny Munchlax Місяць тому
Ngl the lexus is my fav atm
That's not a Toyota or a Lexus.. thats a s13 bro
Mary Jane
Mary Jane Місяць тому
I'm most hyped for the previon and the asp. The sc300 is barely represented in games like this, and i can finally drive a car that I own in real life. The asp is obviously a cool car, and I can't wait to take it out for a drive
Jesse Smoke
Jesse Smoke Місяць тому
My predictions for the car release order post Dominator ASP (Excluding the Vectre seeing as we know that's next): 1: Karin Previon 2: Übermacht Cypher 3: Karin Sultan RS Classic 4: Pfister Growler
BladeObsession Місяць тому
Almost right on the Dominator ASP. Based on the 2000 SVT cobra R. I remember this one from the NFS hot pursuit on ps2
MAXNAZ 47 Місяць тому
4 of my cars got deleted... bought them, modded them, stored them in auto shop, went back the next day, 4 slots are occupied, but no car, go to organise my cars and it says those slots have (downloadable content missing) WTF rockstar?
MattP1K Місяць тому
The mustang is so ugly why would they choose that car
Bubbles Defo
Bubbles Defo Місяць тому
I don’t understand why everyone loves the cobra, can someone explain why the cobra is the best car from the dlc
44 YAM x
44 YAM x Місяць тому
It's a bmw M235i not a M2 lol.👌🏾
Lucciano Chord
Lucciano Chord Місяць тому
I literally just bought the sultan classic
Lucciano Chord
Lucciano Chord Місяць тому
22b please!
Khalid Aaron
Khalid Aaron Місяць тому
I think gta lazy asf for adding two porches add a fuckin hell cat🤦🏾
DoctorJekkyll Місяць тому
I'm a loser subaru collector in gta, could not be more excited to get my baby the 22B
Fiore e
Fiore e Місяць тому
The sultan just to complete my ff garage
Nicholas Cage
Nicholas Cage Місяць тому
I can't wait for the Cayman
Diego Orellana
Diego Orellana Місяць тому
I couldnt wait fot tarde price for comet but its doesnt metter ♥️
mattyguitar22 Місяць тому
I love this update!! Still no MX-5 though 🥺
Luul. Jefe
Luul. Jefe Місяць тому
All we need is the hellcat charger now💯
Tobias R.
Tobias R. Місяць тому
I'm so excited to get the Vectre! Had a quick look at it in singleplayer and it's awesome!
SavageGreywolf Місяць тому
So... what does Rockstar have against the Camaro? They've put Challengers, Mustangs, Chargers, Corvettes, Vipers... basically every American muscle/sports car but the Camaro. The closest we get is the Ruiner and honestly only the Ruiner 2000 really looks a lot like a Trans Am and it's weaponized and overpriced.
deeznuts Місяць тому
Breaking the bank for all of this 😮‍💨
Thoroughly Wet
Thoroughly Wet Місяць тому
That previous looking more like a 4th gen prelude
Vogel Hund
Vogel Hund Місяць тому
Need Torettos Charger 2016.
H0TCH0C0LATE Місяць тому
I think im a car guy now
Mathew Decorse
Mathew Decorse Місяць тому
Did i miss which car or when we will find out what the "new favorite getaway vehicle" is supposed to be
Copypaster Місяць тому
Stop.... where Calico ??????????
Digital Car Addict
Digital Car Addict Місяць тому
This is not day one cars. Drip feed only.
Dizzle03 Місяць тому
I want that RC F
CloudyB MT
CloudyB MT Місяць тому
Getting my Lexus sc. It's over.
CloudyB MT
CloudyB MT Місяць тому
@Joe lmao yup. And the rcf.
Joe Місяць тому
I'm gonna fill up a whole garage with them with different builds🤩.
The Hay Man
The Hay Man Місяць тому
Can’t believe they added the sc400 into the game! I have one irl and it’s my dream car that I’ve put so much time and effort into
Elton Cassar
Elton Cassar Місяць тому
Honestly R* should put a supercharger option with the turbo section so most of the muscle cars don't sound with turbo while having a supercharger. It's just ridiculous. And I'm sure they can get it done, they have to just add another option and add the whining sound when equipped. I'm tired of having muscle cars' supercharger whining and turbo at the same time.
Shade Місяць тому
The rcf in gta 😱
MutatedJoker Місяць тому
Kind of shitty that they added 2 new mustang's (cobra) and another Porsche, as if we don't already have like 3 of each.
trefrom9th Місяць тому
It seems nobody mentions this about The Sultans So Id like to point out The Classic's resemblance to the 7th/8th Gen Toyota Corollas and 3rd Gen Camrys aswell
Adriano Місяць тому
1.9 loool
xx4u2fearxx Місяць тому
That STI is as good as mine, I’m recreating all the initial D cars 😌
Carter Hundley
Carter Hundley Місяць тому
Y’all sure the previon isn’t a prelude?
Joe Місяць тому
It isn't bro, it was in gta sa, but they re-styled it to a soarer, I know the headlights throw you off abit
Moonlight Bolt
Moonlight Bolt Місяць тому
I could have sworn we were getting an older camaro
loaf Місяць тому
Marqueeexotic Місяць тому
Ohh the emperor vectre gonna be next Thursday?
Ec conev124
Ec conev124 Місяць тому
The Sultan RS classic is awesome, I’ve always wanted a 22b and it’s a dream come true, it definitely gonna be my favorite car in the entire game, if rockstar doesn’t ruined it by making it super slow or weird handling flags stuff like that.
Ec conev124
Ec conev124 Місяць тому
I would be pissed if it’s not the fastest tuner car when it got released since the normal sultan classic is already faster than any of the tuner cars now, so there is no reason that the RS version would be slower than the normal classic one.
Name Місяць тому
member when Rockstar tried to make the cars look different from the cars they were based on? Pepperidge farms members.
LilTreeSap -TDG
LilTreeSap -TDG Місяць тому
What did u just call the s15
The Laptop Lagger
The Laptop Lagger Місяць тому
Saw a pre-release pic for the Karin Sultan RS and instantly went to this video to confirm my suspicions. 22B LET'S FUCKIN GO
James Richards
James Richards Місяць тому
2:22 I can imagine the Rockstar team in fits of laughter after coming up with a name like that
Ollie B
Ollie B Місяць тому
Only one I’ll buy is the Ubermacht cypher so I can drift around like a Russian at night
Universal_Wisdom Місяць тому
Dead ass thought the emperor vectre was a Toyota Camry.
DuffinThe Muffin
DuffinThe Muffin Місяць тому
The cobra and the Porsches i will for sure be buying im already super happy with the euro and Dominator GTT
WOLF Місяць тому
My ass has never grinded gta soo hard for cars that don't even have guns or are armoured
YBS B7 Місяць тому
Honestly I thought we going to get all 7 cars in this Thursday just like last week, but I like auto shops tho, Rockstar supposed to add a car that players ask for, i like those car i don't like the fact that we have to get one car in one week like what, I just all day to buy all them cars.
PT Musik ✪
PT Musik ✪ Місяць тому
Rockstar buying more time trying to keep the car community playing 😂😂 probably all they’ve got left
DumbFemboy Місяць тому
i just want the bmw
Shane Ferris
Shane Ferris Місяць тому
Sick of them giving us the same vehicles, For their ridiculous prices.
Thy Turtlelord
Thy Turtlelord Місяць тому
The new auto shop has a painting of a Subaru BRZ
Agustin Urbano
Agustin Urbano Місяць тому
Imma still call the Previon a Prelude
KSI NO PROBLEM Місяць тому
Is the Porsche 911 992 gt3 rs or just 911 992
Igotnokill Місяць тому
I think the sultan classic rs will b a benny's vehicle instead
Jaden Bastida
Jaden Bastida Місяць тому
Well damn more cars I can’t afford
Skylines Місяць тому
I'll be getting the dominator asp for sure
Blake Wood
Blake Wood Місяць тому
Definitely investing in the Dominator ASP
icy calm
icy calm Місяць тому
And what abouth the ford mustang foxbody?.you can see some wreakage here and there in de game.
Osei Kofi
Osei Kofi Місяць тому
I'm getting both pfisters for sure
O E Місяць тому
SC-300 gang 😎
Señor Sasquatch
Señor Sasquatch Місяць тому
I just want a miata rockstar please
Mac Doodles
Mac Doodles Місяць тому
I love the Cobra R! Never thought to see it in GTA...
HazZa 8992
HazZa 8992 Місяць тому
I'm instantly buying the lexus and the bmw
ParagonTheGamer Місяць тому
all things considered this game compared to something like siege. Isnt as hard to play successfully once you look at some guides
mouse_ Місяць тому
im really looking forward to the new subie
Vilhelm Langseth
Vilhelm Langseth Місяць тому
i love lexus
Liam Duval
Liam Duval Місяць тому
I’m getting mk3 supra vibes from the previon
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres Місяць тому
Gta 6 will have more licensed cars obviously..
drew hendrix
drew hendrix Місяць тому
Man they are making all these cars expensive af for no reason
AQUARIAN Місяць тому
Seeing these prices, it’s no wonder people are using glitches. Can’t even get into my auto shop with 4/5 other people in the way lol.
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller Місяць тому
I'm collecting all the Vapid Dominators myself.
David Morales
David Morales Місяць тому
The previon looks Saturn-ish to be honest
XboxRWBY77 Місяць тому
I strongly believe the Karin Previon is a Honda Prelude instead
Callum Barry
Callum Barry Місяць тому
I'm buying the 911
ThtSlo_mk6 Місяць тому
All I want was a mk6 or 7 gti
Wolverine Jr.
Wolverine Jr. Місяць тому
Vb_ Buddah
Vb_ Buddah Місяць тому
Why doesn’t it show any of the cars for me?
TRD83SupraDrifter Місяць тому
THe Sulton RS Classic has been out. I've had it for a while now. 2 to 3 months.
Cønnør J
Cønnør J Місяць тому
I need the Subaru Impreza.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Місяць тому
Wack cars
Kombat127 Місяць тому
I have mods on PC so I get all 17 cars free
Kombat127 Місяць тому
I don’t play gta5 online so I don’t know what “Drip Feed” means
Sim2111 Місяць тому
The Cypher is s BMW m4 not BMW m2. Im thinking that we might be able to test drive the next car to come out before it comes out like the Comet s2.
Google ecstakeen
Google ecstakeen Місяць тому
I only play GTA to sail the ocean
RTRx Місяць тому
The Growler Lol
The Boys ACDNR
The Boys ACDNR Місяць тому
The Previon kinda looks like a 4th Gen Honda Prelude to me
Oce-vurz Місяць тому
When are they coming
xDFlexed Місяць тому
I want the m2 and i wish that whenever u put on fenders on a car that your wheels will fit it properly because having fenders with no wheel fitment is annoying
Alexic94 Місяць тому
How do you make the camera move down like that when driving in first person?
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